Causation within the Wondrous Dharma Flower 

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the expression you care to offer
yes oscar


i mean the realm in which
intentions have consequence in part of the consequence is to is to create worlds
and i'm not saying everything in the universe necessarily is
ah the know the results of moral behavior
and we say moral behavior we can say you know
then some cents immoral behavior is in the realm of morals a movie morality is also in in the realm of morality
i think sometimes maybe people
said morality has to do with
what is you know good and what is time for what is right and what is wrong
what has beneficial in what's on beneficial
i think i'm using it more
in terms of
the the the pivot where the good or the evil turns is it is an intention is on mental activity
so and then mental activity can be skillful unskillful or indeterminate
but there's but there's consequences of this activity this karma

know the consequences are or what
in some sense determined
the goodness of an act of an intention
so if i intend to help you
but i harm you then that
changes my that makes my intention different then if it helped you
but again
if i if i would know that harmed you if that was a reality to me
i would also the reality of the harm
i'm saying that
that's not the end of the story of that harm
that harm could def as i said earlier that palm could manifest in unknown ways
in the future
and also ah
that got hand doesn't totally determined
backwards what i did
so what happens in the future in terms of your intentions
in a backward way determines the quality of your intention

if you wish to do something good but it seems that the consequence is harmful or if you could know the consequences harmful than that would change the quality of your good intention since you were hoping it would be helpful but it wasn't
that in the future the future would change the past
by the caught by heart by harm arising and in relationship without action you might feel that the action which is thought was good was not so good
it still wasn't that you were it still wasn't that you wanted to hurt the person
doesn't change that way it just that
your wish to help them didn't actually seem to lead to than being helped is far you can see
so then you then you feel differently about what you did
but it's also possible to look at what you did and feel bad about it and take care of or in the president such a way that the past changes

on but pastors change
oh like
what what we used to think ah
you know what what what you used to think nineteen eighty five was like is not what you think eighty five ninety five is like now
nineteen eighty five in the same nineteen eighty five that is tag that was a nineteen eighty six

yeah so that's my that's mine that's my current nineteen eighty five is not the same ninety five that i had and nineteen eighty six and nineteen eighty seven
so if some other ninety nine five that staying the same
i don't know i can't find that one so
because of the skin or dependence things are not substantial and yet
it's possible
to know reality


that's one of the things about old age sickness and death is that the hard to see them as for example birth
even though in a way
a newborn is quite similar to an old person they're both very fragile and vulnerable easily hurt
one is mark the death or not this day i heard in the same ways but they're both quite vulnerable
but it's hard to see the birth
sometimes it's hard to see birth in an old person
has sometimes it's hard to say death
in a in a in a little baby
and in both kit but in the baby maybe a maybe it's easier to see the blossoming universe and the baby
so we say you know
depending on feeling as craving depending on craving those clinging depending on chronicling cleaners existence depending on existence there's
but then we did but you could just go right from their dependent you could say depending on existence says birth
and then you can just go right into
misery lamentation is so i'm not mentioned old age sickness and death
if you skip dorothy's doesn't work so well to go to old age sickness and death but you can skip the old age sickness and death
and have a misery right with birth
you can also have birth
and death
no no old age just birth and death that can happen to and that misery lamentation grief and sorrow and despair
around the day
have a newborn
so when you have a newborn you may be a so you can see the blossoming but when the death community
it's hard to see the blossoming
so it it is hard
the universe
according lotus sutra is
like a flower
some death is like a flower
but it's hard to see

it can be
and if
if you can see death as a blossoming
then you might be able to see rebirth as a bottoming
or just birth as a blossoming and karma has a blossoming and ignorance as a blossoming

well then the one of the sort of nicknames for nirvana is no birth no death

the truth of no birth in your death
what i don't know about sustaining it but the truth of no birth or death i would say comes when you study
when you stay birth and death or when you study
the proposal is by thoroughly studied birth and death you realize nirvana he realized no birth and death
or if you through if you if you thoroughly study the self you realize nirvana
he realized no birth no death

well yeah and that and more you can let go of it the better
yeah was good field ago of the stuff that's going
no participate in the things that are going make them gifts
otherwise you miss otherwise are you are you know you're not cooperating with they're going

yeah so i'm so i recommend that you see yourself while stuff is going
check out what you're doing when things are going
you are you are responsible you said you say things gone by themselves but things don't go by themselves because they're going some if he if you see something going you're contributing to it's going
if you soak some if you see something somebody walking down the street here responsible for them to some extent

yeah i

you cannot accept responsibility for something like it's going
if somebody if somebody walks away can you accept responsibility for them walking away
the theater to story
well so payment i can accept responsive when you lead here today i can accept responsibility for your leaving i don't think she's just going i accept some responsibility when you leave and when you come back i accept some responsibility for you coming back
coming back you see but the going you don't yeah well i think i would encourage you to to save it
that when you come back
that's part of your responsibility for when you go
you can't go unless you come
yeah well if you can notice the first half that sets up the possibility seen the second half if you see that you're responsible for your coming then you can see the you're responsible for you're going but again this is not all by yourself it's were also responsible for your coming you were responsible for you're going
when something goes you respond to it if you don't notice that you respond i would say please look more carefully you do respond when things go and since she respond you are able to respond or because you're able to respond you do respond you are in a responsive relationship with things going
they're not going by themselves
cause you're responding to them your you have a relationship with them there's nothing out there there's doing something independent of you
yeah if you look more carefully you might find out that you are actually responding to the going of things and you responded to the coming of things and you're responding to the presence of things
he will respond yeah
yeah that's response yeah yeah if you see somebody receive him because he said
i see someone time
you're responding you're responding by seeing them
you could you could also say i see you coming
if you see someone receive the precepts you're responding to them your witness so yes a your your witness that's a response to the world
that's important to accept that you're responding as you're witnessing the world and then also check out how are you witnessing a wound well i wouldn't sing old age and i don't see that's blossoming
but some people do see old age
and see blossoms
ah well the slightly different responsibility is the ability to respond so when you risk when you do respond you're you're manifesting your ability to respond
but responsibility tastes like
i guess something to do with it yet
you're contributing to his existence is one of the meetings of responsibility
can't see how so i'm going i'm responsible
for them
well if you tell him to go say please go and go than you feel like you're contributing to the going right but five thirty one
responsible for people
i am i
am i responsible for the yeah i'm yeah more than a little
i'm a lot responsible when you go i'm responsible for you going
i am i contribute to your going
ha ha and i i love hi i support you to go i love you to guide i won't say please don't go state believe that included i say okay thank you you can go
you know i'm going to support you when you start to go i'm going to support it
the canon and i definitely like i'm contributing to your departure
and i also think i'm contributing to your coming after responsible for your coming i feel responsible if you're going from this place
if you feel responsible for the people going i don't say wait a min you're not responsible i am
no i share the responsibility with you
you can join the responsibility crew
a feeling like i'm responsible for these people going
half the door and down the road and i'm happy to share with you and all such as the other words you're contributing to it
and by the way thank you for the beautiful flowers
you contributed to the people coming they came and you brought them flowers
also you responded to them you been responding to people all day here when they leave you will respond to their departure you will you feel like they're going away but by
he was so nice to see you are
they went you will respond
everybody will respond to everybody's departure including your own you will
and there's no and you're responding
and there's no beginning to responding except you can respond by making thing there's a beginning or an end that's another response it's not really a beginning and end it's just a karmic act
i'm imagining this is the beginning of our relationship
so i want to i want to expand my sense of responsibility i think that goes with the blossom and universe
if you're with some dying person
and they would wake up in your presence
for you wake up in their presence you might feel like it he is a blossoming universe
and i'm with someone who's really old and sick and the universe the dharma is blossoming here for both of us

yeah yeah
that's that's blossoming
which you can see not if you feel
if the universe blossoms as you
wanting to not be responsible for him that would be a blossoming do but it's a way caught
a floured mall
it's a flower of evil
it's a stinky flour if you don't want to take care of him could you think he's stinky so you don't want to care of him that's a stinky flower it's still a blossoming
it's still reality there's still some reality there i don't want to help you
you know that but
but it's reality it's there
you know that it
it there's an unknown future for this thing
if you're paying attention to reality
it seems to me that if you if you look at that
the or arising and impermanence put those two things together with of castile blossom
yeah always yeah
it's always integrate teaching or you
yes mac i was thinking about your same feeling responsible for us coming guess
having trouble
i guess as he does feeling but i think it's actually something deeper i gonna think you're responsible at all actually i'm a already more than a else i didn't say i say i'm not saying any more than anybody else know
i don't go i don't see a more responsible i'm i'm responsible in a different way
sometimes i respond by saying to you but not everybody does
but either way you respond he is unique
each moment you have a new create unique response and so do i but you're not more responsive than me
you're just responding the way you are and i'm responding the way i am
and you're contributing now more or less than me i don't think you are
i don't think we have certain sections of the universe which are making more contributions to the rest of the universe and we have some kind of below energy places like i don't think black holes make less of a contribution and supernovas
but you know maybe somebody who pointed me where you're wrong
and here's why
but i haven't heard about that that some parts are i know that i know that things with great mass influence a different way than things were small mass
i know about that but i don't think what one is more responsible than the others
if great mass attract lots of little masses i don't get a little masses that come are less influential to the great mass and the great matches to the little masses
but maybe just maybe you disagree with me and if you do i hope you
study that
born out

so thank you all for coming
you take