Conscious and Unconscious Obstructions of the Buddha Way 

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what is recited
ah statement like
we vow
from this life on
to hear the true dharma
that upon hearing and no doubt will arise in us now we lack of faith like and face
i'm in other words when we hear the true dharma
will have no doubt
that we want to live
for the welfare of all beings right now
like no face
when practicing compassion in this moment
hannah in meeting this true dharma we will renounce worldly affairs
were announced
you i've been distracted from the way of peace
will renounce
clue to herself
where we're now is trying to get something out of this life
and and by renouncing are these distractions we will ah
able to maintain the buddhist dharma
and in doing so the great earth and all living beings together with attain the buddha away the greater risk
and all living beings will attain peace and fees
within this giving up on are distractions which come
through maintaining the buddha dharma
and then we recited although our past evil karma has greatly accumulated or you could say however we have accumulated a lot of task karma
greatly accumulated past karma so this accumulation of past action has become an obstacle to this wonderful practice
so if
we want to practice their way of peace and ease for all beings
but ah because of the accumulation of past karma there's some obstacle to it
and then not there's the request that compassionate
is an ancestor's
ha free us from karmic effects allowing us to practice the way without these obstacles and how does a free us from come holiday free us for these obstacles
the one a difference from obstacles by telling us that the obstacles come from past action
not a were just saying you wanna you want to hear we we understand that she want to live your life for the peace and happiness of all beings
we hear you wanna do that
and we're hearing they should feel some distraction from that occasionally
are some difficulty and obstacles in actually staying focused on what's best for everybody right now
we've heard that when we we've heard that she want to do this and that you feel some instruction and on a buddhas have been compassionate to tell us that the reason why we have difficulty that is because of past action
so this it doesn't nullify your good intentions to live for the welfare of all beings to be wise and kind to all days it just acknowledges the the source of the obstacles
and this is mentioned here
but also is mentioned in early teachings of buddha
and then about a thousand years after the buddha his successors by practicing ah his teachers
and contemplating that man
ah tantalizing nam and question in them
the came up with someone different way of describing the problem are the obstacles in practice
the the past karma was now said to be
an actual present
an actual consciousness in the present
and this consciousness is actually the
ah the accumulation of past action
so we have our ordinary conscious mind and that kinds and that accumulated
then my which is the accumulation of the past action which carries all the fast action that mind is
so we have has great unconsciously
the unconscious mind which
in bodies
this past karma and is the source of obstacles to practicing the way right now
each of us have our own he might say
the our in-house
we have our own in-house storehouse
i'll pass karma
and it's unconscious
and a from this unconscious storehouse of past karma that's where the obstacles to practicing the way come
cruel to us and people tell us not the practice
on those are opportunities for practice and course
but when with that when we feel like passing up on the opportunity of being kind to somebody when they're being cruel to us by some as insulting me and i think well maybe later i'll practice thinking to postpone the practice that's that's the hinder hinders not the insult the insults mount the hindrance
the insults the opportunity to be kind and i want to be kind when i'm insulted
but because of past karma
i have this present mind
which supports the thought of will maybe i don't want to pick compact kind and compassionate to this person so then the buddha away is hindered
as hindered by
an actual living consciousness
that is an unconscious so i have ah there's different kinds of pass with two basic kinds of past that i would talk about one kind of past for me three one kind of past is the past just a moment ago and one kind of a past is a basically
beginning this past
from two moments ago
sort of
on endlessly and that's the vast past and then has passed is this great unconscious mind
things that are gone you can call them the past but things that are gone are gone but we have another past
which is a present is not gone it's here
and it's a vast is not just one it's not as one moment of passed to past karma it's basically incalculable moments of karma
some wholesome someone wholesome
and is unconscious however
our conscious mind is supported by them
by this point by this past and in our conscious mind we can also have a story of our past and all of us do in our conscious mind
it's a it's a conceptual version of our past
and this version we have repast is based on the actual past this huge
vast storehouse mind is the basis upon which reconstruct our current history
but our current history does not necessarily are consciously our current conscious history does not remember all the skillful and unskillful things we've ever done
but every one of them is registered in this in this cognition is unconscious cognition they're all registered there
there all influencing us
consciously we may want to forget some of them and where it is when was a ever are always successful we cannot remember them so we're successful had forgetting the majority of our past karma

so from the beginning of the teaching where the bullet is stressing that does hindrances to the practice because of past karma to the later to understanding the later articulation of things the buddha just hinted at which is that there's this mind right now
which is the basis upon which were constructing our reality
the teaching come from the buddha's to say in this constructed world you're living in
if you practice you
in a moment that will be
your current contribution to your past
and that you will transform your past
there will be a seed a virtue planet in this ocean of virtue and non virtue i should say in the ocean of the results of virtue and nine virtue
and this way the basis upon which we construct our conscious life will be eventually completely transformed

many of us would think what if this storehouse's so vast in private take quite a bit of contributions to it to transform a completely and
yeah that seems like there were probably be the case
so part of the practice part one of the virtues reunion into practice in somehow
to contemplate the situation is teaching in such a way that as recounted by this teaching we feel
great enjoy
and great aspiration to do the practice which will transform his mind into
basically what we call the true body employer the true body and buddha
is taught in the mahayana teachings
about mind has taught to be this past mind this mind which is the past is not pass mine is the mind which is the pass the storehouse consciousness the complete transformation of the storehouse consciousness
is the true body and buddha
the complete transformation of this basis this this supporting consciousness of all of our conscious life this unconscious basis of our conscious life the complete transformation of that is the
dharma a body of the buddha

and so this teaching comes for us to now contemplate
unskillful action
contributes to create the support of the next moment of consciousness
which already has lots of unskillful contributions to it and unskillful action than will generally speaking be conducive to make another contribution to supporting more on skillful action
but even if reduce skillful action there's still lots of passed on scuffle action also supporting the next moment
and how can we contemplate the situation so that we actually feel deep joyful aspiration the practice virtue as best we can until we realize the buddha body
and so this this teaching is an example of the compassion of the buddha's and ancestors to help us free to free us from karmic effects
so we can practice the way without hindrance

and now so this is this this mind ah which is present right now which is unconscious is all is sometimes called the support of the unknowable
it's it's the support of the normal
so our new are not our knowledge is supported by a great unconscious storehouse
there is quite a bit of additional teachings
coming from the compassionate boys authors
and those compassion and bodhisattvas are also
in this
the effects of their life are also in this
great storehouse consciousness

so i hope for us to join hands and plunge into
into his unconscious mind
in such a way that we can realize how
it on
actually works
to track to plunge into the creative process by which our conscious mind arises independence on the unconscious mind
and to plunging the process by which skillful
conscious thoughts conscious intentions arise from the past unconscious storehouse consciousness
to understand how to deal with difficulties and obstructions in this process of creation of the body of the buddha


a question by jesus
am i afford let me check here now
this is a this is something is coming up to me based on my
the load in mind and
now i want to meet this this sir
whatever this is with virtue so i say welcome to this question about jesus
the decisions of the cross
when is when his history celebrate this year
twenty fourth were coming close to easter and they have the stations of the cross

seems to me
that suggests with him throughout the process
he was a moments when i asked him at the moment
have fun
for different story which is exactly is crucified for he says my god why have you abandoned me
game tonight
our lack of faith and practice

regarding way to start by service consciousness this is a result the lack of faith in this
oh did also has a function
supposed within ourselves as exactly
how could you hear a question she's questioning about the point on the cross when jesus says out what do i have but why have you forsaken me and so some status asking this is our moment of of a lack of faith in practice
what it looks like a it looks like a moment of lack of faith and practice
except that except that he said it
so that a because he said it
if he said that gives us a chance to look at it and by giving us a chance to look at it
it's a moment of practice because now we can look at it
and we can wonder
ah how are we included in our in the practice of patients with our pain an insult
one way or teacher can teach is by showing for example showing patience and showing faith that's one way
the teacher should or understands that when she shows faith and patience
she's not separated from the students who
don't seem to know about their patients they seem to be impatient they might be impatient ah with the teacher who's showing patience
they might be doubtful about the teacher who show his faith that sometimes happens but the teacher doesn't feel separate from the students
the teacher who has great faith
because the teacher has great faith or on the fruit of the teachers great faith that teacher understands that the students who have little faith are not separate from her
and that in their in their doubt
the teachers face is completely included in our doubt the teacher understands that the teacher understands that
sometimes a teacher will then appear to be doubtful
to help the student get in touch
with their faith
or with their patients the teacher may appear to be impatient help the students wake up to their impatience
and wake up to their patients by been waking up to their impatience
so this could be a story where
the teacher the teacher who's on the cross is trying to wake up the people who are not sharing fully sharing the responsibility for the practice of patience
so so the teachers on the cross practicing generosity ethics and patience and tranquillity and wisdom and enthusiasm
and so the teacher gets there were look at the man i'm like patient which is cool
so wanna see some patients look at this one watch me when they picked up lisa
nails it may watch me how i handle it
an eye on a separate them from the nailers and i'm not separate from the students watching me getting nailed you few nailers and new students might think i'm so that you suffer from me but i understand you're not and i'm here to show you i'm here to help you wake
up to that were not separate
but some need me to look like i'm losing my faith in order to wake up
so right now without trying to be that way because he noise i was it sometimes women who are breastfeeding
as soon as they see the baby and the milk comes out of the breast before the babies even nearby but they see other people have babies and they wet their blouse
with their milk so it isn't exactly think okay now squirt some milk the buddha dozen or so think are the tediousness i think okay now i'm going to be look like doubtful
this the dark manifests at the right time
france for somebody if they see the teacher doubting i wouldn't can see the teacher
she was separate from them think a while we're not separate
dennis then that's what the teacher does so something to teach your short says some was attacking teacher teacher says
on your friend he want to kill me i'm your friend that's it the buddha did
it seems like that's why didn't jesus taught to you wanna kill me i'm your friend to kill me i'm your friend gonna kill me
i don't like if you're trying to kill me i love you though
and i'm here for you in touch with the that's the kind of like com for their teacher but sometimes the teacher says i'm scared i doubt
some of the people don't go further while i'm i'm i'm here for you on your friend they don't fit the that they doubt but they don't understand that their doubting i went to doubting so then the teacher goes i'm scared
i feel abandoned i don't have faith and then he wakes him up so it could be that that's still the teacher still there when that he could says i doubt i lacked faith i don't feel supported by my

his addressed to god
my me when he spoke to god said not why why you forsaken me
well again a teacher in the teacher does does that
because a
while the students feel
students who feel or how come god doesn't do anything about this
so the teachers say that the true body of buddha is not try them has not trying to change the situation here
but you might wonder about that so i'm like invoked the presence of the true body the true body of reality
i'm an i'm both that here and include that in in the discourse
so the you all can realize what we're doing here
this is what we're doing we're doing this this this practice
and i'd rather than give a lecture
i'll speak for all of you who have been doubts about what's going on here how can this be happening this is so horrible
and then saw the teacher says okay isn't this form how come this is so horrible what why didn't somebody fix this

why doesn't somebody fix this
and then the quickening and then maybe some of the people than say oh i see the way to fix this the way to fix this is for me to be peaceful with this horror
but that's what this is all about it's about it's about me learning how to be peaceful this this teachers here tell me and and my friends learn how to be peaceful with horror
it's not about getting somebody to fix the horror
it's about the cause of thing is it that the reality body comes into the realm of horror in order to wake people up to be how to be peaceful with it
so i could see this as a the the the teacher functioning
sometimes sometimes and teachers do something you see them sometimes are they liked they like say to them they talked to the buddha they sometimes say
good morning buddha where they sometimes say buddha and bryce outfits please come here
this they say they they sometimes say homage buddha they sometimes safe i offer praise to buddha they sometimes say i'll i make offering on my practice to the buddha they talk like that as though the buddha's were separate from them but they don't mean that way
and the people watch them and they say how can you are making offering to some other boudin and and explained while i'm not
it's not some other border i'm offering to buddha which is not other than us
my people think the bullies or illness so
we give them away to get in touch with that feeling and then we say okay loans be kind of that feeling that buddhist separate from us and get over it by kindness


oh i can't you're going to say that such that getting them to be too active on your behalf
the way if you want to be more active and on their behalf on your behalf then the way you do that is by practicing more wholeheartedly
then there been more active
for what
for wholehearted practice
what's the mechanism of the mechanism is
that the beings who have realized they're not separate from you
that they don't really help you until you ask him to help
that's the mechanism is that they can't respond to you unless you offer them something to respond to
but as soon as you at the moment your ask for help they just helped you
you just recognized when you ask for help you recognize to some extent that you have some relationship
if she had no relationship you when it would be kind of inconceivable how you and request help from someone you have no relationship with
you may think i have no relationship with you and that's what i have to say to you
but then that kind of disrespectful expression of the relationship is not is not totally useless it's just that you miss that at the moment you said that as an army of express that the response was that was their response and they were actor
lee working for you but you know most people don't get it that way
and they don't put it don't say please disrespect us
three or even they don't even say please respect us but if you ask me to say i do offer myself to be respected because he would be good for people to respect anything not to mention the great wise and compassionate beatings and if if you pay your respects that's the boot has being active
before your pepper pay your respect it's hard to see much action
but the way the free us is by us practicing
that's the way they free
and why they phrase from the free us
from three separate from them by us during the practice and they tell us the practice
but they don't tell us the practice on as we ask for it

why you're here you're missing that actually in asking that's already the activity of buddha so he isn't open or yes it's true but to open the is the activity because buddha the trying to open you better job they want to come to open you so when you open that's their job in when you open nuts they're working that
the boot working when you open
and then when you see the buddha demonstrating then that's the buddha demonstrating test their function their function is totally included in you and me
but we don't see our our function as a buddhist function and were rejecting it which we usually that's where we usually do because for distraction
we're distracted from it
not in his very important to remember it
i believe there is no storehouse it well as right there really is no star
but it's so funny all i see is like me some of the building more faster than
in a faster and faster and i don't see if i don't see any reason why we're doing it other dangerous or it's stupid in only doing doing for the sake of doing like we don't need you don't have anything to do so we do something and lounges just start
now rather than just stop reading something in the reason why we do some things because this storehouse consciousness is supporting us to feel like we need to do something
i think we want to believe there's a store uses and therefore if it exists if we don't it's in our delete it is believed as a that in our yeah that's right i don't know right how they thought the you know nowhere how but i'm telling you where how you you you created because
a storehouse consciousness
because of something it doesn't really exist you create a belief in something doesn't really exist but you've gotta have the thing that doesn't really exist in order to create this idea of this thing that doesn't really exist
but not easy to because
because you don't have asked quite a few times
and pandas consequences of the things you've already done and the consequences of things you've done had a mind which is
this vast resource for continuing to imagine things that don't exist and you're not going to stop imagining things that don't exist for a while
this is this is an explanation why you're doing a silly thing
but the explanation of why you doing a silly thing is also doesn't really exist
we're talking was this an explanation of how we imagine things that don't exist to exist
and pretty much but the explanation really exists or that the the the basis of this process of imagination it really exists now when i say that
it's funny how funny
he's say that is sir houses unconscious
i wonder don't we have the opportunity to
see it
and then if we have if we can see into the storehouse then there's a lot on him on can we bring when you say some cautiousness to this unconscious
space ah we've been conscious of it i would say
you can bring consciousness to it in you do constantly bring consciousness to at every moment you bring consciousness to every moment of consciousness is brought to it see you're constantly bringing consciousness to it
he wanted to go the other way i so that it said if you want the on county i wanna become conscious unconscious of the cm and but it doesn't work that way because when it because when when it becomes conscious it's a different kind of contents of separate consciousness from here it's a different type of consciousness so
the part of that part of the things that distract of consciousness is kind of can be clear that the unconscious is never really clear
however the cleared the call the collective clear consciousnesses the result
becomes part of this unconscious but the unconscious never becomes conscious
but it's transformed by every single moment of active consciousness which arrived we can active consciousnesses cannot arise without a past
and they're inactive consciousness are two kinds of past one is the previous moment of active consciousness as one past and also all the past
how the cotton or the all the consequences of all the past active consciousness is are also the basis of this present consciousness who is present conscious of for susan diseases
will be number one be a condition for the next consciousness and number two of the a seat in the vast unconscious but as soon as you look at the unconscious which you do you look at it for you look at it you see an active consciousness you don't see if you don't see the unconscious you see a consciousness which depends
on it is not set a simultaneous but distinct
and you'll never dare never mixed
but the unconscious is is thin conscious
the unconscious is in the conscious as a cause which is unconscious but you do consciously know that it's there is a cause and the contest is in the unconscious has a seed
by which the on counters will become a cause for the unconscious is both
cause and fruit
and consciousness is also
cause and fruit or fruit and costs
an aunt they're not mixed however the conscious activity can track completely transform
the basis is it's own basis and of course when and spaces has transformed it will be transformed to
can you talk about that
yes again
so practicing virtue is consciously to see virtue
what i mean without without knowing where that supported that of you've heard you've heard what it is you understand that this be supported by all past action this present moment of virtue
and this present moment of virtue as soon as it ceases to become a virtuous contribution to the next moment of the past which support the next consciousness and this way this entire ocean storehouse will be completely transfer
formed into a mind which is no longer supporting delusion
but only in no no longer supporting a mine which is grasping things in terms of duality
a mind that
realizes the non-duality of all beings
the the to body of the border
and we had this opportunity now to and joyfully make our little condemnation a moment after moment after moment with you know or with great joy and patience and
including noticing if we get tired and resting and all that and the average everything's an opportunity for compassion
and when we practice that way we're doing the very thing which makes him buddha
houses are the someone
some reason
what happened was
he skillfully response a cure for are skillful response came to this thought of that you're being insulted
i didn't know where that came from
say ten in the presentation that your body for today
the scope and has come from the still has as well as
scotland as comes from the storehouse
the storehouse is the basic support of all skillfulness hand on skillfulness
skillful is also comes from the buddha's teaching and skillfulness comes from the person who was standing in front of you doing whatever they were doing
those are some places that it's coming from
which is partner isn't why there really isn't any skillfulness
and then also it in a storehouse consciousness
and the more you try to skillfulness the more you realize that they're you know
there really isn't a storehouse consciousness there really isn't any act of consciousness
there really isn't any birth and are really as many death and the really is naming any buddha
the buddhist don't really think that buddha buddha just realize that the the delusion of buddha is a delusion and that's murder
so that's i can we can talk more about the various causes a conditions that contribute to a skillful response but basically a skillful response is exactly
while this discovery spartan than is also caught and enlightening response
the buddha is just to make an enlightening response to whatever is given to her
and it's possible to have an enlightening response to whatever is given when the storehouse consciousness has completely transformed to allow you
to see everyone as your true self
and then when you see it that way then the they would call them milk skirts at the right moment
and up to the right person with the right keano chemical composition of you're not hindering the flow of reality because the storehouse conscious that has been transformed
into this totally serviceable reality body


one of the things that
season the storehouse or surfaced and then into active consciousness for reconsideration sometimes
developing a different story
what services
as is is a loop is is is is i would say the zazen is this arjun of the buddhist the thousand harvard
now this tradition here
the essential art of enlightenment
when met with the maturing of the storehouse consciousness stores conscience matures and give you a story after story you're conscious of so you gotta you gotta story is as easy is the art of the of enlightenment in regard to that story it's not another story
another story will be another a not will be another active consciousness
respond to this story in the essentially enlightened way
and then ah that
will immediately be am
a contribution to the storehouse for the next story
the act of consciousness is are missing story after story after story but the way the stories are met is not a story even though you can have stories about it and you can have stories about being kind but been kind to a story isn't really a story when you're kind you're not a and gone mankind if you're thinking of mankind as another story
but the ashman like just for like you know
discord and milk isn't really a story
like some people when they see a certain story is squirt milk
is this said it said sort of mindless response
to the story
that's an enlightened response to the story that's awesome so we're selling each moment a story comes up goes down comes up goes down and then if a respond to that story with compassion
wisdom and concentration and enthusiasm if that's the way we respond to this story
that does a that does contribute to us responding to notice story that way
you know active engagement and sometimes with with with services some some needs it
retell the story or
you know exercised actually think you know i could have a different response to this story could be kind to the story as opposed to
feeling so some i'm understand using their son
work we can do with
are thinking about it
the enlightened response
to the story that arises is awesome okay and that enlightened response is called by the buddha
and by the dolans nj and if you'll excuse me for saying so some other people in this room
that enlightened response to the story is called right thinking
so the essential artem zazen is the essential art of enlightenment and the essential argument life him it is called right thinking
and right thinking is the right way to engage with the story has been presented and right thinking means to think about something in the right way means that your nonviolent with it at your generous that you're careful it's not right it's not right thinking throughout the careful of the way you think
ing to be patient to the concentrated to be wise and to be enthusiastic about these practices that's the right way to think about whatever the story is that zazen
it's total engagement so a story comes up hello
neither so deluded story probably because a lie as basically subject to the essential things non buddha's all their stories are delusion
so story comes up is basically a delusion
engage that story needed and engage it intimately thoroughly and then
enlightenment is realized

yes i story

something greater than my conscious mind it
an operation and get a glimmering of that known then yes sir
i also realize

and the trials and tribulations and yourself
we're exactly what i needed
even when i consciously asked my son sometimes why am i here
i really start i think about having faith and what's happening
the smarmy can
and that sort of helps me
it dissipated by here
have the future a smile
okay cancer is a hearth i don't know
it's that store has houses such as
well one your like dance with can carry my life for it's not my consciousness
is both more volvo's both are carrying your life forward
both of these types of consciousness they're both carrying your life at one is support their supporting each other one is the cause for this the other and the other is the cause of the other they're both cause and effect of each other and they're both going together the bolstering your life forward your conscious life and your unconscious life
your conscious mind and your unconscious mind and both minds your life is you cannot have one without the where you can actually you can have you could have the store i was going to without the without the countess one
but you usually have to and they're both carry you forward
but this second night or something
where do you want keep talking i just wanted to check
click here
the current the unconscious i feel a stronger
while in a way
you could say stronger but
in the sense that it's a conscious mind took a break the unconscious wouldn't if you kept living
so as deeper you could say it's deeper
but the kindest mind the the unconscious mind is not going to transform your life in the direction that he wanted to go it's can support the transformation but the transformation occurs in the conscious part so it's not to say the to say that one stronger than the other is more like ones deeper
and for more basic
the unconscious want to definitely not wiser
all the deluded possible all the possible delusions that you could ever come up with are down there fine all the wisdom of the team
it's it's not
it's neither one of them are delusion according to this teaching both are deluded that's all you've got his delusion but by working on this delusion properly the delusion will be transformed into wisdom
so there's a place where you were talking earlier where you you articulated the practice and practice is your conscious attitude towards your life that you appreciated there was there was generosity in the way you are speaking about your life
the generosity of the practice which are doing kite what you're doing with your conscious stories about what's going on and that practice will transform this great
my we can write has been supporting all alone and appreciating and being compassionate and grateful
for the storehouse of all diluted thoughts this this mine is the storehouse of deluded thought to start to storehouse of enlightenment it's not as variations say is not the storehouse of wisdom it's a storehouse and delusion both skillful an unskillful conscious thoughts are deluded
but when you have a deluded got like you may have had a few like example i'm going to try to fix this or control this such a diluted thought or or i'm not going to try to control and they want such a dumb device that either way you go there both delusion and both of them you can be
generous towards and you can be generous towards them plus you can also be generous towards this unconscious mind and that's the beginning that's that's a seat of practice and act was planted in his unconscious mind
if you're but it also promotes another newman of practice practice in a sense is not really skillful or unskillful
it means to it's been kind to both skillful and unskillful and you demonstrated at various points when you're talking
flashes of light a practice in the midst of this
this ongoing support of your life until your lightheaded and been supported thralls difficulties and now there's a thought from appreciation for the whole process and a buddha basically appreciates the whole process and wants to open beings to the whole process and demonstrate
the i people often demonstrate the truth and awaken them to the truth totally engaged with the same thing you're engaged with
but with you know
with real loving kindness and compassion towards whatever it is and those those glimmers of that and what you said
of kindness towards whatever it is
i have one
it's just solution it was
it's not exactly delusion is actually because because it's unconscious is not really it doesn't really count as delusion until it becomes conscious a lot of times
consciously becomes conscious is not necessarily
yeah so wisdom within our conscious unconscious that
there could be but there is a teaching which i offered to you and that is that all you have and all i have all sentient beings have is diluted consciousness we don't have any other kind
that's all we've got is deluded consciousness we don't have an enlightening consciousness if we have enlightened consciousness we don't get to be sentient beings anymore sorry
what come from
it comes from studying delusions
everything solution everything
it's not as know it's not that everything delusion it's said all i got his delusion and it's not that everything's to learn it just an off hide god is deluded and but delusion isn't just a balloon is diluted consciousness all i got to work with is deluded karmic consciousness as all i got
that's the teaching okay now got that is now there's a practice that you can apply to the situation
and if you practice the bodies out the way with diluted consciousness
the wisdom is realized now where did the reason come from it came from studying delusion that's where it came from it came from studying these teachings about delusion
and it was always right there too it just that because we weren't studying delusion were caught up in it and we were caught in we were entrapped his long years your linear and trapped in his ally of as you know and you cannot get and wisdom when you're entrapped in it but if
you're somehow allowed to study the consequences are the fruits of a liar
wisdom dawns it was always there he was never separate but you were trapped in a little box
so you couldn't see it
so it's always there it is all non dual with with the deluded consciousness but unless she studied the deluded consciousness
new the wisdom will seem like it someplace else in america the worst situation is you'll think that the delusion is wisdom which a lot is load of people think that the diluted consciousness actually is perfect wisdom or anyway very high-quality questions
but it's not is just a little constructed
buy some people are studying it and some people are not
and was a study it are planting the seeds in doing the practice or those who
have already realized wish them those who realize listen to the same practice they keep studying diversion too
it's just that they're studying other people diversion
but the other peoples who through his delusion they're studying they understand are totally them
they just don't identify with anything
and all the beings they don't identify with that they don't have separate from our didn't find what themselves and suffering so they're teaching them how to study their delusions sort of taken the buddha
and when you when you feel like okay i'm in a study in his delusion rather than all i'm in a study my when a where's my little bit of enlightenment here i'm a day that not forget that partly forget the enlightenment
the enlightenment is to study delusion it's not to far to find you know where where where where where is his to where's the goal in this in this polluted situation whereas my where i can put a little bit of for i'm right
was the only way that supreme ignorance or there as supreme delusion the place where you feel like all as a little wisdom
that's that that's not the story he'd be kind to that and you really cooking i finally found a place where i really think i'm right
how is a little fear i was feeling a little deluded but now actually no i found out of place for i'm not deluded at all that supreme delusion
and now now we got to supreme jewel delusion the delusion of delusion the delusion that put all of their delusion into the light actually the darkest delusion is i understand the truth visit
okay now be kind of that the kind of yourself and your intense highly intensify delusion be kind to yourself be welcoming to say
this has been going on my whole life and it's giving my whole life has brought me to where i'm at and i'm
yeah i'm i'm so grateful to this opportunity and i'm but i'm also careful of this is a very dangerous delusion my ordinary ones like why could be wrong it could be right
as solution to but i couldn't be wrong and i'm have to be right best solution also but it's a live in the both dangerous
one's gonna wishy washy the other has seen instances wishy washy dangerous but also in tense gripping is that dangerous to so be careful of this delusion is called fx
and be patient with a condition that nauseating dash extremely painful so gotta be patient with it but fridge away after welcome as a thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for this opportunity to practice the buddha away with this
deluded karmic consciousness and nothing wrong with me on this assumption being everybody else got the same situation i'm nothing put down below anybody or above anybody all at all with god
question is how we're practicing in the way you talked about the way you related to the situation at various points sounds like practice that's the thing
you can go next and then current well who else was there will okay
in his first okay go grandpa
discussion of that
it was reminiscent of me
scientists and scientific knowledge and scientific studies in scientists attempting to
grasp reality and gift
it's actually come up with a theory of everything for some some way of not really
came down
it is something
and some scientists yeah but some are not going to do that
as far as reading fire
he really understands the numbers are imaginary
including imaginary numbers
i don't see an elegance released
glimpses occasionally of an elegant
relationship between signs of knowledge and
that little more
how did how did it
pursuance of for its scientific but what scientists with always done over their scientific case of its own knowledge is there's something deeply
how does that kind of a definite
how does this relate
i feel like
that question i like it as later and after for an indian next talk is determined to make at this point from you're talking about because you know how people are getting hungry
they're unconscious is you know telling them that that there's something important to take care of
if you can bring that up player jimenez said next time
are your next life
but i'm very interested to your question but i think it's a of the large at this point well
here's is too big to
he said olive garden's to loses consciousness i didn't render mean to say all you got but all sentient beings got you might be a buddha
but all sentient beings have is is diluted karma conscience you can also drop off collusion and just say karmic consciousness or you say says some sentient being here
he's the oven what we got
yeah cameras
there is a there is a can of our consciousness which is you know
free of elaboration
like if not it's totally free of like birth and death existence and non-existence
it's like a know is totally ungraspable but can be realized in the realization of it is like more or less unhindered ability to be kind you know no matter what you do to this consciousness and just come back with kindness
and it can do that because it's not involved in like self and other existence and non-existence
but karma this has the inner can't stand the deal with something as totally on elaborated so that constance is inconceivable to it that stated that buddha mind is inconceivable to it
but by being kind by the by practicing what the buddhists have realized now and kindness to this cosmic consciousness the cosmic consciousness has transformed into this
a mind which can stand not having no elaboration being free of completely free of elaboration being totally pure
so that it can respond in a kindly and skillfully to to whatever is given to it
that's not separate from the comic cut from the comic consciousness
it's the actual reality of the cosmic consciousness as if you know you can't find the cosmic consciousness become conscious things that can find things that got to kind of consciousness it is
by studying in you realize it can't be found and it's not hindering anything and actually we're not separate even though we think we are without even changing are getting rid of it
that's that's why we had to be kind of this kind of conscious in order to cultivate cultivators simultaneous do remind


well that's yeah and i think intuition is a type of active consciousness which is kind of all which is somewhat aware that it doesn't know where this consciousness came from so intuition but but intuition is not the thing
that's the point of the intuition intuition is conscious
like i the
theoretical of the the two founders and the unions to do in san francisco one's name is your henderson who died not too long ago at hundred and four and the other one is joe wheelwright the brother of the from of going out with our southern one brother was a physicist and a for
armor and the other breast and brother was co-founder of the union center of the san francisco and the enduring second world war he was a doctor
it is american but he was he was serving in england as a doctor and i think it was an intern he was doing rounds with with one of the great teachers with one hundred internists
in this hospital in london and so they are walking around and asking the entrance to diagnose people's illness so mr will read joey wright said this person has body blah blah blah and you know he diagnosed the prison correctly and the teacher says very good now where did you get that
i usually scientists you know there's got to get that from you know sense data
so he asked him where he got it so he looked inwardly to see where he got it and he said i saw myself standing in a large or amphitheater
on the stage
thats where he has only can get about where i came from
but even that image was are you know a conscious image
but this knowledge just came up
he didn't come from nowhere it didn't come from a liar but but your since active consciousness and your real action consciousness and your and your intuitive act of conscience to all active consciousnesses but when you realize you don't know it comes from you're right it is coming from malaria but in that case
you feel like you don't know where it came from
whereas the other when you feel well i kind of i was i was reasoning and that's where it came from us you were at the stuff you are reasoning with came from the same place so all the different types of knowledge this can take these four types they all are based on while but the intuitions the one where you say i i can't tell you where it came from it
just here
but now you can say where it comes from i think you can say intuition is based on the storehouse consciousness
and there's some relevance about which active consciousness arises in particular situation
one time i actually i am
i was a over a green gulch and
a friend of mine came to visit me and we're talking and i said alison a center how's your father
and she says what he mean how is your father
and i said
ah well isn't even a hospital
which is in what i said i just how i just had the image of him being in hospital and his friend of
in some ways have a high opinion of me so he thought you know he he could see he insists on right
so she's going to use your phone i said sure she picks up the phone and dials her home our home in minneapolis she does her mother says where's dad and she says shit
never mind how i know how is he oh shit
i can't tell i tell you later you know most of what how did you know
engineers a foreigner leaves
think you know here's my guru right
and then later i remembered sort of
the lives nana i come i somehow got a flu for the ally of genre
i remember a few days just a couple days before or minivan as it may be even if the day before somebody from minneapolis called me and tell him told me that they were in the hospital this person talking me and she said and i saw this woman's husband being admitted and i just saw
okay he's admitted the hospital i didn't feel like i had to call the letter to tell her that her father was my husband left you know can just hope you're in the hospital he's not from you know thanks to the information by by then she comes to visit man indistinct flies up
so i had this thought of him i put she says hostile i picture them in the hospital i picture her there too
and i said this because my mind thought that that became the seat in my mind so then when she comes in the door i think oh
but i want i can actually be conscious of the way it was stored the way it stored as a liar but it pops up and become this support for me she walks indoors it has your father and i couldn't remember
the the comic consciousness which planted the seed and become conscious of me listen talking to another friend on the telephone which will to see sometimes you can see but you can't see to start my stored you can just see what pops up and then you can say bye bye to it and virginia is gonna be down there can be available for further
ah mystical demonstrations

so it's it's arm is it it's all a record get on access it is a part of it is most of us going on most of what the mind doing most of the time his unconscious and so
we got a big job here because the unconscious is what's
sometimes the unconscious supporting of to practice for when we're not being supported it's the and consciousness mostly mostly interfering with us
into the way our conscious mind is manifesting
there are obstacles will be removed to the wonderful practice on great compassion and wisdom that's the proposal
and so these teachings are to encourage us and assist us in in caring for our arconic consciousnesses with the understanding how this is going to actually work things out of his hope for the world and and but of course the scales very large and so people some time
like a faster practice in this but again the faster practice is just another comic conscience which is supported by the seed of fast and slow which were trying to get beyond self cannot to
fall into the pit i'm trying to get a faster practice for a slower practice but be kind when you when you notice you're trying to get that the kind of the prisoners trying to get a loan debt faster practice
because i you know the
another busy and named like to skip the think subtle scent and i'm no problem getting settled soon
no problem of getting things settled through and just don't try to get thanks century
and i mean don't try to get them
guess that's essential things as for sentient beings are trapped there trying to get things settled there trying to get control trying to change the way things are going this is normal we have to be kind to such manipulative com consciousnesses i should actually say if we wish to realize
but the question we have to be kind to perfect diversion
our own
and if we see anybody else that seems to be deluded be kind to them to vote
don't you do too i told him towards other people
primarily with yourself
and then he will be able to do with others
but some people are you know they really do want to be kind of deluded people but they don't think they're deluded which is a problem
there's a cap understand why these people are not in saint thank you for their latest started combat yes

well can you stay to read can come this afternoon
you're leaving have to lead directly how how tragic
it feels very
yeah and as and i and i don't mean i don't mean to insult anybody but the buddha after the buddha introduce this teaching in chapter five of the somme union which on a sutra after he and his his teacher he said i hesitate to offer this teaching because children will take it as something so
so so saw it the child side of us wants to make this into something substantial smart
so this is this is for this this teachings for the wise people
so if you're resisting at navy and not good for you
my mission go find some teaching that you don't think a substantial can you find like that


yeah and buddha hesitated to give it because it it shows activists he's iraq he said he didn't say substantial he said that don't don't take this ally as a self
so this this teaching is not as if this lie is not a self but as you describe it they can look like herself to some people such as sensi buddhist kind of hesitant are ambivalent about offerings
but i can't stop it is happening i thank you for your your gift of your feelings about this
at this moment and i understand and i've been trying not to teach it for a long time but
i can't stop this happening
i'm sorry
thank you i love you
our intention of the extend to every place

how to save them
a down
the i'm on the side of less ah
how to answer them
is unsurpassable hi