Continuous Compassion for Karmic Consciousness 

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Auto-Generated Transcript

it has been transmitted to us
that the teaching
of the buddha's
extremely profound and inconceivable a measurable
only buddhists
meeting together with buddha's can fully know it
the cosmic consciousness of sentient beings cannot reach it
or realize it

it is not reached by thinking
are feeling
but if thinking and feeling are compassionate a cared for
i'm totally exerted
sentient beings can open to the storm
experiences demonstration
awaken to what they can not reach
and enter it
sync conveys can enter into the dharma
which is realized by buddha's meeting together with buddhas
our thinking doesn't reach it but if we care for our thinking
where can join the realization

and caring for our thinking is the practice
which is the realization
we can care for our feelings and are thinking the way buddhists do
practicing that way
the realization of the buddhist
buddhist take care of
all karmic consciousnesses
they teach comic consciousnesses
how to open
and enter the dharma

the board teach sentient beings to be mindful of their thinking
which includes they're feeling
and their intentions
in their cognitions

how to be mindful in the present
in a completely compassionate way

and when sentient beings do not receive the teaching or forget the teaching the buddha's receive a confession and repentance of sentient beings
and a system to enter the practice again

we receive inconceivable
wonder is assistance by the power of confession and repentance
have any on skillfulness towards our comic consciousness

grandma consciousness because it has no fundamental
can become more and more skillful
and so skillful
that they're finally is no clinging

and part of the skill
part of the kindness towards cosmic consciousness is to be patient
with are slowly
it evolves positively

not only does the slowness of are learning call for their kindness of patients
but the slowness helps the patients grow
there are no buddha's without patients

without developing the capacity to open
to twisted
confused com consciousness


we're all responsible for this practice
and of course none of us are in control of it
are all contributing to it
we're all responding to it
and i hoped that way more and more accept this great responsibility

i hope we more and more wholeheartedly
the transmission of this responsibility
and transmit his responsibility
to others

the responsibility
of and for buddha's wisdom and compassion

we need to help the boys and great body surface
the successful

all buddhas served innumerable buddhas
now we conserve innumerable borders

we can surrender our life
to the service of the buddha's we can give every action a body speech
and thought
to the service of the buddha away for the service of the border way for the sake of the buddha away

and when we
dedicate all our actions in this way it is because the buddha away is supporting us to do so
so we support the put away because the buddha away supports us to support the boot away
we support each other because we're supporting each other
may we remember this and enjoy this

being ourselves completely
an authentically
again as a gift
to all buddhas and all send your bags

thank you for taking care of kind of consciousness
thank you for taking care of this practice place
where people can come and take care of karmic consciousness

thank you for vowing to take care of comic consciousness thank you for vowing deliberate or comic consciousnesses
karmic consciousness is
are numberless i vow to save them
the grey extend to the and place where is the team
the karmic consciousness consciousnesses
or less ah to save them delusions are inexhaustible lot to end them die
the are boundless
hi to enter them buddha as way is unsurpassable ha to become it