Current Heightened Awareness of FearĀ 

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the extend to

as i contemplated speaking us today

i wanted i wanted to express it i
i felt good about being together with you today
i would say more than usual lately
people have been saying to me that they're having
trouble sleeping
ah that they're scared
i think more people are telling me there
the that they're scared than than usual
a lot more than usual i'm feeling a lot of people are having great physical challenges so-called you know illnesses
lol tip with cancer
the right now that i'm close to

ah nobody i'm close real close to i should say that i've know their names as long as committed suicide recently but some people i am close to another names of their relatives have committed suicide
and the world economic situation and the situation of war and the situation of
possible government
change or not change
i guess there will be changing the government and there's various changes that are people are afraid might happen
so lots of fear around the government run the economy around health
mental and physical health field lot of that and course for on the great harm
are coming to all these children who are ah
and shooting each other and been blown up by each other and then being surviving but been traumatized and disabled and not getting adequate care
such tremendous suffering and fear i and i'm feeling a lot of it and so
and so i thought i wanted it would be nice to be together with you today
to sit quietly
in the midst of all the sphere
and pain

and i wish i wish to give the gift
of fearlessness
and i don't want to suggest that i have fearlessness but whether i have it or not
and i don't really necessarily think that it's something that anybody has
but whether i have it or not or whether anybody can have it or not i still want to give the gift of fearlessness
i want to be close
to all beings
the arc who are afraid
i want to

i want to be mindful
of loving all
fear i want to love all the fear there's
and as the last time we have sitting here
on the sixth of september
i've spoke about loving limits
and fear is it is a very on
powerful limit
it's a feeling
you know and it's it's a it's a limited feeling and it's the limiting feeling
and as very difficult to love it it's easy to
hate it it's easy to
don't know what to run try to run away from it
it's easy to be strategic tours
like trying to find somebody to blame for it or think of something had to remove so would go away
but to love it is to love it
this is what i would like to
ah promote and encourage
and although i limited it is the it doesn't disappear sometimes a limit is kind of up
i got it's it's limited sometimes but kind of an amorphous sponges a different kind of limited than a diamond
fear sometimes it's diamond like
and sometimes it's sponge like sometimes it's like a fog of fear
and sometimes just like a knife of fear and sometimes i get a baseball bat of fear sometimes it's like have a pool of fear sometimes a second mountain of fear and sometimes that gets a cloud of fear sometimes it's an idea of fear and it couldn't come in many varieties all of which are limited
and if if i don't respond to them
with compassion
then i regret that i didn't respond to them with compassion if i notice it
course sometimes we we meet fear we meet fear meet the being what many kinds of beings many forms of fear we meet them and we don't even notice them
but lily anyway
the good news is we seem to be noticing it
and so people are
sang i'm really scared i'm afraid
which could you please explain what you mean by limited limited in duration and a
location yeah like limited location like like that person over there is afraid but they on the tree next to them i don't think is
or this person's afraid for her health and this person's afraid for her son and this person's afraid for the economy and this person's afraid about the government this person's afraid that
mccain and palin are gonna get elected this person's afraid that obama and biden are going to get elected this person's afraid does are different locations different forms of fear
the their their boundaries
the their boundaries are put on the world
and are called fear
and then slip into each fear is slightly different is unique it's it's connected to certain ah
a objects not others like some people are not afraid of these people getting like they're afraid of those people getting elected
so it has different condition each fear has a different condition
even and within ourselves
our mind is such that we often feel if you look at your own fear your called own fear
is something which you think is something that you are separate from
usually the people see that they they they see their fears and they're they're afraid of an object like they're afraid of their own sickness or they have a fear which they feel separate from them like they can get rid of that fear whatever so this fear involves usually objects in some sense of separation
but it's each one different
and i myself have maybe have some fears i feel my body however
i'm in a position where i hear a lot of other fears that besides the ones that are so called in my body in my mind other words they're they're the part of my mind called others other humans other mammals i'm i'm insensitive to what to call it
a reptile fear
i don't notice that reptiles are afraid but with mammals i can tell in outlet dear dogs
ah buffalo
ah about cats rabbits i can see
ah foxes coyotes these are animals that i see i can see that i feel your i can see their fear nice like my fear but the day i the part of my mind
limiting the world as fox coyote and then coyote fear so that's only my limits it's my mind my mind frames the universe in a separate frames
and in the spirit in lot of em
and i am trying to be mindful of loving all those limited phenomena
and there's also agreed
no like a frightened child and agree child i want to be compassionate with the greedy child to but lately i haven't been giddings green has not been sauce i have people have been coming time me so much of their greed and lustful it's mostly fear people haven't been told me i can go to sleep because i'm a lustful maybe next week
that will be the big one too i'm just saying now the big the big one the one that allowed people are talking about his his many varieties of fear of feeling threatened in danger imperiled
the mixes
so again i'm trying to be mindful
of loving
all these different
beings and right now the the one that's really coming on strong as fear
not to say it isn't usually that way but it cause it is
but as strong as seem stronger now
now if i'd been living in iraq maybe i wouldn't feel that way

and i better and and one and when there is the practice of
being mindful of loving the for example
the fear which is in my body or i perceive and other bodies or i hear from other bodies that they feel fear
when i practice when there's mindfulness have been loving towards all the towards these fears to each one not the you a specific one when i actually practice
be mindful and then i actually am loving towards it towards this limit think of fear
i never regret it
and i feel on i feel really good being with the fear and i feel like the gift of fearlessness is being given to some extent at that time
it may not before they received but it's it's being offered
offering to be close to the fair
right there is the place where the fearlessness is given
and and giving material things is a joy giving dharma teachings as a joy in giving fearlessness is a joy so that it can be a joy in the giving
close to the fear
my daughter says i'm really scared about this election
i don't tell her not to be scared
i don't say hush little baby don't you cry
i just try to be close to my daughter who is afraid
of terrible things happening
if the government goes a certain way

have any feedback for me
yes gordon
just loved
i'm mindful i my commitment is to be mindful of loving her and then in that mindfulness to love her and mindfulness
get attached

yeah right
when you come to dawson
now but when you come as when i do it i don't think she'll call your house you know
if if but if you if i see on the street and you tell me you're scared i don't necessarily
i think that you're asking for dogs on deadline
but when you specifically come in and sort of offer yourself and sort of request the teachings then i would i would encourage you to do as you said my daughter grew up with her dad being the zen teacher and she she has to like up
she has to feel like she can express yourself without getting any teaching and the she specifically ass and once in awhile she asked her dad for some teaching but usually she wants to express yourself and show her dad how she's dealing with it and just ever her to quiet because her dead is so
a overwhelming to her because it's her dad right his dad plus teacher so she doesn't she does not actually
ask me very often there have been moments which i'd be happy to tell your buck when she actually asked me and those were wonderful surprising moments but usually she does not ask me for teaching i think she wants to see can i be who i am and have my father just love me
you turn him away but can i be who i am and haven't just let me be that way
so i let her be ah for afraid when she tells me she's afraid
i don't use this i wouldn't necessarily say anything
unless i feel i'm not i'm specifically invited but i feel like if i'm with her when she's afraid
and i'm loving her and i'm all animals are loving her fear not liking it of loving it
that i'm i'm conveying fearlessness to her
by being that way with it and she's picking it up on it and she can use it whenever she wants to but you might want to not want to use it when i'm around
i gotta say that one story which you've probably already heard where she was a you know i told her that i want to move out of the house in a week if you didn't get a job when she's still living with us
the next morning she
she got up like before noon
the way way before noon like
around seven thirty
she had been getting up news at noon for the whole summer and so it's kind of by seven thirteen and she asked me if i was going to san francisco and i said yes and she asked me if she can go with me
i said yes to come and go look for a job
but not before noon
and then she asked me something which i don't know if you ever asked before she asked me for a consult on what she was wearing
she's what you think of this sweater which one of these sweaters and i said i think that one and she was she wore the one i suggested and then she came on asked me what the shoes but she never asked me about before which in a good girls don't necessarily asked her father's budding when she asked me
and she wore the shoes i suggested and we went to town and
and i was going to go swimming in the bay and so i went swimming and she went off and when i came out of the water she was sitting in on the club
and she had gotten a job
while i was swimming
and then she said to me to think are you think i got the job because of what you said last night
and i said i don't know
and that was the right answer
in other words
in other words she's not been controlled by her father
she she has to know that and
so if she's afraid her father loves her and hopefully he's there and loving her but he's not trying to get her to stop being afraid
and if she hates somebody like she's if you hate certain politicians like knows
the people who and even some of her friends who are of a different political party from her if she just cannot understand them how they could possibly be in and other party
and you know
she knows her dad would probably say yes you should love george bush you know as i would say that so can she say i hate george bush or i hate dick cheney can she say that can have me just love her and love her hatred
he wants to see
and so that i'm challenged her
love george bush legit dick cheney and loved my daughter hates them
but not like that she hates them i don't like to chase them
are you could say well i do like it because and she doesn't i don't have to
but i think enough people hate george bush and enough people hate obama about she gave me an obama t-shirt
and i worked on the airplane
and one of the one of the et al flight attendants when i came on
the airplane looked at me and said to some involvement on your chest
so you know
no she doesn't and also we don't have any airports of marine
so anyway i'm just saying that's so we need to do with our darling daughters meaning to love them
when they're hating people but this isn't the we need to level we need to love all beings and now we need to love a lot of fear because there's a lot of fear
and so this is a great opportunity to give the gift of fearlessness
there's a lot of
opportunity in here in my own gut in my own solar plexus in my own mind in my own eyes thought of opportunity to give the gift of fearlessness to be mindful
of the giving of the gift of fearlessness which is the same as being mindful of
great compassion
and i purchased from fearless to be a from fear the next week being greed
well then we we love degrees right now it's it's fears the big run i feel
i don't know anybody nobody knew nobody is telling me that they're staying up all night with less lustful thoughts i'm not running into those people pay yes

he would be good if you if you are found out where you are
and and
we're close to that place

you feel on
the age of a limit it yeah


my my
his boy
do you mean you're more aware of limits when you're receiving them when you're giving yeah
i see more i receive more and then
watches watches
and then when i want to offer that
i feel limited
okay and i'm suggesting that you love that limit

if you can feel it you can love the feeling love that feeling
that feeling is something to love
kenneth well maybe it maybe a dozen but the but the loving it does
no i don't know
what's okay that you don't know that's good to that can be part of the love is that you don't know
but feelings are calling out for attention
feelings want to be heard they want compassion they want love
and somebody is loving them and i'm recommending to me
that i remember that i'm mindful
of the loving of all the cries of the world
all the feelings are crying for compassion

you don't have to know it it is

while like been close has something to do with it
are giving up trying to control
no i'm not saying giving up trying to control his love
but given up trying to control will open to you to what love is even though i don't know what it is i still have confidence that if i give up trying to control love is realized
but not saying that that's love i'm just saying that kind of control isn't and giving up trying to control opens the door
of this love which i don't know what it is
we realize in every okay has find that's that to desire and then you should allow the submission love that they knew that want you just told me about that's a very good want
in relationship to that won't give up trying to control
so that controls it her i have as good as you don't know how
that's good they'll make it easier for you to give up perhaps
where's the seminoles who had a polarized yes
things that helping here
deal with fear my fear people's fear
ways that
what's the i think
there is
an illusion
how far we are phone
death and suffering
hey we don't like
and i think that this this doesn't read
change as much as we feel for as much as mrs figg
when wearing khaki time vs
the stressful times i think that distances and an inclusive this is always immediately
things are going my way and i feel
i'm very very far from the suffering and death
i think that there's also some reason i think this is similar the i agree
and it helps me happy times
maybe to be a little less euphoric about
how to answer we camp when distress guys are a little bit can to say less than a few it but another way to put it is as i mentioned to somebody recently that do the word the sanskrit word for compassion
could be etymology guys as dented happiness
so it it's at compassion is happiness loving loving as his happiness but as a dent in it
and the dent keeps it from get it turning into excitement it's love is not agitation
love this excited becomes a pitfall
so it's it's hdmi be euphoric but it's it's not it's a grounded dented euphoria it has infinite dense in it and all the dance or all the suffering beings but it's a happiness
and for me
the debt is is
maybe the same as what you're saying just
phrasing but he's also the debt is also the distance from death i am on the verge of death even though
i am a virgin
the dent is the distance the date is the macro the death is also been knowing go there is know
perception that i am
i feel a lot of stuff with the world and sense but i'm also very close to the bottom of the same to same time because you know i can be happy and
created in a dying instead
things can change in an instinct in the to me it sir
this is part of the tenth in the hat and happiness which
i don't see is it
depriving them i see it in supporting bit
his isa is it it makes to do it makes the happiness compassion rather rather there can be unhappiness that that isn't compassion for example to happiness that you defeat someone in a game you can be quite happy that you defeat them
that's my compassion but when you're happy that you did well and your happiness is shaped
by the if the other person's unhappy that there had that their unhappiness shapes
your happiness in other words your happiness is is closely related to them
there had their they're like they're they're they're touching your happiness and asia and they ended it would be differently shaped if they weren't suffering
just to agree back to the fear
right around the bring back in fear so when i
faith fear
i try to keep remembering that
i was as close to death before when i was really happy and i'm not really much closer i'm just saying this since we're not afraid
pence puts fear as less of an indicator been more just to experience
think it helps me love the fear of if were to see it as a true indicator i probably to get up and do something
something somewhere
let's hear me
yeah if you love the fear then you can act from you love rather than from the fear
and that the now give they'll be another branch of compassion so first we love the fear and then that love blossoms as who knows what
maybe like
oh hai fear
when you mentioned that
this week
it occurred to me that there
experiencing is
something isn't
new fearing something i want
do you and
and under that
my own share that there's like an implosion
there for maybe
i think i become very self involved as opposed to
okay so that is being pressurized find that
the i need to make a decision in a certain situation new who very very serious one who who and
and then i lost that still place that
now around the edges all these words and all these things are gonna come in
relationship to stillness
yeah yeah
as if has a friend of mine says i'm getting the feeling like stillness has something to do with love or that love has something to do with there's kind of close to her
the same thing is being still
so if the fear comes and you're still with it
it's kind of the same as the fear comes and your lucky you love it and then when you're still with it done sometimes he's see that under the fear is greed and then if you're still with the greatest he's under the agree is more fear and you're still with that you see to under the fear is delusion if you're still with it he see that the fear and a delusion or
dancing and so the love
brings more and more layers of understanding ah
opening up
any other feedback this morning yes forest
it takes just like you're talking about
they try to practices
was amazed how to were a separate system war i can go what my problem is a b c on these shows channels under begin to stop because of my taxes is
while the atmosphere's totally go away
can you say regulate your attachment like right well let go of your attachments
by myself about the suffering of samsara
this is it is such an illusion why i continue to try to be back in a
i guess if you can give me some advice
like cause forrester
how to take a step back from
a setback for depends on what path you want to be on if you want to be on the bodhisattva path you don't take a step back from samsara and you don't take a step forward from santa you're already there
sarah and they don't go forward or backward they just love it
and then the reward is they get another dose of samsara
so you just you just keep loving it
that's the voice afterward if you there's there are other ways called get me out of samsara i want to get back from samsara but that's just as also some sour
so you can get move towards it away from and you still there so then we're basically got the basic same situation when the boys sought the way is to love some sour if you love samsara
it becomes nirvana
are you you realize that it's nirvana by loving it
some sorry is a is this is the a name for all for the heat for the total mass of limited forms of existence
that you know are are you know i'm are projected by on enlightened beings upon
existence unlimited life so if you want to pad the path of the of compassion the path of enlightenment a path of the buddha the path of freedom path of peace than the recommendation of this tradition is
love samsara which means love every single being
who is participating in cyclic his existence
you know i i was i was actually i was just kathy was yesterday as i was i was also at this club
where my daughter told me she got this job like
twenty two years ago
i was in that same club i was by my locker and i was thinking you know it really is kind of
it seems to be fairly consistently said and and
and a kind of amazing
that we had this tradition where the founder said
love everybody don't hate anybody don't have ill will towards people give that up
now of course we do it he'll will does arise in your mind sometimes
like some of these people were afraid of we kind of like like some my family members who are afraid of some people they hate those people
right in my own buddhist family we have haters are we have people who talk like that
and but the tradition and is very clear like this person who tells me that she's afraid and hates she can also say a disciple the buddha does not harbor ill will she knows that phrase she learned it when she's a little girl and she knows that phrase she's smart in our children are they picked us to protected we have to go to for
that was the seventh one again with what was the eighth one was the ninth one and see the ninth when is don't harbor ill will naturally but little kids in detention or kids they learn out my cat
they know disciple boot it does not harbor ill will so when they have you will in their mind you tried to tell him that his disciple of it does not harm your will they know
they know
so but they still harbor ill will
and we have this tradition where the buddhist extra saying give up harboring your will don't have it but when you have it love it
don't you know and if you love it you won't have you won't identify with them there won't be any said you're holding onto and it will be disempowered
so it's it just really clear in this tradition that was really being told to love every being were actually been to this outrageous thing but we're also not being told that were different from who we are we're not been told that we don't have a will arising in us were just told him that
that and every other being should be met with compassion except for the buddha's you don't need it and the buddha's we just rather than being compassionate towards them we just remember them we just honor them and honoring the buddha means honoring loving every single be
human non-human living non-living everything feelings all the feelings no matter what they are so and i think the i think what came in my do i think what made me think of that while i was sitting by my locker was i think i think maybe a little flash or low
it'll to not not a big one it wasn't a big one but a living a little feeling of ill will arose in me towards something i remember what it was
i think there was nobody wants around my locker
nobody came up to me said i'm feeling ill will towards blah blah my daughter didn't say i hate some muscle one so
i was there all by myself changing my clothes and an ill will in the neighborhoods in place and i thought it's very clear it's very clear our love is here to stay not for a day but ever and ever
in time the rockies may crumble gibraltar may tumble there only made of clay but this love is very clearly here to stay it's it's the main thing in the tradition is to be friends with everybody to love everybody doesn't mean you don't say i disagree with you doesn't mean is he
don't say stop that please doesn't mean you don't say if you do that i'm going to walk out the door it but it means you actually do not hate people you do not have good will towards them and if anybody has ill will including yourself you love yourself
is very clear
very clear and it's totally amazing
the this tradition would be founded by such people
isn't amazing it's just amazing
and yet isn't a clear
and it it isn't it hard to practice
when you're surrounded by fear it's hard to practice so it's not easy part is but it's very simple and this is the gift of fearlessness
questions and answers


very much

can be
asked for
yeah i would say don't agree with you
but the way i would put with it there's more i don't think there's any more i just think i'm hearing more
haven't think is more fear but i think i'm hearing more
and i think and i feel like
maybe some other people are hearing more to
the fact that they're telling me that the fact i hear more people saying they're afraid makes me feel like more people are hearing about the fear sounds it does more fear i just think there's more awareness
that's right it does in part of in part in and because the environment changes hype time i made into a person who wants to give the gift of fearlessness more than i would if i wasn't hearing all these cries of fear so now the don't
those cries make me help me make me into a person who feels helped to stay focused on giving the gift of fear
oh i also would also give a gift of fear to but my fearlessness fearlessness is the one that that i want to give more
also want to found this nail in here
but it didn't work

i my last question
you mean this morning
because it's noon
the you well and law
where there is love there is no ill will
well that's true know as well that's not really true nice my that's not true alma you can have somebody who's full of ill will
can get this get this can listen this the horse arrives before the donkey leaves
hey that's a teaching
it isn't that when the horse of love comes a donkey of your was gone
the ill will donkeys here the horse comes there together the horse loved that the law loves the ill will to heal will is not gone they're inseparable
if we don't have an eel will that's one big job that love doesn't have any more but lavinia will live together
and so when there's a world doesn't mean there's no love
now love is not a will that's true but they're not separate
they're not one
very they are one yeah the loving being loving beings the bodhisattvas and all the hating beings they're one
the body sought because i'm meditating on that all these people who are hating their me i loved them i give my life to all the people who are filled with ill will i plunge into the sea of ill will and swim in the sea of beings who have ill will this is my life this is my happiness this is the bodhisattva
he didn't i dive into the sea of ill will and all those people are evaporated know these are my children these are my babies
these are my babies these hating hating frightened babies these frightened hating babies my grandson boy
he asked me for a banana give it to him and i start to peel it he hates me
he hates me you know i tapped so many stories i've told you about my i'm trying to serve my beloved grandson and i'm certain limit not the way he wanted he hates me so then i loved him
i love i love before he hates me while is hating me and after he hits me this is my happiness
but accutane me
but then sometimes there's a break in hate and then
that's not bad what happens then is not bad i i ike i accept those breaks
when something else comes ah
but of course they don't touch to do i
love comes to meet the hate the donkey the horse are working together or the donkey and a mule
they worked together
well may our intention the equally extend to every be and place where the team area
the way me
lot to save them delusions are inexhaustible ah to end then di maggio shy boundless ah to end to them buddha
his way is unsurpassable i to become