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Yoga Room Class - August 17th, 2021

#YRB-2021-Summer, Happiness, Attachment, Samsara
Aug 17 2021
The Yoga Room

Yoga Room Class - August 10th, 2021

#YRB-2021-Summer, Happiness, Samsara, Nirvana
Aug 10 2021
The Yoga Room

Yoga Room Class - July 20th, 2021

#YRB-2021-Summer, Happiness, Samsara, Nirvana
Jul 20 2021
The Yoga Room

Exploring Consciousness and Realizing Wisdom

Exploring consciousness with the aid of Buddha's teachings is a path to discovering and realizing deep, liberating Wisdom. Consciousness may be experienced as confining and confusing; at the same...

Consciousness, Nirvana, Addiction, Nirvana, Samsara, Addiction, Rumi
Mar 23 2014
No Abode Hermitage

Fayan's Hair's Breadth 

Fayan’s Hairsbreadth
No Abode 5/17/13 PM
( On Looking for Results in the Visible World. 30 Min)

Nirvana, Samsara, Balance, Emptiness, Conversation
May 17 2013
No Abode Hermitage

Transforming the Mind of Delusion 

Samsara, Nirvana, Dharmakaya
Aug 04 2011
The Yoga Room

Transforming the Mind of Delusion 

Karmic Consciousness, Samsara, Transmission, Complete Perfect Enlightenment, Samadhi...
Jul 21 2011
The Yoga Room

Training for the Selfless Heart 

Hate, Enthusiasm, Impermanence, Attachment, Samsara
Apr 08 2010
The Yoga Room

The Ultimate Transcends Difference and Unity

Samdhinirmochana Mahayana Sutra Chapter 3, part 2
Samdhinirmochana Sutra (Part VIII),
Chapter Three, Morning
No Abode 7/23//09 AM

Samsara, Desire, Anger, Separation
Jul 18 2009
No Abode Hermitage

Current Heightened Awareness of Fear 

Hate, Samsara, Greed, Bodhisattva Way, Attachment
Sep 20 2008
No Abode Hermitage

Zen Meditation as Bodhisattva Vow

During this course, we will study the bodhisattva vow, to see how the compassionate intentions of enlightening beings generate, work, and play with the mind of enlightenment to promote peace and...

Birth-and-Death, Bodhisattva Vow, Samsara, Nirvana, Attachment, zen meditation,...
Jul 10 2007
The Yoga Room