Embodying the Lotus Sutra 

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ha here's a story
the name of this surf scriptures sometimes expanded to say the my piano
sit up when derek etc
the mahayana the great vehicle
lotus flower of the wonderful law scripture
so at my honor text has to do with this this path of the universal
salvation is the path of body surface
it's a it's a scripture for the path of body surface for the great vehicle practice the bodhisattvas
and so there's a story many stories about where the mahayana came from
how it appeared in the world
so when story is that had a certain point
in in history
some people who felt
drawn to the buddhist teaching and wanted
one to have the buddha be their teacher and wanted to practice the buddha's teaching
they felt that the established the establishment
the established organized
the calais community in somewhat was in relationship to the established monk community that it had become
a problematic for some people who wanted to practice the boot way it had become they had to problems with it
one problem was with this can the structure of the community and the other problem was with the sort of the understanding of the teaching
so there's a story that some people who are really interested in the buddha and buddha's teaching felt that the establishment was not too much or too monkish or to too much dominated by the professionals
the full time monastics
but that the monastics were kind of like somewhat inclined or leaning towards them monasticism
and leaning away from people who weren't monastics
leaning away from people who are living and non monastic
environments which is almost always the majority of people sick majority of humans but of course also the majority of non-humans
so the their the store there's a story that some people who were wanted to be the students of the boot and really respect the buddha and venerated the buddha and venerated teaching and venerated the community they felt the community was structurally biased
away from the world
towards palm
a certain kind of life
that wasn't really like out there
in a difficult space with everybody
course of difficulties in monasteries but there was some the there was something i some of the people were leaning towards the difficulties in a monastery as opposed to the difficulties of nine math monastery
that was one kind of thing of the spirit of let's have a practice which is really
practicing together with everybody i'm not kind of preferring to practice in some environment over another and the other problem in the story is that there was a criticism of the understanding of the buddha's teaching of no sell for the boys teaching of emptiness
that along with this leaning away from the world they seem to develop a kind of leaning towards emptiness has been nothing nothingness
and death and nirvana
or nothingness and death
nihilistic bias can the understanding of emptiness
that's another part of the stories there was a wish to find a more positive
palmer positive rendition or more positive understanding of selflessness the selflessness wasn't nothingness
wasn't near listing wasn't death
that's a story about
this this some of the problems that the people who created the mahayana had
and then the lotus sutra
ha is seen as one of the main texts that came out of this spirit
so why did
as a two big things of those six or one is a positive interpretation of selflessness a positive interpretation of the ultimate truth of emptiness and also a positive feeling for like being out there
interacting with everybody
now excluding the monks they need help too
but really plunging in to the life of all beings
being up for the difficulties with that brings
as part of the true spirit of the great vehicle
and so
yeah so i come back again to the lotus sutra and say that
in one sense one way to talk about the lotus sutra is positive
interpretation or positive
teaching what empty-nesters he said the the emptiness is the highest truth and the highest truth the wonderful truth is
the truth
one vehicle
the truth of one vehicle that unifies all vehicles
the one vehicle
of the hellion the whole universe how the whole universe is a one vehicle
this is the positive interpretation of emptiness emptiness the highest truth the wonderful truth
enter contributed positively
is the one vehicle of the universe that unifies all beings


this wonderful dharma
and the teaching of this wonderful time in some sense
could be said to be
located in the first part of the lotus sutra
in the first part means
the chapters or come before
chapter fifty the first fourteen chapters of the eight twenty eight chapters the first fourteen or about this wonderful dharma
in the last fifteen
the last party from fifteen to twenty eight
our about
the buddha
the first
our about the law of the universe
the truth
of the universe as as the universe being one vehicle
the truth in a positive sense of the universe
as the truth that that's the truth
or the way as unified is the truth
the second part is a life
of the buddha
the living
and some people when they saw the sutra this way they called the first part
the cause in the second part the effect
the truth is the cause of the buddha
that's one way people solicitor
but another way to see the sutra is to save the first part is the traces and the second part is the origin
we consumptions sometimes is the opposite of the first part
responsive to be the cause second part effect second way of looking at is that the second part is the source for the origin
of what
a buddha it's the buddha and the first part is the traces the traces of what the traces of the buddha the traces of the buddha are the kitchen
the way and the law of the way
have that were
the law in life so that was a i was at an early division at appeared in china
and has been has become pretty much accepted
down to the centuries from that guy from the around four hundred eighty for the last by sixteen hundred years that interpretation of the structure the twofold destruction structure
the two main ideas of the buddha of the teaching mean ideas of lot of arc
the idea of one vehicle but that is the truth
the truth of our all have the same practice
when am i practicing together but we're doing the same practice together and that that is the unifying truth of the universe in the second part is
have but the life of its target is such that the to togheter is as you just read is always right here the to talk to say i'm always right here and he means right here
for each person like right here where i am right here where you are that a target as right in your face right here all the time
the target that his face to face with all beings
does the two big ideas of allergic
and i want to tell you another
way of seeing this cetera
which is
ha one you know this is no story that
one reason for this teaching
what you're just recited the use recite the verse section of the teaching of chapter sixteen
the chapter sixteen is the center of the second packet is the center of the second
half of the suture it's the center of the effect part of the subjects the center of the origin
the origin of the whole thing is this eternal buddha who's always living with us right now teaching us right now that's the origin of the center of the second part
until one story about where this teaching came from is that it came from the time like a shocking when he buddha left
how can we better went away in history and then his disciples nine a t was gone started to look for other buddhas
and they found other buddhists
fortunately for them

and this search is not saying that they're just one buddha
the suitor saying that a particular buddha did appear in history and went away and he told you the reasons in his chapter about why he went away but you can say there's no other buddhist
he went away to help people said they would
hum but some people are instead of practicing and then realizing that didn't go away but when fond of the buddhist
which is fine i mean you know
i'm glad they did
and there's actually some of the scriptures about people finding these other buddhist and how great that is got good
these is
i'm or one time up where the ceremony of zen center and
ah the priests who had already been ordained and our are to receive their priests row i received a second road which was made in a more traditional way than our first row
and so these this are made for all the priests that had already been ordained and we had a sound when you are security gave us these robes which people made for us
and then afterwards but the robe is a different style from the prefers kind of robe so we didn't exactly know how to put on the second row
so we after the ceremony we ask got a year roshi zika she gave us the road but then we were history here are dangerous and he gave us his robes but category where she was there for the ceremony to and we asked him afterwards how to put this robot and he was trying to explain and he was having a little trouble explaining
ah and then one of us noticed that cigarette was over the corner putting on the road

so anyway these people found these other buddha's because shakyamuni buddha went away
so one of the reasons for this chapter sixteen is too
show the all these buddhist or really unified
in one vehicle and the eternal buddha
all these booed as including shakyamuni buddha that appeared in india the shocking when buddha had appeared in india india is an emanation of the eternal shakyamuni buddha
such it is read you're basically
and it's also explained in other in other chapters in this sutra
that the historical shocking when he would it is an emanation or at can buy a physical version of the eternal shocking money buddha and other buddhas are also basically part of the eternal buddha so this teaching is hard to unify all these buddhas
not if none no problem with them just to understand they're not multiple buddha's their emanation of one buddha infinite combinations of one buddha
the second reason is to show remind people let people know that the one buddha is eternal
he's always here in the third reason for kicking this
is to let us know that the eternal buddha
free to unify was a unifying teaching and who unifies all buddhas also there's a rhythm to the eternal buddha and the rhythm of the eternal buddha is the bodhisattva practices
so that last point
please to another way of seen a lotus sutra
so i can just look at the lowest academies two parts the first fourteen in the last fourteen
the first time that traces of the origin or teacher
the teachings of the original teacher
and the first part the first fourteen are centered on chapter two
and as the skill and means because all these first fourteen capita skillful means of the buddha
the last party you know about the origin of the skillful means the first or the first fourteen are centered on chapter to the last birthing center in chapter sixteen
pick a whole there's another way to look at the lotus sutra and that is to look at the chapters from ten to twenty two
as teaching
bodhisattva practices
so they overlap the two parts but they can also like pick up that procedure look in the all there's all these practices for bodhisattvas
for these beings who are in the world
and being in the world the of these beings have a hard time
in a nice chapters there's a repeated
encouragement to those who are practicing in the world
about how hard it is
an encouraging them
to live in the world and help beings and also incursion by telling them about other stories about other head bodhisattvas who have lived in the world and had a hard time and did really well having a hard time
sudden we saw the this section is about the rhythm of the eternal
the rhythm of the eternal always present buddha is the practices and the actions of human beings for the first part is the law the second part is the eternal buddha and his third part which
is human action human body start for action
in the world
and this action is the rhythm of the eternal the eternal
has a rhythm to it and the rhythm of it if the activity of human beings who are body surface
so it's the law it's the truth the law the life and the practice the law the life and the practice or
the dharma
the buddha
and the saga
so the boot is the origin
the song is the trait that the dam is a trace and the sanga
overlaps both
it's the practice of human beings
overlapping the buddha and the dharma
so this is the lotus sutra is my yana trip a treasure
the song are those not just that we live in monasteries are not excluded
but if they're in a monastery they have to be in a monastery where they're completely open to the world
toby eggs
and this big and night and just not being in a monastery isn't good enough you have to be not in the monastery and teaching
this mahayana and having a hard time because as people say it's fine here but what about at work
they'll think i'm weird their kind of they will
it's very likely will think you're weird how give you a hard time
how did these chapters about ten to twenty two about how hard it is to be a body sought by have work
by the way i was happily i was very happy here in the radio that cbs news did a poll which they've been doing for twenty five years asking people
if they thought the country was on the right track and forty per cent thought it was
i'm happy to hear that
i don't know with as fourteen percent are
what i'm glad it down to fourteen percent
and as the lowest has been during the entire time they've been doing the pole
which again seems right to settle too high

so now it's can be easier to practice network now that can only forty percent in the countries on the right track but still be hard
over an order in these chapters i'm talking about that are talking about
the activity of human beings in the world to teach the true to teach the mahayana over and over again starts out by saying blah de blah in this evil age in this evil age and other words in this evil age
in this evil age where people are
doing the stuff that they're doing
it's hard to teach this in his place
the closer to say it's hard to teach in his place it's hard to teach in the world it's hard for people to get people to listen to this
that's a normal
don't get discouraged that it's hard to understand that just part of a deal that's what it means to be in the world
teaching in heaven is is sometimes easier
that's the world to but italy which actually hard there too because people are so blessed are they gonna listen to either i just feel beat you up there
but in other parts of the world that give they give you a hard time they think you're weird that you know they treat their to humanely and there's chutneys this part of this part of this way of looking future is to see the places where the teachers turning over again how people are mean to people sometimes
who are kind they mean to people who are kind this this is what about so that's the song
okay so that's
that's how the lotus sutra is the embodiment of the buddha dharma and sangha that it has the way it embodies it and that's you could say that because of this is why the lotus sutra is
a such a which all the different sex
the all revered
because it is a universal teaching for everybody
it's wonderful version of the three treasures
so on
i mentioned last week one of the one of these chapters
this chapter actually occur can make him chapter thirteen fourteen and twenty last time and these are chapters which i particularly want to bring up and encouragement to teach the lotus sutra in the world
and the first tour in the first part
so and if ways it's easier to start with chapter fourteen and chapter thirty
a chapter fourteen yeah it's a little easier to taken away
now totally easy but it's an easier
sci-fi started a little bit about chapter fourteen it'll take a while other was when we were finished tonight started
so i starts out as
the same way the to for thirties dark side starts out by sitting at that time
the body sought the mass at a manjushri
the sun
have the dharma king
spoke to the buddha
his dad saying more laundered one
rare indeed
are these body surface
i was referring to the bodhisattvas of chapter thirteen were to have told you about yet because they're little bit harder you take
but even later we'll get to chapter thirteen but those those body such as over there in chapter thirteen they are rare indeed
the not different from these from from they're not different from luxury but he's just like awestruck by these bodyside present after thirteen
who are making this big horrendously awesome commitment
so you're saying that the really rare and wonderful
and he says reverently according with the buddha they are made great loss
and i've always then in the evil age to come i just now but in future difficult times when people who show up who do not want to hear the truth
in difficult
times to come they will protect keep read recite and preach
lotus flower of the wonderful law scripture
and they committed to that at the end of chapter thirteen gosh she's saying that they have done this
and then he says world her to one
how are these bodies sought the table to preach this sutra in this coming in the evil age to come how are they able to
what part of the reason why he'll say here some time i mention since you have read chapter thirteen recently
part of the reason why they're able to teach an evil age to come is because they made this great vow in the previous chapter because they committed themselves to do it no matter what that's part of the reason why they're able to do it as they dared to make this vow
to to protect and recite and copy and teach this that's part of their is my they'll be able to do it is because they said they would they promised and they committed to and so just stop there and just think about
whether where you're at in terms of
ha well working for the working backwards or you are you already are you ready to teach the lotus sutra in the evil age to come
because this is about those who want to
do you want to teach the great vehicle teaching of the lotus sutra for any great vehicle teaching
you want to teach it you want to protective to wanna recited you want to copy it and so i do you want to
so this shepherds about those wanting
and those who want to an avowed to know how they gonna do it to the buddhists says
the buddha says the manjushri
if anybody surface mass office if any enlightening being great beings want to desire to preach this sutra in an evil age to come
they he she should be steadfast in for methods
k for methods first method actually embody status the for methods are format is a body number one speech number to mine number three and found before so there's the for methods in cetera
pharmacists fertilizer through body next reece speech next to mine and next vow to for those for meditation that's how they will be able to teach if they want to if they want to teach and protect this kitchen
to help the put out
in a previous chapter this say don't worry don't worry we'll we'll we'll teach will teach this will make sure that this will protect this teaching will make sure the people
i received in the kitchen they may not listen to have a keep will make sure that they can exposed to it
so now how can they how can we do this format methods that the number one
he is called
being steadfast in the body such as spheres of action and intimacy that's number one
pink steadfast in the body such as scares are places
a passion
an intimacy

and if they are steadfast in bodhisattvas spheres of action and intimacy
they will be able to preach
sutra to all living beings
another way to translate this is the first of the for methods his first they should abide in the practices and associations proper the bodhisattvas
another way to say it is
the first
or the for methods is to dwell securely in the place where bodhisattvas hacked and in a place that body sought for his approach with intimacy and familiarity
it's good to dwell securely in place where budisa attacked and in the place that they approach
with familiarity and intimacy
the first is my first comes the place where boys off office act
as there's two aspects of the first method
action and intimacy so the faction part is my your treat
ly do i call her body sought why do i call this a boy bodhisattva the mods atmosphere of action
if a body surfer abides in a state of patience
he's gentle and agreeable
neither nasty or overbearing in his or her mind
it's the imperturbable
can we stop there
how do you how do you teach this great mahayana dharma
how are you going to be able to do that or first about you have to want to if you want to how are you gonna be able to
if you want to this is how you be able to
be patient gentle agreeable and not been nasty or overbearing
your mind
which translation is to mind is never prepared
or another transaction which i kind of like is there there at heart never perturbed
on the surface you may be perturbed but deep down
in not perturbed
have your commitment and because of your gentleness your patience
the agreeableness your non nastiness and not over baroness you're not prepared in this difficult place
where are you trying to teach this wonderful unifying truth of the universe
that's the first part which is i think again that to minutes was like wasn't that easy and i mean isn't that doesn't that sound good natural true
now easy to be that way but to wouldn't that be helpful if you can do this kind of work going to be in a place where people have been made being mean to you are not paying attention to what you're trying to teach him and being distracted and
you know
having much of
habits the contrary of view the way you're being in the thing you're teaching when that be helpful to be patient
i have to i liked i i have to and i can be and i had the opportunity to be patient quite a bit
and i i'm not complaining but people come and thank me for various things and but i kind of wish they sometimes i kind of wish they would thanked me for my wisdom and compassion more
dashi arctic have begging for my cat compassion and the form of compassion they really think before is my patients
they say thank you for being patient with me all these years
that from a patients they think me for
patience is
bill important in this teaching business
and gentle gentle gentle gentle they don't very often thanked me for being gentle the once and while they do
and i often say i will try to be more gentle
and they almost they obviously say okay fine yeah
and not nasty and not have a bearing
here's another one many translations of this easy part this is the easy part i think that this isn't that easy to hear
when it needed
even if you don't want to be that way wouldn't you like your teacher to be their way the one who should teach you the lotus sutra will be fine with you they're like
yeah it's makes sense right at least for them to be that way
everybody saw from masaka takes his or her stand on perseverance
gentleness compliance never violent and never alarmed in mind
another one
everybody sought for myself but dwells in the ground forbearance
if she is gentle agreeable good and acquiescent does not given to fits of violence
at heart becoming and not at heart becoming alarmed
this is the first part
so if anybody here would like to
teach the wonderful truth for all beings this is one thing that's recommended to health be able to during tough times and he's turned to do
the next part is more difficult still were in the section of
ah the first method of the sphere of the boy satisfaction the next parts of trickier
hurry hurry the these translations first so the bodhisattva sphere of action in the first part he got it right puts the first part of the bunch out the sphere of action
and that's the first second part of the boys off the sphere of action is that with regard to phenomena
that's a
next will have more difficult to understand
what's the sphere of action and bodhisattvas well with regard to phenomena like people
they take no action that's the sphere of action
i can meet somebody with a fear of action they don't take action what do they do how do they act well
yeah i'll talk you through gentle persevering patient compliant not nasty not to give they aren't inclined towards fits of violence that way part that party gas now also they don't take any action in response to or with regard to her with respect to
phenomena people animals whatever they don't
they don't take any action
none other than patient
but why does it
interact with only like you're there are no nasty and or not it didn't earn a mascot or not overbearing
they don't they don't do any action that's the way that's where body soccer practice that's how that's the action is there with beings without acting
and you could say that this that are doing something here but anyway it says a day
they take note that take no action with regard to beings and phenomena but observe the reality of phenomena
so there
the gentle compliant paula good stuff with everybody right with the people to people who are trying to help
the gentle nine nasty and so on and and they don't take any action with regard to the people that are kind of teach
but they do observe them say they don't not if they don't ignore them that would be doing something they don't ignore them that would be doing something they don't turn away that would be doing something they faced the phenomena
and it's kind way this compassionate way and
they observe the phenomena
the way it really is
that's not taking an action that's the way they are with the beings that are trying to teach the way the beings are they trying to keep being the way to beings are so that with the beings the way to beings are that's how they teach that's their activity that accident in on the activity is not to take action
except in the sense of being with people and observing and the whole is observing like talking to lose last week elizabeth last week about the snails in her garden i didn't watch it going to do with those snails photoshop as action isn't to do anything like the nest nails is to be gentle with them
i'm patient with them not be it found a fits of violence with them okay but also observe the snails and observe the way the snails really are that's the way bodhisattvas i was snails and elizabeth has a problem with the snails right shoes to funny how can i be with
smil he wasn't talking so much hundred over do we get into teaching the snails
did i tell you teach can i tell you to do that yeah teach the snails the lotus sutra so how do you teach this news was due to you don't take any action with regard to this nails
you face the snails and you observe this nails and that's the way you teach this nails and if the and then you watched erectus never do after they hear the lotus sutra
does that change their dietary conduct
you'll see you'll see maybe they'll go this place the you don't think they want to go
cross the street
i don't know what they will do but they will hear the dharma
according to the secure
don't have pity on me for this is the least of my problems
speaking of these glasses
so they so again this isn't a nascent fun but it's important that the sphere of action the first part straightforward the second part of the bodhisattva gave of action when it comes down to it if they don't take any action they just observe the way things are and then it's got around to say
hum without acting or making any distinction
this is the practice this is the action of bodhisattva the officer
another translation is
after the nonviolence and everything he is further she performed know act with respect to phenomena
he performs know act and commits no discrimination
and i wrote not here and he said huh
without acting and without committing to any discrimination
as well it isn't that they don't discriminate like this is a snail and this is a republican
it isn't that they don't make any discrimination
they do discriminate republican democrat mccain obama clinton they make a discriminations but they don't commit any of them don't permit the discrimination they cannot commit to them this mind makes to discriminations and they watch these combinations of same way they walked was discriminated
they watched the true mark of the discriminations
which means they don't commit to their discriminations
between bush and obama
who commit their ha
one one
they lost in vietnam
of fire
the london area
okay i am the a guy
are not only because the
i not i'm not judging their practice gay
if if you when you're when you when you see somebody else to the action vanessa phenomena for you to practice with
hey that's a phenomenal for you to be patient with gentle with etc and if your paxton way than you
don't take action with regard to the person you think he's taking action you just observe what the true characteristic that prisoners and you're in a place where bodhisattvas practice then if you're an mmo you will be able to teach a lot of sicko
you're not committed to the discrimination that they are acting are not acting if you think you're acting finance the discrimination don't commit to them and i'm not committed to talk me out of it
you see this is a this is a way of being it is in in this difficult world where you can teach the lovesick
well it looks like you know i get this translation says they don't make discriminations but i i don't understand that they don't i understand that they do but that they don't get caught by them they're very relaxed and gentle and patient with their own discrimination process
there are attached to the discrimination drive through enough
so in essence they don't commit or they're not commit to
you know then they're not like join or not like buying into their discrimination process
they're discriminating is given in that they're not counting up around their discriminations
previously were saying they don't take action with regard to phenomenon and but but what did they do they observe the true marks of things
and then says it again that they don't take action and they don't commit discrimination
it is this combination you'd do the same thing here discriminations that you do to everybody else
like i'm not i've often told you so the courage she said non-discrimination
which is a bodies out the practice doesn't mean you don't discriminate he says the major study everything
not discrimination me just study everything you need republican
in other words you discriminate a public you don't you to study the republican you need a democrat he studied democrat you don't just study democrats he started republicans to you don't just like okay when it kind of i'm going to study said democrats but i'm not going to study republicans i'm just going to buy into my discrimination of them
you study everything in other words he treated getting the same in other words you don't take action he just observe the true character of everything that's the bodies offers place of action
that's the first method
and here's another translation which is quite different but i think brings out another aspect of it
his glasses can better when against them together like that somebody must have sat on this
i really don't know honest okay so patient gentle agreeable neither nasty nor overbearing mine under prepared moreover he has no laws by which to act
that's a no translation of takes no action
no laws by which to act could be also no way that
but here i think it's it's mentioning and like no laws so when you meet somebody you don't have some like a law by which you relate to them
we can eat you study everybody he have no wait
and one interpretation of this is that the way that they relate to everybody is they relate by the middle way
in other words when you leave somebody you don't going to the extreme of realism or neil isn't
like this person isn't there really are they're not there you don't get into that
this middle way of being with them which is really doing anything just be with them
it's just been with them without any kind of like program about how you supposed to be with them without any law rule bahati you how you're going to be with them for how you an act with them but he said that's a body surface or with people is there with people without any way to be with them
this is what the more difficult than just being gentle but you have to be gentle in order to be this way you can patient
in order to be with somebody without having a way to be with them
many medicine people who were there with somebody they likened to have a way to be with the person
in my line of work people are often wondering how they're supposed to be with me watch you know they get into a situation where they're not sure how to be with me they think oh how my supposed to be with you the issue of the issue that we're looking for a way to be with people gets raised
and then we can go for how about giving up a way to be with me how about just be with me without having a way to be with me how about being with me without having a way to act with me
gotta be patient and you know
gentle nor to tolerate that
and then the next one is so there's two parts in both the transition this was the third translation in the first translation is
what do they do they have they have no laws by which to act and the next one is they see all things as they really are are in their reality
okay so first one is they take no action but they see things in a reality neither one is they have no way to act no law no rule by which to act and they observe so you're with people you're with beings you have no way to be with them that you're relying on and you're watching them
you're not distracted from looking at what you're working with by trying to figure out what you're supposed to be doing with
as the first part the next part is
nor do they proceed along the undivided way
the next part is that they the way they are with beings is that they don't take action and just observe the way things are and they don't rely on that either
then hold to this way which doesn't discriminate
so this is like really are i think to the core of the way a bodhisattva practice
and it includes mean sometimes not necessarily it's not necessarily away from the core but it depends on things that are kind of easy to understand like gentleness perseverance something nasty and been com
for those who make this commitment need to be this way but then they have to go to the heart of the matter which has to be with what's happening really be there completely
without being distracted by a way to be there are some rule by what you're going to act
the that way
that's the first
ha aspect
of the first method
that makes it possible to teach the dharma
yeah for the need a second part which is this fear of intimacy but i think maybe i should stop now cause i give you a chance to response the next week i'll get into this fear of intimacy and also get into
the year
the other three methods
objective fourteen and then chapter thirteen and although chapters a good more and material on how
bodies that this practice teaching the dharma
which again is the rhythm
the human the human version the human version of
the truth and the eternal border
but again part of what we're doing here is these are actions but hackers were you don't forget
the truth
which is one vehicle okay
it says one more thing i'd say before i started when you're practicing the teaching of the one vehicle the way you teach it is a one vehicle way of teaching is not like you gonna teach them
so this way of being with them or you don't do anything is more like this one vehicle now my vehicle new vehicle one vehicle i'm trying to open us up to the one vehicle i'm trying to open us up to the practice were doing together rather than the practice of neat teaching you so the way i teach you is i picked you by not doing
anything that hope is that both up to what we're doing together
did you and i but you and i and everybody to get a whole universe here so we're doing the saga thing the human thing
which is kind of
overlapping the eternal universal the eternal boot and the universal truth
that's why it goes with a strange teaching of the way of action being not to take any action
and have no and no rules or way to figure out what to do it people and people to that way triumph
you're actually that's actually the way you really are right now
anything you want to bring up in now he has suddenly see laurie and and john and jerry and charlie and yes lorie
yeah he own discriminations
your own pain so when you when your pain can be gentle with it be patient with it not get nasty with it not get overbearing with a yawn stuff
cape but don't take any action with regard to your own stuff either look at your stuff and see what are the way it is
and then that can have been don't be don't have some subway but i to do any those practices either that's how to be with yourself
and that's how to be with rocks and snails and rats and humans and democrats and republicans and this this is how bodhisattvas need to be in ordered if they want to teach this teaching job
i'll see in terms of slugs
yeah no agenda
yeah with regard to phenomena no agenda
no agenda no expectation no rule by which to relate to it this is a mode in which the dharma is transmitted
along with that other stuff which isn't agenda staff exactly you don't make me gentle into agenda
if you start making it gentleness and to agenda enough to do it that way
so practice gentleness without having a way to practice gentleness partner gets another phenomenon
because it's easy at the beginning in the get stricter as you get to the center of this teaching
and the next the next phase use you want to you can look it up to fourteen look at this suture you can look ahead and find out the next section is
verrilli also quite difficult and wonder but one it is difficulty is so wonderful
ah i guess
perseverance is
okay drop that word you think i think of
patients patients thunderous your cafe
well being with it being with the being with being with be with the difficulty of people who don't want to listen to you don't want to look at you don't want to respect you don't wanna prescience you don't want to
he would just be with the pain and be with the pain of that the with the new with the pain of them
be with the pain of their pain of not wanting to hear about the teaching
and not moving
who's next dry
there are a lot of forms citizen or those ways with
those are things to be with all those forms i like the especially set up little beings for you to like a practice being gentle patient not overbearing not having fits of violence towards can also the things they're they're fun thing to be with
with without taking action upon them
and to observe the true nature and they're set up just for this meditation purpose
they aren't they aren't you know like
and they're easy because they're not like they don't practice me or you know your weirdo
you're calling them weird
and they so they're patient little bodhisattvas who are like often your chance to treat them like the your enemy
even though they don't hurt you at all
people treat them like they're that you know nasty little creatures
so they're they're just just exactly for this purpose and the permit at the boy practice in this way
to see if you get into in this case to see forget it get into got a form of zen form
so your project you want to like have away a rule by which you act with it
probably you do but you're not supposed to
but like for example enter the zendo and bar for example and sit upright and posture with your eyes open but lukasz down not moving during sitting this kind of these forms
bombing a certain way offering incense a certain my eating a certain way walking and when we have all these forms and ceremonies which you offer and they're set up to see if you can practice them
be in the place where boys that this practice when you practicing
rather be in a place of i'm gonna do this form and i have a way that i'm going to do it
for know we have so called i don't know what you call the zen teachers who get people these forms and and they watch the people can approach the forms with a with a way to act with the forms and advantages as always gives me i'm taking the forms a way for while can't have many more
oh how can we take away because you
you have a way of doing them
so you can do anymore i buy this is a kind of strict teacher
who takes away your forms
related like that started a famous story of the key teacher when he tells us to to clean now
clean the garden and cleans the car wrecks a pile of leaves his the teacher comes and says
hmm try again so does again because this several times just keep painting thing i wanted to convert goes over to the tree and shakes it of it if you lease father
i find no
cases for you
honest with you can i didn't get enough
yeah sure

how i do one more time
you are you coming and i says anybody wanna learn how to ring a bell and you say so i'll show you how to ring a bell and then the next day i see you ringing a bell but i i feel like you're on
like you ringing a bell you're using what i taught you as a way of ringing a bell you're using when i taught you as a rule by returning the bell on i see i i kind of sort of read your mind because i can see your body i see you're using when i taught you about how to ring a bell is the way to the
and i did show you how to ring a bell to see if you would use the way i touch you as well as a rule or procedure by which would ring the bell and sure enough there you are and then i say drop at charlie you say what he talking about my safe while drop it and you sandra time i take to take the jump the bell ringer away from you
is enough say now ring a bell
can you say give me the striker back and i say promise not to use it this time
can you say yes sir and i give it to you and your ring a bell
without having a way to do it
and i say
so i mean and you say for her
getting into
that's how we do when we're not busy
that's how we use the farms in bodhisattva training
people to form
the people phenomenon they don't take care of it and you watch that you watch them by over to take care of them
i'm going to take care of it i got this way of taking care of take him to gives me no no no food no gag gift you with tobacco
what are you wrong
you had a way to do this
you know
adopting taking holding a technique he got an agenda johnson you got an agenda and expectation getting a okay there's the belly taught me i hit the bell and i expected if i do the way he taught me is can ring and i'm going to do the job and i get paid and of the guy to
so take your content you can see people who are sneaking up to the bell with an agenda they can see the expectation if i just get a few feet culture to the bell and i get the striker and i hit the bell is ring am going to be successful than bellinger you can tell the person's got death and you might be wrong
wrong but you're suspicious that they are like i do is you say that i had that does the striker please before they get there is a what a welcome can i help please give it to me know you can't have it
we expecting to ring the bell yes i was well can i please have the ringer i'd like it got during the bill what's going on here
and i don't know what i'm doing right because i have no way of doing this thing called kitchen is person watering about
somehow i feel
the lotus sutra is alive
and i'm
and i'm really i'm not losing my patience here
so no attachment to one way or another and no attachment to not attachment to one way or another
the where's the middle way and not attached to the middle way
this is a hard part isn't the easy part use work on the gentle patient you know no nasty parts for quite awhile but the worry got clean record but when you're ready can move to the inner sanctum
the voice off action which is no action according to any idea you have of what action is it's not that
it's a great cetera
zan is one of the flowers that comes up out of the sutra
i was gonna make notes on the structure of the sexual i saw this nice green peas peppers and happiness color to use and turnover and it was a picture of a lotus in the back
an event for women
a flower show a lotus flower

for you pass the secret back please