On Enlightenment and Delusion 

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i traveled
all the way from the west side of the san francisco bay to come here and not move
it struck me that i was very happy to be here and it was like going to my own funeral
why would be living at my own funeral
i proposed to you you heard me maybe
enlightenment is living in silence and stillness
have you can hear that like somebody's living in berkeley
like enlightenment is living in silence and stillness but the other way to hear it is living in silence and stillness
his enlightenment
enlightenment is living in silence and stillness
i think that's better little bit better than saying enlightenment
lives in silence and stillness
she a difference
it's okay to say enlightenment lives and sounds as to illness it's true i think in a way
i think enlightenment is living in sound system as maybe as less dualistic
you see how hard a little less dualistic
rachel zealand
in one case you say enlightenment
his liver is it enlightenment
lives in sounds and stillness like as an enlightenment which is in the sounds as dullness
the other way his enlightenment is living in silence and stillness the actual living in silence illnesses enlightenment it's not they're not to things
and there's then there's a relationship between
yeah so now the stillness than another thing is that enlightenment is basically
to be still and enlightenment is basically to not move
for a sentient being
is an unenlightened being there's buddhist and sentient beings
the enlightened and the unenlightened
and among the on enlightened summer bought some of the unenlightened are bodhisattvas
so a sentient being who is a bodhisattva
for them to be enlightened is simply not to move
and also be silent
which isn't and then another way to stay it is for a living being
to just be a living being
his enlightenment
i hear myself say these things and i watch myself think these things and i also think that this is awesome
awesome maybe and maybe in the contemporary sense of often but
for me definitely awesome in the more ancient and traditional meaning of awesome
are amazing
how the condition of a living be
being being a living being
his enlightenment
and the condition of a living being being a living buddha being is not moving
living beings move
as you know and they talk
but the condition of being a living being who does various things being that way
period is enlightenment
it occurs to me that that might occur to you that a buddha being a buddha is enlightenment
or an enlightened being like a buddha being an enlightened being that that would that would be enlightenment some people might think now i think the buddha has enlightenment
the buddha is enlightened which is true
but i was emphasize here that the buddha being buddha is enlightened but it's the same for non borders
when non voters sentient beings
our themselves just like a buddha is herself
it's the same enlightenment
of course living beings have a root for it's really hard for living beings to be living beings they have a real hard time
living beings are good at
refusing to be living beings they're still living beings but the refusal their attempt to get away from it
however even when a living being is trying to get away from being a living being like last week even when a living being is try not to be petty
they're petty
and even when they're trying to be grandiose are great their petty
but the fact of them being that way he is not moving
and that's their enlightenment and as the same enlightenment it's equal to the enlightenment of the buddhist
there's quite a bit to say about this simple thing
this simple thing for you not to move his enlightenment for you to be you
the condition of you being you you're not enlightenment but you being you is enlightenment
your movement is not your enlightenment
you're being on moving in what you are including your movement
his enlightenment for a living being
one of the additional things we can say is that
ah all phenomena
are basically unmoving
all phenomena are basically in a state of peace are or nirvana
stillness is not made
so i dish an additional comment here would be
enlightenment is living in unmade
stillness and silence
you don't have to make as i'm also guy said last luxury we don't have to make stillness you don't make stillness you have to make silence
when we do the ceremony of sitting still in a sense we make the ceremony of sitting still the ceremony of sitting still realizes
the unmade sitting still
when you're doing the ceremony of sitting still that ceremony you doing that ceremony and being that ceremony
in your condition of being that way his enlightenment and if no movement in
and it's not
the ceremonies made but what is realized by the ceremony is unmade unmade stillness and that's a little amplification on the statement that enlightenment is living in stillness enlightenment lives in unconstructive
and the enlightenment which lives in unconstructive stillness is infinitely dynamic and meaningful
has a boundless function to benefit bags the most beneficial life lives in this way
so this is great dynamic function
living in stillness and unconstructive stillness
in a response
come your name again
and then the mutiny known as enable
as in whatever the k
king king as in monarch
yes king

moment his delusion
the condition of delusion
being delusion is unlikely

the condition of of delusion being delusion is enlightenment
enlightenment is not enlightenment about enlightenment enlightenment about delusion
and it's it's not just at you are enlightened about delusion it's that the is that the delusion is delusion and your with that you're not moving away from delusion being delusion
sentient beings almost synonym for delusion
delusions not like
dead people aren't really deluded
they used to be
and probably will be soon again in a way
but living beings and sent him back and and illusion or kind of the same thing
but not completely because
yeah why out they are completely but for them to them being that way
his enlightenment and those who understand delusion as delusion or buddhists
did you want a someone daniel yes
i'm construct
yeah it just means on
it's something that like resemble an emptiness in substantial allottee
the fact that things don't have any kind of some inherent existence on their own but depend on other things for their existence
that emptiness that lack of self
is not is not constructed
it's but it's a dependent or arising
in substantially depends on the things which at which are insubstantial and may they also depend on other conditions to exist but also their insubstantial allottee depends on them
but in substantially isn't isn't put together isn't made
so there's some things
better unmade even other dependent horizons like things they're made like people are put together by causes and conditions and constructed by mind
but stillness isn't
stillness has unmade
it's always it's it's always part of the deal of us being what we are
and you should and usually were also in constructing are also usually constructing movement but we don't always construct movement sometimes we construct some idea of stillness
space is another example of something as unconstructive
nirvana is unconstructive
pieces on constructed
war is constructed
what make some sense
and the other responses friend

it's not a movement
well it's like gun
the dynamic quality is that enlightenment is not stuck in stillness
but that's not the same to say that enlightenment is movement
it just it can move
dynamic means means that can change
enlightenment can change can adapt but and so it can be movement but the good but the dynamism isn't necessarily movement the dynamism could be stillness
and the dynamism of enlightenment lives in stillness but it can enlightenment can blossom into movement doesn't have to so the the dynamism of enlightenment the great function of enlightenment can be anything can be movement stillness silence speech
whatever basically whatever helps beings
be like enlightenment is enlightenment enlightenment encourages beings to be themselves to be in accord with reality
and it is it is setting the example of that

while our it
if you do you have ordinary movement and ordinary stillness gave an ordinary stillness
me if you contemplate any and you can do this because
we do have periods where we are actually kind of pretending to be sitting still
have you noticed
so when you when you're pretending to sit still you can kind of look to see is it is this action is just like complete true stillness here you could look at that
but there's something about it that makes you feel like you're sitting still rather than
not even trying to sit still right
yes the mind is moving man
and you can do the same with the mind you can try to have the mind be still
but you notice
so if you part of part of being a sentient being is to have a mind which can think about sitting still and they can think about does not really being sitting still
right and it can think about that when you're thinking about
sitting still the fact that you're that way is not moving
but that's not something you're calculating
that's just a kind of logic
of enlightenment
however this this logic i think being itself as enlightenment
i'd i'd also mention which should we brought this up is that the dynamic enlightenment is not stuck in the stillness things aren't stuck in being themselves smart back when things are themselves they are liberated from themselves
enlightenment is closely related to liberation
so things being themselves and the unmoving quality of things is very closely related to their liberation
and this cut the end this unmade stillness
is always present with ah the made movement and made stillness socket arm and it makes some stillness now watch
did you see the stillness i made
did you did it by miss it
ah everybody saw it
it was my stone to see her youth
there was
and it had an end deceased he urged to by to start
and now it's over
made stillness has beginning and end it arises insists but it was pretty good stillness i felt
can i i like i like what i can't like move there was
and then i dispersed it
but that's not the stillness that's not the stones which is there before i went into the stillness and which is there after i came out of it however
as i was approaching the stillness me being the way i was as i was approaching the stillness
in the moment each moment a being that way
that's not moving
and there's the enlightenment it's living there however it's not the enlightenment isn't still
it isn't moving but it can be eat it can be both still and moving enlightenment can be whatever we need
it's our best friend
but we have to kind of like to the meditation alerted to an end to it
and we must be willing to be ourselves
it's required
we are all day but we must be willing to be otherwise we get dislodged from the stillness
a little bit of
awesome prevent sound profound sense
yes elena

enlighten movement be empty of you go

for another yes it is yeah but unenlightened movement is also empty of ego
all movement is empty of ego
people people may think in or here i'm moving and funny ego here but they're wrong it's tattered delusion that there's that there's an ego in this this thing i'm doing her does not ego in this
but you could think so
you could think that about near by yourself i could do but it sets an illusion as a delusion
and to think that there's not ego in this movement is another delusion
however being willing to be the diluted person who's moving
you realize that there's no ego
in in in your movement

no i mean yes but when an ordinary person who is not a bodhisattva when they move is the same
if somebody who hadn't signed up to be a bodhisattva with some somehow willing to be themselves
then their movement would be the movement of coming from their enlightenment of them being themselves
now we saw some me like that we might try to find them up as a bodhisattva because they're acting like a book they're they're doing bodhisattva practice of being bodhisattvas come into the world to to play at being sentient beings the teach others how to play at being sentient beings but if somebody some
how hadn't previously committed to live for the welfare of others but was actually somehow willing to be themselves they would be doing bodhisattva work buddha work
so it's the person who's going to be themselves than their movement is enlightened it you know it's the movement coming from enlightenment

before we will further is wanted to have mentioned something may
missing something
you been confused the condition of your being confused
his enlightenment
now you go head to head
go forward
on the path of enlightenment
being totally throw yourself down
you can have say all costs fine
at all costs the main cost is the cost of being you as the that's the big cost
softly awfully expensive big me
could you lower the price a little bit
why or yeah for pleasant yeah
scary or unknown right
sentient beings seem to seem to be able to can have a feeling of something unknown or not knowing they seem to be able to feel like that
but not for long usually usually are not wholeheartedly they kind of shrink back from
the unknown
and make it into something edible
something controllable something they get their hands on they can and they have that ability and sentient beings are great imaginations
especially humans on this planet

well on
he did you did you say your your challenge your obstacle is a movement not so much in being still
yeah you move along you do lots of so that's a chow is challenging for you to find stillness when you're moving
it it's it's not necessarily easy to find stillness when you're sitting still either
some people have a hard time finding stillness when know
sitting still
because you can't find stillness
you can't find anything not to mention stillness or pork carnitas dullness
we can't find anything but we like to
so remembering stillness when we're moving he is possible
not easy it's not even easy for people who are
sitting pretty still in a meditation or it's not even easy for them to remember stillness
sometimes it is
a lot of times it isn't and people who are moving it's also you could say generally harder for them to remember
stillness but i don't know actually i haven't read a study to see which which situations harder
ballet dancers when they're spinning around i think they they often i think have pretty direct access to stillness
they can't find it they can't find it can normally confined it but they're definitely like
manifesting it and they can remember it
if they can remember and they can and they can be awestruck
by by the realization of it even though they can't find it

it isn't like a blue and a buddha gets up and start dancing that the buddha loses the enlightenment
where'd it go
and never will forget stillness and never forget being who she is each moment remembering bingo she is
that's part of the dynamism of boot of enlightenment is it it can take it can be it can sound whatever helps people
and in unforgettable nurse and presence with what's happening it's it's illuminating the universe and we can remember that and we can appreciate that and we can really have a good time at our own funeral
which is happening in you know if you if you practice where you're doing a ceremony
and it's kind it's your own funeral cause you just died and now you a new person here
who is very happy to have attended the funeral
in the funeral was remembering
that being yourself is enlightenment in that it's all over
and now we got a new opportunity
to do this very hard thing
how being myself
it's the hardest thing
it's easier to be somebody else now they have a hard time being of cells but you wouldn't
you must know i think it's hard to be somebody else okay fine but it's harder to be yourself
it's harder to detect to attend and when you do that when you practice that were you doing the ceremony of being yourself which again is your funeral ceremony because now that's done and you've got a new self to be but it's highest think it's
totally wonderful to do this ceremony
it's wonderful but not necessarily fun it can be fun
but even when it's not fun it's wonderful it's marvelous
that you should care for yourself
be yourself
yeah steph

yeah there's not really alternative to be yourself but there is the opportunity to distract yourself
from being yourself we can do that we can be that kind of self were still ourself but now we're self which it was a lot of help from our friends
we're like totally distracted from ourselves
and that's who we are so we're not getting were from ourselves but the self we are is like totally into not paying attention to ourselves
we can be that way we we can be that way it's amazing that we can totally be the person who is totally distracts from herself
we can be like totally unsuccessful
at what we're doing and that's called misery
but being that way completely his enlightenment

that's what friend want to know

there's ways you can tell the difference but
these ways are indeterminate
so you can tell the difference
okay so that's
the difference between what would we tell you to a subpoena

so the difference in the difference
the difference between being awake being yourself and what

you don't have to notice that you're being yourself district to be yourself
not to be noticing

you can remember to be yourself without noticing that you're being yourself
he can member know what you're judged have to be me
can remember it and you can be feel like that's my job and i'm willing to be here
and i'm trying to get anything else than that
but i not really noticing i guess i noticed that that i wasn't trying to get away
he can notice that but you don't have to
so you could have some sense you know some kind like sign that showed you that
there was a coherence in the way you are with this practice however that does find that you're using doesn't isn't the only sign you could use there's infinite signs you could use
this infinite ways you could know
that you're being yourself
there's infinite ways to be happy
and the maiden is this happiness is the happiness of knowing that you're willing to be yourself and knowing that being yourself is what you really want to do and also know and it's easy to know i think i think it's pretty easy to know that being yourself is hard
the most of most of your probably know that right
but without taking that difficulty away having no resistance to that job
you might have a sense that that the resistance had dropped away and you've dropped into being yourself you might have a sense of that
but to me it's not too important that you would have a sense of that the important thing is that you have done it
so if you help somebody
to become
buddha i don't think it's so important that you know that you help them i think the important thing is to remember to help in the next moment remember to try to help him next moment not be concerned that my i just help them and then maybe not noticed that about being yourself thinking that you're helping them
and miss the next opportunity because your
kind of trying to think get a hold of that and again trying to get a hold of it is you're playing a central being again so you know he can recover but
tiny differences is possible but it's it's not it's tricky to you i wouldn't put lotta energy towards that i put my of your choice
trying to remember to be yourself

if you care too much about that you're distracting yourself from that
if you care to little about that
you're distracting yourself from that so most people care too much or too little about being themselves and their and that that too much or too little is a distraction or people care too much or too little about knowing whether they're doing his job and have to distraction
even all along they're completely they're being themselves
so there's an art to it
as an actor which we had a few more
but we might have a few more moments to developed his art
would you tell me your name again
so another definition of enlightenment is anything that helps people

you can say anything that helps them or you could just say helping people
particularly others
because others partly because others are who you are
so helping others by this logic occurs lives in sounds and stillness
so when you
give somebody a recording equipment
if that activity is living in silence and stillness is enlightenment
and it is living it sounds is done this so it is enlightenment but can you not be distracted from it and the answer is i hope so
may may i not be i know i can be
when a more gifts she like to give me
yeah michael
the relationship
what's the relationship between silence and stillness and emptiness
your willingness
to be yourself
you really willing to be yourself to whole heartedly be who used to who you are
is not is is not to move
so your willingness to be still
and to use your stillness to realize stillness
that wholeheartedness will realize emptiness
in in
you know and carefully and not and carrying not too much about being yourself or too little about us for being about yourself
it's finding that heart of being yourself completely in the completeness of being yourself you realize you're in substantial witty
so by by practicing trying to not move away from yourself or practice be with your practice being with yourself and not distracting yourself as you get more and more whole harder than that you come to the place of realizing the insubstantial
city of yourself how you
not an independent person
the or half hearted
we usually continued to be caught by a sensor ups up substantially and separation from others
of independence
when are delusional
independent existence independent self when our illusion is not fully exerted
it continues to distract us
when it's fully exerted
it is enlightenment itself


great story about it

when i saw
humorous and
i'm aware all that
so slow that down
we go back to her experiences
illness the seen that either
that's also where the
the was relieved to eat
the experience of see
did you hear his example
gonna watch this
if you're looking at the ignorant and you can you can remember
to just be
yourself completely looking at the a
then you will realize what you said that they won't be a separation between you and the a grip
so you're right
however the other party or story you missed the opportunity there
when the hammer of sadness came
you thought had to take the hammer away and go back and be how hard you with the a grid
really well with sadness
okay yeah so
before going to the going back to the grid you've got this saturday secret
you don't have to get rid of the sad se
if you wholeheartedly feel the sadness it's the same result
the sadness is actually telling you
that you still holding on to the grid or you're holding on to having a better relationship with the a grid than your head
you're not letting you know not letting go of the a grid for years or the self that was there with the grid and the sad is saying well you you didn't do it you didn't do it before we now would you feel the sadness would you please accept his hammer
and feel his hammer completely and not distract yourself from being the person with the hammer of sadness on him would you please be this person the sadness of st please
feel this
this is like us you know like a giant a grid coming and saying you didn't feel the living and good and how would you feel this one
so you that was that was a great opportunity that he also could have worked with
if you agree with the eager to way you really wanna be with the it there would be no sadness
english for the great experience
but if you're not what the eager it the way you wanna be with the group then scientists will come and say well you weren't with the grid you separate yourself from the grid now here's something
the ingrid's gone but here's something else now you can accept this
that would change your relationship with egypt it again except this hammer of sadness
be michael with
just like you before or later be michael was seeing the a grid be that michael but we got this michael with the sadness know you grit my concern with this is as good an opportunity
as the previous one and the next one
when you completely accept the sadness you realize the emptiness of the separation
when you completely except being a person who sees ingrid or even a person who is doing layers of stories and top secret even being that person completely willing to be that
we can make give names to the garrett
michael the michael the storyteller
michael the super storyteller if you could be that michael
so we got michael seize the a is that's it a good period got that one can be that one fine michael a story telling me that one five michael the sad be that one for all these things if you wholeheartedly those that's not moving
michael was slowing down michael was speeding up
remember that the slowing down michael is not moving
make sense
it opens up all these possibilities right
yeah okay
i'm just i'm doing now
yep yep

i began

would you say it again please
before i say it's correct
okay so there's a dress
nah nah stop if you're feeling frustrated
but then instruction is
to be a feel completely struck frustrated in that moment and be completely willing to be the person who's feeling frustrated that person that frustrated person and of this particular frustrations particular time that person being that condition of you being that way his enlightenment
you can be
kind of like i'm not i don't want to be for i don't want to be frustrated
i don't wanna be the condition of frustration in other words i do not want to be enlightened i don't want to be enlightened i want to be i want to be on frustrated of course wishing to be unprecedented is perfectly fine to
but i i don't want to i don't even wanna be sitting here thinking about being on frustrated and how didn't want to be the person who doesn't want to be frustrated either
i don't want to be myself i don't want to be enlightened i wanna be somebody else cause it easier to be somebody else i'm in a lazy mood
so if you're feeling frustrated
if you're actually completely willing to be frustrated than you're completely willing at that moment anyway to be enlightened
if you can open to whatever is going on really then you can open to enlightenment because what enlightenment is what's going on is the condition of what's going on that's what it is
seventy sense and tired it's hard
and if you're
feeling on frustrated and like totally successful than you feel like wearing into practice i'm a success forget about
being enlightened forget about being as a sentient being i'm like
you know i'm a goddess
this school i'm a goddess i'm like i'm in total bliss
go not go to the hard work of being a sentient being forget it
it's easy to sometimes to be like really really happy
yeah i wanted to share story
did i was working with
fifth-graders recently and somebody else told them that was a musician and it's oh you're a musician i play guitar
okay gets it the fray you know and the city practice and the idea practice pretty much every day and say i don't need to practice as practicing last year a half
a better than you
some people forget
yeah and some people why they're practicing forget to be themselves practicing
they get distracted by the practice
while they're practicing
thank you very much
may our intention on an equally and extend to a be and plays way to the
the as way the saw her less less
how to save them
herpes zoster well
i'm doing them
hey guys i'm to lend to them
ladies unsurpassable
how to recover