Entering and Embodying Truth 

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we have this expression on
when you find your place
right where you are
practice curse
the coin
the koran
when think
we could change us
in a playful way and say when you find your place right where you are
practice curse realizing justice
when you find your place right we are practice occurs realizing
the truth
to the source as i was talking to bought last week the source
i've just as the source of truth
he is stillness
on touched by any kind of construction
on constructed stillness or on constructed as in stillness
is the source of them
the truth manifesting
our the truth manifestations of justice
he's also kind of meditation where
practice being present
with what manifesting
in the present
has the koran
so we have expression ganges koran
which means that
the khan as is manifesting now or call on
can be called also
ultimate truth so we meditate on her ultimate truth is manifesting
immediately right now
or how what's manifesting is the ultimate truth
or how justice is manifesting now
but then no sir
there is a
the problem of that it's hard for us to
i understand that
this right now is the manifestation of justice
it's hard for to understand this is he
the realization of justice
but that is a traditional
topic of meditation is to meditate on how it is that what's happening right now
is the immediate realization of reality
and including truth the truth
reality as truth to us and reality of justice
in our relationships
some people are would say that justice is
the administration
have law
some people say that justice is
he's the administration or the adjudication
in an equitable way among
are conflicting
lots of different ways to talk about justice
the justice as fairness
in the constitution i think it says
is it is the constitution all men are created equal
does the undergone her just all men are created equal
and i heard some time ago and that that means
all men are created
equal in a sense that they all have the capacity to be compassionate
and one not one of the them
people aren't cover out which one who are
was involved in the constitutional convention used as an example of those he said he was talking to a friendly sudden he pointed to it a young slave
he said this uneducated slave has the potential
ah has the ability to be sympathetic to other being suffering
in this way all beings are equal not that they all have equally developed compassion are equally developed sympathy for others suffering
but they all but they are equal in the sense that they all have that capacity and therefore they all can become
ah buddhist
so they all should be treated
in a sense in the context of that inequality
one of the justices of the supreme court
said the most important thing we do
if humans or it could be speaking of supreme court justices
the most important thing we do is not doing
he must be still right we are
and give up construction
in order to be justices
in order to allow
the realization of the truth and the word coined by the way we originally meant a kind of on a judgment handed down by a judge in court
the judges offering of the truth of the matter
so the word cards now extended her
two one
to be about stories which have the potential to reveal the truth
but all stories have this potential
all stories are the current manifestation
of the on or the current manifestation
of truth and justice
but we must meet these stories
with concentration
we must meet them
in a relaxed and concentrated way in order that the justice of the situation will be revealed to us
or the path of justice will be revealed to us
the path of just conduct
will be revealed to us when we meet the current situation
with on constructed stillness
and again the unconstructive stillness and the truth are already immediately manifesting we have to open to it
in our in order to fully participate with it
in that
in the sanskrit language we use the word where we were buddha and the word dharma and where sanga
how buddha can be translated as enlightenment or the enlightened one dharmas of truth
and song the community
so the buddhist community
is a community where there's justice
it's a community that wherein there would be on conflicting claims
i would think
where they would be adjudicated fairly
equitably harmoniously
harmony among different beings is actually the sanga had actually is the community
the law
he's is could also be called again justice
the realization of the law
in the buddha the understanding of the dharma
so another way to practice another way to speak of practice is to
meditate in such a way that you're returning to buddha
you're returning to dharma you returning to the law and you returning to the sanga you returning to the just community the to the community of justice
he returning to the community and meditating on how that on on how many of the community
you're not in denial about disharmony
you're not in denial about disagreement
but your president open to
that's the law
the reality
in the community the reality in the society
he's already manifested
the justice is already manifested
this doesn't preclude the appearance of injustice
injustice could also be appearing
but again i think i said last week
there doesn't seem to well there seems to be lots of opportunities to see injustice
there seems to be lots of opportunity to see falsehood and lies
and and
to be
right where you are would be
the practice when there seems to be disharmony
inequity injustice
and lying
to return to that place and find your place right there than the practice will occur realizing justice right there
realizing the truth right there
at that very moment
another way to speak another representation or manifestation of justice in in this school is the bodhisattva precepts
they can also be called
manifestation of the truth
the can also be called manifestation
i'm justice or now manifestation of justice
so not killing
not taking what's not given
not misusing sexuality
not intoxicating
body and mind
miss you not slandering
not praising self at the expense of others
these are examples of justice
i brought that to a card that has the sixteen boys that the priests china for like when you to heaven
after class
and again the first three of these precepts is returning
to the enlightenment
the awakening
to the practice
returning to the practice of the truth
to the practice of dharma which is buddha
the practice the way of justice
to take refuge and then take refuge in the teaching of justice
in the reality of justice
an returned to them
peace and harmony
of our life together
justice practices
when you get back on that

as the top
i think

like there
here different
justice is am
is partly a concept
it's a concept
it's a concept that people used to get along with them it's a it's a key concept in
a fundamental concept and in human society
but it also seems to be actually are an important concept in non-human society also
among his
if it seems to be present among
monkeys and other primates a sense of a sense of fairness sense of justice since to be part of it
and also
yeah and also some reserve some research that the part of the brain the human brain seems to be active in considerations of justice is this is comparable to the part of the brain of a rat that has to do with food
so some some some research to suggest that that the the way the brain works with this issue of justice and fairness
he's like a very a bit a very basic need
and that justice may be actually like an a biological adaptation

not gripes i'm saying that seem it seems to there seems to be something about about fairness if you move in the study of of of related animals closely related animals to of seem to they seem to have a sense of of fairness and justice in their relationships and when of satisfied they seem to be peaceful and where it's not
they seem to be upset
i'm suggesting that to you that his research on this
and i i am i think i may be mentioned to you that
a fun guy
i'm in a way
that the kind of demonstrates some principles of justice
the way they function
yeah they live under the ground or all over the planet
their flowers are mushrooms
and them
the mediate between like a different other and other organisms so in earth day them
they take
are they receive
i'm excess nutrients from organisms who don't need them
and past the the nutrients to other organisms that to need them who are under supplied with it so they served his purpose to their and non fun guy neighbors
and and they're all over the place so they have lot of neighbors
without this function
the whole ecosystem would collapse
but they they do the service
so they're they're in service of a kind of justice they justify
nutrients among beings
it's an example of this is a fun guy to not an animal
that's not a plant
it's another category but they they make this peace between plants and animals declared between plants
they they create harmony in the situation and it makes possible the whole the lack of system so they also demonstrate a kind of justice
are you know ah
kind of equality or
part part of part one one meeting of justice distributive justice which means to eat fairly equitably distribute resources as part of part of the meeting of justice as used that way so fung i do that
they don't strike me know they don't think of the word justice but they actually performs they have just cut they have just conduct in that way
if a human being did what they did we would say that person was enacting justice probably
so it's a pervasive phenomena but in human society it's also a concept and we
we are
we are discussing it
different humans are discussing it and and different societies have different understandings of what
justice means
but again to work out harmony between different societies understanding of justice would also be from the point of view of a he sought them that would be
there would be like a fun guy type of of work that you would he would coordinate difference different societies views of justice so there would be a broader and broader harmony and peace and then you'll be extending the song going that way


yeah and part of him but part of what i'm trying to do it in this class is to coordinate
ah the the buddha dharma
how with the issue of of justice because justice is very important
the various societies on this planet and i did i think that the word justice
you know
if you if you translate chinese and sounds great and tibetan and and
and a japanese and korean and thai and burmese to translate these the teachings of these buddhist teachers into english it doesn't very often come out with the english word justice the word in things were just as just doesn't appear very much
in breweries suitors in translation
our commentaries are teaching is so i'm trying to find a way since his words so important
in in western culture i'm trying to find a way that buddhism can participate with this issue and maybe even help ah
enlightened the topic of of justice
why i brought up the
the supreme court justice statement because that judge seems to be tuned into a kind of buddhist way of doing his work
so if what he's doing something has promoted by not doing
the maybe he's doing the same thing as as a person who is developing and constructed as of stillness cause he's kind of talking with that like he's working on now but he's also a justice so he must have some concern with justice
so maybe the people who are doing that those practices are actually concerned with the same issues even though in one case they don't have they don't use the word justice
on force things but
i'm trying to her
make buddhism more relevant to the issue of justice
how do you feel right
justice for an animal justice
related to
the places are constructed mrs dollars that we were talking about last week
because the i see i see the very fundamental scientific kind of justice balance
an equilibrium going on between plants and animals
but does seems more mechanical and automatic then of this sort of
good point human good point so ah
i thought of this last weekend and i think of last week i thought of it
yeah ah one example is a scarecrow and another another a scarecrow
and another example is called it
oh dear scare are scared here
another example is suzuki roshi
are getting bumped so here's examples
the bodhisattva
the being of enlightenment
who is ah
in acting this constructed nurse and stillness is often compared to a scared here are dear scare so like a know if you go to a garden in japan or maybe other places in asia too
bamboo tubes in the garden which are on one end is closed and the other end is open
and water flows into the tube and the tooth hung up on
so the water flows into tube when the water fills up
the tube
the tube
tips over it goes out the water
and then when it flipped back again to its original position
part of the bamboo his iraq and been hollering costs
and scares the deer out of the garden
it performs that function
mechanically without any idea that is performing the function but it performs a function as compared to the way the boy sought for acts
but they don't actually consider that they're helping people
the scarecrow to to sitting there in in the field and scares the birds but it's not trying to scare the birds it just does and performing as function
and another example like i said was a one time i didn't see this myself
but one time since the as she came into the zendo bit
when we used to be at this place called so called you before we had the san francisco zen center
over ambush on page street we had were over a bush street and it was of then he came into the meditation hall and as usual stopped and bowed
i'm one of the students came in behind him but didn't stop
so the student ran into suzuki roshi
one observer sauce azuki rashi help elbow the guy
in the guy ran in terms of was one person sauce is a critical whack him with his elbow
i wasn't there but i imagine some vigorously bowing and the person hitting him and his know what was going back
you know because the guy hit him knocked him for his elbows went back
so i'm imagining civic russia as a bodhisattva
just as his reaction
was to help that person
i'll get an elbow
am realize that he had run into the teacher
and he could you might have been realized that even without getting the elbow
but into anyway the way the teacher responded was mechanical
however you have to be compassionate
to drop into
your your mechanical level of functioning
otherwise your constructions will be like i gonna teach the guy trick or i shouldn't hit the students you know i shouldn't scare the dear
and i should
i should come down softly on the rock russian at the rock harder that's that's fine but that's not the place that the bodhisattvas activity comes from the boys had this activity comes from wishing to help beings
but not have any idea of beings that are being helped
so this mechanical
it just happens as result of causes and conditions
there's no construction about it but it takes training to open their it on constructed us
and so the bodhisattvas are those who have actually train themselves to open to this unconstructive way that the relating to people
there's just way
which is that they don't do anything by themselves for example they don't do things to people they do things with people
have the mushrooms train themselves
i think the mushroom well enough i might have said they train themselves but anyway the boys outfits are trained
by circumstances
and the mushrooms are trained have circumstances they have evolved to perform this
world saving our planet saving function
they also can dismantle toxins than that nothing else can
i'm mean human beings can package toxins up and put them in a holding tank someplace but we don't know how to break them down we do not have the e r
the sophistication and chemistry at to break down some toxins they are like
they do not degrade some of them and some of the ones that we all know how to degrade and bacteria or not know how to grade
fungi can degree
into less toxic and then they can drink degrade those less toxic than the last toxics sought after in a relatively new not aeons they can convert a pile of toxins that nothing else can decompose into non toxic
the world has created these beings to serve this purpose and the world create bodhisattvas to serve basically the same purpose
but fungi
even though i've been doing this job for a while human beings have not really even noticed until recently this great beneficence on their part
we're not too many human beings are noticing it so i'm i'm telling about them and bodhisattvas to ah are not necessarily noticed by a lot of people
some we're talking talking it up about fungi and human body surface and there can be monkey boy sat this dog bodhisattvas tree bodhisattvas
grass bodhisattvas beings that are demonstrating
what justice
don't you know the way things work
in a harmonious way among beings
in human societies animal societies exercise which include human and animal and plant societies
yes john
this relies on the source of things out i think sometimes people with just as a very involved with exceptional
conceivable resolved
sometimes i think of justice
work together at
often people will look at that result is that didn't come up with it
but it's engagement
to work together and like say a week
the cottage generates
it's a process that engages people
plot it
sexual since by now
last year but some coming get together to work together in a said switches the justice and i was thinking of likes like for us as evenly another smile that might be people are waiting for courts there waiting for some person to decide and address the situation with i thought some time there are no
of course sometimes know want to get important coordinate divorce situation so that someone might say one can assign you to me the mediator might not
tell him anything he just met sit there doing nothing essentially cause they don't kid yourself is usually words what do you need which would your problems away from the okay how are yours
and then there cause i can see them be a bit like the decomposes
kind of maybe not doing a whole lot
the cows
to facilitate this process

say again if justice

oh yeah
i swam i can imagine that i misheard you and i thought you said justice isn't served one were agitated

yeah so you said justice is not being served but actually another way to say it would be
served and when we don't see the justice being served we usually feel not too good when we see either injustice or we are maybe not that but we can see that justice is being served you know like served for dinner justice has not been given then i think we don't feel very good
so a student of the buddha dharma mike to a point where they actually can
feel that they've realized the dharma
and then if they if not feel that the realized but let's say they actually get to point where they've realized the dharma
then there in a situation where some other people have not yet realized the dharma they've realized justice and there with people who have not realized justice and they see that these people who do not realize justice heart in different ways upset
maybe they're upset for different reasons but
but still even though they don't agree that the both upset and and the a being whose realize just as sees this and has the ability to serve like john with thing as a mediator or a fungus like things were as a meteor between these people were your again
you're not really like constructing a way to make them see the just see the justice you are you have realized it so you know when they pour water into you tip over
and then you got book
so they get to see justice working in their presence
and if if if you stay there together they start they start to pick up on the justice they're they're able to see the injustice there babe they're able to see that there ah then neither party's getting what they want and they're able to think that the other person sort of the problem they can see these things
but the can't see the justice if someone who who has realized the just and i would i would even say not see it but who was rude become it if they go in their midst the people can feel it and they are transformed by that
yeah so again the justice of the most important thing we do if not doing so of the justice can
can go into a situation where there's a big question about what is justice and they can be there with this question
with also their knowledge of the law and so on but that's just part of what's making them who they are
which is a person who made me who may have realized justice and then they can bring that into manifestation
i would be the i would be the the way
with our the construction even though
the in the realm of construction is where the feeling of lack of justice as there
and the unconstructive stillness can enlighten the realm of constructed
justice and injustice

when you say crushing what he mean by crushing
you mean you mean you feel crushed
and then when you feel crushed and overwhelmed than what do you do how do you live when you feel crushed
i try
ah and do you feel okay about the education

okay well i would propose to you that you're always influencing the situation and so am i
that if there's if resources are not being distributed to beings you know of the fungus aren't operating properly there's some people have much too much and other people have much to little in situation like that were all contributing to it right now
and then
and then and no matter what you do from this point on of when you when you see some injustice everything you do in response to that from now on will continue to contributed to the evolution of the situation of extinct pretty much the same getting worse getting better we are contributing to it
so ah it's possible that if you that if you get feel crushed and depressed and going to denial it's possible i suppose if that would make a positive contribution to situation but i don't see house
becoming educated about the situation that seems to be kind of like in the neighborhood of facing it
so generally speaking when again if you see some situation where there's injustice facing it would be apropos of
the activity of the bodhisattva for of the of the being was working for justice they kind of like start by facing the appearance of injustice but how did they face it while they try to learn about it i will be reasonable but also they would try to discover some justice and pasta
if you're just going to see injustice and been messing with injustice
where's it gonna go
yeah keys if you don't know what justices in the situation is
you won't necessarily help
but learning about it is kind of probably in the direction of finding what justice
sometimes when you just pass people who are
for example some people don't have enough and some other people have too much if you just inquire in the situation sometimes the distribution starts to even out like if you ask these people who have you need all that
because these people here seem to not have enough you know if you're really inquiring not coming in with knowing what justice is in a sense of that they're wrong in these people are their victims but you actually are trying to educate yourself and you bring with you bring this stillness and is unconstructive know so you
for example you're not constructing that you're better than the rich people are not as good as the poor people or whatever you're not constructing a kind of thing
so you're facing at your learning about it and you're also trying to bring a concentrated relaxed presence to the situation
that will have an effect
it will have an effect if you're if you don't you're not relaxed in your self righteous and not face and situation that will be effective you will be effective you are effective
you can avoid being effective
but you but your fact can be better and better if you learn
how to get to the source of
i'm justice
and if you feel crushed
that's another thing which deserves attention
that's another thing to be you know to to learn about what is my feeling crushed you tell me you're crushed i want to find out what you're talking about
i'm not talking you out of your nurse i'm trying to get rid of your crushes i'm just trying to like understand to mean slightly like and can be with you
maybe somebody else these or crushed us we can take some years and give it to them
sometimes it's a case and then everybody feels better because now they have a little bit of freshness we didn't have enough of before and now you have little bit less than kind of like we're starting to feel like we're working together here now
and it it applies in conversations that applies in your own mind you're within your own conflicting voices and and competing claims in your own mind in a conversation and in neighborhoods cities countries
this is effective
and if you say i don't feel like a very effective maybe what mean is i'd feel like my effect might not be very good i am effective but it doesn't seem like my effect is very good i would like to be have a more positive effect and i'm having now
yes norbert

i'm talking about on constructing a stillness as the source as the place we need to go
in order to be
i would call it nourished
in such a way that we would be nourished and have the resource to work for justice in the realm where people feel as injustice
in the constructed realm
where people feel injustice we need the resource upon constructed stillness we need the the resource of
concentrated relaxed presence with everything
that we experience and from there we have a chance to to work
to realized justice because we in that realm we realize it or we we enter it and we embody it and once entering an embodiment then are act our action can be just
but just doesn't mean like you're doing the right thing so much
which you might be doing the right thing but some people do the pretty much the right thing but doesn't seem to help these people who are fighting each other
don't mean
some people like this person seems to be doing fine and these two people are fighting which isn't look at the third person has tape the neither one of a problem with this third person
economy cannot happen
yeah we need is a third person who comes and interacts with the to so that they discover
justice in their relationship because they think of skin justice in their relationship
and a matter of fact the person who helps them might not be somebody that they think is being just
like like the scared dear they might think it just a stupid person who are you know tripped on a on the curb and fell on his face
you know but when they see this person falling get hurt this they both sort of both as collect conflicting parties suddenly wake up and see justice
which they couldn't see before and this person
played a role in them waking up
because this person is demonstrating the source of of justice not somebody's idea of justice
but the fact that when this person's in this in the neighborhood of these people were fighting this person fall down
oh this person in the neighborhood of these people find this person starts crying
when this person in the neighborhood of this so i they the they they manifest is such a way as as to help the other and they realized justice the you know they realize it
there there there a piece there in harmony with everybody but they can see the other people do not realize harmony
but they don't like tell him you know you shouldn't they just interact with them in such a way because they're coming from this place
i could tell

sometimes when somebody's was
in this situation will be a thing over there and the person

sometimes nothing he did
so then he would say that he would do this and it was just say to the person listen let's forget about the way i'm like on the helper
let's just deal with this thing
now let's try google that's that's a good example deconstruct help or help he and
the project we're doing
let's just like
again let's just find do it first get together and not do anything let's forget about this project were doing
and if you can open to that
you know with the teacher
we might find some peace and harmony with this situation and ah
what the person was trying to do the for example the drawing with they're trying to do has been given up and maybe they never do do that drawn but they do some other dry which is lot better than whatever thing he's doing perhaps
they didn't think of this other thing and it was always right there they can always do that i mean not all they could do that
get it to learn to do it they are knew how
it was their way of drawing
not somebody else's way of drawing
i swear to mention that are on the radio today announced the day arrested radovan ah of ditch my courage
this person who won
you know how
he's been indicted for genocide
in the
have have lots of run
ah muslim men and boys that he he organized this huge slaughter of eight thousand
and i just thought that this is another this is an example of an issue of justice know that we're going to be looking at
i just wanted to tell your story
which have some of you've heard the story already but ah it's a story about them a famous sir
i think the fighting suppressed who founded the hasidic movement
here in poland think of name was
shem tov
ah what
altium tokyo baal shem tov so baal shem tov was this important teacher in poland and ah
at the time he was sir
about to pass away he gathered his his main disciples together
and he gave each one of them are some special assignment about how to carry the teaching on
and one of the junior disciples was got the last assignment
and the assignment was
i'm to go around europe
and tell stories about
hey figure bol bol bol shem tov
and when you first hear you think
what a conceited teacher he was
the had his disciple koran tell stories and but anyway ah
and the disciples brought she's like a i got the lousy job of all the disciples
they all of these important work on fifteen just go around tell stories about the teacher
but anyway have one of the refrains of the story is when the when impulsion told told you to do something you did it so he followed his orders and after the teacher died he walked he went around europe
and where somebody would listen he told her stories about his teacher
and he did this for long long time
and when he felt like he pretty much covered the whole continent
and he thought he he thought he had fulfilled his teacher's instruction
he felt like as time to go back home
and carry on
his practice in his teaching back in poland
but then as he was
on his way back maybe from france and going by italy he heard a rumor about a very wealthy italian count or something
who offered ah
a considerable but i'm not a bottom amount of gold for people who would come and tell him stories so i thought well maybe i could extend my trip a little bit
it made us the side trip to the the castle or the palace of this very wealthy aristocrat
italian aristocrat and he went ah he went into the place and he was welcomed because that this guy wanted to hear stories
he advertised he wanted to hear stories so here was a story about this great jewish teacher and so
when he heard from this young rabbi that he had stories about baal shem tov he said great list hear him
and the guy said okay well
see now
i yeah
i get me i'm happy
i'm having a senior moment here i'm just a kid
i i can't remember his records the how my teacher
this is really weird ah
i'm not say and that them
the count said he that latest relax just relax and the you know
have dinner and go to sleep and we'll talk again tomorrow
the next day said well why are you ready tell me stories as yeah are but again he couldn't think of any
and he was kind of surprises couldn't of story because he'd been telling them all over europe and he lived with baal shem tov the quite a while
so he knew he knew stories but they weren't coming to his mind and he couldn't get him to come to his mind
all these great teaching stories
this went on i think maybe for five days and after while and that but justice to his host any center stays looking to take your time how does not wait for him marina
but he just got so embarrassed he said i gotta go
can stand to be there are not be able to remember for the stores
this guy wanted hear stories and this was his line of work couldn't do it so i went out of the he went out of the castle and when or ways but then a story came to him
and but it wasn't one of them he wasn't one of the stories that he'd been telling you a story he hadn't thought of before
not a very good story
it's kind of a weird story but one thing about it was it was a story that he was in
sunday when he went back and he said i didn't think of a story it's not a very good one and it's so you know i'm involved but you know i did is a story the guy says fine talent
he said well
one time
ah bah shem tov said to me
i wouldn't attendant he said i think we start packing now i want to go on a trip with you from poland to turkey
and then
i wanna go to such a such a town i remember the name of town
but the young young rabbi said oh gives me master but the that town is very famous for being a hotbed of christian fundamentalism and they have a tendency to be persecuted jews in that town
and rabbi said ah ok
we're going and when are we going by the way he said replying i wanna be there during easter
and the young rabbi said that's the time of year when sometimes they kill jews in recompense for the jews having crucified jesus i don't think we should call because you might get hurt
so let's like okay
in bosch and choices that we're going and when paulson told several do something you do it
so they went to this town
the holy time when when they would often actually kill some do and all of them but you know kill some of the jews in town
they went into the town of this time
and young rabbi following behind his teacher into this
hi holiday ah
situation and to coming to town and they go to the jewish quarter of the town and all the jews are like indoors with the door shut and in the windows bot you know
to really trying to protect themselves from an attack from and crazy christians
so anyway they get into the house one of the houses and
and then they and then they
there are in the house and baal shem tov goes to the am
window second story window of the hottest thing and an opened the windows and stands in front of the window the young rabbi says get away from the window to let them see you
abortion was looking over the scene and from this winter you can see a big a big girl plaza
in this christian turkish christian city and in the plaza there's lots of people gathered
and there's gonna be a big a big mass
and him from sydney are looking at it
and his attendance guy next to embossing tool says well you see the procession coming now see the procession the disciple says yeah says see the leader of the procession to the bishop
the surfaces yeah
cut down there into that crowd of christians
and go up to the bishop and tell him to come into this house to see me
neither cyprus's what
but when baal shem tov says to grow do something you do it so this
the jewish boy goes down
among the crowd of christian revelers it's up to where the and gets up to the head of the procession and as the bishop is climbing up the stairs to do the mass he comes up to him says excuse me ah
baal shem tov want you to come and see him over there
that house there seems in the window
and the business cause
and he continues to climb up under the altar does the mass
you know in all his them
vastness with you know
dude you have a jewel vestments and with this big scepter covered with
major jewels
and after the after the
mass is already comes down off the altar walks across the square and by himself goes into the house
the jewish house where bosch and tozers and goes into me paulson told him when he missed partial to bosch and tour says
come with me and they go back into a backroom the to of malone
for long time to three hours
then the bishop comes out looking around
really shaken
and leaves
in boston to access to the boy
okay let's go back to poland
go back
and the young man says that's the story
but don't even have really an ending but that's that's only one i've got
and he looks at the at the count and the countess them
his face is covered with tears
and he's also very very happy
and the young rabbi says or what's happening he says
the bishop
for me
i was the bishop
i'm a jew
and i lived in that town in that area i was very wealthy
at the christians would
take my in rob me and perhaps even kill me or my family
so i converted to christianity
and that of course they were very happy that i converted to christianity
how well did you and because of that ah they actually i rose in the church very rapidly and actually became the bishop
i eventually
and while i was bishop now did i
abandoned judaism to protect myself and and maintain my wealth but as bishop i allowed the christians to kill jews
minor genocide allowed by him of his own people to protect himself
so indulgent told came and called me and i went in that room
i saw the beginning
i wear my life i i could start to see where my life was heading

the picture is coming in to focus now
the bottom toll has made a long trip he heard about this guy
it was well known that he used to be a jew baal shem tov heard about this and travel a long way a great expense in danger to himself to go to this guy to tell this guy what's going on here
in this world
this is credit there's a big problem here for you young man oh man larry
and so you see you're you're heading toward some
something worse than you know you could ever imagine
it's almost no hope for you
and i've come here to tell you that
but i've also come to tell you that there is a slight possibility
and you can recover from this terrible karma
what you need to do is give back all the money that you gained
and use the rest of your money that you had from your family to do good works
and to encourage people
from all over the world to come and tell you stories
and do this
until somebody comes and tells you your own story
and when somebody comes and tells your own story
your repentance will be complete
and you will be free
so listen an example of justice
there's a punishment involved
but punishment is not really punishment is practice
it's like practice this is the punishment in this case in the prisons coming italian you i wanted to know that you been
overwhelmingly evil
and i do not want what's gonna happen to you to happen but it's probably gonna happen and it's gonna be really horrible
but if you practice in this way wholeheartedly there's a there's some hope for you
so this is what the
the one who sees justice can do for someone
who's acting in a way that doesn't seem to be just
there's a way for them to interact
i'm not gonna deny the
the bad karma or the consequences there are going to be consequences but to
show the way of practice
his part of the process of justice but somebody has to see
the blindness to the justice and sure way to practice to open a mind and heart to the process of justice
can i bring us up
in relationship to for example
what will be
i can't tell your story of because it's just starting actually did it is startled the the but he caught the shoot is just starting to closing in on him now and by the way
he was publicly teaching
you know and he was teaching meditation he was teaching calm quiet meditation peaceful meditation he was a alternative health healer
like a bishop in our a rabbi has priest
and now
not know it wiki we can see this coming in and but i don't know it is gonna be a body sought for there to help him practice with this but the boy sat the would go
what travel and endanger her life to go help radovan
practice now
the face this
and to find salvation
even though he's involved in this point
unbelievable whore
and the same
the bodhisattva would have gone to help saddam hussein the bodies will come to help george bush and dick cheney
but not by latino maize corn boys but show them show them the karma have shown the way to practice with it but you have to see yourself
yet to be able to see it in your own story
when i heard the story today actually i when i heard the story about him and i've heard the story before but when i heard it
i actually didn't feel like he was a bad guy and i was a good guy i felt a little bit like i did feel a little bit like
i did this i felt sick like you know i thought that second such a feel when you think about something you did bad not not the sickness you feel when you think somebody else did something bad but when you feel kind of like culpable i felt some culpability
for this for this situation it was that sick feeling that i feel when i think i did something on skillful are cool but i thought good that i hadn't distance myself from his guilt i felt good about that because i would help me if i had a chance
to go to him
and and help him
but we see the evils in his world and or put a positive we see the evils of the world but we also see justice we don't feel separate we don't put us we don't put ourselves above the people who are doing evil
we feel close to them
close to the evil ones within with a spoof say we feel sick about it
because it's terrible and is sickening
but we have to be able to be still with that
like a bamboo tube
filling with water in order to come close to them in the school

no big deal just you know i'm with you
there's harmony here there's there's justice
i'm going to find it together
and it may mean that he's gonna go of painful punishments are gonna come to him i don't know what's gonna happen but
the point is no matter what this can be there could be practice to
and were you feel crushed
is maybe not that different from the way he feels given if your crushed
what's the difference if you're bad he's gonna feel bad if he doesn't feel bad and it's gonna be hard for him to practice if he somehow doesn't think there's any problem with this
den bosch and top can't help him
but if he can feel that but now it's coming
maybe he's even started already had enough
sat at i want to tell that story i have some other ones like that too
stories are and you also hear the the juxtaposition of mercy and justice he like almost like they're in conflict or forgiveness and justice
they're not in conflict
now i think buddhism they're they're they're together justice
including sometimes karmic consequences that look like punishment
go together with compassion and mercy and forgiveness
and we have quite a few nice stories about this
this combination of
mercy and justice punishment and helping people wake up in the middle of the punishment for what the consequences of their actions
i think today was the first time i felt sick feeling hearing about their
slobodan milosevic rate was the other woken and if one more of the swim
ah somehow slobodan milosevic when i've watched his process i didn't i didn't feel this sir
he seemed to be like totally in denial about it all like wasn't bothering him at all
you know
but this time i'm i feel closer to him
and i are gonna sic breath or good to better
i feel more like his situation is connected to her i practice here together
and therefore we share some responsibility for what he did
we contributed to the world that he lived in when he could act this way were somewhat responsible in our own way and i feel sick about that
but feeling sick is good if i should feel sick about this
you're good i feel sick
and i forgot that he his situation has allowed me to feel that where i didn't feel it
i felt more distant from
a loss of itch
i didn't i couldn't i couldn't feel my responsibility just like i feel my responsibility for george bush
i sick
handa a lot of americans feel sick about it and that's good that we feel sick
it wouldn't be so if we didn't feel sick about this it wouldn't be good
because then we will be denying our contribution
he's putting it out there on them
and is you want off or something
it's a great story isn't it

why you need what
yes you do
yes you do you need to do that
is almost like useless

you know
yeah what i thank you for that ah so in one sense what charlie brought up was some extent accusing the boys thought of having intentions and i said in some sense there is a don't
now you bring up decided the bodies that that don't have any intentions and i would say they really do
in i do it when when you see them that the that the that there with all beings you know intimately and there's no beings are with but they do have intentions and they take care of their intentions is such a way that they opened to this
beyond intention way of being with them
they do want to help beings and they they develop that and they look at that intention and they find a unconstructive stillness in their intentions by taking care of their intentions and intentions usually often have some movement in them with have constructed quality their intentions are
so part of what we do as we care for our intentions we pay attention to our stories we listened to and care for our stories so that we become free of our stories and settle into the on constructed the on storied realm of our life that's where the body suffers
come from but first they have to go there
they have to go there and then they come from there
and they go there by practicing compassion with their own stories their own intentions
but you can't really find truth justice in your story because your story isn't my story and there seems to be some disharmony or conflict between peoples different stories so it looks like we disagree in like
we're not helping each other because our stories differ or even mice theater you know it's on that's the way to his body sought as live in that world there would there happily living in that world they come into that world to practice
relaxing and being playful with their story and by being that way with their story they enter the realm the on storied round
the whole it conscious constructed intentions they practice with those in such a way that they enter the unconstructive
and they embody it then they come back into the constructed into the story of brown
and they tell stories and listened to stories
and they checked they checked them the realization by seeing if everybody story seem to be their own
and that's what they hear the here everybody stories there's because they don't have a story anymore their stories been deconstructed but it got didn't get get deconstructed by trying to pull it apart he came it became just deconstructed by caring for it kindly
i've been very intimate and honest and relaxed and playful with their story
so then they realize the source of their stories and they cannot have their story into the rump they come out of the and constructed into the constructed and teach other people how to play with their stories
they're overwhelming crushing stories
they teach people how to play with them and and like all of them and enter the and constructed and had come out and teach others
so there's two sides one side is the voice up to commit to live in the realm of stories and help all the beep being that involved with stories to become free their stories but also they get to a place where there aren't any beings are stories that there and working with anymore
so the go back and forth between these two rounds and this is how they realized
peace and harmony
kate balance between the two
not abiding in either
exercising both with no wouldn't not getting stuck in either
so part of their activity is just unconscious filling with water and dumping it out
but then from there they enter into like
while these constructions
thank you very much