Entry into the nature of the knowable 

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in the
third section of chapter three
ah there's the question had one point in their development do these body suffers
gain insight into conscious construction only

our conscious construction only as a
how verbal expression
which is a pointing hat
the teaching that the the mind the act the act active consciousness is generated in such a way
that it appears to itself the all that appears to itself is itself
it looks to itself has though what was appearing to itself was other than itself

now i've sent it to you and then the question is at what point the body sought for gain insight into this
under this teaching and into the reality of how our experienced a circumscribed by our conscious construction
how is it that we have insight into
whatever we're aware of is just conscious construction
in response to the question or a song says in virtue of a
discrimination of the image shows and mental words
accompanied by inside
that appear as doctrines and its meanings
and in virtue of the arising of insight into the doctrine as a great vehicle
they enter into a state of practicing hurt his commitment based on firmly believing
what they have heard
they enter the path of insight
upon intelligently understanding what they have heard they enter the path of meditation
upon countering all obstacles to that inside
and they enter the final path upon going beyond obstructing defilements to the utmost purification
the reality of all things
exists only has a conscious construction as just explained
in virtue of an earnest commitment to what is heard
have an intelligent understanding
have a countering of all obstacles and of going beyond
obstructing the farmers to the utmost purification

when back over now
at what point
or at what points in their development do these body such as gain insight into conscious construction only
in virtue of the script of a discrimination of the images and mental words accompanied by inside that appear has doctrines and their meaning
so the first thing that's the first aspect of the point at which day
gain insight into this
teaching and concept conscious construction only for mind only happens in virtue of their discriminating images
and mentor words
that are accompanied by insight
that appear
as teachings and their meanings or teachings and commentaries on the teachings
so these bodhisattvas are discriminating images through which the teachers are coming to them

and these images
there are coming to them that the discriminating or come are accompanied by insight
an insight
that accompanies these images
is the doctrines
and their meaning

image and the doctrine how they were together
when the image is accompanied by inside the image is the doctrine
and when they can which is accompanied by inside there is also
accompanying the doctrine
stranger when images look when images are accompanied by inside the images appear to be teachings
accompany and the meaning of the stitches
this is particularly talking about
ha an insight into conscious construction only
this particular teaching
and for this will you understand this tp you understand that the images that are appearing to you are
you understand you have insight that the images that are appearing to you are teachings
and their meanings
have you always end and part of the reason you understand that is because
you are
because in virtue of the inside of the arising of insight into this teaching of the great vehicle you have great faith
upon firmly believing
what you've heard
and when you enter into
ah this insight you also enter into what's called the path of insight
which sometimes is repetitive because it says it
the pattern the pattern insight you in ten diligently understand what you've heard
the path of insight is is where you
understand that there is no separation between your awareness of things and the things that the things you're aware of
or yourself or the things you're aware of our your awareness
this teaching is saying that to you and when you actually see that and see that the parents' separation is
in substantial you have entered the path of inside the path of understanding
that is no self separate from other

the to smooth
then it says they entered the path of meditation
upon countering the obstacles to that insight
so the next the next path after the path of insight is the path of meditation which follows the path of inside now there was a path of meditation there's nothing mentioned here which led up to the path of insight
you've been meditating for a long time
you've been practicing tranquility and receiving these teachings and meditating on for a long time however
you have not had insight into them
in part of the reason you haven't had insight into them is because
some images that appear to you you do not understand that they are teaching you this teaching
maybe of you when you read the sentence in a book you think or that's the teaching
but it's like you're reading the words in the book and suddenly you understand that the words and the look are actually the teaching they're not just words in the book are appearing to you as images
and you see other images like a person
and you don't think the person's words in the book but do you see that the person is the teachings
are your feelings all your experiences
you see as images
and you understand and are accompanied by insight which understand that these everything is appearing to you is the teaching with the teaching that was appearing to you is your mind
have you meditate a long time before that he actually
saw that understood that and believed in that and practiced with that and then you enter into the next path of meditation which is the meditation that follows the path of inside there's a path of meditation before the path of inside and a path of meditation of a path of meditation after inside and that pan
after you see for example does nothing to cling to you noticed such as clinging
have you see that does nothing to attach do you see some attachment
that's the path of meditations
where were you counter obstacles to the insights so on the path of meditation you see obstacles to the insight you see things which don't which contradict the inside but because of the insight encounter the obstacles you see that things that used to look like
contradictions to wait you understand
i still appearing however with there's no understanding they are
and then the next day is you enter into the final path
so this is a short description of the point at which bodhisattvas as enter into
or attain or insight into this teaching of conscious construction online

yeah and now comes another paragraph which sets up quite a bit more work and came to be this next paragraph bridges
kind of simple
ah just just gonna be able to get follow up on a bridge want to tell you beforehand the next paragraph says i'm one transition why did they come to enter how did they come to enter this way
so the previous paragraph the previous section said
at what point do they enter into and gain insight
it described the point at which they do and in a question can the questions were harder they did to that point which is sort of referring back to the path of meditation before the path of insight a following this wow
so now this is this is what leads up to the path of inside they do so because they are supported by the forces of good routes and other words they're practicing their watching their karma they're watching her active consciousness and
attending to the wholesome form of karma and
abandoning unwholesome karma and next because they have sharpened their minds and three aspects or you could say because they have aroused courage and three aspects
and the next one is
because they have abandoned the for barriers the four basic barriers and and finally because with uninterrupted and reverent meditation on the doctrine and its meaning in tranquility and inside they have not been

so this meditation on the doctrine and its meaning which is coming to them
they quietly meditate on this and contemplate these teachings
together with
doing wholesome karma
bother meditating on these teachings and developing nice horizon is three kinds of courage and removing and abandoning his for obstacles which i'll get into later
but before i do any questions on this last paragraph describing the point at which they have insight into the teaching which is that
the reality of our experience is that our experience
is unreality
the reality of our experience just been conscious construction the reality of our spirits being a dream
describing what it's like when you actually understand that which has brought up again in a bit later which i talked about last time over here
any questions was your question david j question before
the use of the word
that is all since
all in all sincerity
such as it is not as visual
are there is there is for example or was called sense experience yes
but even in sense experience this teaching a saying there is conscious construction going on so that we we construct the sensor data
and we say that it's out there separate from the consciousness which knows it like the blue is out there is the blue i'm saying is not
my mind it's something out there on its own separate from my mind
whereas actually the experience and blue is
a state of consciousness
and the kind of but the consciousness is constructed in such a way that it looks like the thing and knows about is not in the consciousness is contracts it it is a trickster
imagery the is and this is even indirect since consciousness sense perception now that's mrs even when you're not even saying is blue i can say is blue than that to looks like you think the blue thing which you can
section calling blue there's another concept which is i can other construction which is that the blue thing is out there separate from the line at the blue thing that annoying of the blue thing is a state of consciousness it's not a state of consciousness that know something that's not a consciousness
it's a consciousness that depends on something that's not a consciousness it has been done this doesn't deny the physical world it just says our experience of it
is our experience of our mind of it
our spirits of the physical world is experience of our conscious construction of it
screams called image
the mediating for this to
the indirection experience the image we have of the sense data let the color
he's an image of the color being out there
on is separate from us
there's not actually a mediating image for looking at an image of the color
then there's another kind of mediating image which is a mediating image which we look at the park at the image of the color through an image of the color like it's blue we look at the blue through it
then the image is mediating between us and what we're looking at all but the thing that gave the awareness of the color of its be out there is a puppy that is an image of a day out there
so indirect perception we don't negotiate our awareness of the data
we'll just see an image of the data being out there but the image is not an image of the data it's image of the data out there it's the image with the idea that that what we know is not
knowing that's kind of knowing we have
transforms to
that kindness
the lines
ah the experience is the mind in this teaching
it's not there is an experience and a mind
says the mind that transforms and the transform me so it's always transforming okay
combines the mind's always transforming whether you're receiving teachings are not and one of the teachers you can receive as the teaching of loving kindness that's an example of virtues that you can practice and by practicing those virtues that is us and
receiving the teachings receiving the teachers of loving kindness help us receive the teachings of conscious construction only help is
so the basis loving kindness and compassion are the basis of us receiving the kitchen
loving kindness is not really
you had telling us that the loving-kindness that we're dealing with is just a conscious construction loving kindness most people think your impression loving-kindness i actually impacts income loving kindness rather than i'm practicing a conscious construction of loving kindness

you got confused and i'm not saying you didn't it just that this teaching says that that what you're looking at as a conscious construction of your confusion

at the point that you see that you're wondering about
how you got confused when you see how you're wondering about how you got confused for if you see confusion
and you see that those images you have the confusion or your images you have on wondering about that you see that that's the teaching and meaning of the teaching then you've understood the kitchen we've entered into the tissue
but it is quite a bit a warm up to them did you have equipment yeah i was wondering if you see this differentiation between the first the entering through the images of insight
then intellectual
are intelligent understanding is another level i'm just wondering if that is all one
i'm asking that because i remember
reading some a chance
i said images really
hang understanding
certain images turned the understanding your images that were supposed to be
supposed to be showing the teaching

not in one dimension when the image dimension which i think is an old other way of getting to know something that's why i'm just interested of this differentiation is in this
the paragraphs down
i feel like your question takes us back again to what we kind of slipped over which was chapter two
but it's okay because we can say that one whatever you're looking at have these characteristics
so one of the characteristics of everything is that it it's interdependent it arises in depends on the things
another characteristic is that there is an image kind of like superimposed over it
so now you say either certain images that are particularly helpful
fresh safety
one of the images that might be helpful is the image for the idea that whenever you're looking at although it's actually a interdependent thing
it has an image superimposed over it so can get hold of it
because without putting an image over the
the vast causal processes without putting an image over it we can't know it
are not on our knowing cannot directly graph me some omnis
all the time the africa also process right in front of us we missing in the sense of we can't we can get a hold of it
we can't know what do we know it is by putting an image on and there's an image which tells us that we do that but the same applies to that but that doesn't mean it's not to use for teaching
when you look at a phenomena and you realize that is just a conscious construction because you've heard the teaching of conscious construction he started to develop insight into the teaching
so that says some of these teaching some of these images that that these teachings are appearing to you and are very useful that's why it's recommended that you listened to them and think about them and learn them because they will transform your support county your your
container consciousness which will support the possibility and have the insight into what's happening namely insight into the way we dream about something that's actually going on rather than just deal with what's going on in a way that we can't get ahold of it
but if we dream about it or project some kind of substance or essence on it then we can talk about it and you know
get hired at some business
because you can talk about it

so when this inside curves in the images that president
when when inside occurs and wife the images that transmit the teachers and with it and we see crisis construction for what it is that understanding
it's not been conscious construction anymore
it's an understanding that these are only images
the understanding that these art image to the understanding that these are images are the understanding the deal
images are conscious construction online
the understanding that the images are conscious construction online
but that knowledge that understanding is not unconscious consciousness crash constructed consciousness and more that's did that if you're wondering about isn't there an african to the earliest hours and answer is it still is
however is also not because there's a thoroughly established character in this event to
so as i as i taught cuts i went ahead a few weeks ago and pointed out another place where the question is arising a section eight
what state is entered in enter it in understanding conscious construction only what is it right
and the answer is one enters into
cognition only comma a state of duality of image and insight com and a state of multiplicity com
but another translation is one enters into a state of unity com a state of duality of image and inside calmer and the state of multiplicity com
and that from lesson from hot
still me from jumping ahead to their last week by snow are coming back to the nest where we can roost
so in the inside there's still a sense
that what you're looking at is out there the image and the appearance of the thing you have an insight about that's the duality there's also a unity but in the unity
which is conscious construction only it's still conscious construction only interested in now in a unity it doesn't look like the insights one thing and was you had having inside a bot or another
that's the unity but there's another part where the insights seems to appear
in duality with what it has insight about namely conscious construction only saw a break with the thing on where there's just comes to construction only and there's only unity and there isn't anything but conscious construction only those inside of costs construction only which appears to be in duality with the insight
simplicity to at the same time all the stuff's going on to like before except now this insight
and you understand that this unity duality and multiplicity
and you understand that in a unity way
where there's absence of any construction
and you understand that there is a construction about the absence of any construction
so the absence of construction the ultimate is not made into something substantial either
the purpose of that stage
this is to my next stage and meditation and feeling the obstacles like the article said against floor the purpose of that stage than the evolutionary development of entering yes as to move onto the next stage of irritation of dealing with the obstacles such as the
correct after you enter this have to enter during the stage you've entered the stage of inside the path of insight then you move on to the path of meditation where you encounter things which seem to contradict what you just learned and you in a new and you counter those countered those contradictory phenomena was obscene
chuckles which seem to disagree with what you just understood but you are now you really believe you have established confidence in with this new thing you've learned and with their confidence you can actually change all these things which again seem to be contradicting the teaching you just learned into more proof of reality
so are there further insights that accelerate the development at those ages as you meet those obstacles or you simply dealing with them britain the other well ah there's no further insights at the level of
the conscious construction only
the fact that is the inside and and then it's just a matter of applying it to everything in everything in your store house conscious everything in your unconscious which is supporting the appearance of these contradictions and every time you you need my these contradictions without being fooled
a liar is turn towards wisdom
and then there's a final stage of the complete verification say this the first stage after the path meditation is the final purification which we call
buddhahood and we're darned the dharma body of the buddha and then the dharma body of a buddha can then transmit his teaching again is now it is now a transmitter of this teaching to other consciousnesses
we can receive it and enter this process of transformation towards our of buddha and
i'm amazed that you how well you understood how well you've understood how well you've understood
thank you so much for understanding so well and so next time probably here know about i will talk about the three sharpening and moving the for obstacles and then you know what happened
after that which is printed as you might imagine
i thank you very much for taking care of the practice

the race