Exploring Consciousness and Realizing Wisdom

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Exploring consciousness with the aid of Buddha's teachings is a path to discovering and realizing deep, liberating Wisdom. Consciousness may be experienced as confining and confusing; at the same time it offers opportunities for learning skills and making discoveries.

Auto-Generated Transcript

this is a story about a chinese buddhist priest whose name was
sean young
a jewish young
hand am
he was a
very sincere practitioner who study the
the teachings and listened to the teachings a lot
i think key
he first went to study with the are great ancestor
a john
by john why hi
he was extremely intelligent
and quick witted
but even know he was studying with this great master by john
he still couldn't penetrate to the heart
of life
and now after bhaijaan i guess passed away he studied with
when a by jogs seniors students
named question we've heard about earlier today
so question had
already we've heard that he has ah
inaudible disciples his name was member
young schon the yonge on so yeah grace on as jiangsu nine if someone suddenly comes to you and says all sentient beings just have karmic consciousness how would you test this teaching and experience administrators money
a you right
so i'm now another a student who was a student of grey sean's teacher integrations teacher his name was
by john f
question teacher with by zhang so and so shiny on was also the student by bhaijaan but i guess by the time by john passed away
shanghai had not actually
heard the true dharma
and was still involved your worldly affairs i guess
one day equation said to him i'm not asking you about what recorded
in what can be learned or what can be learned from the scriptures
you must say something from the time before yourself was born
before you could distinguish objects
i want to record what you say
so as shown on tried to say something and basically
gresham's law that's not what i'm asking for he did speak but i guess he wasn't speaking from
before his selfless born or before consciousness
ha can discriminate objects
went back to his room and started studying his scriptures again and came back to talk to your question a gang questions and know it's know one i'm asking for
and if i remember what happened after that
you think he sent him to find an art teacher at close
are the student decided to go not much find in our teacher but kind of give up ah this the line of inquiry or with which he was involved which with i don't know if he would have said i'm stuck in worldly affairs
but he was apparently
kept trying to grasp
gotta get this mind is this south
get to a place before it was born he kept trying to think his way there
so he went to great answer i'm i'm gonna just go and just bear you know basically a beggar monk a mendicant mark and
either he he left oz books have burned all his books and headed off and he went to take care of
the monument
one of the national teachers'
in in their lineage
the national teacher john
national teacher nanyang and so he went to the memorial site in here guess he
one somewhere to stay there and he just took care of the memorial site
keeping a clean and cutting the grass and stuff
one day why he was cutting grass or sweeping around the monument or his broom sent a pebble fly through the air and the pebble hit bamboo a wet
when you heard that sound
he entered
the time
this self was born
when do you tell i've had i've got forgot to mention is that after he couldn't respond to grey zones
instruction he said would you please explain to me what your how to do it
anguish i'm so well
you know
it wouldn't do any good if i explained to hide do it because out the how i would do it and also if you try it if you tried it you if i told you later you would revile me for
for giving you that it's that explanation
basically distracting you from what i asked you to do by giving you my words
by which you could try to grasp something ungraspable so i won't tell you
so when he heard the sound he was very happy and
and he said
he turned kashi
he took a bath
and offered incense and bowed in the direction of his teacher question
and he said
the masters kindness is greater than that of my dear parents
back when i was with you if you had explained than how could i have come to
this realization
so kind not to do his work for him
and so he's just quietly
studied his mind
studied his mind
so that when he heard that sound
he found the path
i'm an hour board
then he
ah compose and palms
which he then had some messenger monk take his poems too young to question
and if you want to i tell you what does ponder tomorrow but basically he said he said something from that place
so he went to the place he came out any expressed his gratitude and then he wrote something
which he sent to
the on immigration on reddit he felt that these words came from before
words before objects are distinguished before the self was born
however young schon is older down her brother didn't go for it so i'll tear the rest of story later