Facing Change and Realizing PeaceĀ 

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i begin again by telling the story that
our life is
basically unborn
and it's like a river
then the river gets covered by a road
but since the road is originally
an unborn river the road is always
on the road there's there's birth
in the river it's unborn
on the road or self and other separated birth and death separated
and no stress
from making
have road out of a river
there's a yearning to go back to the river to go back to the unborn which i haven't said before but sometimes might be called the unborn buddha-nature
had and the way to
a to the way to return
the way to rejoin
the unborn
is to enter the great dance
when the way to
the way to return
do the unborn his by
practicing compassion towards everything on the road
towards all the forms on the road
for all the forms of the road
practice compassion towards birth
sickness and death
practice compassion towards happiness and unhappiness
towards pain and pleasure
towards the
appearance of the body
there's a road like version of the body
road like version
have mind
by being compassionate to these appearances to these forms
one can rejoin
her home
in the unborn just like a river
i keep forgetting to mention a form here
and that is
there's a form on the road of zen
and actually yeah
and in different schools of and on the road of xander different schools of zen and the different schools are in different houses and have different names
but one school is called the school soto zen and insult as then when we sit in meditation we make this mudra
like this which many of you are using when you're sitting i've noticed
it's called the
concentration mudra sometimes it's called the
cosmic concentration murder
and as is often placed usually
underneath the naval
close to close to the abdomen or touching the abdomen below the navel
many of you are doing that form but the form i wanted to mention is the form of the hands when doing walking meditation and that form some of you are you are what you're doing as you're walking with the cosmic meditation major a while you're walking
but the the usual reform is to kind of you could say collapse or consolidate this mudra
this this concentration winter consolidated are concentrated like this putting the thumb on the left-hand down and wrapping the fingers of the left-hand around the thumb and then placing the right hand over the left
and putting the thumb of the right hand
be between between the thumb on the left-hand and other fingers so like it looks like this and then turning it
either upright are slightly tilted back and hold it had bought the level of the sternum
this is a form tight i keep forgetting to tell you but finally i remembered it here is a form
on the road
that you could take care of
that you could be responsible to and four
and this responsibility
to to this particular form
for it to work
in the program of returning to the unborn
this responsibility for this murder should arise from generosity it should be a gift
this form should not be used to try to get back home
and yet if you take care of this form you will go home you will return
but this taken care of this form should be an act of generosity of gift
not trying to get anything
so we take care of the formed on the road but we take care of them as gifts we take care of the forms of
taking care of herself
like brushing our teeth feeding our body and giving it a rest and exercise
i'm keeping it
not too hot or cold taking care of our body
is good
opportunity for
i respect our ethical responsibility to this body
but it should arise from generosity
and on the road there is an opportunity to
be responsible
to the welfare and happiness of others
but this responsibility it's ethical responsibilities the welfare of others
it needs to arise from generosity in order to take us home
to the unborn
which as i said before it means taking care of yourself
and taking care of others
in a non addictive way
not by habit
but by generosity
it is not our habit
or should say it is our habit to take care of ourselves and others habitually
arising out of the idea of offering our gift
if we do notice that were taking care of myself habitually
than that habit is another form to take care of on the road another thing
to be responsible for and to
as an act of generosity
so if you're taking care of yourself an ungenerous way then
generously take care of yourself in and generous way
and then even you're on your habitual way of taking care yourself or your habitual what have taken care of others are opportunities
for this responsible this generous responsibility
which will bring us home
to bring us to them
to the dance by which we
by which we return
and another asked another lesson another lesson on the road to how to behave on the road is
kind of to take care of what
it's been given to you like i said
everything really everything on the road is really given
com plete be given
anri end being mindful of that
hi this wonderful thing can happen
but it's not so much is wonderful thing of returning to the unborn and sometimes people might think oh my god this thing happened and we returned to the unborn when we
when this thing happened we return to the unborn
we return to
our actual life we returned to freedom
of our actual life
but the real the important thing is that you that you really received it with know you know
he really like contact or was given and didn't skip over it
he gave yourself completely to what was given to you completely
and then it seems like wow
this is fabulous but it's not exactly it
that's fabulous it's to your way of relating to it
that's set you free
in brings peace
and in fact the things that are given are like their forms their particular colors and smells and tastes and words and actually these colors and to
tastes and words and feelings and i ideas all these things that are given their also given
when we know them they're given as words
they're not words
they're given to us and then because of words we know we know them
and now now that we know them we can practice with them
and our habit is to kind of
well it's not exactly that we want to live in the world of the known but it's almost like that and worse we're we're addicted were addicted to live in the realm where we know things which means do it we're addicted to live in the realm of words
we're uncomfortable living in the realm of the river where there's really no words is where least those words but they don't apply to anything there is flying around with
other things which my rhyme with them
and things can rhyme on the road to
the the known things can
platinum do wonderful things with each other
so it's it this responsibility is for particular things particular things are completely given and we most of us
need to train
to be present for the particular and then to be really generously responsible with the particular
and be not really be with it without trying to get anything and again to practice
generosity and ethics ethical responsibility and patience
if we don't immediately
ah experience freedom or i should say yeah what's the word
not exactly experience for freedom but realize freedom by the way we relate to the road
and again become with this particular forms
which means to be open to them and playful with them
come with them flexible with them
and be creative
but not necessarily think we're being creative
but by being creative we re enter the creative process and the creative process is not created
the creative processes unborn
and we yearn to be in the unborn creative process
it's our home of course
of course we live where were being created
and and that is not in this tradition is not create it does not something as creating the creation
it seems like things would not be as free if there was
and if there seems to be fine
we do the same practice with that
daniel would you bring one of those folding chairs appear and put it here
harman would you bring one of those folding chairs and put it up here
yeah well it's kind of a creative way to put it
i thought oh for the water was unsure
that's a creative thought
hello water hello water
when you go over here
i also brought copies of this book for anybody who wants a signed copy
i brought them last week but some of you weren't here someone suggested i bring him again so i did

once again
this is about being responsible
in a in a way that we're being generous in our responsibility to appearances and appearances are what we know and all we know
however what we know
are not the
totality of our life
they're just kind of like this dried up version of our life which is normal
but again we aren't thought that when i say dried up i don't mean that in a disrespectful way i just mean it like you know i'm respectful to a dehydrated version of the river
and i understand that people
like the drive version of it because they can get hold of it and they feel uncomfortable with the fully moistened life because you can't grasp it
however you were living in an all the time anyway we never actually are not living in it however on the road we are in a sense exiles
we are exiled
we are exiles born when we are born we are exiles in our actual experience
we're not exiles were not born
and we
because of past karma we feel a little uncomfortable
not being born being unborn it's something we had to develop patients with
one type of patients his patients with
you know pain
now the kind of patients his patients with insult
another patients is the patients with
unborn experience
with the fact that things aren't really produce that's
and it's a type of patients which we can work up to by being patient with things on the road
and so we do see think most of us on the road that would be opportunities for patients and working on that gets us ready to be patient with where we actually want to be a war we actually want to be we actually have difficulty being there
even though we're at peace and for either
because it
like sometimes people say you know
why do i forget this you know the perfectly happy they remember what's important and they say why do i forget it
why do why why my exiled from this place which i found again which i know is where i wanna be
while the reason is because i passed exile exile nations
we're not really exiles were just x thousand were born and when we die we were born in the realm of the unborn were not exiles
but karma makes us want to go away from a place where there's no enclosure and be inside a cup of a cognitive enclosure
so we accept that that we had that there's a tendency right somewhat
and we work with that
and now we have a way to work with it
which can it freest where where we can so we can be free of it
gay i'm so
i the
say one more thing and that is the distinction between the appearance the road and
sort of actual life
which means actual experience which is not subject to being known
by itself we ourselves can not know ourselves but we can be ourselves
the distinction between those two is brought up because of the concern of freedom freedom
i think involves being aware of these two
these two dimensions of our life
experience and appearance
who we really are and who we appear to be
who we are who we really are which is seen from nowhere and who we are we just seen from somewhere
we use were kind of like to see things from somewhere
that's our habit
now our training to learn to tolerate seeing our life from nowhere
i put these chairs here because
i thought it might be nice if you want that you have any feedback to come up here and sit down
where your if you have any songs to sing or anything it's microphone can pick him up better

i'm fred have some blankets for you if you get cold
which he will offer to you
so any feedback or questions about how to
be responsible and generous how to be generous responsible to every come up to you wanna come up you don't have to
no you don't have to but you but you're welcome to ah
okay here she comes this is sharon coming up to offer something
the form i was looking for forms this week thank you
and nothing but there was it does a form of my work
nothing around driving so i thought i would look at my take the form of reactivity as it might arise in me
and they were three things the last one which i'm having trouble with generosity
the first is that a nice a line is moving this weekend and i felt sad that she was moving and loss and i can be generous with her and her need to go in my hands you can be generous with hers and you can be generous to your feelings of
sadness yes okay
and then the second one was i saw periodontist
oh tommy i needed some bone grafting
of phone
the reactivity that came up the appearance of this reactivity i was the first pain
but i felt this person who is going to do the surgery i felt his generosity towards me i felt
i felt like i could relax because i felt
cared for and his presence
the forty five hundred dollars they'd tell me as gonna need a paper came up that was a small reaction that i noticed it and
that was that was okay i felt just he would take care of me and i would i felt generous than that
this third thing came yesterday
and generally i don't feel much reactivity coming up in my days
i was in my backyard and a neighbor from the back that i can't see because i planted things
hurt me and asked me yelled at me to come over and i said yes and this neighbor about a year ago chopped a tree a large tree but a tree that was growing it's in a corner of my yard and kind of covers his or had and a year ago he chopped
his side of the tree
and it left the tree leaning into another neighbor's yard with children i called an arborist and hadn't from it and balances so yesterday he says to me the trees now growing a little bit into his yard as much
i'm gonna chop that tree
and i i get so active i i watched i can i saw i didn't take him disappearance but i watched it arise in me
this rage that he was gonna cut this tree and i'm telling him i have destroyed in and my story to him as that i hired the eibar as decade this money it's a balance it could hurt the children and then i noticed telling him a lie i i really i don't i can even a mat i don't
i've actively spoken i said i called the city and
what i said and it's
a legal to let a tree fallen to do damage to a tree that can fall into the neighbor's yard and hurt their children i eventually call the city actually after this
and he was screaming and yelling at me and all and telling me he was just gonna cut the street
and i came in and i was so upset i still am worked with it's a little bit bed
i feel
sad for the tree
and i don't feel very generous towards him i've been working with feeling some generosity
towards him and his need to not have any leaf cross his boundary
and i i can't find that within myself i
i did call the city they said it's a civil matter i could write a letter to him i could call my insurance company but really there's nothing i can do
it's a sense that the the rage i could feel voiceless is under that was the sense of powerlessness that there wasn't
you mean functional thing i could do except
kind of relax and accept this
but i'm finding difficulty with the generosity
to him
these are good examples thank you on
and when i heard these stories of different stories
and the last one being the most challenging to you use the word reactivity and when you said reactivity i thought every time you said it was i thought
something that you did because you miss the bit before
so if the case may be the first example your nice moving away
because you didn't take care of the moving away first
he and his reaction
which you had this reactivity but then you took care of the reactivity which is good
if you need to take care of the reactivity which is actually the way you feel when you don't take care of the first thing
so i think that when we say reactivity we often mean that we didn't take care of what was given
we didn't have the generosity towards the thing immediately
we miss the first thing that the thing was given to us and we didn't say thank you
and then we had and then not saying thank you something arises from not saying that you but the your case because of this practice you doing than you noticed that and then you said thank you are then you brought generosity
so in each one of these stories just take their stories of where you you missed he missed the first thing and you notice what you did when you miss the first phase and then you did it in the case
but in the case of this person doing something harmful
ah you also had from saying thank you
and then you had this response and then you had troll saying thank you to your own response
not to mention his further responses so but to your own is my and the harm and just
not speaking the truth to him yeah that too
with the general that the the speaking the truth really the speaking the truth should arise from generosity
in this teaching the generosity is first and then the ethics follows so ethics
he's a gift ethics is not doing something ethical to get something it's an offering
like last week at towards the class margarita that is possible to be
i don't know what you said it's possible to be ex and still say no are still stays are still stop something it's possible to have a generous response to this person and still stop him from her in the tree as possible
it might be good to stop him for her in the tree
i might have said thank you for
who knows what you might have said lot of possibilities if you are generous you could possibly stop in one way to for you to stop miss to say
you know i see well
i see i see your problem like when you were telling me what this guy i thought of which i often do
which is quite helpful to me and others i thought my grandson
you know who you know if he had a backyard of his own which he doesn't i can imagine that if a leaf from somebody tree came into his background grd freak out maybe when he was little boy you know like watch at leaf from somebody else's you know like one time he asked me for banana and i brought it to him and cut and he just totally
well apart
because they cut his banana
you know
so i realized i have to really be careful with this kit little guy because a little a little thing like that a little
even a generously offered he can get very upset so then i have to like quickly respond generously to his
reactivity his total rage and fear of what happened when i cut the banana is world was was really really totally reorganized
without any expectation another time when i was out that i was at the los angeles zoo with them and you will hear
he was trying to peel an orange nice and would you like me to help you and you said yes and i took an i bit the top on top of and he again he totally freaked out to you bit my orange you know and he's tried to hit me and stock and and policemen came over it so what's going on you know
and then he was going to throw it in the garbage and his grandmother says if you threaten the garbage you're not going to get anymore any lunch so i didn't but hours later he forgave me but he
so what you know just for example
seeing him as a little boy who's got his own yard and you know anything coming into his yard is like a total trauma
if you see if i would see him that way it all and this is like a frightened little boy i might say to him i might think of myself he's probably not
able to be responsible for this tree in a generous way
so i probably to say i'm in i think we're really what i'd like to do is i'll take care of the tree
how how prune it let me do it because you could do the same thing the tree that he's doing but kindly in a loving way so let let me take her the tree show me what you wanted to do and i'll do it
you know just like a little girl boy who's like you know your tree is like traumatizing him well he's not you don't want somebody like that to be taken care of this tree or the for the apple i mean or the orange he's throwing garbage you know it's going to throw his origin the garbage the got so upset
so this guy would probably would hurt the tree and you don't want to heard it before yeah but yeah you could say maybe if you realize what you're dealing with is a child so they let me take care of it i'll take care of age tell me what you want to do it i'll do it you not to say you're a child you know and you're incapable of taking care of this tree and a compassionate way
i just say let me take care of it
when you see somebody who can't take care of something
try to make them give them a gift to say what i'll do it for you in all help you i don't want you to help me do by myself you know try to find a way to
either to do it in a compassionate way or show him how to do in a compassionate way because it's is to be taken care of business you got a frightened person here
so you've gotta protect the tree and him and the whole neighborhood from his trauma from his his violent reaction to his theories probably terribly afraid of these branches you know who knows what he seen
and he's just so you know he's acting like a little boy or a little girl is really scared of something this is reg really threatening his
his road you know
so but and know when you see i'm an adult man especially a big one who's who's really frightened it's not that easy to say will end let me help you you know let me it's not that easy
to come in there so let me let me help you with this
and or in a loving way sometimes they snap out of it not always
but if some said look i understand the please let me help you with this oh okay
well i can feel softening towards him
he's a child i can think i might catch the eye is just a little boy at heart with a big body and anything and he and he's not when he's upset is not capable of taking care of an orange or a tree or himself for anything
and the appearance
this is appearing yeah this is pairings this person is really upset and
and then can you say hi and welcome yes welcome ah
you know ray a wrathful deity
course looks like a frightened little boy with a big body welcome and then be responsible know not just welcome and see a later
but welcome and and be b be ethically responsible for it
and then if you if you'd take care of each thing you may find some amazing you know what looks like a wonderful way to deal with it but it's not so much that that if that you make up the wonderful way to deal with it but that you deal with what you with what you're running into
it's very important to deal with what you're tripping on or what's tripping you up
what looks like an obstacle what it looks like that you what looks like an obstacle if you really say thank you it is it it looks like a miracle what can happen but it's not really a miracle is that you accept the way things are given completely
that's the freedom as the freedom from the liberation yeah right
thank you very good examples thank you for working on that
our homework is our way to go home
our homework is to deal with being exiled
when en route in the world of birth
any other
comments or offerings that anybody cared to
i invite you to
why i invite you to go a generous amount
i've often noticed you
start a story about something by saying that it's been suggested to me that i brings more about tonight so
more books and
and then sometimes i wonder
if he only do what other people suggest
he just wait until somebody suggests something and then to say because you know when i look really hard it seems like
i can imagine almost everything i see you do it could be something that somebody like for example teaching this class
this year
and i wonder about the things i do and down if i'm being irresponsible
you know if i just decided to do something because i want to about
wait invited to do it
wonderful observation
in a way it's not so much i want to do people are suggested i only do what's given
i have my activity but it's given to me
and then i'm and then i'm responsible now that it's given
and i don't do everything that people suggest are asked me to do i don't like they say would you please come to a meeting but if i'm on the mall i realized that this request to come to meeting has been given to me
so there's a suggestion that i respond to this gift
and i want to be generous to this i wanna be your generous to this thing that's been given to me and then and then how do i
respond to that in on what's what's a generous response
and i don't act all by myself and nobody else makes me act
i'm not determined by the things that are given to me
what i like i said before
what we have to work with
what we what we have to be generous with
he's given completely how we respond is not determined
is it is undetermined now it's an undetermined better than not determined it is determined because in the sunset on how you respond to what's given in sometimes is determined by what's given
but really really how you respond is undetermined
given the determinants you've given determinants of in your response is undetermined that your freedom
is it only undetermined if you notice that it's given
miss that if it gets to say is that only freedom if you miss is only undetermined yet or it don't miss that is it it's going to know only dream if you don't miss that is it only and determined if you notice if it's undetermined either way but if you don't
if you don't
if you're not mindful and you don't honor that responsibility
you miss out on the freedom
your freedom is is to respect
your responsibility
and it's not even that your freedom is to do this or that
ah at the covers response which she you know
that's more like a matter of human beings judging what's happening on the road like he did well or he didn't do well the freedom is not that you'd is not that you do something wholesome or do something unwholesome the freedom is that you're on the beam of responding out of generosity that that's
your butcher focused on
that's where the freedom is and if you missed that you missed the freedom
but it's undetermined what how how it goes when you'd miss out how it goes when you don't pay attention to your responsibility how it goes when you're not respectful of your responsibility
that's also undetermined but
it even though it's undetermined it's not recommended for for realizing freedom
when you know people don't need any encouragement do not pay attention and not be respectful of this they naturally
i have a hard time doing that because of the habit because of the habits a big which lead to reactivity
so we do need to practice in order to realize this reality
but the reality is there any way it's just if we don't practice it's almost like it's not there like we say
the way is all pervading and perfect there's no place it doesn't reach but if there's the slightest discrepancy it's like it's a big like it's almost like there's no way the ways like
millions of miles away
the freedom is the practice
in the practice is to honor your responsibility to respect it
in that that's before anybody judging whether you did anything right or wrong
you just feel yes i do i feel obliged to act in a way that's an accord with freedom and peace yes i do
i and i want to respect that and and i am respecting it and this is my responsibility and here's my practice right now
and now i can judge hi i'm doing and somebody else can do
but that's not in that can be dealt with to but it's not really a judgment
it's not really a you know another appearance
what can thank you
usa is not is not a judgment or an appearance you can judge it it and there can be appearances
but judgments and appearances are things that we know the reality of freedom is impossible to know
but if not impossible to realize a matter of fact you realize it when you're practicing it is don't get to know just don't get to get hold of it because that isn't where it lives it doesn't live
around where you can get a hold of it it's free
freedom is free
freedom you don't get get forget you don't get to get freedom you don't get to attach to freedom you don't get to take it home with you you don't get too
you do get to get distracted from it
you do get to say nasty things about it
you you do get to lie about it
like i don't care by freedom freedom is not interesting to me at all
i don't mean nothing to me i don't care if anybody's i don't care of everybody's in prison we can talk like that because we're free
we can say some other things that are even nastier because we're free
but if we don't practice and we just talk nastily are not going to understand freedom
we're not ethically responsible to be cruel
where unethically responsible to be cruel
hi yes
please come
he chaired by will to start of that maybe a different way so i've been practicing with care being upright with carry that too much that came to little the before
i've been practicing the last week
like pruning a tree yes
i also
so i've been practicing with the form of losing
which is a mirror of character and trying to understand
am looking at what i care about what i'm afraid to lose said one former did this week as
i went through my files for which i collected for thirty years now
and i throw things away
and thirty years ago tomorrow i got my first job out of college and i've worked in that industry for thirty years time that industries die
so it's been it's is lost as well
thirty years ago today tomorrow tomorrow
you got your first job after college
and i've stayed in industry so now it's dying and i went through all these files i had that have relevance to
and i was sorting them out because i thought they were here are things i cared about
can i was trying to throw away
put it into piles of things i just couldn't
and things i could throw away the things that we're in limbo and then i i try to be mindful what i was carried out
because something's were no more they weren't relevant this for the streetcar
what came up to me a little bit where we talked about last week about commitment that the things i had a hard time losing
i thought still committed to
and the things i didn't feel committed to for a variety show mike mccann
oh so i started looking should have that commitment as the source of character and it it kind of recent concerns me sir liquid i heard charlie same or maturing was saying like there are many trees being proved right now but he care about this particular tree you know because we're committed to
this trip in some way and it made me also realize that
oh yeah the other side caring for me is always losing and the fear of losing makes me kind of whole my commitments close
like i am in some way mashing what i care about five sort of keeping a small circle commitment and what would ever make me want to expand that commitment
to something broader caravan if i knew that i would just lose the how could i stand
so i'm i'm just wondering where the it was teaching of freedom i liked the sound of this because
if there's the opportunity and everything i care for to realize the freedom even losing them
but otherwise i had this karma need just to kind of contain what i care about you know i care about this tree in my backyard but two doors down but okay down
no problem for me
well as they often saves and stories you said quite a bit there
right i just want to say because i cross my fingers before so i can keep track and talk without my fingers crossed before i forget her disgusting or stand for i just wanna say that today is that
the day that forty two years ago i was ordained as priests
this one is about
the industry is dead
buddhism is dead
the buddhism i was born his his dead simon
go try to
take all the stuff that i have related to buddhism and
given away which is another one which is don't throw that stuff away be kind to it
i did put it the boot cat yeah yeah don't throw it away just get it out of the house take empty the house of the things that are related
to something that's died
so it would probably mean you're almost completely empty the house yes but don't take a while
give loria chance to adjust
i'm talking nothing but more like with with an empty house there's something an empty house
how the thing about commitment
i kind of feel like it's not just that we care it's not just that i don't think the care comes from the commitment i think that would commit i commit to what i care about and then when i commit to what i care about
hum i get to notice
if i care without commitment it's a glow it will i think it's a little harder for me to notice my reactivity
and the your example i thought was really good example because she said if you would extend you said commitments
i think you're right that if you extend the commitment your activity would expand greatly
can you don't want that
but it's not so much that really would expand you just becomes so aware of it you probably would have trouble functioning in anything related to your usual ways he promise you work up to it gradually
but i think that would be good as it is to actually do that is too
consider expanding your commitments so it can become more aware of your activity
because again you think all those people over there i haven't committed to them so i have no reactivity with regard to them and it's nice not to be reactive i can be generous to people when they're really far away
but if i commit to them
they get closer and then
my generosity
and the other thing is this that this this death of the industry or on some of these things
ha again can we see death as a gift because again on the road there's birth which we sometimes do see as a gift we don't usually think of death as a gift we think of it has a loss
can we think of a loss as a gift
get on the road there's gain and loss
and there's the practice of generosity towards gain and loss
but generosity towards gain is not to say thanks i'll i'll take that game it's more like receiving the game and then giving it away receiving the loss and giving it away
so the responsibility in the realm of the road where the gain and loss that responsibility to what to do with the equipment of a defunct activity
that gift
now i want to be generous with that and not and then my responsibility comes out of the generosity with respect to this thing which looks like a loss but which i read after what i've heard has been given to me a loss has been given to me
loss has been given to me
the loss of today is given to me the last of my youth has been given to me the loss of my health the loss of my fame the loss of my good reputation has been given to me
and i wanna say thank you and then not just there but can be responsible now that i've led a into my life
so my
my work has died
the death of my work has been given to me
i say thank you and then i have maybe have some responsibility there some possible responsibilities and now i have a new job
which has related to dealing with the death of my old job
i will try to practice that way i will try to say thank you to the death of buddhism the death of zen practice
i will try to say thank you to the death of everything good that's been that's been given to me now i've been given the loss of all those things i will try to say thank you to that and be responsible to them
and that's my new job that's my job that's my job that's my job as my job that's my job that's my work
that's the work of a bodhisattva
which again is just simply deal with every single thing that's given to you because everything in your life every appearance is given
and we don't know how
there's know basically we're told how but we don't see how it inconceivable how the road gets built on top of the river and then how it can kind of to die be born
and then again when we relate skillfully and in the way we like due to that situation that's our job and then we lose that job the job guys
that's the next gift
thank you
one more before we go on our merry way
thank you for coming to visit

have you doing with
you're dealing with buying a house yet
have you know think that
the had to take
the process
at any time
i was trying to force an issue
call people at all
what to do the inspection and they weren't there and they weren't there and i was rather than
calling pushing for the issue i'm gonna have to back out and and see okay this is not around this is not going with the flow
what what's not going with blow em
i'm trying to make something work like have oh yeah so show up to no avail so this this kind of this is your responsibility but it's not coming from generosity yes
i'm trying to force trying to get something to go the way somewhere that yes and that didn't work so i accepted i knew that i was able to be generous about okay this is not looking that way and
this is a of alone
and then i had to retire
and the agent did the inspections for me
of the people that
one of the ribbon of the inspections can ruin a lot of connection to him and now i am not unless it he thought the bank because i made the bank or an hour
have a difficulty to have a generosity for my myself and profession for myself although i'm beginning to understand that suspected that i have been missing it
because i've try and
check out the back a lower price as a result of this time
and obsessing about it that if they want to identify with by and erotic kind of like feeling like i'm trapped here and now
yeah but when we can't practice generosity
it's hard to see what our responsibility is which is our freedom
our freedom isn't our responsibility to have an ethical response to the situation and if we're not generous it's hard to see or it's hard to see what our responsibility is it's hard to see where our freedom is
when i got today is that a missing compassion for my struggle yeah
i'm listening young
that this of the fence was real the real estate i have a difficult to accept
batman of production
and let's say for
so tired today
i need help
i really do i need help here
yeah to say that to a banker i need help her price
i need i need to lower the price but the i'm only saying that because i need to say this i need help before that i'm look the olympic proud to say you know not it's like you can be problems they lower the price
lower their price but to say i need help i think i need to lower the price and it's really coming from this is what i need so would you please lower the price it's coming from like pink got kind of myself and realizing i don't feel comfortable with the price
i really feel so uncomfortable that i'd like to ask for some help here
i saw this dark knight was a documentary i saw a movie called one hundred and twenty seven hours about this guy got trapped his arm got trapped under a rock
you know and then he finally broke his arm and cut it off
and then he saw some people
and he was able to say i need help this is like kind of up for to call
proud young man
who probably never said that since here's a little baby
he's out there time helping of everybody else how to deal with the wilderness but finally he realized i need help
it came
in this case i don't know how would your response will be but yeah it's getting kind of gun do like really like be kind to yourself and then you can maybe ask for smell say what you need i don't want to say but if you do that there will be good
what the agent that that
my job to myself with just of
yeah this is comfortable
yeah this is a good opportunity for you was it whatever happens with the house you can
you can make great strides in compassion
regardless of how this goes
which is what which is what you really will care about
accomplishing in this life
and that's what's in front of kids
not wearing a dog
it's more attending towards right
don't go out in the future take care of what's in your face
that's where the art of liberation lives
and the and know the fact that are now visitor know the banks
the banks really are unknown but the bank you're seeing the bank you're seeing you know about the unknown bank is where you want to go
and you can return you can find the unknown bank the unborn bank you know you can find that if you practice compassion with the known bag
but you have to look for that bag before you going
and you will be able to look for the bank before you're born if your compassionate to the bank
on the path that were you born
practice compassion and a path where you're born to the bank that's born with you and then you can find it
this wonderful unborn back

yeah give a give away your clarity as soon as possible
thank you very much good night
i just wanted to and this loathing july
fifth july twelfth july nineteenth july twenty sixth
august first as five classes right
august ninth know august second august ninth is the sixth class for the fifth class
this is a sick last
so there's two more classes august don't tell me
sixteen utomi sixteenth and twenty third has two more only two more
twenty third so his tumor classes so
get to work
do your job when we have two more classes to learn to learn how to do your job