Facing Change and Realizing PeaceĀ 

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the employees

the title of this series of
meetings or something like facing change and realizing peace

now after several classes several
talks and discussions perhaps you could go
understand me changing the title to
facing appearances and realizing peace
facing the appearance of change
and then not change face to you know really fully
the changes of appearance or the appearance of change
fully embrace
the appearance of birth and death
fully embrace some sarah
and realize nirvana which is peace which is freedom
nirvana kind of means freedom
ah it means actually like to
kind like extinguish but kind of means extinguish bondage
so you can translate freedom i mean you could translate it to as it could translate nirvana as freedom or liberation in the meaning of it is peace
there's a way of meeting and engaging with
birth and death
there's a way of meeting and engaging with the realm of appearances
is the is the way to realize freedom and peace
and that way is basically to
be compassionate towards
all appearances but also
bring together with that compassion are teaching
a philosophy
so it's a the in epistemology is saying that
we are ah spent living beings are living within a cognitive and closure
all that we know is conscious construction only
all we know is nothing but mind
if we practice compassion with everything we know together with the teaching the epistemology
which tells us how we know and what we're knowing
what were knowing is our mind all we know is her mind all we can know
and if we
bring that epistemology together with ethics
ethics of compassion and love
then the ethics become deliberating if we practice compassion towards appearances and think there's something other than appearances
that will not be liberating if we practice compassion with appearances and think the appearances or something more than mind we was we will not become free of the mind which were enclosed in
if we hear the teaching that we're dealing with know that all we're dealing with all day long is
how his mind and we don't practice compassion towards the things that are mind that also will not be liberating we need
ethics together with this teaching
then the ethics which is the practice together with the theory
which tells us what we're dealing with and also the practices were doing we use the appearance of practices
the deal with other appearance is like the appearance of pain the appearance of other living beings the appearance of birth the appears of death
those appearances are not practices being compassionate towards those appearances is the practice but actually we're doing the appearance of practice with the appearances
we're performing we're not performing pain we're not performing birth we're not performing death exactly but the death we're dealing with in the birth we're dealing with our
the death and birth that occur within mind
they're not outside mind they are just mind
and the way we practice with them is also mind
the way we practice with imprudent we don't practice pain with pain with practice patients with pain we don't practice pain with pain with practice generosity with pain we don't practice the ethical with pain with practice ethics redo practice ethically we practice ethics with pain
but we actually practice what we know about ethics and what we know about patients and what we know about generosity which is the appearance of pay of generosity and the appearance of ethics
the appearance of being careful the parents of telling the truth
will the cognitive construction of truth we practice the cognitive construction of lot of lying we slip into
and then we practice that we do we practiced ethics with lying if we noticed it

hey this this is a this is basically a theoretical philosophical question which we need to understand
so this teaching of cognitive construction only says
hans to say it says
that this that are mind is a is a boundary
to which there
is to which there is never an outside

we can never know what's outside gay
this isn't this yeah well not tonight tonight
what lies beyond this enclosure
is not simply unknown
it doesn't occur in any way
but that doesn't mean as non existant it just means it doesn't occur it is unborn
but it's not simply
unknown what's beyond
what's what's beyond is not just unknown it doesn't occur in any way
it doesn't even occur as nonexistent
and if there was anything beyond that put appear
he would just be the same
it would just be incorporated into the appearance enclosure
can never be restricted by beyond outside or inside

yes and
a dog and said to some of his students
that the buddha away is the performance
have your daily life
if you're in a monastery the performance from the daily life in a monastery if you're in a day if you're not in monsters performance of daily life not in the monastery
but it is the performance of your daily life that is buddhism the boot away is the performance and performances are appearances
the put away is the performance of the appearance of buddhism
and one might think what isn't there some other buddhism besides just the performance of the appearance of it
would say no but you could also say even if there was it would just be the same thing
first we say
buddhism is nothing outside the performance of buddhism
and prepare the performance of the appearance of practice is enough it's nothing more than the performance of the appearance of generosity of being ethical in the sense of being careful and conscientious and it's the performance of
patients the performance of diligence the performance of concentration and even the performance of wisdom
even the performance of the appearance of non-attachment
what this is not saying there is nothing outside
what i'm saying is we do not know anything outside is we know something outside inside
what is outside doesn't occur in any way
the only place things occur is in mind outside mind there's no occurrences there are no things outside mine but that doesn't mean we're saying that only mind exists
this is a pistol biology
gay so
conscious construction only
the teaching that we live within
a cognitive construction
means that enclosure is the problem not the solution
conscious construction only means that mind is the problem not the solution we're not trying to fix our mind as the solution to ah
karma and suffering
we're trying to be ethical with our mind with the teaching that this mind that were being ethical with
is the problem
and if we practice that way we can become three of mind but not by fixing it would become free of the problem the problem is that we live within a cognitive construction we live within basically a mistake
not only do we live within appearances but the appearances look like the reality
it's that the main problem that is the main problem
they appear to be more than appearances that's the main problem that's the way appearances appear parents do not appear as though they're not they're really
qantas construction only means that we mistake the workings of our mind for that upon which they are put
when we we we mistake are the projections of the mind
for that upon which the projections are projected
and and and that upon which you're projecting it is not outside mind
outside side mind is is inside mind inside and outside is inside mind
but the project is or not or not based on nothing
there is not nothing that they're based on
they're based on something that's not outside
but also inside of all there is inside his mistakes about it
okay here's another
teaching about mind to help you practice ethics together with this teaching and that is
reality is a cognitive attainment
when i think many of us think well there's my mind and then there's what my my nose and my mind can no delusions which i've been hearing a lot about my my
i might also be able to know reality reality is not something your mind knows it is something your mind realizes it is a mind that realize this reality
it's it's it is a state of mind that we attain that's reality
what's his name or henri bergson said that com
he's ultimately spiritual not physical
it's not to say there's no physical it is saying all we know about the physical is cognitive constructions of it
and we
and we are advised to be compassionate towards all cognitive constructions
a physicality
but also remember that we're we're dealing with physicality we're really dealing with our cognitive constructions of physicality not to say there is no physicality were just saying all we know about it his mind
and reality is not what we know about physicality reality is the attainment of freedom from what we know about physicality
we know about physicality is a mistake about physicality it's a projection about this account that's what we know this fallen off your class about how to take care of the body which will be about how to be kind to the body while understanding that the body are being kind to
is your projection of the body in hopes that
there may be a realization
have what the body is namely that realizing that it's mind is reality understanding that what we're dealing with his mind that understanding is a cognitive thing the understanding that we're dealing with her mind is reality because it
reality is
including but we are spiritual beings are mistaken
cognitive construction does not mean that only consciousness exists
if i say there's no odd side and then it's not just that you don't know it but there's no outside occurs at all it doesn't mean that all there is that all that exists is cognitive construction to say all you know to say that all that exists is cognitive
it's construction would be
ontology we're not saying that we're not making an ontological statement we're making a statement about how we know
how we know is we only know the mind
the thing is to become free of this
not go someplace else
but become free of where we are
so again we want to practice compassion towards everything that appears and there's plenty of stuff it appears right
all these things are mind
and if we're compassionate towards him while remembering that we're we're we're compassionate towards in the way we're being compassion nobody
nobody can know the reality of that we only know the appearance of it
which is good because that means the reality of compassion and the reality of reality are free of mind
reality is entertainment of freedom from mind reality is free of mind and is so free of mind that it'll it allows itself to be obscured by mind
reality does not say there is gonna be no further obscuration by cognitive construction of me
is this attainment also i i think i wrote down
if there
if there were no realized cognition
if there were no realized beings if there were no realized experience there would be no reality
in this teaching there would there's no reality unless the reality is realized there's no floating reality reality is only the realization the cognitive reality is only a spiritual thing is only ah
great attainment and the buddha taught you know for an eightfold path the buddha taught karma has consequences and the consequences of karma are coming from living within cognitive construction and then acting from cognitive within kind that can give construction
has consequences for the first thing next thing is there his father and mother and other words you do have a father and mother you weren't born from nowhere the other is there are realized beings
he didn't say at that time they weren't ready for it but i'm telling you when he said there are realize beings he meant there is reality
and somebody's taking care of it for us and we can join them
by receiving the teaching about how we know and receiving the teaching of how to act within confusion and mistakenly
mistaken beings can practice ethics
they can become more or less skillful at practicing compassion
but they need also the teaching that what they're working with all the time is this enclosure
i somebody gave me a poem
which she wrote with a pen so it's hard for me to read a brush pen and she wrote little so it's hard for me to read this i might be reading it wrong and the palms by
wendell berry and ten a book called standing by words
and the chinese character in the front of the book is a character which means faith or trust and the character on the as you're looking at it the left side of the character has the idiot graham or
for person and the right
side of the character has the enneagram for word put the person by the word that's faith a person standing by word is is chinese character for faith and the name of the book is standing by words
which you could also say standing by appearances standing by mistakes
standing by projections words are projections
we gotta stand by them
gay he says what can turn us from this deserted future
back into the sphere of our own being
the great dance that joins us to our home
to each other
two other creatures
to the deed and the unborn
i think it's love
i am perforce aware of how badly an embarrassingly that word now lies upon the pay
for we have learned at once to overuse it abuse it and hold it in suspicion
but i do not mean an abstract love which is probably a contradiction
in terms but a particular love for particular things places and people require eight people requiring stands
an axe
showing his
maybe successes impractical and tangible effects
and it implies a responsibility
just as particular
not grim are merely dutiful but rising out of generosity
i think that this sort of love defines the effective range of human intelligence
the range within which works can be dependable
can be dependable
maybe comma beneficence only the action motivated by love for the good at hand
has the hope of being responsible and generous
desire for future produces words that cannot be stood by
but love makes language exact because it loves only what it knows
epistemology comes and says you're loving appearances
when you take to be real
if you practice love with these appearances and again as i've been saying
ethical responsibility follows from generosity
being respond ethically responsible to particular forms and particularly the forms right now
remembering what you're dealing with here
you're dealing with mind not your mind mind you're dealing with
cognitive construction only
you're dealing with the problem and what do you do it the problem you remember you're dealing with it
and you deal with it with love
in a very particular way
and you fail at it and you notice particularly how you fail and one of the main ways we fail is my not being particular enough
or by being slightly particular about a slightly different problem please
resisting dealing with this one thinking that we would do better with another one
i could love somebody else better than this person so i'm gonna go over there and we'd love that person rather than this one
or i'll deal with this one but i'll wait till later when when this one changes perhaps into a more attractive version of itself
and if you do when when the future comes to be the president that's good
but it's better to not wait
because what waiting
to practice love is not the practice of love
conscious construction only also means
it gives me a conscious construction only is a reduction of the human condition
to mind
and it's a reduction to the human condition to ethics
and it's also
sang all the problems we have only would exist within this realm there's no problems other than this realm and there's nothing outside this room
when we're free of this room we are free
but we don't go someplace else we just become free of this
because there is nothing outside or beyond this
outside and beyond our this stuff of this
this offside and beyond our cognitive constructions only
but freedom is unborn
our actual life is unborn
and free
and it's realized right now there is a reality which is free and realized right now
and the realization of it is the beings that have realized it
they're not beings who have that realization they are beings which are that realization
and that realization is not beyond this enclosure that realization is the freedom from this enclosure which is not beyond the enclosure because that wouldn't be this freedom that would be just the enclosure again
this is
so i liked expression a pissed mall a pistol ethics epistemological aspects are liberating exit ethics without in epistemology might not work
what you think is good is something other than a cognitive construction of good
you just might of fact this teaching says you will
that's the mistake we make
that looks like good
and it really seems like is true
he's not that it's not good it's just that what we're dealing with is a mistake
but to be mistaken about something that appears to be good doesn't mean that really as bad
it just means i'm dealing with my story about it been good and if i remember that enough and i offered by the way part of compassion
stretching it a bit is to be really concentrated on compassion and really be concentrated on this teaching and it's hard to concentrate on this teaching because the cognitive construct and enclosure keep saying
this stuff's real these appearances are real
and if you don't say so year
might be neolithic or something but this isn't neil isn't
this teaching saves the insubstantial allottee of appearances from being realistic
this teaching i
i feel you i feel the disruptiveness of it but the teaching is to disrupt the enclosure it's a the teaching of enclosure is to disrupt the enclosure
it's strange for me to to think that reality is a cognitive attainment
it's strange i'm getting used to it by saying it over and over many many times and reading it over and over and writing and over and over but it's still strange seemed like reality you know there's reality and there's me
this reality and people who understand it
no there's reality is the understanding of mind
reality is your understanding of mine which releases us from mind reality is what the understanding of which liberates us and gives us peace

well there
what limited is boundaries are kind of related to the word limited except this limited is complete with is the complete boundary so it gets kind of limiting it's limiting but it's an it's a totally successful limiting so it's like a it's a really like toto
all i'm totally including limit
a total horizon nothing but horizon
so limits limits of kind of boundaries and limits are kind of
the the kind of related so but but button
well boundary and limit is one enclosure doesn't mean mistake
they were enclosed in this mind and the mind is a mistake so we're closer and close to one at one where one way of talking used to point out that we can't get outside of the enclosure which we would want to get out of when we find the enclosure is one big surface of error
all attempts to get outside of the enclosure dashed the realm of mistake are further mistakes
which would do it again exactly
yeah that we we we think that this thing will get us outside of this thing
but that's just another version of what we're trying to get outside of

in their mistakes are
pretty much the same just that the it is that there are images are not as linguistic as ours apparently
but they live also within an enclosure
that they think is real they think their enclosures

yeah so
so the spin on
they're limited in what in different way except i think they're totally enclosed like we are and they think their limits their loss that their low sounds they think those are real they make mistakes too and they suffer too if they didn't suffer that we want to be nice to be no problem
but they do suffer
because their minds create a you know a false impression of what's going on so they're cut off from realization just like we are
so like you're on dog and used the example you know
you know like of water that for a fish it's like a palace and for us is like flowing water and for hungry ghost is like a river of poison and posts
for a hungry ghost is like a river poison and puss
for for a celestial being it's like gum
you know jules different being see the river in different ways
but if you would tell the fish we see the they're living in the in the river and if you tell the fish to their that their role is flowing they'll be shocked you know official are living in the water right which we see as flowing but they think is a you know they think it's a shopping mall now they're having a nice time
time but if you tell him it's flowing the carpet
there for them as a stable world of appearances that they live in they do not see what the way we see but we see within an enclosure to we can't see what it's like to be in the water the way there but all of us are enclosed
and the similarity of the enclosures determined by the similarity of the karma
some humans live in a similar enclosure because our karma similar particularly our linguistic karma is similar
so we do live in different worlds but also
we also live in the same world as the fish you know the same planet the same water and yet the way we see the water and see the water and other being see the water it's all different depending on their karma but everybody's living within an enclosure
lit all living beings live with an enclosure
is something happening up there
so to find anything out
how can you know
to all living beings are within as as i've said many times to you
all sentient beings just have comic consciousness so fisher karmic consciousness elephants have cosmic consciousness wales have karmic consciousness banana slugs have cosmic consciousness humans have comic consciousness the divine beings have climate consciousness
the buddhist have chronic consciousness actually they get to a place where they do not however they also are totally realizing the freedom from comic consciousness was at the slightest bit separate from beings who have kind of consciousness because they are the ones who realize the nature of cosmic consciousness so the realization of buddha's is now
not inside or outside of our cosmic consciousness it is the real the buddhas are right with our comic consciousness in realization
bodhisattvas who wish to receive this teaching and practice it they can actually realize reality while still being
what it called a sentient being who has come consciousness but they're free of it and even yeah and it's possible that people beings that are not bodhisattvas could also realize the nature of mind and thereby be free of it
the yeah saw the kind of like a problem for elephants and so on is that i do not know that they have instruction about how to i think they do know how to be kind
i think elephants do know how to practice compassion
i think baboons and gorillas and banana slugs and a but of menacing but a lot of mammals do know how to practice compassion looks like
know that they have a teaching which tells them that they're living within cognitive constructs construction and that they're mistaking parents for reality i don't know if they have their teaching
i think they need it
i think they needed i think they suffer i think and i think elephants are magnificent beings and they can be compassionate but i think they're afraid
humans are afraid i think tigers and i it seems to me that lions and tigers are who
really afraid they're like great of fire
and they're actually afraid of of humans
the humans are really far away as seems to me they're afraid of them but they don't know they're fine of ways as bottom when the human start getting closer the fear manifests in they move away
and when he must get really close they get so frightened of the attack
but i think they're attacking out of fear
and we attack on a fear to we do not attack out of love we tack on of fear
and we're afraid of humans to
but we're basically afraid of life as it appears because the way it appears his birth and birth is really has been really scary thing for particularly for females for a long time because they know they've seen and they can feel that they're on the verge of death when they get when they're delivering babies
and the babies are also the they're afraid to their to be squashed and to it it's frightening
birth is frightening death his friend life is not frightening
until it gets put into a cognitive constructs until it's limited and put into this container then a gets scary
then we know
and we're scared
before we know we're not afraid
but bodhisattvas willingly come into this enclosure where it's scary and they receive these teachings
of the nature of the mine and they receive teachings on how to practice compassion towards this mistaken in closure this enclosure of mistakes and they're very happy to be there practicing compassion practicing love practicing ethics with the teaching
the try to stay focused on so they don't get fooled by the mind because if you get fooled by the mind you get distracted from compassion like you think this person is not worthy of compassion this person is perpetrating injustice so i should not be kind to them
his cognitive construction only experience
is the basis
upon which
we we construct our world
our actual life experience
which has everything that our life has
is not an enclosure
and it's not outside mine either
but within mind within cognitive construction we have feelings ideas impulses all kinds of motivations and fears and hatreds and we had the whole and if anything new anything we know is within this enclosure and we do know pain and pleasure we do know all kinds of feelings
they're all all the things we know are just mind
but our life itself is not really something we know it's just a life

just hearing something that mistake it's when we knows when we know what we hear where what we're dealing with is our cognitive construction of what we're hearing and we think that we're seeing reality just like you know this is short this is radio lab show which pointed out that the people in greece didn't see colors
and we all we know also the hot ancient greece right they didn't see colors

this kind of teaching is disruptive your yeah i can see you're getting flattened this room
the the native americans who are the native of pardon
right and and i was at the wine colored see they didn't have color they called it the wine colored they call it colored they didn't see they didn't see the color all they saw was wine
they didn't their cut the the show is
about greeks being colorblind that's name is show radiolab check it out and argue with them
the historians of of of west of the western hemisphere say that the native americans living
you know in vera cruz is on when the spanish arrived they couldn't see the ships
they had no way
to you know imagine our ships they saw them
the experienced them huh
their life they were in that they were there were having a life experience in which ships were coming to the shore and they were there and they were alive with the ships and they couldn't see the ships they couldn't their minds did not have the karmic background too
construct those ships and then one person was one of the people learn a figured out how to construct a ship and taught the other people in than they solve the ships
it's a construction and not all beings can construct the same things as other beings we construct things now that we didn't use to be able to see
and after we construct them were tricked by them i mean we are tricking us
and there's there's lots of theories about why we have evolved this way

what kind of question
stupid the say it appears to be stew it appears to be stupid

that's a whole lot here that we're not saying
now as it it's not quite saying that as a whole lot here that we can't see because to say it's here is a cognitive construction
it's just this teaching is just as put this teaching is not saying is that there's nothing but this construction is not saying this is all there is not saying that but also he just saying whatever you say about what is that's within here that's in the enclosure and inc statements about
about what is and what isn't and will we haven't we don't have that stop you know about and that's own a contract conscious construction only
but it's not seen there's nothing else is just saying you don't know about it and it's not outside this are beyond this
but it's also not inside this beyond an inside are just more listed to the way the way anything besides this is is inconceivable
and we sentient beings have problems with the inconceivable
it takes a while to get cozy with it
by being kind to the conceivable and remember that we're dealing with his conception only we become free of cost of can we we understand conception only become free of it and we become intimate with what is free of conception only
which is free of any ideas we have about it
it's our life our life is free of her mind
and we have to but we have to understand our mine in order to realize how our life is free of our mind yes is it not possible to have

first question is it is it not possible to have buddhist metaphysics
let's put it this way out today
it's probably a good idea to not use metaphysics until after were free
after your free you if you think metaphysics would help somebody fine but i think that this teaching is don't use metaphysics to become free
of metaphysics
use epistemology to become free of metaphysics
and in what were we were dealing with is the freedom from the appearance from the mental construction of metaphysics
and the one of the best ways to
when i'm best with but the way again the way of dealing with metaphysics is to realize we are dealing only with a conscious construction of it and and we should love it but love it doesn't mean like it love it means give it away make a donation to metaphysics you know recycling area or whatever after your three of metaphysics
you might find it interesting to do some metaphysical work it could be helpful because some people look at my on of buddhism and they think when they're talking about these
you know this world systems within worlds systems and you know ah like this in infinite realms within each me each atom and there's buddhists inside each one that's kind of metaphysical road but those metaphysics
gotta be careful that we use them
images and as appearances so you meditate on them but you don't try to figure them out so you use the metaphysics actually to become free of your mind so there are mahayana teachings somewhat different from these teachings which use these pictures of things which are so far out that when you were
when you meditate on them you become free of your mind which usually wouldn't feel really weird about thinking about this stuff
so in that case a metaphysical teaching might be useful so this teaching would anything that would liberate beings is fine
but in in this situation is probably like let's just set metaphysical right in the same place let's keep it in the same realm and then we want to use these teachers refuse these pictures these grandiose imaginations of universes within universes and buddhas and bodhisattvas inside all the particles and all that constructed from want to do
that we realized what we're doing is we're we're actually massaging and working with this conscious construction only
and so if if the appearance of metaphysics would help people
become three of the appearance
let's use it
but it's really using a pistol mall it's really easy method physics for the in service of epistemology and then when you're free you can use metaphysics to help other people in service of epistemology
second part yeah or the second part

because we
we don't have
me can i creative something you say we don't have actual experience of physics i've modified
we only know our ideas of it
and the reality of physics is a cognitive attainment
so we actually can realize the reality of physics
but it's this reality of physics is a cognitive attainment
we actually are all day long i think i guess i think i think i think i think i think i think that all day long we are actually physical beings
and we are actually physical experience all day long
we are physical experience
and reality
is the realization is a cognitive understanding of our physical existence the reality of physical existence is an understanding
which is not really physical
it's the reality of physics
so i think we are actually physical beings
and understanding how our physical is
a spiritual or
cognitive attainment
which we only have one will become free of our ideas about physics and our physical existence which we like because we know our ideas about our physical existence we know our ideas about our body we know are we know our cognitive and closure of our body we know our body within the cognitive but were too
trapped there and not always suffer would become free of that we realize our physical reality
we become
when we we we realized physics
and we could become physicists from that place
maybe some of these people that were that we have heard about got to that place by working with their mind
you know by working with the cognitive can the enclosure of their mind they worked with that they be they understood that became free of that and realized physical reality and then came back in the cognitive
enclosure to make mathematics and so on
so i think einstein may have done the very thing we're talking about
because in fact you know there was a cognitive and closure about physical reality that he was looking at and he kind of thought well this is a mistake
but i think he was kind to it he didn't like spit at it he hath nifty practice he was careful evident patient with a generous with it he gave himself to it a lot of the day
and he also knew as a mistake somehow i don't know where he got the information but somebody conveyed this is a mistake
and then he got became free of that and in that freedom he got he some realization of physical reality then he came back with in cognitive science enclosure again and imagine mathematics and languages so on and they may always detested
and so on so that's one story about them
yeah that was the history of modern physics a

i'm not sure i do either
apparently exactly what apparently exactly

what does he play
yeah is a lot of
yeah yeah that's right metric
right this this is this this is studying the process of idolatry with compassion towards idolatry and teachings about what idolatry is about namely idolatry is simply of course of course of course is just cognitive construction
but even that even the idol worshippers could maybe say no where just worshipping a representation of that
but they'd have a conscious construction that just something beyond that which is incorrect
so the sydney's work for more education the idols darn necessarily saying we're beyond that the i was might be saying no actually we're part of the process by which you're imagining us
the sending that message you know through various means like music and
poetry and
and love they're sending that message
yikes particular practice
exactly and people do that and now we're saying that's good now we just want to bring this teaching in to tell you to remind you that the idol you're working with is just your mind it's not it's not just it is not even just a representation of the idol this this represents
asian is not other than your mind this representation is not outside your mind so people do know this is a representation of the idol but they think the representations not mind
at the idols something to admit that something that that's something that it's about
anything else tonight or tomorrow so i just kidding about tomorrow
we're not into that
we're destined to now right
and weren't into now and again we're into now but also were into being thoroughly
you know
thoroughly exhausting the now and part of the way the now is to point out that now is a cognitive construction of now
now is a mountain of now and we should exhaust exhaustively study and analyze this now with teachings which test to see if were tricked by this now which of course we are and the more we realize how were tricked by this now we're do
value now but we also value the teaching that we're dealing with
the appearance of knock because we like to know now
we know an appearance of now we do know an appearance of now we didn't but the actual experience of now we don't know however if we understand how we make now into an experience and were kind to that to beat up on that and we had this teaching we can actually realize the exp
which is freedom our life is actually already free it is already realized the buddha's have already realized it it just sitting there waiting for us to enjoy it when we have quite a bit of work to do
because we're living in a cognitive constructs enclosure were little bit afraid which is normal we have to be really kind of the situation in order to like really open up to the life which is not inside or outside of our imprisonment

much earlier you mean like last week
i do i started so
i did say it earlier i said it a couple of three times

it almost sounds like that yeah except the way i said it was which uk it's it's easy for me to talk it's hard for you to keep up with it you know but i said you know these booties or not these these booties are just the realization they're just a realization
they're not something outside you they are the real is that the buddhists are the way you actually are

points in time are also cognitive constructions the realization of all that is buddha or you know realize beings they realize the nature of mind
and and the realization of the way we actually are living right now the realization of our actual experience right now is buddha's so buddhas are with us right now but what they are they are simply the realization of the way of our life
they're not there's something there are one thing in the realization another the realization of our life right now
is actually our life is is the reality of our life and i'm saying that this is being realized in other words there's a being
of realization realization if it exists realization exists
and we can access it if were kind to the way we excel ourself from it
and also listen to the teaching and stay focused on the teaching that we are exiled from it by our addiction to appearances which isn't gonna stop so we use the addiction to appearance to liberate experience i'm a liberate addiction to experience and we use
addiction to appearance deliberate is from addiction to appearance
by being kind to the addiction to appearance
and also remember the teaching that we are addicted to appearance and that all we got kids are addicted his appearance
but the but there is actually the possibility of realizing i'm understanding this and becoming free of it and also that realization is present which we call buddhists
we call we call the awakening to reality of this cognitive construction only we call that buddha
are we call it awakening and wakening you can say awakening is the awakening herself or you can say can also be an historical person who can play teach these things to people it's also a buddha but the one i'm talking by now is actually the the awakening itself
when scan it is required that we
concentrate on this teaching
and also concentrate on being kind to appearances
and that's challenge to be really concentrated
when so many other things so many other appearances i shouldn't say other person be when so many appearances are calling for our intention it's almost like they're in competition with the teaching that what's being called was calling us as an appearance
and some some appearances even say to us i'm not an appearance i'm a real person
and it's not that they're not a real person is just that are we know how we know them as an appearance
you're not appearances so if you tell me you're not an appearance i agree but all i know about you
are these nice normal things all i know about you as the normal version of you but you are not the normal version of you
and you are not simply just the unknowable version of yourself
but you also not beyond
than the normal version of yourself
you're free of appearance and you're free of beyond
but to me
your the walls of my prison
the ceiling of my prison the floor of my prison
and the sky surrounding my prison year
you're my enclosure but i have a teaching the says i should be compassionate to
how i see you and that will get through to you
because you're not beyond the appearance of you which i know about
and i'm not beyond the appearance of me with you know about
i do not occur in any way beyond the appearance of me that you know
i'm unborn
i'm unborn and i am unborn and i'm always just unborn and people make appearances out of me and i even make an appearance on myself for my mind next appearance on me too
this is a disruptive teaching
that liberates us
it liberates us cause disruption in liberate us from our ideas of disruption
has makes it possible for us to be
with disruption and be free with disruption to be free of disruption and to be free with disruption we need to be free of our ideas of disruption and nano drunk and destruction
free with
and from
you appeared to be quiet
you appear to be smiling
you appear to be
a mystery
i know you but i don't know what you are
hi i'm happy remembering that i don't know what you are or who you are aware you are
and i pray that we will
remember the mystery
in remember the teaching that we are enclosed in our mind are enclosed in mind
i think be really good
we have two minutes left
to chuckle
two minutes left to dance
the great dance

does this practice make the cricket enclosure seem like is becoming a window
the only the only window there can be is the enclosure
people want to get outside the enclosure
closing the window on the enclosure
only by being kind to the enclosure does the enclosure turn into a window
when we're free of the enclosure there's no windows said you know
there's no frame on the universe anymore

yeah but it's not like that
that's another layer on this and an egg and real accepting that
you know that you just did them i picked back okay
just keep going back and forth like this and you'll be free of the egg without making the egg the slightest bit thinner
you don't have to make the egg center to be free of it because it's just your mind and you really can't make your mind thinner
but you can keep pecking on and discussing maybe various things to do with the shell and i'll pick back
you could put a window on your shell

we have one more class i hope you come because i'm going to