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Cherry Blossom Bodhisattvas

Precepts, Daily Life, Bodhisattva Precepts
Apr 13 2024
No Abode Hermitage

Zen Meditation on the Great Flower Adornment Scripture, Class 6

In this series of meetings, we will study and see how Zen is the key unlocking the innumerable meanings of this oceanic scripture. We will also explore how the sutra opens and illuminates our simple...

#YRB-2023-Fall, Daily Life, Heart Sutra, Avalokiteshvara, Bodhisattva Vow
Nov 07 2023
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The Yoga Room

Zen Meditation on Our Original Nature, Class 3

In this series of gatherings we will explore and perhaps realize our original nature, and how to apply such a discovery to all of our daily activities. 

#YRB-2023-Spring1, Original Nature, Buddha Nature, Evil, Karmic Consciousness, Faith...
Apr 04 2023
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The Yoga Room

No Abode Dharma Talk - December 11th, 2021

A virtual Dharma talk by Tenshin Roshi for an online gathering of the No Abode community

Daily Life, Bodhisattva Way, Consciousness
Dec 11 2021

Protecting and Liberating All Beings

A residential retreat at Mount Madonna.

#MtMadonna-2021-Fall, Zoom, confusion, Sangha, Gratitude, Daily Life
Nov 21 2021
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Mount Madonna Center

Yoga Room Class - October 19th, 2021

#YRB-2021-Autumn, Observe, Daily Life, Peace
Oct 19 2021
The Yoga Room

The Buddha's Practice Of Arranging Shoes

Non-attachment, Attachment, confusion, Nirvana, Subject-and-Object, Dragons,...
Dec 14 2019
No Abode Hermitage

Stories of Enlightenment

In our class this fall we will contemplate and converse about several stories of Zen practice and enlightenment. Our contemplation and conversations will naturally bring up questions and concerns...

YRB-2019-Fall, Four Noble Truths, Book of Serenity, Daily Life, Suzuki Roshi,...
Oct 10 2019
The Yoga Room

Wandering Away from Our Original Home in Search of Our Original Home

Obstacles, Don't Know Mind, Daily Life, Silence, Zendo, Priest
Aug 10 2019
No Abode Hermitage

Buddha Activity

The work of buddhas — buddha activity — is realizing intimacy and liberation in conversation together with all beings. In this series of meetings we will contemplate what it is to fully engage with...

YRB-2019-Spring, Daily Life, Teacher-and-Student, Soto Zen, soto, Enemies, Observe,...
Mar 19 2019
The Yoga Room

Silent Sitting & Social Action

Zen students often ask how our practice of silence and stillness relates to injustice and our environmental crisis. In this class we explore this question and study the intimate interplay of...

YRB-2018-Fall, Silence, Attachment, Daily Life, Desire, Duality, Tassajara, Passions...
Nov 27 2018
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The Yoga Room

Fayen’s Good Friendship

Perfect Wisdom, Perfect Wisdom, Avalokiteshvara, Bodhidharma, Blue Cliff Record,...
Jun 07 2014
No Abode Hermitage

On Breathing 

Posture, Breath, Bell, Nirvana, Daily Life
Aug 15 2013
The Yoga Room

Facing Change and Realizing Peace 

practicing generosity, Letting Go, Addiction, Daily Life, Continuous
Aug 23 2012
The Yoga Room

Facing Change and Realizing Peace 

Karmic Consciousness, Don't Know Mind, Daily Life, Addiction
Aug 16 2012
The Yoga Room

The Seeds and Fruits of True Awakening 

The Seeds and Fruits of True Awakening

March 29, 2012 at The Yoga Room
Part three of a seven part series based on the Six Paramitas

Daily Life, zen meditation, Precepts, Lay, Addiction
Mar 29 2012
The Yoga Room

The Bodhisattva's Creativity and Freedom 

Balance, Addiction, Obstacles, Daily Life, Lay
Nov 10 2011
The Yoga Room

Paying Respect to the Great Teacher 

Nirmanakaya, Daily Life, Dharmakaya, Enemies
Nov 06 2010
No Abode Hermitage

On Enlightenment and Delusion 

Silence, Karmic Consciousness, Daily Life, Nirvana, zen meditation
Nov 05 2009
The Yoga Room

Bodhisattva Vows 

Bodhisattva Vow, zen meditation, resistance, Daily Life, Continuous
Sep 08 2007
No Abode Hermitage