Hearing the Living Words of Nature

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who just
recited something about may we together with our beings
realize maturity and buddha's wisdom and when i heard that i thought was it's like here we are together and we're in buddha's wisdom as to where we live actually
but buddhist wisdom is you know what i call it it's not imaginative wisdom
it's image this wisdom and we live in this image this wisdom
and we also live in a world of images which is our normal active consciousness
and we can it we can realize maturity in the wisdom in which were living by putting down roots
with our imagination we can imagine being devoted
to realizing wisdom
for the welfare of our beings by this kind of by these kind of branching streams of consciousness we put down roots into the put his wisdom in which we live and in that way but his wisdom matures through our
thought at that the beginning of our thought i thought are just seeds a buddha's wisdom but as we continually
let them
branch into the buddhist wisdom they laid
we aspire for them to lead to maturity and buddhist wisdom

in kind of consciousness i said those words
in kind of consciousness i imagine those whereas i imagined i said them and i imagined that you listen to them
and so in the story of the great chinese
sudan paul
when he went to see that his last that that final good friend the good friend said to him yelled at him how dare you come
trying to get
dead human words
you must learn to hear
the living words of nature
so he in carmen consciousness we can when we hear words we can notice perhaps some impulse when we hear words
to try to get them or get some meaning out either get some juice i'll give them wisdom autism this is a normal
thing that can arise but
this is not recommended because the words that appear in comic consciousness or dead
the words that are given and comic consciousness are dead words are there words for something that's already gone
we must listen to them we can't like while you can occasionally it's okay to cover your ears
to some of the dead were and karmic consciousness for example if your
zen student and and even just been become enlightened maybe you should cover your ears to the dead words of humans for a little while just so that you know you don't slip back into trying to get something from dead words when you hear the to and maybe you should plug your
years for a while
it's kind of nice with the earth blood
but until your life and you publish it a listen to the dead words
but the recommendation is don't try to get something from them
and if you notice you're trying to get something from dead words
confess and apologize for trying to get life from dead words
in this way by being honest about an impulse to get things from dead words it's possible that you will be able to wean yourself from this habit
it's not doing yourself from dead words
you should continue to listen the dead words but when yourself from trying to get something from them and little by little he may be able to listen to the dead words of humans and listen to them and listened to them and listened to them without trying to get something and then
in your weaned estate you may be able to find the living words better
the in which we live
also i was struck at the beginning of what we can i was struck by the end and the beginning and as may we realized maturity and buddha's wisdom
may we realized maturity in the wisdom in which we're actually living and the beginning it says when i a student of dharma

so i've told this story before button i bet not everyone's heard it right
once upon a time i was at tassajara
during the guests season and during guess season at tassajara in the summer there's often guess
an i
i was up
kind of i was in the high office of habit at the time so i will have the opportunities since i was leading a workshop to get to eat the excellent
breakfast that they served as the guests in the guest dining room
so i was heating guess breakfast with some guests and one of them said to me
are you a student here and i said yes
and then later that person found out that i was
living in the high office of abbott and she was very happy to hear that all though i was in higher office of abbott when she asked me if i was a student i said yes rather than something else i could have said but you might give it imagine
and i wasn't just saying it was probably should say i'm i'm a student
i am a student of dharma
our i aspire to be
when i a student of dharma when i'm a student of dharma
then things are really good
buddha our students of diamond do so as not that bad to be a student of dharma
in the mahayana
one of things to look out for when you're choosing a bodhisattva
preceptor is check to see if she still studies if you still studying the dharma
if she's completely graduated from study
navy not a good teacher for you
some people do graduate
but you recommended to look for those who are still studying
fortunately i still love to study
it doesn't mean i qualify but
i am still a student
and i'm not just doing it to look humble
and i'm also not doing it just to look greedy for more knowledge
and if i try to memorize the entire buddhist canon
it's not because
i'm greedy for knowledge is because i think it might be useful to beings if i do
i'd be helpful
to see if
if that can be the case however i may not be able to succeed at that
rather big memorization project

if i if you some day i cannot understand the dead words of humans
if i can't quite understand what the dead human words of human are about
an ex and i can accept that i can understand them and i can accept and i'm trying to get something from them
if i've studied properly even though i may not be able to understand the dead words of human i may be able to still hear the living words a perfect wisdom
i might not be able to remember your name or my name
and i might be able to recite the scriptures but not know the name of the person who is reciting
but what i really want is to be able to hear the dharma even if you take away my comic consciousness and i don't understand human speech anymore
ah my my my aspiration is to hear the true dharma
i don't aspire to hear human words dead human words but i do hear that human words
so what's my training again to listen to the dead human words without trying to get anything from them
in hopes that
well developed and so
and that will be good
and when a person who can still understand human speech
breaches the realm
have here and that your dharma
they're very similar to a person who can understand human speech anymore who was reached the same realm
they both are here in the dharma and they both can take care of it

so that i will not give a pause to the dead words
and see if you have any dead words he liked offer
which i bought to listen to without trying to get anything from them
yes ball
common phrase that
this wife liberate the body which is root root of many lives
a comment on that was endeavors
my comment is what your question
it's well catalogued it's a question is more of a curiosity about
what that triggers in they were with slate
the that point two
was my question what's that pointing to
being free from detachments of the body yes i think so
that words
but yeah free of the attachment of the body liberate his body which is the fruit of many lives during which there was attachment to the body and so just in case because of past attachments to the body this present body is an opportunity for present attachment and aversion i wished i were
ish to liberate this body
you're welcome
the master lung ya said supposedly in course in chinese


call it's sometimes it would be like he would it would be the situation when we say a person has alzheimer's so that's a well it's one of them that they would be a particular example or also i could be in a foreign country
and not understand the language and when i don't understand the language i can still be trying to get something from it even though chinese or
russian is just as dead as english it just said maybe with russian i don't try to get anything so maybe good for me to go to russia but
not really
it's good to actually hang out with people
who are really enlightened
who are given your dead words because then you might be attempted to attempt to get meaning from their dead words because they're so enlightened
an immense could speak their language so your even any temptation to get something from dead words
you can notice
like when that person talking i don't try to get anything from a bow in this person dies or like something by talking everybody likes
as you know that was really good was that again that's sort of really brilliant as it with by bringing back again i didn't i couldn't get anything out of it
so no don't go some place where you don't understand the language just so you can
avoid trying to get something from the dead language
if you will yourself when trying to get something from language as like weaning yourself and trying to get something from life
in comic consciousness
and then
if you read yourself and try to get something you open to hearing
let the living word the living words of wisdom
which will then support further listening to dead words without trying to get something you listen to people talk and you listen to the but you don't try to get something can you imagine we have understood we have an altar shakyamuni buddha statue
in front of shocking money we have set your project apart meta
to the left side we have a statue of bodhidharma the founder of zen in china and to the other side the right side
we have have a look at test far but really on both sides of the altar we have
the body sought but infinite compassion one is a kind of a fierce a weirdo version and the other is a lovely female version
they're both listening to the dead words of humans but of course neither one of my trying to get anything right i will look at test far isn't listening to your cries and trying to get something from them
she's receiving them graciously and showing you that no matter what you say
she's not trying to get anything she's offering her listening
and because she's offering her listening she can hear the living words of prajna per meta
and she does hear the words
is she hears
perfect wisdom of the borders because she listens to all beings without trying to get anything from them
but this is a heart that we need to train and for quite a lot too
get the feel for it and then become
more and more
consistent with
it's simple but difficult to listen without trying to get gain anything
also i want to mention
i said earlier mostly again
to be doing good
when we're when we're practicing good who are aspiring to practice good when we're aspiring to make what we're doing be offered to goodness
there might be some tendency be concerned whether somebody notices whether our attempt to practice goodness has been known by someone or being known by many people so that's the impulse to be concerned about becoming famous has a good person but also inwardly to be concerned with
knowing whether you're doing good is similar is like inner fame
that he would know that you're doing good is like wanting other people to know that you're doing good both of those
i've lucky test for gives up
she listens to hog all cries of the world she does good but not concerned about anybody knowing about her or her knowing about how good what she's doing is so watch inwardly and outwardly for that and if you notice it then we have a practice for that
a powerful practice of yeah i kind of i wanted to do good and i wanted to know i was doing good i wanted to good do good and i wanted somebody to know i was doing good
the buddha ancestral tradition is do good and forget about anybody knowing about it
and if you're concerned about it
confess and repent and try again until you can do good
am i gay
something's something's missing that usually was there what was it he
sometimes something unfamiliar but that attempt
yeah i didn't know if as good and nobody else knew either and that was fun
and the more you do good the more he might notice more and more subtle versions of
wanting to know there was
our want somebody else to notice that it was especially if you do something really suddenly like i wish somebody would see are some that good with that time
i was like that was a the coolest
i wish i knew that it really was
oh yes

cause and effect
does what cause or effect
trying to get yeah does it hurts the recipient
hurt him
and it hurt them because you missed because they they miss an opportunity right
can say it hurts them depends on how develop they are if there if they if they're not well trained they may be misled because here they see someone doing good to see of that like you know if somebody like somebody's mother father they're doing good for the child
and the child feels like whole thank you so much you're such a dear
you're so you're so kind to me and i noticed that you're trying to get something from it and since you're so wonderful i guess i should try to get six for them but i do too so you're hurting them by sending a defiled example even though you are doing good
like the you know i just thought his mother
in the earthquake of nineteen was it eighty nine
the mother who was with her child and got under the freeway the freeway crushed those people she was i think he was in the crashed car and she opened her body to give her baby something to drink
not not but blood
but we don't know if she
was concerned that we all would that you'd become famous
but sometimes mothers and fathers do
really give themselves to their children and sometimes they do
without trying to get anything but sometimes they do try to get something and that trying to get something confuses the recipient of the gift
who's grateful to the giver and therefore sometimes thinks i should be like to give her such as my father gave with strings attached i should probably give with strings attached rather than my mother gave she gave me but she wasn't trying to get anything from what you gave
that second part is the rare gift of wisdom
and if we set a bad example
we should apologize to somebody who can was mature enough to hear that i gave a gift but i was trying to get something and sorry
and those who i gave to some of them may not some of them is it oh i could see he was trying to give but he was little off their so you know this many stories of the
somebody giving something and sitting in their friend sang well it was good that you gave it pitino
it was really a defiled generosity
again like that story i tell over and over about the
one of the great disciples of the
of that teacher tsongkhapa that tibet and deterred some sankalpa one of his disciples name was drum and drama dinner monastery and in the monastery there was a senior monk and drum said to him
yeah it's so heart warming to see the way you give yourself to the welfare the monks
he would be nice if you do something spiritual someday
and then again he would say it's so moving to see how you carefully educate the monks on the practice it's so great it's so great to see how you teach them the the ways of the buddha is so moving your be nice you do something spiritual day and after wow
the monks at what do you mean he said stop trying to get something out of life
so you can be a very good
practitioner and give yourself to people but still trying to get something and that a little misleading to people who aren't really developed like drum was not misled he just said that's great what you're doing to snip off that extra part of trying to get something
he wasn't discouraged he saw great opportunity to appreciate him and point out his
he's a shortcoming

yeah it can come later in life and later in life and later so no matter how late it is you can still work on this
but it's good to start now
let's start now let's start doing good without trying to know that we're doing good or been known for doing good
so as far as i know from
in my karmic consciousness year doing good but i also as far as i know some of your having a little trouble doing good without knowing that you're doing good
some of you still want to know that you're doing good
and none of you are so gross as to want to be known as doing good one they may have that problem
and i confess it to you and it's not what i came to send to learn i didn't come to learn how to be famous for the good i'm doing i came to not care about whether i'm known or unknown that's what i want to learn and that's what i'm still study
please join me
in doing good
without trying to get anything for it
and without knowing whether it's good or not
but i know that hard so part of it an be patient with how harder it is to learn that

stories heart
or listening with altona listening to the story without trying to get anything opens the mind to hear the dharma
that surrounding the story all the time but because we oftentimes to get get something from the story or improve the story rather than listen with no gaining idea
because of that we close our ears to the dharma which is surrounding the story so if they can listen to stories in this renunciate in way in this renouncing of getting something from the stores and yet listen to them attentively
listen listen to my heart song
listen to it wholeheartedly
listen to the cries wholeheartedly
without trying to get something from them and then you open to hear the true dorm
oh yes

i'm here to get
thank you
we we are we're all very grateful for your gift
thanks for giving it
when you were talking about a the imagination
in mind
i was
even the talking
am i have no
that's where where does the i like to live in live
this imagination
speaking it
wanna go there i don't want to go to that
oh hi hear your confession so i but i don't hear your repentance
by hear your confession is that you don't want to put down these branching streams of imagination but you you must wholeheartedly do that if you want to realize maturity in non imagination and i know it's hard but we have to put down roots of imagination
into the soil of not imagination to mature and a non imagination
and it's hard to put this down because as you put them down we start to notice who were trying to get something from the war
so it's it's difficult
i heard damage is like putting your feet down into mud where there's broken glass and thorns
but let's be careful as you put it down

thank you very much for another
wonderful day
i'm not abiding
may are in danger equally extend to every a place where the true
there is a big the
how to stay with them
a disaster though
a them
is less
to them
unsurpassed level
well to become it
what a wonderful the way