Heartbreak Hotel: Karmic Consciousness

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doesn't look like is recording
i turned nine

it might be recording now
yeah so this might be recording into first talk given a know abode in two thousand and fifteen

homage to last year
ah last year i think we are emphasizing
a good friendship
as the buddha away
i may not say
good friendship as much night this year as i did last year but i pray that you remember
that good friendship is one of the ways that the buddha
todd what the buddha way is the buddha said
good friendship is the entirety of the boot away
the entirety of the buddha away his good friendship i say
i said
and i i really wish you would remember that and irish i would remember that

did you pass me one of those
cars are were you just using
that's very simple teaching
but then one my wonder or what you mean by good friendship
so i would say well what i mean by good friendship is the boot away what do you mean by the buddha away well i mean perfect wisdom
and great compassion
so another theme of last year and is perfect wisdom and great friendship how they're really two different ways of trying to remember the same thing
the same great way
a free him
and peace for all banks

we just chatted
revering buddhas and ancestors we are one buddha
and one ancestor
you could say rehearing one border we are one buddha and one ancestor but really as revering innumerable borders
because buddha is not just one buddha
but his innumerable borders and the ancestors are not just one ancestor there are innumerable ancestors rehearing
all the buddhas
that are innumerable all buddhas and revering them we then at that moment there's just one buddha
all of us are buddha
and that's one buddha and innumerable borders
so i'm not going to talk too much about not revering board it's all buddhas and i can talk about that
i don't know what that would be i think it would probably be
very unhappy situation
when we get distracted and we don't revere all the different
manifestations of perfect enlightenment it's a sad situation i'm not can talk about that much
the happy situation is one buddha
and one ancestor and we are one border
and that is good friendship and that is perfect wisdom
there is just one buddha and we are all just one buddha but if we don't practice we don't realize it if we don't say thank you all buddhas
if we don't say homage to all buddhas then we miss the fact that we are one border
so we practice
and then we are one buddha
and is the and this this one buddha which you can call they

extend their compassion to us freely and without limit
and because they do that we are able
to realize buddhahood and also let go of it
let go of the realization because the true realization and buddhahood is to let go of everything even to let go
of the wonderful even to let go a perfect wisdom and great great compassion
we all know this i'm just saying it again to help us remember because
we human beings along with all other living beings
i have come and consciousness
an uncommon consciousness things are very dynamic and turbulent
and it's easy to get disoriented and forget good to be practicing good friendship
somebody yells at us you know without a warning you know like have some mrs okay i'm in a yellow jer you're ready
i'm going gonna tell you dumb and i tell you that something about what you're doing i'm not going to give you any warning
i mean i'm telling you know not i'm into a but later i'm going to do when you're not looking and then you and see if you can
have me basically attack you
and said you can not get disoriented from good friendship
there was a series of movies starring peter sellers
and peter sellars was playing the part of a french
police inspector
inspector it was a been subject to sauce and scratchy was an inspector inspector crew so
we don't have to be french
but you do have to investigate
if with he had to investigate what's going on
and check to see is this good friendship
and in the we saw in the movie
had an assistant had a house boy
i think his name was cut off ah keto
and he's played by i actually am
person of chinese background but he's spoke getting a japanese martial artist and he he was he was a house boy been really hate what it was was he was a person who kept testing in spectacle sell to see if he was you know cuts down on gone on message on target
and he would attack he would attack him without warning pop from hiding
or just you know he'd be doing things around the house and sudden they would turn and attack him and they would have given have this interaction and we got to see if professor or professor at spectacle is so good
maintain his upright dignity
so we're we're kind of like inspector clouseau and and most people around us are like cuddle
r keto testing us
not they don't feel like they've been personally hired to do so they think they got their own life and and that we are attacking them
but basically we're often do things to each other that at every week and somehow we get disoriented we don't see that as good friendship

so it's hard to remember the basic simple teaching
good friendship to everybody that's a good friendship is good friendship is not the buddhist the buddhist good friendship which is the friendship which is the whole of the buddha away is not just to some people
that makes sense right
so any disagreement with that
in this group maybe not
in some rooms people say no actually we didn't we're not going to be friends with some people and some people come to me and say
should i be friends with people who are narrow minded and are only friends to a few people
or should we exclude the people who screwed people
now some people do exclude other people from their friendship
but the good friendship is not exclude anybody including knows who are exclusive it in their friendship
if we if i see someone who seems to be narrow in their friendship or narrow-minded period then i my job is to be friendly to my opinion that their narrow minded
they probably don't think there narrow minded even if they say ah i'm not friends was all people they may think they're actually open minded
to be not friendly with people
who knows what they think i know is what i think and that and the night my job is be friendly to what i'm thinking
but that's hard especially when suddenly out of nowhere

cosmic consciousness is a tough place to study the buddha dharma
but if we don't study the buddha dharma and karma consciousness guess what
there is suffering
cause suffering lives and comic consciousness and that's the only place their suffering
that's for so that's that's the in a hotel for suffering that's heartbreak hotel karma consciousness
and all living beings have comic consciences but they don't just have come and consciousness they have also a vast cognitive process and a vast body they have an inconceivable body an inconceivable cognitive process which
supports this wonderful heartbreak hotel i've come of consciousness
where people are are attacking us off and on some people feel like they're being attacked all the time some people feel at they're being attacked some of the time some people feel like they're never been attacked
and then they feel like they're being attacked
i can say to you i have never ever been attacked
but i actually sometimes think i'm being attacked i'm actually just being supported i've been blessed from the time
i came out of my mother's body i have been blessed non-stop that's really what i think but like in ten seconds from now i might forget that and think oh no this is like this isn't a blessing this is like a criticism this is like a lack of appreciation
this is like somebody telling me what to do
resident this is somebody telling me what to do which is a blessing
there was somebody recently at practicing at gringotts farm and we told this person that we weren't sure if if it was appropriate from there for for her to be practicing green gulch unless she was able to
participate in the program fully go to the meditations is on and kind of come on time
an end
not forget the event was occurring zone
and and we said if you can if you so we'd like to watch and see if you can do that for the next few weeks and if you can't then maybe you shouldn't
stay on and the person said thank you that's a blessing
they couldn't get all huffy puffy but they didn't they said the he saw that it was a blessing it was
these attacks are blessings they are
these their opportunities for friendship but we wicked we get confused
there once upon a time his assistance a story once upon a time there was a buddhist living in india named shock and mooney
and he had an attendant whose name was ananda
really a nice attendant who loved his whose his cousin actually
he loved his cousin he was devoted to his cousin the buddha
one day ananda came to see his teacher his cousin and paid his respects and set to one side and he said to his cousin nobody said this
good friendship
no no he said this is half the buddha away
this is had to put away
in this us being here together
is half the boot away the wonderful on said
this is half the buddha away this good friendship is half the boot away the buddha said don't say that ananda don't say that

this good friendship is the entirety of the boot away
when the buddha said don't say that ananda don't say that ananda didn't get all huffy and puffy and run away
when the buddha said you got it wrong my dear disciple
that's wrong dosage and don't talk like that
he didn't say well you taught me like that i'm outta here i really i i quit as your attendant
but there are and stories where the students says what she thinks and the teacher tells the student while the wrong that's wrong
and the student
walks out on the teacher
and after the student walks out the teacher might say if she comes back she can be liberated
but if she doesn't she can't
and in some stories they don't come back
in the more famous ones that do come back and they try again and the teacher
the basically do the same thing again but this time student doesn't get
you know
distracted in
they realized friendship together
so may we help each other
remember but also i don't actually i don't have to say may we test each other we will but
we will test each other
but you know may we test each other's so we can deepen our
her practice of remembering to be friendly to whatever comes

that means
and means beautiful she wanted to she wanted you to know that the just that's what her name dream not rather than i was calling her beautiful
she doesn't want you to think we're having an affair
we're having a good friendship affair
when the buddha
he said
use that reference what what actual term did he would he have good
when he said he mean i don't think what language he was saying of foot language well how did he express good friendship me what was the word yeah
it was probably kalyana mitra
but he but it didn't speak sanskrit and he didn't speak poly and didn't speak chinese
we don't exactly know what language he spoke know people say he spoke whatever people would understand
so but when it when his life when his teaching gut
trance written down into sanskrit i think the usual word for good friend was called the bit most common word for good friend is kalyana mitra
can answer your question
easy but because good friend seems like an informal
more contemporary so did he use that i just a good friend
nor did he know you know i could you say some more for the word kalyana maitre
also is sometimes be translated as
a teacher
so as it everyone is my teacher or everyone is my teacher or the way people are my teacher is is their friendship to friendship we're talking about is the friendship between
the enlightened one and his student that friendship so it's not a probably kellyanne meters not i know i don't think it's a word used in colloquial speech among people it's more like in a situation where you're in relationship with somebody where you actually have a commit
meant to
to realizing freedom and enlightenment with this person that it sorts of it's a kind of a lofty word but but kalyana basically means beneficial or good and metres friends so literally it's good or beneficial friend
but it is more it's used ah
in the context of usually in buddhism anyway for the relationship between
are you to say the relationship which promotes enlightenment to promotes free him from delusion which promotes perfect wisdom piece that's the way it used as just recently translating some chinese and i spawned this character which which was good and then next
there were character her knowledge and in a character was a character for consciousness so as good and the to carry the compound knowledge and consciousness means knowledge
so good knowledge was quite way larry looks but what the word means and the context of buddhism is good knowledge means a friend who guide you on in in to understand the buddha's teaching
but the term is not a friend the guys you
on the path of understanding the buddha's teaching it's good consciousness and knowledge that means a person who does this for you
so in this in the scripture it is quite believe is kalyana mitra and her that he's one of the most
common words it one most common words for a teacher is good friend but kalyana mitra which is used as teacher is might not be the word that kids use for each other
they might have another term that kids use for each other or that or that adults are friends as you keep each other
and they say that term for
barry this this this most important thing in life relationship
these were counting on mecha
reverend it implies reverence it implies wholeheartedness it implies devotion it just implies respect it implies ethics it implies patients in our it's like it it's a it's a it's a shorthand term for all the virtues that
a human being can cultivate that relationship that's why the buddha says a non-disabled the school he was appreciating his friendship with the buddha
and he said well this is like have to practice he thought that there was another part of the practice in addition to his relationship which is like enlightenment or something
a bot is i know this relationship is the totality
this good friendship is totality of all the virtues that we can develop together
so that term would not probably used for on the street by a good friend probably would not use that term
the second street you might i say blessed one
to somebody
thank you for that question
subject objects
that is
am i
yeah but
finally speaking people might not might not say it that way but that's why i like also say good friendship
and actually the in this in scripture that i'm referring to the buddhist the buddha doesn't say good friend and hidden
he's he says good friendship
and i don't know i don't know how they do that so the first time they go through this discussion on not says good friendship is half and buddha says no good friendship good friendship is the entirety then if he says that he says by relying on me as a good
as a good comrade so first of all it's is friendship and then it's like me as a good friend so it has both that's what we're doing together
can also that you relate to somebody that way
and that and then he can turn around
to learn to see everybody as bringing you that friendship
but it's also the case that a sort of need somebody to start with
and that somebody you start with is is like a particular good friend
when he said
no i don't think so i don't the matter in sanskrit
the the word is related to mete is my tree
so i think my tree is not this but they stay something or my tree and mitra so etymologically there may be a relationship between my tree and mitra
but i think meacher
it means friend yeah

it maybe it may be that they do sound similar me my tree and and mitra
you're welcome
someone said to me just couple years ago
there's this expression in this life liberate the body which is the fruit of many lives
and he said what about this many lives thing

and he's i think he said lantern people say you have to believe that many lives
when he said to me
why are we supposed to take that literally many lives
can the beginning here too he says dog and says that the and the ancestor says i vow with all beings from this life on throughout countless lives
about a and
many lives in the past is talking but many lives in the future
i'm gonna get you in his practice
through innumerable lifetimes until everybody here the dharma said that was post i've always been to believe that i was posted in this person said are we supposed to take that literally
and so i guess what i would say
as a new year's kind of
is that everything you hear
you do take literally
that's the way you hear things you hear them literally
so when you hear at a teaching also yes
take it literally can you do
but i'm not i'm not exactly telling you to take it literally i'm saying you do take it literally
so why don't you just admit that you take things literally and and that's what we start and where do you take things literally
in kind of consciousness of consciousness
is the realm of literature it's the realm of words the place we suffer as the realm of words
the realm of words is not the totality of life
it's conceivable
heartbreak hotel of life life is not kiss the heartbreak hotel
life is infinite but infinity allows lots of little heartbreak hotels
innumerable hard blake's hotels and bodhisattva vow to say liberate all heartbreak hotels
but it's hard to practice friendship and heartbreak hotel
cause not only might you be
heartbroken produce you might some other people heartbroken would be attacking you constantly

but this particular lifetime is a fruit of many lifetimes
so do you vow to liberate this body
and also do vowed to liberate
other people's bodies who are the fruits
for the fruit of men have a many lives do you how to do that
the zen masters saying
in this life vow deliberate way to celebrate it just says liberate the body
so again he says are we supposed to take it literally i wouldn't say you're supposed to i'm saying you do and now that you do let's be friends to the literal statement fruit of many life
hurry yeah fruit of many lives less beef
let's be friendly to that let's be inspectors of that let's investigate that
in other words let's study whatever comes friendships studies whatever and whoever comes
there's nobody that friendship does not study
but of course when i get distracted from friendship i think i'm not going to study this person i've already come to a conclusion about who this is
and that i would say is what called death when you heard you've come to a conclusion about who this person is
and the conclusion we often come to is the story we're telling about them
rather than oh this is my story of her this is my story of him and now
his time to investigate this story
that's what i
that's what i want to do i want to investigate my story of each of you and that is one of the key elements of the friendship that i want to have with you
do you tell me since
i want to be your friends
in karmic consciousness and and beyond karmic consciousness
but actually i think beyond cosmic consciousness i'm already your friend and beyond com his conscience i don't know who you are
i heard a teaching that beyond comic consciousness year all infinite
you're all inconceivably good friends of mine
our good friends with me
but kind of consciousness i see limited versions of you
which is my own story of each one of you i have this amazing consciousness that can make up stories of each person in detail it's amazing
and each of these stories are tiny versions of you
tiny versions of you and you had extremely complex
it just take 'em
isn't amazing that we have we can do that make a buck and like i have histories of each one of you
i actually i'm history's everybody in this room
in my comic consciousness some his visa like several thousand pages some are like a six hundred you know

but i'm telling you i'm i'm not i'm being you know this time being literal right now i actually have histories of each one of you in my kind of consciousness if anybody wants me to give you example i'll do it
but and that is and that's history i have a each one of you
is a highly reduced version of who you actually are i have that in my mind to
but the history i have which is highly reduced version of you
i sometimes think that that's where you are because i sometimes get distracted from being good friends which is like okay here's a small version of this person but don't believe it as who they are look again and again and investigate
has the cigarette she said
non discrimination which is not discrimination is perfect wisdom is not to not discriminate
so as i as i meet you and look at you
my mind discriminates like jane is over there she's not over here
jane is jane jane is not delfina
non-discrimination with is not that i stop that
it is that i study it
it's not that non-discrimination is that you study everything which means your study discriminations cause without discrimination is no things
discrimination makes things out of the infinite
non-discrimination is not to get caught by that and way to not get caught by it by it means caught by believing your discrimination
is to investigate study is discrimination okay very simple study everything that comes
say thank you hurt my in thank you for this lesson to study
and then as i said earlier than the the this is hard because the discrimination often seems to like spins around
since hard to study when you're gonna spun
and as i said here before to in the introduction to the eighteenth case of the book of serenity which has the story of a monk asking giorgio does a dog have buddha nature
and as there's to the questions asked twice and it give two different answers in the introduction to that case it says
even a highly cultivated person is turned about
in the stream of words
and as i mentioned before also
i used to think
even a highly cultivated person is getting turned around by the literal activities of karmic consciousness
but if you get a little bit more cultivated you don't get turn around anymore
lately i've been thinking now
even a person who got more cultivated and that previous cultivated person would also get turned around but the cultivated person they know some things like for example they know they're getting turned around
they've heard the teaching say whether uncultivated or not i'm getting turned around by this the cultivated person cultivates being turned and not getting distracted while she's been turned
like the poet who can sing the poem without losing her orientation
which is his palm is about poetry it's not about me this poem about friendship it's not about you it's about non-duality

think it's interesting as i'm sitting here in a costly seeing the tory forty stuff about and the other side and the other side while and as on the other side
and it's very difficult to practice that but it's a vow it's avaya valves on both sides
the side another volunteer size vows by twos and my masters
and so you heard the previous fall the next one will do later
but basically he starts out by you say says when i a student of the dharma look at the real form of the universe
all is never failing manifestation of the mysterious truth of target
he's kind of bragging actually
he saying i when i a student
look at the real farm in other words he sang i get to i've seen the real foreign i've seen the real form i've seen the promised land
and when i when i see it everything there is the manifestation of the mysterious truth of the of the buddha's how wonderful so then everybody that comes is everything i see
in his is the buddha's teaching to me and he also says hi a student
nah discriminating wisdom
is the perfect wisdom of a student
a student of what of reality a student of reality
and then when a student of reality sees the true form of the universe
people might call that person of teacher
but first they don't stop studying just because there has seen the true form they continue to study
sometimes people ask for characteristics of teachers i say one of the characteristics of a bodhisattva teachers are still studying
you're looking for a bodhisattva teacher see if they're still studying
i have been some places visited some buddhist temples and
and i met some people there
and i sometimes stage of them are you a student here and they sometimes a to me what
i'm the teacher
i'm the master here i say off
how'd you do
i usually don't try usually just go that far i don't you said you have any students here
is anybody a student here for like a doctor

another thing i was saying over and over last year was when people were sitting i would say to them do you wish this sitting
to express good friendship
i don't say is this this is this sitting expressing good friendship i'm not as here i'm not asking your opinion
i'm saying you wish this setting to express good friendship of or do vau
that this setting will
will express good friendship do vau that this day at know about was express good friendship you wish that
do you wish this sitting to express
perfect wisdom

there's a story that those beings who have expressed perfect wisdom or the beings who have been wishing to express a perfect wisdom for a while
and that when people do express perfect wisdom at that moment they are expressing it and also wishing to express it at the same time
some people may wish to express it but some who feel because they has got insulted recently
when they can't remember that they used to wish it
didn't remember and then they say i'm sorry this it i confess i got distracted and i'm sorry and by the power of that
they become able to be consistent
so from the first time you greet your teacher
just wholeheartedly sit
and wholeheartedly sit means just whole heartedly wish that you're sitting
expresses his good friendship
that this whole hearted that the sitting wholeheartedly expresses
the way you are supporting everybody and the way everybody is supporting you

so kind of consciousness one can remember
what am i what am i doing here again oh yeah i'm sitting an order how am i sitting i'm sitting wholeheartedly and what his whole heart of the city it is good friendship this is what i wished to do here
i wish to express i wish to
give myself
to the way
the boot away which is the way i am supporting everybody in the universe and the way everybody supporting me and that way his freedom and peace

to be enough venture
can not be done

it cannot be done in karmic consciousness however com and consciousness is part
your karma consciousness supports everybody else but the way your karma consciousness supports my karmic consciousness
is inconceivable my karma consciousness can hike as i can say literally i can say your karma consciousness supports mine but my comic consciousness cannot really see how you're kind of consciousness supports mine
so the way things appear in kind of consciousness the way you appear to be helping me
or the way i appear to be helping you is just a very reduced story about how you're helping me and i'm helping you
but that story is not excluded from the process of how we're helping each other

the story is not it
it is it is totally you could say it's beyond that story but another way say it is the actual way that we're friends is free of our stories about our friendship
by our friendship doesn't exclude the way we appear to be friends
like i'm i think home is my friend
the way how does not have on the way my thoughts of how you my friend is not the way or my friend is just one story about our higher my friend
in the next day i have another story but but adding up all my stories still doesn't touch the immensity of how you're my friend
that friendship is to be in a state that you are ah
you are beyond the store while here be your free of the story of health but not exactly beyond like excluding beyond just free you included and don't hold onto it so that's why the basic practices study the stories don't abide in them and when you don't abide in the story
ys and you keep studying them you open to freedom from the stories
but the stories are are difficult to study
and very easy to be reactive to and get this oriented by yeah i think i hear you say is that
non separation is inherently supportive
of differences non separation is inherently supportive but i can can see i i can see inherent inherent support is no separation
like i can conceive of separation but i can't conceive of not separate you can conceive of separation and you can conceive of non separation i can conceive of those it for now
the an american you have a word for it
but your conception of non separation
he's just a word and your conception of separation to a word your free you can you actually free are both separation and non separation
let it distract that i actually think there's something separate
when you're distracted from the shrimp form of the universe you you might actually think that something is separating you from something new
the separation goes for doesn't really go away because it never came
if it really comes
it doesn't really come if it really comes in there is separation but separation doesn't really come
and also and non separation doesn't really come does it really like my idea of separation go your idea of separation
appears took your ideas appear to come and go if they don't really come and go because coming and going is more ideas
in our actual life together and our actual friendship which is part of the hard difficulty of opening to it in our actual friendship there's no coming or going and that's
that's difficult for us because inconceivable it's hard for us to just flat out open up to and conceive ability
but it's here
it's actually our life our life is actually inconceivable and and can see the the inconceivable life rehab does not hinder us having conceivable version of it
which we have
and again in that conceivable around it's easy to get disoriented from
liberation from that realm that realm and has the keys to and liberation in it the keys deliberation if everything that appears there
and their keys and it the thing is to turn the key but order to turn the key to study the key to put it in
if properly figure out which which luck like i've never told you not an awesome much but by two years ago my granddaughter was very concerned with putting keys in the lock to her front door she managed wanted to put the key and but it's it's actually quite difficult to put a key and get
you have to put it in really straight you can't put it in and then it's really quite subtle and then to get it in and turn into site will wow she's now gone to a beyond to other topics but that that was really interesting shed a study a lot to get an extra i don't know i don't think he can still open and even now
this last night i was showing her grandmother how to put key in grandmother had on time

and i had stories about her grandmother and her and stories about her her grandmother's related to you
we have amazing consciousnesses and they're offering us great opportunities for study and liberation
if we're really kind to this limited round we will become free of it
we're all kind of teachings about what kindness hock how kindness works
i'm starting out this year like this with you and also a green gulch are having an intensive than the topic of the intensive his ability test far as perfect wisdom
i'm talking to you about have a lucky test far as perfect wisdom even i didn't tell you before

thank you for giving your life
as much as you can to good friendship
thank you for giving your life as much as you can to perfect wisdom
we are such inconceivable blessings
may our intention equally extent
the and place where the true
the way the
numberless ah to save them delusions are inexhaustible hi to end them dime my gay son boundless
hi to and to them buddha as way is unsurpassable ah to become
and so
have lunch now if you want to