Listening to the Cries of the World

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i'm very glad that we can be together today
is there anything anybody wants to express our bring up
thank you for the lecture your topical lecture this morning
i i think i'm fully on board with the aspiration of
respecting all point of view and initiating dialogue desperation
i aspire to have had inspiration
and i foresee the possible necessity of passionate action in the future in order to protect
the planet
and so i'm wondering how those
if i could harm how i can harmonize
my aspiration with that necessity
can you think of anything you can do that would be protective of our planet that you haven't you can do lots of things we want to give example
i can
i can give you two examples can just one could have one one would be to enter into dialogue
with people with opposing views in the way that you discuss this morning okay so
yeah said that action seems to be
the aren't any entering dialogue
the did you say respect other views which which were used i may have said that respect our views respect opposing views and so if we're going to enter into dialogue
in order to protect this wonderful world of eleven than the food bigger the dialogue was respectful and you can have a passionate dialogue with respect
i could and i would like to however
some of that dialogue and may not
some of the eruption of that dialogue might be in the form of mass action in order to catch the attention of decision makers who may not be ready to enter into respectful dialogue with me
yes can also it could be a levels of one person to one person when one of the people doesn't respect you
yes says that could so a mass of people can set up a dialogue with
some power sources
even though they feel as power sources that else they don't feel of respect for power sources
and it i'm i'm suggesting that if you can energetically offer yourself and for sample in a large group perhaps to some it being with respect know some people say
if you respect them they won't listen to you and i would say that's possible that if you
have a large group of people who respectfully address somebody
that the maybe i won't listen
also if a large group of people disrespectfully address they may have listened to you
either way we cannot make people listen no matter how
or how harshly we speak to them
i'm just making a case i don't have a drum here but anyway i beating the drum for
kind speech
to speak to people who we want to listen to us with kind speech to say with kind speech
sweet speech
i have a request i am a suggestion i mean this
and if there is a large group of people
if they all can do that
listen i believe the world is more peaceful
and ah i believe if the request keeps coming in this sweet way and also the next practice i would say the first practice is kind speech the second practice as
given that you offer kind speech as a gift not kind speech not sweet speech to get something
so if someone feels these people respect they're speaking sweetly and they're being and they're giving me a gift they're not trying to manipulate the eventually that love i propose well
they will wake up to this love
the people who are addressing them already are included in them
we're already included the people were were already included in the people were talking to i'm already included in you i'm already pervading you you're already pervading me
but we're not going to open to this mutual provision
if one or both of us doesn't speak kindly
and generously but if we keep offering the gift of kind speech and our presence it eventually
the resistance will melt away
i've tried so hard my dear to show the year my apron team but everything i do you think is just some evil scheme
if you keep showing that sweet love not trying to manipulate her or him
they will
they will they will open they will open but if you try to pry them open they might tighten up i don't know what to do but
if you want if you want to open people to compassion the ways to compassion and you can do it in a large group and then each person has to have to check on themselves and you need to support your friends to speak with kind speech and i i and i don't know how long it take
x before the cold hearted melts i don't know how long it takes
but the whole theory of buddhism has just keep loving on tell the resistance melts and then and then the than love continuous but now unhindered
and then the next practices arm than once
the doors are open and do great things to beneficial things and then finally
the non-duality with the people
practice from their point of view
and practice on the point of view of them being included in you
this is a nurse is the way like in i was no gym and so mrs how's it going and i said well there's so much sadness is
i'm i'm just wondering what what i can offer to the situation and the guy said just keep doing what you're doing
if what we do is attractive people will give it a try some day
now there's also this alleyway of you get a large group of people and you don't speak with heart when you speak with her speech and you don't speak with gifts you try to get and we've seen a lot of that and they will probably be some more
and i'm but i'm not add i don't i'm not promoting that because part of the problem that is if that turns into war than it's kind of hard for the people who are trying to even the people who are trying to practice kind speech and giving us on in the middle of ward that makes it much harder for them to continue to do
at not impossible but and can be very advanced trim to remember this practice of kind speak and generosity and beneficial action and unity action when as a war so we have peace still this does the service is all have in place but they're not at a pool
were i can't even say this
the neither point where you can't listen to me
i still dare to say these outrageous things and have you chat where you just chatting
that is someone who has been kind to harm you you're gonna you're gonna received that with gratitude as the buddha's teaching to you
so that's one example somebody you can do know that you can do
as you can plant
i did yesterday
and i was a lot of work but somebody help me
actually somebody help me by semi me all these tulips and or not
i have to behind him and of course it would be wonderful when they bloom everybody would be happier everyone will be inspired by the beautiful tulip in the meantime someone gives him to me and someone comes in helped me plan and it wasn't so bad
a young man helped me
it wasn't that difficult
some other planet another thing i'd i wanna do wish
yes i want to dinner with me yes i want to plant trees
and all these maple trees come from the yard of the house i stay i live in a green gulch they're all babies of of the maple trees at my house
every year there's thousands of little baby maple trees on the ground
and that's why take some of them and put him in parts and let them grow in them when they get big enough i bring more here and now you season summer like ten feet tall now and then the ones in the yard or now huge
so i'd plant trees but i and i do it in dialogue with you and you help me i don't do by myself if you tell me that i'm planning to many trees i i wanna listen to you
it might get to that
we applied too many maple trees as no good stop on really what's the matter while blah blah blah i'll listen because the the planning the maple trees as good a more important is to do it in dialogue with the other maple trees and with you that's what's really important that's where the awakening comes is in a dialogue
one of the planting
with the earth and the neighbors and you
and the maple trees that they come from all that
so there's many things we can do to bring encouragement to people
but it works best if a dialogue so we're not imposing maple trees on people
we're not imposing tulip some people
we're offering a kindly
and this transforms beings
towards the bodhisattva way no coercion just doing these attractive things i was attracted is end by the behavior of sand body surface they did their life and i thought i wanna try that so if it would be nice the way
we express ourselves to various powerful beings that we doing such a way that some people look at doesn't say i wanna join those people
come on the way they're doing this is really attractive i will not come and join them hundred and know it there
protesting about but the way that whatever they're doing is really beautiful i want to join them
okay thank you yes
i feel i need to speak somehow today it feels different emotions about sneaking to a and one of them is that
that was thoughts that came in me from the events this week we're this
clarity than i already really was doing the job i wanted to be doing in terms of being kind and training and kindness and compassion and i added to it fearless speaking and i i to say i know fearlessness includes
fear of not being afraid to be afraid and and i know you teach carelessness you'd expect use that expression
i heard myself to and so i just read me to announce that i'm in training a guy now chaining i consider myself in training for all of those things and so i'm asking letting people know that you can help change
fearless speaking cause if so hidden as a woman and a jew i mean i can't tell you i wasn't brought up to be jewish
and i think that was hiding but that was the way my family you know felt they could keep me safe so to be checked said he wasn't locked it is to lot about the way i didn't been know i was afraid to stick my neck out
and i wanna do it completely kindly because i i i have no doubt that path that's the way and i'm really grateful that an grateful for how much support i feel extraordinary support in this changing something
you will review will continue to be supported
and was restricted
and no i don't know if i qualify as a jew but i do have a jewish and daughter and i am jewish grandchildren
term that makes me a jewish granddaddy or what
a bell new age
and when when i often see their lives of juice i think if i was a jew would be very hard for me not to be proud to be a journal
i've been proud of danger
so as one of the problems of being jewish is have some the sun in a great shoes you know
that if i wasn't that grew by one but anyway i can be proud that i am your daughter
which isn't quite as dangerous and new precedent hence a jewish daughter in a jewish grandchildren too
and i rent to is slowing and i have a lot of jewish friends
i don't can be as proud of that as i am if i were actually a jew or gonna meet you
but i wouldn't be good i wouldn't be good and i don't think a lot of juice or not proud even though
they're not hiding it either they're just this is my tradition and i want to uphold it and body surface
they also really appreciate their tradition but
they have to be careful and pride to
like i mentioned you know
the gringo tab is said to me about somebody who might be called somebody was studying with me
a student and she's got aren't you proud of her and i said
she done by on that in i i don't get into pride over these people who are starting with when she said get over it
phone bum bum who
earlier today i think i ask you about fear i talk to me that it but i completely either disappeared what he said
i wanna say again that to me the biggest issue right now is fear is your life altering the day people would say something that they read the paper to do haha so like i feel like animals
prom to get even more fearful of as stuff which isn't even happening now me i remember you saying about fear is welcome
just doesn't feel enough
get out there any other sized welcoming the
are welcome here and also welcome the thought that is not enough
and then be careful of fear even if you're welcome it is like welcoming up a dangerous guest into your house
have you really don't keep your eye on you know
keep attended to the fear because you could welcome it if you're welcome it in your house and then you don't pick up and i added it might feel neglected and stab you in the back
so welcome at but can keep your eye on it it's record it's a dangerous guess not to attend to want you let it in now if you keep it out is even more dangerous is got the the stay saved me from that from the mafia keep your
family close and keep your enemies closer
if you want to protect your family keep your enemies closer closer than your family
and then you can take care your family fear is our enemy but it's also our great opportunity so we let it
and then keep your eyes open and take care of it which means be careful
fear is unstable
handle with care
fear is unstable and dangerous don't try to kill it
don't don't deny it fear does not like to be denied and if you deny it it'll take revenge on you
oh you gonna deny me okay but then i'm gonna get behind you and i'm just going to operate you like a robot
you don't even going to know it's making you do this stuff suddenly you're going to be talking contemptuously the people can you ignored me so now you're gonna get not only are you gonna
you're gonna not just a sec you've really don't want to do because you ignored me
don intoxicate yours up a lot of people drink before they go to cocktail parties for i guess had cocktail biased
they drink because they're afraid of the other humans
they drink because they're afraid of you know and a tense up
and it also people use sex to
numb or distract themselves from fair
and then slander slander
or put yourself above it he's are ways to not be careful so respect
the enemy
his part of loving the enemy and fear is a big enemy or you could say it's actually a huge scary friend that almost nobody dares to make friends with but the body sought was make friends with fear and that friendship that live with fear
here is a really really ally of friendship the friendship that's with you know sweetness is also good
buddha lives in the center of fierce flames of fear
as a buddha lives
and she's she'll she allows the flames to be there she's careful of them
and then she's patient with the fear is felt like okay i'm doing austin wins if you're gonna go away it's also not very respectful
i'm gonna be i'm to be generous with you careful of you to get rid of you are you wanna get rid of me okay well haram stand
i'm standing until you stop trying to get rid of me
it could try to get rid of me is his kind of like you think you can control me with your tricks where you can't
but you can make peace with me if you're my friend and there's gonna be no problem for me to be in your house fact can i buy some more of my fair friend my fear pals yes sir welcome put his house is full of demons
who are all pacified by the buddha's love
as for non damon stewards really packed
and then this and then we could go on all the way up the perfect wisdom perfect wisdom is the final
you know it's the quitter grass of how to relate to fear
when you see there's no basis for it
but just for fun or let you stay anyway
just so i can keep doing this compassion thing with you to show other people how to relate to fear or maybe i'll just let it go and other people can bring me their fear
i vow to embrace and sustain all beings are greed hate and delusion all rats or mice all ants
all humans
all republicans or democrats
our independence
i am bot embraces than all beings
and is really really hard even one is sometimes are really really hard
especially me
without my case all the time in my face
you're welcome and
i want to say thank you see this beautiful sanga for coming together today and i don't know how that happens when it's really beneficial and i am so grateful
yeah i don't know what happens he is a
happen and i'll walk
i have the experience in the city which i i don't it has a question has not formed yet but i like to share the experience and see if the and if there's a question that forms from the experience ah in the city i was actually
the able to go so deep the parts of me that has been not experienced love and compassion the parts that it's so dense that does not even no compassion does not even compassion
is foreign to it so as i fell now i was approaching approaching down d i felt this sadness that oh my god this part of me does not even no compassion
so therefore i don't know what the question is coming so it made it made me understand ah that the beings who are out there that i call it as not compassionate or hard or thompson trump peas whatever that is
is maybe i don't know maybe these things don't know compassion yes or not enough it's touched them and touches them and we need to join
bringing compassion to all beings even a wants her
for whatever reason don't feel it reached them or spent so long i forgot
because actually the compassion is coming to us we just have to wake up to it by practicing it
yes so my question is
i would like to ask ah for stillness to be able to be still where compassion is not want
do just totally except that
i hope you can be still where compassion is not want it and if and stillness with or compassion is not wanted their compassion for compassion not wanted in that stones
s tronic oh so i've i've heard about this
finding that the republicans are characterized by fear and democrats are characterized by hope and now i've also heard from a lot of democrats that there's a lot of fear
the a ah the research goes on
a never-ending had a new discovery
the nobel peace prize
and as returned home both of those phenomena i think are manifestations of expectation
and that we ah do put a lot of energy and a practicing being careful with fear and i think we can practice that much as well around being careful with hope and expectation who let's be let's be
generous and welcoming to expectations let's be careful of them because if we are not careful with them we become easily disappointed
as i often mention
people ask for the bodhisattva precepts and i give them the bodies of proprioception and i say
do you wanna receive this brings up the precision they say yes to i give it to him and i say now that you haven't from now on even at to realize buddhahood where you continue to observe him and they say yes i will and i asked him again and again and they give say yes but i don't expect him to do what they said
i do not and so when they don't i don't get disappointed and i don't give up on them
i'm stuck
rooting for them to practice the precepts but not expecting them to do so so i'm careful of expectations
i don't try to get rid of fear or hope or expectation and be compassionate to fear hope and expectation that's my aspiration
and if i slip and i noticed owed disappointment oh i guess i expected something i guess i was dwelling someplace
i brought this nice gift and then people through in the trash and i was disappointed i guess i expected they wouldn't throw trash okay we go here is a gift again i'm ready
toddler girl into the trash
i laughed that time
okay well as getting close to the bewitching our
thank you all very very much i have deep gratitude for you and i have
kate gratitude for our deep sorrow and deep pan and deep
the here
and deep confusion and tape everything
how about you