Listening, Training, Hearing and Liberation

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this morning we chatted
hey a vow written buyer
student of the dharma
who lived in japan in the thirteenth century
that was his he wrote that vow
ah and he actually said
before i started that before we started writing that vow he wrote even if you've wasted a lot of time up till now
you can make this bow as follows
i've ah we are we are i vow from this life on throughout countless lives to hear the true dharma and so on so that was written by a student of the dharma who people also call
while also called the zen master they call in the founder of the soto's and tradition in japan
and he rose his vow he wrote
but also he recommended that we could make that about even if we wasted a lot of time of don't now
and then we just chatted another vow written by another student at the dharma with who says
when i a student at the dharma so this is another
important is and teacher in the history of japan named toward a a master toda this was his vow that he
that he
made over and over and
yeah so when you when you recited that i don't how you felt i'm always amazed every time we recite it that somebody would talk like that
in a way it sounds like someone might say
what an idealistic person
to say that you know when someone is treat you badly you're gonna
treat them with respect and see here's an opportunity to listen to the dharma
how is his wow
so this dapper this particular person who some people might say is crazy or unrealistic or idealistic was again one of the great teachers in japanese history
name is a great teachers are the crazy ones that
kennedy's relics bizarre thoughts like no matter how bad it gets no matter how badly people tissue
respect them and be compassionate to them and
off your life to them
police vowed to learn to do that
but still it's amazing to
david think that and you have got it because you said it
and then afterwards you might say well
glad that's over

i'm just gonna i'm impressed by that bow every time a year ago wow

he wants all beings to reach to realize maturity and buddha's wisdom
in the great vehicle of the body surface
there is the teaching that buddhist that's what buddhists want but as what buddhists have buddha's wisdom they've realized that they are buddha's wisdom buddhists are buddhist wisdom and they wish that all beings will enter buddha's wisdom
because then they would be free of suffering and also they can help other people
be free of suffering because their wisdom liberates everybody
but again it's chronic just an amazing thought that we would
that we would enter into a wisdom were in everybody is liberated from suffering which has a similar to everyone is liberated from delusion
and one definition of delusion is
to carry a self around
and then act from that
from herself
the practice from the self test delusion and then is another way is
for practice to be carried to you and they are born in the coming up the practice as enlightenment
so poorly i was talking about yeah they turned about in the stream of words so to practice and confirm all things while carrying herself as delusion for all things to practice and confirmed and realize you as any
heightened mad so those words turn your turn us and he can stay upright you can turn from i'm practicing buddhism the buddhism's practicing me
i'm practicing kindness kindness is practicing me i'm devoted to these people
these people are devoid to me
that he can make that turn and not be stuck in either position just keep turning
the situation is so
amazing and wonderful
come forth and assert themselves more strong that unusual to prevent us from living in that radiant
turning point
and those have this are sometimes called demons
and i've recently been
contemplating the teachings of or the poetic expressions
a french poet named charles baudelaire and the first poem
of his masterpiece which has called flowers of evil de mar les florida mall the first poem is called to the reader
and in that poem basically he says you know our habits are stubborn and our confession and repentance wimpy
and give by any chance we overcome
the grocer habits of greed hate and delusion
then the most powerful habit the most how powerful demon the most powerful habit comes which is boredom
to dislodge us from living without habits
this morning when i was talking
i had a dream that everybody understood me really well

and therefore there were almost no questions
but if there's anything you'd like to say
i bring up
in our remaining time together here today please do
we wish to remind you mr green
thank you
mr green
i think that was his name mr green
once upon a time i was taking a walk at greendale to with mr green we walked up enough
have enough hills a green gulch and then we walked back down to the valley of green gulch and we came to the office which has been transformed into
but he was still outside the office
after this nice long walk and talk and he was talking to me he continued to talk to me
and i was kind of feeling like
like i had talked long enough
like i wanna arrest from talking to him i wanted to rest for also from listening to him because he was talking and i was listening and he kept talking
and i kept trying to get him to to rest or get a break from that listening to talking and talking to me
and i think he sensed many as he was talking to me that i was trying to
get away from him it's like a rest from listening practice
and the more i tried to more i tried to find somewhere to get away from him
the more he talked in such a way as to not give me a chance to get away
and the more i am more i wanted to get away but couldn't get away and the more he kept me from getting away the weaker i gasp
i was like
you know like they sometimes say i was dying

and then this is a really nice guy this mr green
and then from within me there came a voice which said i love you ruby
and then i said to mr green spin guy talking to you see you later and i walked away
i heard that voice you know and that voice showed me away to get a to take a break
so resting is part of heroic effort
and there is a voice inside your which says i love you whatever your name is
and when you hear that than getting sort of member realize that your been requested to rest
are you know you
sega my or whatever
way wake up
thank you for reminding me
you've been turning something around has something been turned you around

there's a to there is a teeth she would you say that louder

would you speak up please you recently read louder
louder say louder i received

did you say the buddha's

i get the picture we only have fifty man so can we stop and may respond to that
the buddha's
do not have standards
the buddha's do not have anything
the buddha's do not have enlightenment
the buddhas are enlightenment the buddhist are ethical standards
the buddhas are the bodhisattva precepts that's what they are
but they don't have them
and being these bodhisattva precepts they sometimes speak them and they sometimes say to their students who asked them to give the teaching they sometimes say
a boy evil do good they give standard to their students without picking and choosing and without having any standards
and the students and train at practicing with example the standards the students trained in order to learn how to practice the standards
without having an
thought of practice to standards without abiding and
by when the students start they usually don't know how to do that because they have not yet realize buddhahood
this the standards without abiding in them than they would become buddhas at that moment
discrimination between good and bad
is involved in practicing the standards
mixins that's what you thought right i agree
but to learn how to practices buddha precepts we need to learn how to make discriminations without
the discrimination watch the blankets in the black
we need to learn how to blank these discriminations
would fill the blank place
without abiding in him
we have to know abode the the standards
but that's something we have to learn we don't know how to do that
we have to train it that way to be taught how to do that
so like
i heard a curse she say non-discrimination is not not to discriminate
it's to study everything
so when a demon comes to you when a enemy comes to you
already there is discrimination
as soon as those it isn't it has an enemy appears that there's discrimination
he soon as a friend appears as discrimination as soon as a man appears as discrimination as soon as pain appears as a discrimination
what a discrimination what is a gracious and community was
when i say
yahoo i said what he said that wasn't it
non-discrimination about these things appearing to you
non-discrimination about discrimination
is not to not discriminate can you are discriminating you are discriminating already whenever anything appears non-discrimination me as you study everything
study man woman good evil if you study evil and study good no matter how it appears that non-discrimination and not not discriminating study of good and evil is the border way
that's also known as also study yourself
so we we naturally discriminate
and the teaching says
when you can say the teacher says don't pick and choose but another way to say it as the teaching says that the grey way is easy is not difficult if you don't pick and choose
but the person has quoting that in the second case of the book of records as i do not abide and purity and the words he doesn't abide in not picking and choosing
he abides in nothing and whatever he meets
when picking and choosing arises he studies it
when evil arises he studies it when good arises he studies at he meditates
on the teaching of dependent arising because everything is a the pentagon arising
but in fact if you didn't discriminate the great way would not be difficult
but we do discriminate
and we don't and the great teachers do not abide in the easy way and they don't abide in a difficult way they don't abide in avoiding discrimination which would make life pretty easy
for example you wouldn't discriminate between ten and pleasure between freedom and bondage than the gray would be quite easy
fine but what about the people who are discriminating what i'm going to do for them
well you could teach him how to deal with being a human being and the buddha did
the the great teachers to teach people how to discriminate
without abiding in discrimination
but if it's true that it does not discrimination life's pretty easy
a bodhisattvas are not looking for the easy life they're looking for the life which frees all beings from suffering which freezer bags from discriminations
so actually that that i haven't heard the teaching the says don't discriminate
yeah friesen said not picking inches he is he said he said don't pick and choose i thought
yeah so

no i don't think so compassion is to embrace discrimination
it doesn't it compassion doesn't avoid discrimination it embraces it without
abiding in pack compassion doesn't move away from the discriminate hitters
discriminator is move away from discriminates

compassion is opened discriminate years and so open that there's no abiding in them
and that not abiding and discrimination is called non discrimination it's not not discriminating
it's like
can we bring you some discrimination now yes please do
and then discriminate said well we're here now
would you like to abide in us he say do you want me to and they say yeah he said okay i will and then they say butcher not abiding and as you use he said you would but you're not a sale of i don't know how because this is a buddha here for to do not know how to abide but they're willing to do it if you ask em
cause they're your servant and they want to show you how not to abide in anything discrimination or absence of it
i and i
i would call i i don't even have a discrimination about whether you understood anything i said or not but if i did i wouldn't want to abide in it projects don't happen to have one
is one thing i discriminate
your seat it's different than it was yes i wanted to ask you if you times
well there was his he were down and these things were given to us
and they were down in the what he caught in the garage so i thought i've been watching for number of years wondering where to put them had no abode
so i
i could ask trolley good about putting their he thought to be a good idea so there they are
you're welcome
they they were probably part of this altar in some way but i couldn't figure out how to do it yeah
say you kind of like m march to the ground
sites is wondering somebody else about
his grandiose like the simplicity of but i hear you
since since you put em on
you can take them off
what i would work one
well but you are they want to make the decision to put them on
i asked you about putting mine you said fine i said go ahead i asked you what you thought he thought it would without it he thought it was cool and you put them on now you've filled in so you can take them off
since you put em on it seems like you're in a good position to take em off
i mean if you like to work
well he acrobats
he said it's up to you if you if you are
i've put the idea to you i said what do you think of it is it sounded cool and you did it you can it's kind of an experiment right this alderson experiment to
there you know
and they put it out over the buddhist community and nobody would nobody wanted it i mean nobody thought they could find a place for it and i wouldn't look that said i think i see a place for it could hear it is and it is grandiose
but i i didn't want distant not have a home so here it is it's got a home so i said seem to you
when you think it is she said cool he tried it out a thing not go so if you'd like to take it off you have my support
yeah you might do it
and some other people actually takes it off want to put it back on
the right
prior to get the computer great thing

the same kind of it were ha
a long time ago
it's the same it's approximately same height it was grown here today
so here are these things
so it's easy to do not allow her to take em off
easy to take off
he's a bookshop

i'm trying to find a home for them
also i also smoking that a cane
with the altar where these panels of green dragons
so i was thinking someplace to put them back you know and know about and somebody
he made some nice panel for them and painted them in and fix them so they were singing putting my side but then someone also thought it's a little little too much to have this these panels on as green gulch at gringotts one him and queen to say yeah so then they put him up in that sort of i'm not
panel but at the top of cloud hall
so that the in and then when they started to re
we venerate re numerate caught all they took him down so and the michael backup so i'm just trying to put to use all this hard work that's coming my way
their mind your birthday candles for fit
yeah because today's is my forty fourth birthday
i'm i'm at a peasant priest and forty four years old today
there's a picture of the coordination on the wall inside
which was
a picture was taken on august ninth
nineteen seventy and the numerology for my
birth as a priest in the numerology from my biological birth or the same
if you add
ten seven forty three
eight nine seventy make the same number
what was what what was born
non attachment
both at birth and a priest or a nation that actually was born is on abiding
so again they asked me what we name this place so i said how about know about
this is a kind of theme park

well we do various experiments

thank you all for making this
for your contributions to the world of this day
may our intention equally extend to every be a place where
a survey beings are numberless i vow to save them delusions are inexhaustible ah
a lot to end them
a gay sour boundless ah to enter them buddha as ways unsurpassable high bar to become it