No Abode Dharma Talk - June 12th, 2021

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A virtual Dharma talk by Tenshin Roshi for an online gathering of the No Abode community

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so i i have a a simple picture of
the practice
of the way of wakening the practice of the way of the borders simple picture
which i talked about recently at a talk that was given from green gulch and the simple practices

to sit
or stand
or walk upright
at the center
of all living beings
which is also the center
of all hardship and suffering
the basic practice
i've been present an upright at the center of all beings
settling into our seat
where we are right now
sitting at the center of all beings which is where all buddhas are sitting and all buddhists have sought sat and all buddhas will sit we to
can sit in that same center
each of us is already there and we can practice fat

that's the first part of the practice
except receive
your seat in the middle of the universe of beings

the next part of the practices once seated once situated once settled where we are
enter the practice of generosity

open to the practice of generosity at the seat
that each of us has right now
practice giving
and receiving and being a gift
so in short the practice i'm proposing is the as the buddha way is to sit where we are to be where we are at the center of all beings
to accept that that's where we are to open to all that and then practice generosity together with all that
practice generosity with all beings
in the chat that i just recited and some of you may have joined me it says that when we meet the true dharma
we will renounce worldly affairs
so when we sit
when we are here at the center of all beings
and we are practicing with all beings
practicing generosity with all beings
we will give up worldly affairs
and what our worldly affairs
worldly affairs harm being distracted from the practice
worldly affairs is forgetting where we are
and forgetting the beings
at wish we sit in the center of
forgetting that just being distracted from our seat at the center is a worldly affair
and then also forgetting to practice generosity with everyone we meet
forgetting to give ourselves and receive ourselves
to give ourselves to others and receive others and be a gift to others and see others as a gift
the affair is to forget generosity
but if we confess and say we're sorry this is returning to our seat and re-entering the reality of giving

now each of us has some suffering some hardship
comes and goes in many ways
we also have on
nice like the hardships but sufferings that from the from what people do to us and suffering for what we do to others and suffering for what we see others joined to each other
the insults and on kindnesses are even more difficult than hardships and also to see other people's hardships
people who are living in family who are living in war
people who are living in places where people are shooting up people they don't even know
all this suffering is around us
and put away his to sit in the middle of it and practice generosity with it
and generosity again that we're talking about that i'm talking about is a generosity which has we say three wheels
one wheel is giving the other world wheel is receiving and the other gif real is the gift
so in practicing with all beings
we are a donor we are a generous giver and we are also a receiver and we are also a gift
and the practice of generosity at his maturity we say the three worlds are pure or the three were worth the three wheels are pure or the three wheels are empty empty means empty of any
independent existence of each other
there's no giving without receiving does not receiving without giving and there's no giving or receiving without gift and so on there's no gift without receiving and giving these three things there's no fixed position i'm not just a giver of these words i
i'm also a receiver of these worlds these worlds these words are given to me you are given to me i am given to you
and i give and i'm a gift and your gift to me and each other
getting distracted from this generosity this multifaceted
generosity with no fixed position
an ungraspable process
of giving which is an ungraspable inconceivable process of liberation and peace
for getting it is a worldly affair
which many of us
occasionally do forget
now we had the opportunity to remember to train at remembering this giving
this giving is the essence of the border way
which is practiced at the center of all beings
and also we used the expression
direct transmission face to face so that's another way we talk about it to sit at the center of beings and enter directly face to face transmission

that one of the terms that the ancestor a hey
uses for this generosity of our tradition
this generosity of face to face transmission the actual term he uses his face giving menger face given and face giving is short for
giving face giving your face and receiving a face and being a face
again to forget this face giving is a worldly affair
when we meet someone we had the opportunity to remember that we are giving our face to them and they are giving their face to us and we are receiving their face this is the reality of awakening this face to face giving
and again the process is
ungraspable and we're not in one part of it wherein we are the whole thing we are this generosity that this generosity is who we really are

it seems to me when i look at the stories of the ancestors
all the stories seem to be stories of giving
of so-called teachers meeting teachers' teachers' meeting students students meeting students
these meetings where they give their face to each other
they may or may not refer to buddhist teachings

i remember one story of it
i'm a monk meeting a monk named
wait show who met the great teacher far yeah i'm in china and which i said to fire what is buddha
he gave his preacher gave his face to fi en fiat gave his face to rachel and way joe gave his words what is buddha
and vi and said you are wage job
just a simple face to face meeting
that happened twelve hundred years ago that i'm remembering

one time a great teacher named marcel was about to die he was very sick
and i think the director of his monastery came to see him and said
teacher how is your venerable health
the director gave himself
gave his face to the teacher and the teacher gave his face to the director
and the director asked a question gave the teacher question
how is your venerable health
and the teacher said
sun face buddha moonphase buddha
every time we meet someone really were meeting a son face buddha and a moon face buddha
the moon phase bullet lives a very short time
when we meet
when we give each other our face we give each other of face
a buddha face which lives a very short time
and we also give each other or buddha face that lives a long time a son for his buddha
this is how it was when the great teacher matsu was dying and this is how it is today

we are meeting i am giving my face to you and you are giving your face to me
we're joined the practice or i should say we are sitting at the center
of the world of are suffering beings and we are giving each other
we are mutually giving each other our faces

also this term
face giving that word the chinese character for face which the japanese pronunciation is men
i'm it normally means face that also means mask
so we're also mast giving
we are giving each other our mask our persona
at the same time that we give our mask we also give her face
that's not our mask
we give both a mask and a face
and we have to fully give the mask
and fully receive the mask in order to awaken to the face
which is there before our parents were born
the face which is always there some face buddha moonphase buddha
and again
we sometimes forget this face
we need to give the mask the superficial face
and receive the superficial face
in order to realize the true face
and the buddha away at the same time

so many sad stories are arising in my mind which demonstrate this wonderful giving
that the ancestors practiced from their seat at the center of all beings

in our ike i i could go on and tell many more stories of this meeting that goes up that has gone on and that is still going on this endless
generosity this endless practice of giving receiving and being a gift
but i also might have told enough stories and if you need me more let me know i have not i have i don't have or have these stories all i gotta do is sit here and talk to you and they enter my consciousness
from the great ocean of suffering they come and entered my consciousness

so i now welcome you to be a gift and to received and receive gifts
to offer your expression and also i particularly would like to invite those who have not
ah given us
dear your questions or comments in the past or who are slow to do so
i especially invite you to come forth and show us your face today

kate and whole page
good morning good morning
i'm waiting to see your face
i can hear your voice
but i'm seeing your face let me start speaking a not now at i see it hello to now
i just wanted to say what a pleasure it's been to be able to participate in know abode
via zoom
as i understand this is that the final zoom meeting and it's been a
in a great gift in this household to be able to be part of it for the last month's twitter of the joys that has come out of the pandemic
so thank you i'm glad to hear that and i think there will be further
meetings from know about on zoo
great in addition to the possibility of starting in person one day sittings
so we might have two events a month or more and so for the time being zoom meetings will continue great thank you very much when we look forward to them thanks for your expression
im learning
and i'm just that feeling called to see you are earner for you to see me cause i think i see you all the time with even with my eyes closed
i also i have been a seeing this film about dogan that if i now you you tube
ah watching this movie
and you're worried about the gift it really struck me in terms of technology how in technology for so very few things are free and usually if we receive something for free
we're gonna be
something is going to be taken from us that we don't even know but this movie that how you to it has no commercials it has no ah weird things you know that happened in the middle of a free offering so that came to me
thank you
i just got the idea from you have having commercials during my videos on youtube
secret commercials for buddha
a promotions

thank you vivian
i think that's me a lot christian oh rem
eileen could have a split screen with christian
yes we will try to figure out what is happening again and i a christian back
but be know what an i arrived
there you are oh good now i gotta thank you race and cure up
you're welcome christian
so i was just like to offer my face i've been following our teachings mostly through your website and i'm here at san francisco's the center today and i just wanted to offer my face stiff from thank you for giving me your face

oh hello can you see me
right i can hear you and i can see again mio yeah that's not okay ah i wondered there i am nice be peter thank you
thank you very much rub
i've been listening to you and seen your face for many years now and realize that i haven't given you my face so i just wanted to reciprocate ah way back in at tassajara with you and i think stephen harper were doing mountains and rivers and ah that was my one of my
first introductions to you and then many times that green gulch i've been lucky the hear you speak and your precious treasure for all of us and it it really helps these reminders of to locate ourselves in the middle of all beings in the middle of all the suffering and
to still hold the joy in the midst of all the suffering ah so i just wanted to thank you for all of this and and a share my face as well thank europe's and i wish you had your face a little better illuminated but i'll take a dog the quaker you are
yeah that's yeah nice man screams rape you
one thank you thank you very much welcome
hello read a lot vydra
i also wanted to show my face and receive my face and your face
and i also wanted to thank you for a reminder that the practice is sitting upright in the midst of a hardship and suffering not there the distance oneself from hardship and suffering and for me that's that despite on my experience that still something i catch myself
when i wonder if you could say something about how this practice allows us to be present in the midst of suffering without being overwhelmed by it or crushed by edward already distressed by edward
something like that crap
playful with it
but still respect for it

ah so i'm proposing that we are sitting at the center whether we admit it to her remember it or not
and if i'm sitting at the center
and i don't remember that
i am more uncomfortable
then if i remember it
so i i'm sitting at the center and i might feel somewhat you could say overwhelmed but one way today the wake of overwhelm comes to me i'm experienced in the suffering in a way that i turn away from it i'm not really overwhelmed i'm just like i i just don't want to deal with it so being overwhelmed is kind of
like it's overwhelming me i don't want it on getting outta here you know i'm in danger if i opened to this
and if i if i do not so much the overwhelmed but if i do turn away from it
i'm gonna feel more uncomfortable
then if i remember where i am so for me oftentimes when i'm feeling uncomfortable i remember where i am
and that helps me be at the center not don't help it helps me allow that i'm there and when i when i allow that i'm there i'm still in the middle of suffering but i'm
i'm i'm more comfortable because i'm more truly where i am
and then if i feel overwhelmed than the question is okay
it might do i wanna get away from this
and that question again what i think could help me
remember that i'm at the center and again
i think i feel better questioning whether i wanna get away than just acting on impulse and distracting myself
so i think when to say to sit at the center without being overwhelmed i think at the center the fear of being overwhelmed is around us that's part of that's part of what surrounding us is the fear that what surrounding us will overwhelm us that's one of our fears that's one of our
difficulties and the most peaceful most
comfortable place to be is at the center
and trying to be in the suburbs
for me makes me more uncomfortable adds to all the at its it's trying to be there is another difficulty which i want to accept but not actually like go there just realize oh that's part of what surrounding me is the wished to get outta here
right instance we actually are there and therefore easier to be there the did you don't try to not be there but when we think we have this option like that
thinking that we have option is one of the forms of suffering that surrounds us night
and we should also see it another other people and so hard to remember that does those options
are actually things to give our faces to and the and they're giving their face to us
but first of all we have to be there with them to route to wake up to that they're all these all these impulses to run away or really sentient beings to meet
and have dharma transmission with
yeah that's helpful
thank you roger
thank you very much
a in
really round

your muted
but to see you again rep good to see you a rich yes okay when i watched the dues in all the suffering it's very difficult to stay at the center of the suffering and i feel overwhelmed
oh recently ah
covered cancer in my colon and
i'm trying to stay to center of my own suffering
and on thursday i'll be operated on
and the term staying at the center of suffering is very helpful to me and showing my face today is very helpful to me thank you
i pray that you are able to sit at the center of all this suffering
we are praying for that thank you and then you will be able to practice giving at the center

good morning have
good morning green
thanks for remembering my name and my face
am i am i i mentioned to you a few times and i'm gonna bring it up again today that i'm
curious i'm really interested and as practice of confession and repentance and i feel like when you mentioned this morning and if we confess that we were distracted we can re-enter the reality of giving and sitting at our seats and i was wondering if you would
consider and illustrating that with
a story of some kind
okay first of all a slight change in language
ah if we notice for distracted and confess it
and also repent means feel some sorrow about being distracted from being present
it's not that then we can return
confessing a repenting is the practice so when you when i confess that i was distracted i am doing the practice when i say i'm sorry that is the practice that i was distracted from so if i if i say oh i can
confess i was trying to get away from the center
and i'm sorry that i tried to get away from the centre because i'd i really know that that's silly i can't get away from my place but i'm still a but i'm so sorry that i'm a silly boy
it's not that then i can practice is that is the practice that that is the practice confession repentance and then that being the practice i am now
demonstrating my when i got my am
my sitting at my seat and on demonstrating giving i give confession and repentance and receive my seat which i forgot
and one story that comes to my mind
didn't why the two stories i told earlier
the monk meets the teacher and the monk says
what is buddha
that's his confession
that he thinks buddha is something other than him
the i'm mean to say that he he has been distracted and he thinks buddha is something other than him being him sitting at the center of all beings buddha is sitting at the center of all beings he is sitting at the center of all beings
but he's gotten distracted from that so he has to teach her what is buddha and the teacher isn't doesn't say you are buddha
he doesn't say you are buddha he says you are weight show
but is you be you and that monk forgot kwaito forgot he got distracted from being himself
and that's my story
but glossy actually wage wasn't distracted he was just putting on this you're just giving us the story he knew that buddha was quite you're being wager is not that buddha is green buddha is you are green
but it is green being green
and if you forget that buddhist green being breen then
you can confess and repent even confess say i'm sorry i forgot that buddha is me sitting here being green
adams and i'm sorry about that and i understand
now i'm back here being me
i i didn't remember that so thank you for putting that into words
you didn't great so that's a story


where are you there ah is it me or that oh okay i'll
i'm not sure if metro area at on sorry about that i'm well thank you thank you for
layer than the turn
and the has a star on
yeah i'm i'm distracted am i can anticipate ah ok so i take your seat now
let me come back
i know now
now let's stay here
was this compassion
about forty myself to be me
i'm with your prayer off

and there's also something council i am
came to me that why i'm so be overwhelmed or and want to look away from from the center and then
i just do my patches and his started started discovered at is just a mantle or is actually body
because this body i just feel like this the every cell has so much memory you know i don't even know and they you just don't know some day you just dump them some people and are now and something has been triggered you know i think today that the environment is like us or like a trauma
trauma trigger events to everybody's trauma and we don't even know it's deeply buried in are so cautious and i a liar and are now so i am curious style wrap on your practice to such as long time
besides mantle by the way i think this guy is really powerful having this guy is both amazing and then
and then and also the
other say and the trouble but there's other important ah
the man show which is actually it's not as body is not just as braying this mine is every cell in my hand my ah my feeds you know i don't know i don't know how am i can be insured at
maybe you know you are triggered again and then of course i always remember that the silence and stillness i would come back combat steel sometimes inches osceola
be overwhelmed so i actually talk about body so if we can offer some insight about his body
regis bali and mind they're together about on you know when dog can talk about dropping dropping you know i agree our practice about dropping layer by layer jobbing our body dropping our body on
but i'm not sure i'm not sure i mean there's for very long process
thank you
so i hear that you have this thought
would you supported by your body and the thought is i'm not sure
i don't know i'm i'm saying that you you told me that you do you said i don't i'm not sure you said that
my lord my language you said the one of the last thing you said was i'm not sure
now he said i'm not sure i'm not sure
and i'm saying that's a thought the thought is i'm not sure
and that thought is something that was huge said to me to us and that thought was in your consciousness
and you just said okay
and that's another thought that you expressed in words that was in your consciousness
and the thought okay comes into your consciousness in it comes from your body
and you're unconscious so i often quote the the writer dh lawrence who said this is what i know
about my conscious self
it's like a clearing in the middle of a dark forest
and sometimes deities come in
from the forest into the clearing and then they go back
so you have and i have a conscious self
and it's surrounded by the dark body and dark unconscious
which includes other beings and from this unconscious comes our our conscious or conscious thought come from the body and come from the unconscious process into our consciousness and in our consciousness we can we have also teaching
things which are also coming into the consciousness from the surrounding dark forest of our body and some of the things that come into a reminder
the teachings or be kind to the things that appear and consciousness
but and they come from oliver past relationships and karma
all of them come from the consequences of that into our consciousness and then we relate to them and then there's a rate of response to them in consciousness and that transforms surrounding body and mind and what i'm saying is in consciousness be willing to take your seat
in the middle of this dark forest of all beings can't see them all
and their practice generosity and in the generosity with what comes into consciousness
there will be dropping away the body and mind will drop away in other words the consciousness and the body and mind will simular will together be released
ah may ah
i believe it or them
props out a stab is caught this tournament there
in our and then because you're still unconscious and eight grabbing dolls and whatever and then a p be able to release there is a critical critical this and now judgmental right
it can be it could be a judgment it could be a discernment the thing is to be with the judgment to be with the discernment
while you're practicing generosity
being generous with discernment than discernment are than turning points judgments are turning points so we do our judgments and discern was coming up but the discernment pivot into wisdom when we practice generosity with them
but that was there i just feel like as eventually something is going to mounting away melting right at term as it is evaporate originally and maybe the solid state but eventually are unjust
i'm evaporated into mapper a hush or something of value or evaporates in a sense in the practice of giving what evaporates is stinginess
hmm what evaporates is attachment
because attachment isn't we really can't attached anything and we practice giving we see that we can't attach to the position of being giver or receiver separately so my practicing giving with whatever's coming into our consciousness
there is a kind of melting or evaporating of resistance to this process
and if we noticed were resisting the process of the generosity can we say i feel like i'm being there's some stinginess here and i'm sorry and that again is a practice of giving which frees us from being stuck in resisting the process of giving
and not even grasping the melting
not even grasping the evaporation but it's it's like illusion does seem to vary evaporate in the midst of the practice of giving
i feel like i can pick up any word i stopped doing that okay

rep nam
may addressed my question so when she found her seat she spoke for me i'm the writer so i want to explore generosity and now i know that what he'd do is confess that i don't know generosity in many ways
ways that my generosity is always tainted with some either stinginess or a grasping or a desire to get something within my gifts or generosity
add any further way out of working with
the non-core practice of generosity
why wouldn't say i have it but there is a way and generosity is working generously with stinginess
but that doesn't mean when i say that that i know what generosity is i just said go
and i i i kind of it i trust that i trust that
if i noticed some generosity
sort of in my consciousness about myself or or i see it in others
generosity works with that that appearance of statements
so is the generosity separate from this working with the stinginess know the generosity is living with stinginess it's a way of relating to stinginess
it's not something all by itself
and so to apply generosity to stinginess as an example of
the the generosity is not separate from the stinginess to stinginess is a gift to the generosity
every stinginess is a gift which i which i give and which i receive
so so
add suggests that the stinginess actually called generosity into being do they call rides the core arise yeah there's no genders most ingenious religion there would be no way to be stingy with our generosity
dungeon is not generosity right
there's no you without not you
but that doesn't mean i know what you are because we're also not you and not you as a pretty big thing
and same with generosity stinginess is a pretty big thinkers stinginess is lots of kinds of stinginess and generosity works with all of them yeah
and each individual type of stinginess there's a generosity for that particular stinginess
and this is how the three world the three wheels of of giving work with everything including generosity excluding stinginess
generosity that doesn't have any stinginess around is a you know
a child's version of premature version of giving we can start with that and be generous with that image your version and then see generosity with an immature version of generosity which excludes
but great generosity includes infinite all kinds of stinginess that there are in the universe

you're welcome

oh there there now i'm a new oh good morning good morning
your muted again
mr button that said unmute it okay there ago now
i am i'm i'm always happy to see your face that for know he saying hi i am
i was thinking as you were talking about how arms
that saying came to me of em
giving and receiving or are one in truths that it is the same and some way to give and receive that when when you're given to us when receiving from you who and be a gift and to be a gift oh yeah oh
what i noticed for myself sometimes is that
the feeling of generosity is is there and then sometimes i'm feeling like i'm i'm holding back and am a maybe maybe i'm holding back from man
like fear of being judged or something like if i was gonna do something and and and ten a better lead something a practice and then i i find myself kind of holding back from wanting to just fully be out there sharing and
so what if you could say something about that
yeah well i think we just talking about stinginess road i guess i just never thought of that word and
holding back is another word for stinginess thirty am
so being generous with holding back now you're practicing generosity again here i am i'm a person who was holding back guess who i am i'm like here i'm like told me holding back here i am i i'm giving you this holding back person take please take him and take him for a walk
my gift and the hope bot person i miss dingy person and to really know really be generous towards mice my own holding back and if other people are holding back is to be generous and let them be a person who's holding back and also you might notice maybe they're holding
back because they're afraid be generous with their fear to ah
yeah but it's whatever you see welcome it
receive it as a gift and be a receiver of it as a gift and also give yourself to the to the one who folding bike
him on calling back received generosity from the universe who receive you as a gift
the receives the holding back
so i can see that as a gift
and even before you see it at the gift you can remember the teaching that it is
and then you wonder how how is it a gift yeah would you say
how can i shifted my my awareness around it ah to see that if i'm always see i i have a judgment but if i'm holding back say i'm holding back a gift or something that i wanted to share that then i would judge
myself as not being generous enough because i'm not i'm not been fully generous by sharing something like the dharma or something like that that if i'm holding it back then i'm then i'm not been to her as so how do i be generous with that so usually i need to have love and compassion for myself
well for one am holding bad but then you saying that holding back his
explained the last part of
there's no not holding back is no not holding back without holding back
when you're holding back
there's also not
the hurts there's nose stinginess without generosity
so when your holy fuck the not holding back the generosity is there already
and you can remember that if
remembering it a she remembers
when i only backs
that's a gift to me to remember not holding back
but not pushing holding back away just remembering not holding back
because everything is in this process of generosity holding backs in the process not holding back from the process
and we're talking now to trainer body and mind to remember generosity to remember it no matter what is going on
and i'm so grateful for you
i'm grateful for you to
and out landau

good morning wrap welcome landau
thank you i'm answering a call to share my face with you
with some trepidation i might add say you're showing your face and you're also set sharing your trepidation yes thank you for giving me your trepidation
you're welcome
thank you for inviting
the word stinginess is interesting because i noticed that
once you put stinginess out there next to generosity i can clearly see that there's still a lot of investment in stinginess
compare to investment in generosity know stinginess is so when you make an investment
and hold onto it is stinginess
when you make an invasion but you can also make an investment as a gift
there till they turn on each other
investment and giving stinginess and investment
investment non-investment
investment give away investment
what advice would you give
to me when i say that i recognize the importance of generosity and i i c d
i can see the benefit of generosity and i would like to be generous i aspire to be a generous person yet at a deep emotional level there is
there so so much has been invested in in holding back
so much has been invested in and not being generous fit in being sort of
ah protective off the cell right for whatever reason
i am
i really feel that i have to break through several layers of conditioning in order to get to the generosity that i aspire to even in answering the call to share my face today it did it took some doing actually
that there there is sort of on a on a conceptual level on the on a relative superficial level there there is this aspiration but it hasn't really cut to the quick yet it hasn't really mad the fire that i feel
for practice in general it's it's sockets
i feel that i'm really putting myself than really exposing myself when it comes to sharing my face
that's what a figure comes in and that's right there's this there's a lot of hesitation there
is it makes sense

do you save fear and hesitation

so if you want to learn about ah
practicing generosity those are two particular opportunities to practice it fear and hesitation
you're welcome it
hesitation welcome it
and that's his daughter specifics
and those are both opportunities to remember those are both calling you actually to remember generosity they want you those the hesitation and the fear want to be met with generosity
so when they arise they are particular opportunities for generosity to welcome them
and to realize that you receive those gifts and you also can give a gift to them by welcoming them so they were given to you and now you give welcoming to them
you let them be
even though they were the hesitation was the habitation to give
you unhesitatingly maybe practice giving towards the hesitation to give the other oh yeah right i just hesitated to give and now i'm like really been generous with my hesitation to give wow
and the unhesitating giving his never separate from the hesitating giving
because giving is the operative word
because giving is reality
and you can use the word giving
to operate the reality machine
the the machine of generosity
the machine of reality is giving receiving a gift and not getting stuck in any part of the process and here comes a gift called hesitation here comes a gift called fear
welcome the fear welcome no hesitation
i recognized the getting stuck part because there's another gift getting stuck yes and that's that's the one i know relatively well i would stay because when i feel stuck than i know if there's only one thing left to do and that's to surrender or to answer the call in this case to share my
face and it's easier to do that for me when i recognize them stuck because i'm with my back against a wall and there's nowhere to go
i'm in meeting fear and meeting hesitation i still feel
i'm still thinking they're still they're still an opportunity for me to think to think my way out of it and to negotiate with the fear to negotiate with the hesitation so and if there's any fear if there's any negotiation going on
that's another gift

of every negotiation your mind is a gift
and it's also gift as calling for a gift
it's a gift to you calling for you to be generous towards the hat day the negotiation
then i'm out of excuses
that i'm out of excuses
i can't i don't know of reducing their you then i am out of excuses you're out of excuses did you say yeah to the to be stingy with welcoming you're temporarily out of excuses for being temporarily out of excuses yeah let's put a disclaimer on it
thank you know autumn

hello lower am
thank you very much for this teaching now
and when it began when you introduce the subject of generosity again i my heart
expanded because
it took me back to i'm
my earliest sitting with you and and how that teaching of the parameters and done and of donna in particular i have been so influential in my life
a by influential i him
i'm reminded of and about how i'm not genera
i'm sorry i just would like to thank you for the teaching of the years
and i'd like to
provide another version of the question that i've been hearing
how how ah
and i am
i guess i'm asking for for another gift yet another gift from you
how does one be generous who how to can i be generous when i am actually trying to get something i wanna see something happen i wanna
ah i want have caused some change
that some people are not or not
or not
think differently about don't want a featured
i'm so there's some you know you could say there's a conflict difference of opinion
what is given
when we become cream
a life of trying to get them
way give me
reasons none life and of with is being nourished for is looking person
it wasn't people are the one that actually for the animals
what can find a gift
and so it's natural however it can sometimes get trapped in his quizzically of mon an or ah city with to free us from our natural greediness and acquisitiveness
the way it freezes by being plied to the getting giving getting say
is an impurity in the giving
however it's also the opportunity the impurity of the practice is the opportunity for the practice
the inquisitive or the getting attention is an opportunity for generosity
if i reach over to get this glass of water
i might notice that i'm i'm doing this to get the cup
my practice generosity towards that impulse to get the cup
but then i noticed how i can i could just as well which with a cup as a gift
as a gift to the cup as a gift to myself even though the cup is empty now
i just use the cup is an opportunity for giving
if i was really thirsty and i really try to get the company from before i remembered but then if the opportunity for me to remember all
i was really greedy there and i i really let myself be that greedy guy
that way give without getting rid of our natural cab trying to get
we can practice giving before
it goes away so we say the horse arrives before the donkey leaves
the generosity you giving rise before getting disappearance healing comes he needs to give to getting freeze the get him
as we tend to get stuck in getting
you don't
what can to get stuck into in our cities
you might get stuck in getting an idea of generosity
michael the idea of general
then again that been stuck for plenty of so i still have an idea of generosity
is being stuck a result of of clinging to an idea by goes
slot is synonymous with clinging to an idea
are getting stuck is synonymous with clean
god bringing as an opportunity for generosity
and bringing generosity clinging we realize that the clinging has never separate from generosity and were free of it
and we're and were free of generosity to the generosity
this and totally inseparable futon
is generosity melts to clinging clinging melts the generosity the neurotic is running to be melted we may have some resistance to being nothing
help the clinging
thank you very much

isabel night
hello shut down
no surprise that i'm that it's my turn and i i remembered something
the somebody gave a speech while you were giving your a talk before
and i wanted to share that little story may be our thing that came into my mind and

thank you for the ninety or more faces that meet here tonight and ninety or more invisible beings that need also tonight i'm happy to
maybe know that their the faces or think or imagine that there are the faces and invisible beings behind the faces
thank you
thank you for acknowledging the face behind the mask
the invisible face behind the mask


where we have good meal
why don't i just got
i've had a game you
so i'm in the boat with the my friend landau the the trepidation for your interpretation boat every time i have to do some few bills so but here i am now that i know i have a friend in the boat him better
so i'm for stuff i just wanted to say how grateful i am to you for i'm doing these talks every month you know in this past year and also i'm so happy to hear that you're going to continue
new doing hours because it's just done it's very helpful
i just fine art was that thank you very much
and then the the other thing that's coming up his arm
i intellectually
believe that
me my person and every other being ah am
is sitting at the centre of everything
each each being includes everything
and i hope some day to actually
truly realize
that that's my aspiration and it's helpful for you to talk about on generosity
just remember whatever you're doing wherever you are the generosity needs to be a part of that
what it needs to be it is a part of it than as well be asked and you need to be aware of it in order to realize it
yeah do you need to remember it in order to realize you need to practice right those it's already it's already reality
so if you want to realize that which you said you do then it's necessary to practice it and member it right as lot to wanna do yes
oh it's yes it's remembering is the thing and that's the basic meaning of mindfulness as for sure remember
remember generosity be mindful of generosity
and if i may mention one other thing you said was it intellectually in you it makes sense to you that you include everything
however sometimes even though you have heard that teaching a new kind of agree with it sometimes you might or i might feel well i include everything i've heard that teaching i think it's true but i don't feel like i include that person right now
i don't fear i don't feel like i include that
i don't know what that cruel
person that i see there
and then if i if i feel like i don't include them i can see how in odds as people say i can see how that works for me
and you know it doesn't work very well from me when i think i don't include some monster
i do try to practice
you know when i realize you know i see something somebody that's you know he them to oozes in there's people shooting other people and killing them in the street so sad it's it continued to be terrible and continue to be said and i include them yeah i do you include them i haven't
and i'm included in them yes and if i can't do one or both of those than i can see what happens to me if i don't include yeah and i can see that's not the way i wanna be right here i am surrounded by all this cruelty and i'm not in it and it's not in me
then it just gets more solid yeah
yeah that's not partisan generosity generosity is i'm included in all the evil of the world and all the evil in the world is included in me as generosity that's how to free people from evil
and you can see i can see if there's some evil there and i don't included it hasn't
that's a bad effect on me right with the negative it's it's a negative it's an it's a life denying attitude it's not generous that monster is outside me is not me
that other is not me
all the others are me pause the hazards of
all that the all of 'em are included me and i'm included all of them that's the meditation
and when we realize that where buddha
and works were struggling to realize that you
and we have so many opportunities to struggle
we do
i look forward to seeing you in person someday soon a i look forward to meeting your mask and person
i think iraq war can thank you
when did
oh hello
it's like waiting outside the temple
oh hating for your name to be called and
first of all i wanted to say i'm really glad that the your last talk which was very poignant was not your last talk i'm i'm glad to see you here today and ah
but it was really important and poignant teaching which you're following on with today
for those who her the talk she's referring to me saying that this is my will and testament
it i'm also giving you my will and testament
thank you again i'm living my little testament received
ah so much kind of
i have such an impulse to run away
i just such an opera with a generosity pass
i'm body and mind
once have have just as may set this thing about the sell at the cellular level that i really really resonated with that you know my little cells were good we heck the hipster there's just running away from this sub was gonna lower my hands
just running away and
we always said you know how close to my running shoes to the door that was always kind of an indicator
it's part of our nervous system
keep moving yeah it's it's a very important thing for us to live gotta get those starting from were little kids gotta get those kids moving to get their muscles to grow and learn those skills you know gotta think that it's really good to go and get something it'll be so much fun to get us moving
as part of it's part of our animal thing
it's a great opportunity for practice
really is
and it's probably not gonna go in
even when we can't run away anymore we're still going to think about running away
yeah he did more of bed ridden we're going to to her
yes i'll still have a pair of running shoes underneath the bed
oh don't thank you for the remind them reminder but confession to
i do and do the chat or confession and repentance in the mornings but i'm just to be here and to confess ah in front of their great assembly and your face
is some
ah now it's invaluable and
reminder so i confess basically how much i forget
then i vow to on when you and when you can for you confess that you forget and you also want to tell us how you feel when you notice that you forgot
repent i i'm sorry once i've ah how me us now to and member and i and i really want not even more water now that i've done my confession and repentance the confession repentance is to refresh our vow to do what we forgot to do
that's to remember
pure and simple color of true practice
the true mind reminder face the to body or face
thank you for the
the gift i've received and i hope that i also
would like to give up the mask and also you'd like to give this gift that you receive right yes
to give up the mask is by giving the mask
and you're giving a right now thank you it is
thank you dear teacher

what are norbert thank you read and just dealing with the little technology can you give it
what thank you for the teacher and for all of them and also thank you for the know about
it's a wonderful place
i'm so
i just want to there
talk about this is so there's a push him away and there's a poem towards and these all these are one
and or
and they both opportunities
so everything's an opportunity
and there
the opportunity to grow in this life opportunity as a challenge or yeah and then know there's different kinds of challenges like pushing away and point towards or did i get that pushing when pulling towards here so
so kind of a challenge can be remembering to breathe right in the remember him but it so it's like gun it's it's a good tool
it's a good tool to use and the rim remember is good tool remembering it's a very good remember it written in this case in this case breathe and like if i talk about to remember to breathe which usually means that there's kind of like something something that i find to be that i'm
pushing away or find to be challenged like a challenge
but i'm like to see that challenge as an opportunity like that's really interesting because when i first
see challenges or if i go in the even now or when i go in the pass and i see challenges certainly then
they don't seem like opportunities or maybe they do anyway i don't think of them as challenges i think of them as problems not opportunities so i don't see them as opportunities yeah
what us see problems as opportunities also problems in challenge try to be mindful that there are opportunities
right and in trying to do that
i you know as i as i lived my life i do lot i do some gardening as you might know and the
a gardening doesn't feel like a problem
right when i do it although this plenty of problems in gardening right this problem that problem you have to make all the does it does the whole thing just doesn't seem like a problem at all although there's plenty of problems there so
yeah that's called a zen garden
sony that's like darn just seems like opportunity after opportunity exactly i was about to say that that you know in gardening the what you could call a challenge because push him away important towards the one thing where you could call a challenge and guard when i'm gardening it feels just like oh this is a great on you know like me
abby i should say wonderful opportunity will after wonderful opportunity even if this plant is kind of having a hard time were dying or whatever you ripping it up so like i have this thing here which i just want to show i don't know when you can see it i guess you can see it now like oh excuse me i forgot to do this
is that that's better you can see me better though the i thank you know aka archimate i can't turn this thing around right now so the computer so anyway here sir
here's a little seedlings that though
that i found as a tiny tiny thing and now it's growing but just so there it is
are you gonna take that wiki to the east coast i will i debated on that and the yeah i'm gonna take this and another one just like i found these two in a trash pile and they were this big night that big so what is on or kind of plant is it i
thought it was a sycamore tree because it was right under a bunch of sycamores but it's not a recent ike i began to doubt that and it's a japanese maple oh wow
yeah that that's what i thought it was yeah i've got no he's not showing me a japanese maple because she knows
i'm totally inundated with japanese maples
but what i was the reason i showed this is because like you know what i'm doing this
it's like an opportunity it doesn't feel like a challenge if you understand how and santa so
then when you look at somebody write a person right even an animal but especially or a human being right ah it's you know is the same thing but it can be more challenging it can feel more like a chance and opportunity so anyway and working with warm scientists
in these are like tools and to try to use these tools to on i don't want to say connect but in but actually i should try to use these tools like one feels like opportunity wonderful wonderful wonderful the other one it's like i can't remember to breathe i forgot to breathe you know i usually it's a challenging situation which is what you want to
trying to use these things to to see that they're one and so therefore could help on the side that i have difficulty and anyway also in doing all this right now i wanted to present my face to you

thank you and welcome thank you

you will talk to
my little eight year old granddaughter to speak with me is very moment
so i'm question i'm i'm reading this book this thing or two books or tape it's about isabel wilkerson called the warmth of other sons and the it's do you know that book yeah somebody gave it their
you know and i've been reading it michiel and i ah
the offering a slur
i feel overwhelmed at times and i
yeah i i have to stop and go away and
and i am
i guess i'm trying you it just kept minutes guy raise my headphones you said you have to see how the evil and the good or together in you and that i and quite understand that although i would like to
and even as my little granddaughter sitting here with us
yeah i would like you to see it too
and that way you're free of evil and good to be to be clinging to good is is evil
to cling to life no evil his life back this live back now
to cling to the cape to cape clean the world is evil
oh hey you so we wanna be three of life and death
by being practicing generosity towards both
what'd be free of evil and good because being stuck in good is evil
there are being possessive of good and you know like i got the good and their the evil that's evil
but that evil is not separate from good to see that liberals as from good and evil
yard it's beyond good and evil but it's by fully engaging with evil
in generous with evil being careful and respectful of evil not putting it outside not exiling it
murray excite evil murray exiled the more powerful it becomes it thrives on exile yeah
i've been doing that but it really wants comparison even wants generosity so it can relax and enter into non-duality was good
yes but this is challenging and the challenges and opportunities yes
okay you're welcome
the last question will be from
like when the lotto
come running you said something earlier about em up
ah ok now my needed and you were talking earlier about am offering your true face and then you said something about sometimes we offer the mask and then he said more about that something like
i can't remember what it was like through the mask you find the true phasers i keep can you say more about what you had can you repeat that are i have some questions about it
well i could say a lot about it but let me just start by saying little
which is
right now i'm offering you
my apparent visible face
and i'm also offering you my invisible face who i really am
you can see my mask my person but my face who i really am is more than just how i appear as a person and i offer you both
and the practicing generosity with the face that you're offering me the mask
an offer jump being generous with my mask we will realize and discover a face which is not just our mask but the nice thing about this term men's you is that the word men means both face and mask
so are mask our person is inseparable from our true face
and being generous with are apparent face
with our fears of presenting it with our i know what a
negotiations to make it look a certain way like getting face lifts and stuff
that that's okay to get faceless but are you doing it as an act of generosity to your mask are you doing it in uh ungenerous way you wash your face and uh ungenerous where do you wash it as a gift
the watch it as a gift then you'll be easier to give it as a gift and giving it as a gift you also give your original face
which is what we're really want to give
but we can't give it separate from are superficial face
our apparent for us
it's form an emptiness remain emptiness yeah he kept our form face in our emptiness face thank you thank you thank you all for another wonderful meeting
i pray for your health and your practice
the things are numberless i vow to save them