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Human consciousness limits reality so that it can grasp "things".

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the first line nurses
students at the genre
did you say
a great teacher from
seventeenth century japan no eighteenth century japan
he says
when i a student a diamond look at the real form of the universe so by his training as a
zen monk
his training as zen monk
a practicing compassion
do the relative world
practicing compassion towards the world of perceptions
major practicing compassion not towards the real form of the universe
the practice compassion towards the unreal for me the universe
the unreal form of the universe is my perceptions of the universe i live in the universe and i had perceptions of it but those perceptions are unreal forms
for example
the unreal form
that some things
are manifestations of the truth and other things are not
but he practiced compassion to the world where some things where the truth and some things weren't
and he then he came to be then he could actually look at the real form
so there's been able to look at the real form is the results of thorough training
and the training is practicing compassion towards the unreal form

by practicing compassion to the unreal form for a long time now i can look at the real form and when i look at the real form all is a never under manifestation of the mysterious truth of the to target them when you see the real form everything is teaching you the buddha's teaching
but an order to see that everything's teaching the buddha's teaching we have to look at our own delusion
which is covering about his teacher
and not separate from it it's right there with it
so you're kind to your own delusion the police teaching is right there will be revealed and if you're not kind to your own delusion devote his teaching is right there in both cases buddha's teaching is always right there with whatever you see however if you're not
kind to what you see and what you study what you see is just your delusion
you're kind to your delusion you will see that everything is the buddha's teaching you
any event any moment any place none are other than a marvelous rebel organization revelation of the golden glorious light
so we practice compassion we have the opportunity any way to practice compassion to the dark
the practice compassion towards the dark discriminations of consciousness
and then we'll see that everything is a manifestation pumped up glorious light
at a sliding amplification of what that teacher torre de zen master torrid
transmitted to us

tough zen practice he went through
to learn compassion to all beings even those who are
mean to us
who even knows we have been kind to strike at us and betray us and abandoned us in other words who appear that way to our perceptions but really they don't do that
but or to see that they don't we have to be really kind to the appearance that they do
and not punish them for what we think they're up to
and not punish ourselves for thinking after up to that
i'm sorry i thought you were not a great body sort of i'm so sorry i thought that
but agreement more sorry i wouldn't be even more sorry if i believe that god but i didn't fortunately i thought you weren't a body them but i didn't fall for it i'm so happy get in for it so now i gotta do is say i'm sorry to think a new word but i have good news for you i don't believe that
i don't believe
that you're not great bodhisattvas
another way to i don't believe course you're not
it is a big relief
you imagine going around thinking that people weren't great body south as in believing that i guess you can
because you probably did that once read many got over it

i was gonna congratulate you on something i forgot what was yes against the question here
i've heard it said from a few scholars that the best translation of corona compassion that we translate his compassion my be carrying concern
because alternative reasons but a number in the past you as you are interested and he said the welcoming and i thought that was really that sort of stuck with me as a is a way to understand what it feels like to be confession and i guess i wonder does it does being
compassion into our delusion entail a certain you effective state or a certain emotion because sometimes it feels like
we're being asked a manufacturer an emotion that doesn't feel sincere
no no good if it's frame it to me that you're not being asked to manufacture something that doesn't feel settings here you're being asked to manufacture something that seemed sincere but when you first try it you may notice this not sincere
the first time like you try to welcome what's going on yeah in not being asked to manufacture and insincere welcoming yeah but you might do it anyway even though your and asked because it's a free country
like that's why i like to welcome in because they claim to fame with welcoming creating spaces of santa presents a balcony you can do up you can have an insincere welcoming
it's possible i don't believe me people can do it it can say well can be welcome here a minute
and knew he worked at you you're not being asked are encouraged to insincerely welcome people however you are being told what welcoming will save the world welcoming will save the world if you wanna try it fine if it's insincere i'm
rakim that if you're welcome in your instance a welcoming
oh and sincerely know you're onboard
what you know i generally speaking
quite frequently i don't know how many times i still i don't count and i say in my own mind welcome the people
and if i sense that it wasn't sincere i said again and again and again and again when it's like this idea i think it's coming on
have you feel the actual automated can i say you're welcome
i sometimes it's since you're right off the bat but if actually if i feel it coming it cool
i said quite a few times until i actually feel like yeah
this is but this is but i have this is it
the island i would ask myself to insincerely market people but i sometimes try out the welcoming just to see if it is sincere before i like publicize it
as if you publicize the insincere welcoming by saying welcome it kind of could use his people as i can go he said welcoming but you don't look like it but usually when i say if people kind of him on yeah thanks because i usually tell him what i actually feel like i'm
on boring but there are moments when i can think the already welcome and it doesn't like don't my body
and we're nothing approved to do that
know and have been encouraged to craft were not encouraged to be insincere but if you are sincere are being encouraged to be compassionate to your insincerity i'm not encouraging you to be cruel
but if you are to curl i encourage you to welcome your cruelty yeah
and if if your picture being cruel and you try to welcome be approved by to already late and i'm not encouraging you to know mean it i'm encouraging you to learn how to really welcome necrotic and then you can be free of it you can be saved
from cruelty through welcoming
the okay know everything fine
today is always already a cubs hat
undertale cool next
you may be your next day go ahead
well i'm i might be confusing something that i heard in the past but i think in the past and heard you say that are human consciousness is limited and as one can we can't really see how it is not really limited its limit kb when a king is not limited nothing's really limited
nothing's really limited but some things are trying to limit and human consciousness is actually attempting to limit the universe into a form that it can get a hold of and so it's got a whole universe in there is a limited version of the universe and
and there's a lot of power in this limitation thing
but is not limited is just thinks that
think no limit it thinks in terms of limits
but it's not actually limited
so are you saying if possible for us to have his vision that three said he's talking hello
not for consciousness know
however consciousness can be illuminated is illuminated by this vision which is not confined by consciousness
if you're kind to the consciousness which is limiting things you can become free of that limitation and see and not be caught by it an open to what is not reached by that
come consciousness is no trace of consciousness for it this way there's no traces of consciousness in the illumination
but the illumination can be enlightened consciousness it's opening to was essentially and district is be missed its opening to the mystery and you open to the mystery by being kind to the not mystery
consciousness is but not nestor consciousness consciousnesses reducing things even mysteries to think you think what you know at the mystery zack
a consciousness ha
impoverishes things so they can be
he closed and manipulated and there's a lot of
a lot of merit in that situation consciousness is a very powerful biological
ah attainment
and she'd be treated with respect
and kindness and then
it can it can't reach this vision that sees but it can open to the elimination of that vision
there's one time
or do that
yeah choir or first i know my first because we've kind of simultaneous unlimited free of limits and limiting come up together they live together so you can't have freedom from limits without limits
but you don't want one day you're going to put freedom first and limited second or limited first and free him second anyway
limit normally come up with conscious life
and by being compassionate to limits will be free of limits with are getting rid of limits
say again
that means
freedom and freedom and attract new
the lick treat 'em man and tracking live together there's no freedom without entrapment
and even if there is it's more or less irrelevant the what we're concerned about is the track beings anybody's not contract someplace where was a long line good luck
congratulations but we have innumerable beings who are trapped and they're calling for compassion and with compassion
freedom from entrapment will be realized without getting rid of the entrapment
he added
that's one of the main delusions as is is that there's a freedom which is separate from entrapment
that's a diversion
that's it that's a misconception and then if you attached to that now and you're devoted he didn't think about it without believing it just the interesting thought
a lot of people actually believe that
freedom is in one universe and entrapments and another one rather than they are close friends
yes did you have something
i was thinking of you said about consciousness and harvard impoverishes things and i thought and consciousness doesn't really stupid it doesn't impoverished them it's an impoverished version of land the things are completely of wealthy heavy things like expecting in
inconceivably wealthy as everything it's the whole universe in that way and everything is supporting our universe by being itself as like super rich
inconceivably rich however we can get hold of that so we make an impoverished version of it that the mind can grasp and use know from various kinds of biological survival purposes
am i read it thank you yes you seen might have for day to too many failures and simple
body uses devices to emancipated from psycho see sinful karma well one of the devices is buddha teaches us
come practices that are their devices
in other words good doesn't necessarily
teach us things that aren't devices
and like rayudu doesn't essential show the real form
because he to put is already shown us a real farm and then we slap cannot be slapped perceptions on top of it so buddha can't really show us the real form
because we're denied normal time so a good choices is experience devices
which are ways of being compassionate to the unreal form
it's a british was all these compassion practices which are tailored to each kind of suffering
each suffering gets its own little device and each suffering which appears to be not all the other sufferings
get its own special medicine
it really if the same as all the suffering to solve murders and all solid object inseparable from everything else i can go to get a little special little devices for special that com so that we can become free of the sin
a projecting
something on the world does not so and believing it and telling other people that they should have a to or else
the infinite strong contender if any chance that a person to turn against them the clever for an enemy and a year and graphic here yesterday he did they me
a matter what to her mentioned but if that were to turn against us and become a an interview that he asked we should kind of
he added that that that that the device that
oh i don't think it's necessarily saying a buddha's making people being mean to us know
i don't like the british operating on been people
the food is giving us practices to do with all the main things that kids do to us
people are mean to us as many ways
and people think we're being mean to them in many ways the book does not operate in the shop
a buddhist pointing out that face basically the show is to come core ryzen but that's very complex process so complex and basically inconceivable to ordinary humans so the put it doesn't really try to get to see that because if we saw we just pass out
so want to put it teaches us it's all these devices to apply to them the many kinds of attacks will get
even these terrible ones where somebody with been kind to turns on us and betrays us or it even worse somebody who has been kind to us that we betray
so i often think of that novel the kite runner vision the real
the kite runner it's about this
these two boys basically
main characters ah and they they did note that there were brothers at the same father
and there were very nice to each other but one boy was sober kind of the other boy i mean one boy
what fearlessly give his life
to protect the other boy
and one time the fearless protector was being raped by a gang of boys
and the other boy sought ran away
and like when i read that i've had to be the worst thing i've heard of attended
in other words if i did at the that would be like the worst thing i could do anybody is abandon your best friend because you're free of what happened to you if you've tried to help him
it's embarrassing if you are that cruel and that monstrous the compassionate to that cruel person and york
not to mention that somebody abandoned you have you been kind to us example there
either you do something incredibly evil or somebody else to something incredibly evil to you what he said learn to be compassion to that and you will
he will release you will receive the buddha's teaching and then you'll be handled to help other people received the prestigious
but of course he is at different difficult example and
yeah and when i read a story i must admit i didn't immediately thing how can i be compassionate to this terrible thing it was so horrible in a book
that's what we're trying to trained to do is not getting knocked off your compassion seat want something incredibly
crow happened and i mean to be cruel to people who
for mean to you one thing but to be cruel to people who are kind
that's another
but and as i saying he will not case
so we're trying to learn how do that and it's really hard
and gets it
crack cannot
ha ha ha ha
whenever you have a job and dog around the fact that would be like fine
i thought i couldn't quite hear you but here's what i thought you said your any job you feel trapped and you practice compassion with that feeling trapped
and then you'll know you're liberated or first while you're liberated just to practice compassion and most people are trapped if feel trapped and the feel so traffic get trapped into not begin with and compassion as soon as your compassion if you're already start pretty getting pretty free
a story about this guy who got put in prison in the middle east
i don't know your flight
if you know for sure
watch crime he didn't do i remember anyone got put in prison and he was there for a while and then someone gave him a present someone from outside the present gave my president the president for gave me was a prayer rug
this is a muslim country so they gave him a prayer rug
and he thought a prayer rug i didn't give me the keys are some obsession to get out here
but then after some time he put the prayer of down and leaves a hard to like i guess i could pray on it can do can i could do my prostrations so i started to pray on the prayer rug and he prayed and prayed and prayed he gradually started to become familiar with the pattern of the kira
it has became more familiar with he noticed that
canavan an unusual shape an unusual pattern for a prayer rug looked dense moist and i did look like a design for a lot
so i saw in the prayer room how to get out of it have you get out herself
so again when you totally get into their entrapment you see the way out
but in to totally kids in ap-mid he couldn't just gonna suddenly put the prayer rug on a
he was not here not accepting your situation he wanted to get out you want the keys even want to pray for months of years
become familiar and accepting of a situation but he did and we conflict when he started to accept a situation started to get insights
he said he started to see the way out without leaving and i'm not even left and waste
he saw the way up
but you're not going to say we're not going to see the way out for not compassionate to ourselves
and ourself
and others
we have to be compassionate to marcel ourselves and others and then we'll see are reaching home and then we'll be able to continued practice compassion more poll fully complete don't know enclosure of our compassionate competed with
what we won't even know what it is anyone
can be beyond our idea of compassion yes
the way you're describing compassion to me like an have antidote to be going on
yeah but he lived it's an antidote
compassion is an antidote egoism it's not an ego isn't destroyer
compassion doesn't destroy egoism it's an antidote to it
or it's a good friend it's a liberating friend to eat
the he wasn't can continue to do it's egoistic things
what do liberating way
i never thought to my ego could be so helpful
as we discuss this i noticed that i'm i'm i'm i'm still pretty comfortable being compassionate to let the guy who thought you hated trump but it get closer to my actual life for people my life i not much heart not sharp to be compassionate it they perceive raw
tnx my brother my kids and eleven
neither advice your obligation now i know stopped

the ultimate familiarity it's almost like entity is a phrase from poker serenity case ninety eight
when you get really close but not yet completely integrated
it's almost like war
closeness in the beginning of that poem is this this closeness what classes a closeness of body surface
this closest his heart rending
if you seek it outside
and as you get closer and closer
if you're seeking outside and becomes more and more is that time would really be outside you seeking outside like most that's happening
yeah i think you think the closest to something other than this
if it did this is not fosters are committing a closer
i met at a mere fact you haven't picked someone is getting closer to you
or you think so and so is pushing your way
aren't so it was threatening you
and if they're threatening you from a distance
fuck this far enough away doesn't bother at all and took a closer you just move away from it
but when it gets a certain that when it gets really it was
you could scare and you might attack like with you know like with them lions and tigers betrayed that example
lions and tigers are are afraid of humans for good reason we're or annihilating
the and they know if they know are dangerous they don't want to be yours
but if if there if we're far enough away that is there okay if you get closer closer to a certain distance and move away from you
but if you get even closer you'll go at you
but if you're actually like right up intimate with them they won't bother you at all
they won't be afraid of here if you'd like really intimate with them but just get pretty good intimate with their really get scared and so do you then i happen to good effect
okay here we are
shall we call it a day
thank you so much for another wonderful day at this
wonderful little temper
this wonderful planet
follow suffering and pain calling us to compassion
shall we do it