Prajna Paramita, the Lovely, the Holy

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Ungraspable nature of all phenomena; perfect wisdom understands dependent co-arising; non-abiding in any state.

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ah this morning we paid homage
to the to the perfection of wisdom

the lovely the hallway
we paid homage and praise the perfection of wisdom
sometimes some
say that perfect wisdom is a
direct cognition of

what we call emptiness a direct cognition of
selflessness a direct cognition of our all the phenomenon that we are colonizing
are lacking
any independent existence
lacking any basis for grasping
and so they said it perfect wisdom is like
colonizing that
sometimes they say even perceiving it

and then some people say perfect wisdom is it's really wonderful but happiness is isn't is not necessarily as wonderful as the perfect western
so like the ultimate
character of all phenomena is this the final thing about phenomena is that you can't find them you can't get ahold of them
they they offer no basis
the for grasping that's their i know character or nature
ultimate their ultimate truths
and the i said some people say well that's when i saw whole a that's just reality as just ultimate truth what's really hold it is
the realization of that
so another view is that realization of emptiness is emptiness
that the lack of inherent nature is actually
rather than wisdom is what understands that lack of inherent existence is that makes wisdom here and lack of inherent existence or ultimate truth there in the wisdom knows
the emptiness
or download never said that the emptiness knows the wisdom
did you say
so some people say that this perfect wisdom is the awareness
all phenomena lack inherent existence all phenomena
lack any basis for grasping
but another way of saying it is that perfect wisdom is
the lack of any basis for apprehension or
oh apprehended that the way things are is perfect wisdom
which would mean that the way things are his wisdom which is means a way things are is a mind rather than there's a great mind perfect resident certainly great mind
that knows the deep
truth of all phenomena and that a tree teeth troupe of truth of all phenomena is not a mind it's a nature
well and that nature is not cognition another way to see it is that the actual lack of inherent existence of things is perfect wisdom
the lack of a basis for getting hold of anything that is perfect wisdom
and if i make if i if i make perfect wish to one thing and what it knows another then is there any basis for apprehending wisdom being one thing and what it knows another well no
there's no basis for
there's no basis for apprehending
no basis
there's no basis for apprehending perfect wisdom
there's no basis for apprehending emptiness emptiness is that we can't find anything and we can't find not finding anything
i'm more meditating on how
perfect wisdom is the way things ultimately our and away ultimate things ultimately our is there are mind which cannot be apprehended
which is a mind which is that nothing can be apprehended
but there's a kind of
still there's a kind of dynamic there between the way things are and knowing
the way things are hurt
the way things are and and knowing which is the way things are
so the way things are as with us all the time the way a color is the way of feeling is that always that way and we're always had the way things ultimately our whenever we're with things
but we don't necessarily understand that there's no basis for grasping has her grasping them we don't necessarily understand there's no basis for this grasping
however there is no basis for the grasping and the no basis is right there while we're grasping
which is just say the perfect wisdom is right there while we're ignoring
the nature took a deep nature of phenomenon
so we can take weekend we can see the appearance of something which doesn't exist
what doesn't exist inherent nature
and we can see inherent nature and
you have like we can get a hold of it
this person is inherently good

but there is no inherently good person but that is a production of things like inherently existing people
that their production of inherently
human beings inherently animal beings these appearances are being produced and they put they fail to to actually exist there just aren't phantoms
meanwhile their profound natures right there
with their phantom nature
there is a realisation might there and yet unless we there is are there is their nature and their nature is that their nature is realized
it's not like this their nature and then and then they're nature's not realize their nature is their nature and they are nature's realize that's right here and we easily miss out on it in the way we miss out on it is by being half haram
in our participation with what doesn't exist
and the way yeah and the way we halfheartedly participate with the way things don't exist is to agree that something that appears to be inherently existing actually is inherently existing
and that that attitude makes our engagement with the thing less than wholehearted
but if we if we admit okay i had this
again i'm dwelling in this thing which appears to exist on its own therefore i must be heartedly participating with it i confess that i'm sorry and now i will try to more wholeheartedly participate in what i've heard is an illusion
that this thing exists by itself at this person exists by herself i see that illusion
the i understand that if i would fully participate without an illusion i would not believe it
and vice versa if i really think it's true that this person exists independently of everybody else then i'm believing that illusion and i'm not all their participating with them
so again
the realization is at hand
things are realized and that is perfect wisdom it's never some place else it's a question of opening to it which is a huge challenge it's opening to it needs opening too superficial
the superficial illusory quality of our life which were happy to grasp and minute try to manipulate and control but when that's again that's half heartedness to try to control somebody is being half hearted with them
be with people giving up trying to control and giving ourselves completely and receiving them completely and not abiding in any position with them then
we opened to the realization
of the profound nature which was never any place else
but still is it is a kind of a pivot between illusion
and reality between appearance and beyond appearance between foreground and background that the sundays are kind of pivot there because you can't have this superficial who thought the profound and you can't have the profound
without the superficial
and you can't have the non realization of the profound
what not the realization of the profound
and if you don't want to be whole hearted about things moment by moment you cannot be half hearted
without simultaneously
not half hearted
so deeply were not half-hearted superficially we are half hearted
even though we may be superficially wholehearted that's a very reduced version of wholeheartedness so that we can grasp it

so in the heart sutra the beginning it says
that the great compassion body sought by are lucky test fara
is deeply practicing the perfection of wisdom
deeply practicing prajna are meta
and in this practice sees that all the categories of existence
or you could say all categorical existence
is empty of inherent existence of own own existence own being
so when practicing
deeply president for meta there is a seeing of the emptiness of or phenomenon
and next it's kind of tricky there is something like
and relieves and relieves all suffering and distress or and all suffering and distress is relieved
it's relieved in deep practice
and in the
seeing the profound nature of all categorical resistance categorical existence is superficial
pretty things in categories is superficial

and but in an ordinary consciousness there is this superficial categorical activity or categorizing activity
if we practice private grammar meter will see there's no basis to apprehend of categories or anything in the categories and this vision
is not adequate
to these things
offer you know basis
for apprehension

which is division
which is not adequate
to what it sees
so so the vision can't even see the emptiness even now he says he sees the emptiness it sees the emptiness without being able to see the optimists get the emptiness is too deep it had been apprehended
and that's the kind of kind of failure of seeing that's the sing
and that way we're being with things relieve suffering

have you felt the stage of dependent origination of weird as could arise see me is that what you're talking about when you have now of the fps women that are actually experiencing is that appear that point they talk about could come coming
so they're the pinnacle rising
it is a teaching which applies because a dependent or arising of old age sickness misery and death
it also applies to the cessation of old age sickness misery and death
the the occurrence of cyclic misery is a dependent horizon
the process by which independently core arises is dependent core ryzen the process by which it ceases is dependent horizon so both
the world of birth and death dependently like arises and the world of
nirvana dependent the car arises
in terms of perfect wisdom
the wisdom which understands the process of the political horizon
and therefore for example sees has no basis for cleaning
which has no basis for
craving no basis for thirst no basis for
grasping on that vision
is the vision that usually
put an end to this samsara cycle and leads to nirvana
but this perfect was the perfection of wisdom goes beyond that wisdom
are you call it doesn't even abide in the teaching of the political horizon even though it's looking at the teaching of a political horizon in the center looking at the teaching of
the origination of samsara looking at the teaching of origination of realization of nirvana
it understands that and realizes that without abiding in the process of nirvana without abiding in the process of peace and freedom

soup is there something of a purification and that occurs in this process was coming into them whereas and then seems like a made purification is the purification of half heartedness
is something that those who have the bodhisattva vow or sometimes quite
seems to be they're terrified of it because they might apprehend that freedom
the wisdom they might have bite in the wisdom which gives them freedom from birth and death
which they do not they they want it can be which gives it they might yeah they they are happy to have freedom from birth and death they just don't want to abide in that freedom
but very freedom from birth and death is kind of nice to say the least so people might abide in freedom and they might invite in the wisdom which gives them freedom
the he sought as one a wisdom which doesn't abide and wisdom and therefore freedom which doesn't abide in freedom
and therefore an understanding of dependent or arising which is the real understanding of dependent or arising is to go beyond your understanding of dependent horizon if you understand a pen or quarter rising your you hear the dharma you see the buddha the buddha
he says when you see the panic or arising you see the dharma when you see the dharma you see me when you see the panic or arising you see the buddha okay that's pretty good and many people might be wanted to abide in face to face transmission with uda
face to face transmission with dharma
face to face transmission with the teaching of dependent horizon
but the real face to face transmission is you do not abide in meeting gouda because buddha even oda can't invite him big buddha because buddha is nothing in and of itself so there's no way to abide and buddha
and good or realizes that everything's like that so we have a teaching of the or arising
and if we understand it were liberated from the dependent car rising up
samsara we enter the defendant or arising of nirvana
and then if we don't abide in his teaching
or anything else and we don't abide in nirvana
or something
and all of this all this is going on is dependent cauterize all this
realization and going beyond realization is buddha going beyond gouda
yes mm
fourteen years ago
you went into convulsions in motion
which i experience leaving my body as not seem to supplies and it was then he was like a process where the convulsions and style and then i read slowly slip out of habit
and the
visual aspect of it was very curious
so being able to no longer see solid
five of for forums or chairs or anything and it turned into emptiness that contain a lot of nose and then i would be not my body
and this happened back times and i really feel they like what you're seeking advice being able to really see and us and yet it still doesn't take away my ability to get to buy in
play delusions and here
i fear for the fans are all the experiences and yet there is still really play censored losing that fear of death and being able to have experienced and not
it isn't really a question i think it's more and more lastly
hearing me speak about this today feels am
clear in being able to three actually
they they just soon and not well understood did not immediately
you'd use it he said helped you to digested the to the i guess know the answer to
the emptiness
i just got more time going back to have a lucky touch bar deeply practicing prajna per meta
the and realizing that form feelings perceptions all kinds of mental formations and consciousness lack a basis for grasping but before the realization or along with the realization is his practice a perfect question
so what is the practice of perfect wisdom it is to fully engage all the things which she realizes
are empty
to engage all the things that don't look empty is the practice of perfect wisdom
when you engage all the things that don't look empty you realize the emptiness of all the things that don't like empty

and when you realize the emptiness of all the things that don't like empty that makes it possible and you realize that because you did you work your homework
other words you fully engaged the illusion of a home like some place you could abide so
everything kind of looks like a potential home
and you
fully engaged this apparent landing pad
crash pad
housing development you engaged at fully and by engaging this apparent place to revive you open to the non abiding nature of all things
you did a good job and as a result doing good job you're open to not abiding in the good job or me things you did a good job with
now with this realization you can do the good job again even more deeply which will lead to again not abiding in your good work to not abiding in your visions
and not a riding in these things that appear to be existing by themselves which was again again meet you too more wisdom which will help you more engaged the world of apparently independently existing beings which you're gonna be devoted to
to more effectively while you're not able to
grasp them while you carry him
i'm carrying everybody to nirvana without grasping anybody
but they look like the greek guy congressmen and it looks like i'm grasping i'm and i'm doing this whole heartedly and i'm totally not fooled by this magical show that i'm going through with everybody
we only have five hours left so
is there anybody besides
elizabeth that washed ask a question
it was a reward that keeps coming up for me as for trust is that somehow misses speaking to trusting things to be as they are
yeah so bodhisattvas do they trust their vow
and where's their vow come from it comes from the way things are
of course everything comes from or by the way things are but bodhisattvas except that and then the vow comes up and they trust that bow and trusting that vow they trust that they should study where the vow comes from which is the ball comes from the way things are
but they also accept the way things are so they have his fall and this vow helps them realize the way things are
realizing the way things are is what saves people and realizing the way things are we realized there's no abiding in the salvation process or in the saved beings or in the soccer or in the savior
but yet you can play the role of a savior because your vow to save comes from that there's no basis for apprehending saviors so you can be a savior either other words besides saving when to use liberating
people redeeming
redeeming are redeeming reality which of course has given to us but me sometimes
lawson and of people ask your saving from what what can one say
what good would say
ah hard and life
partial realization of life
those packet which one be free of without moving at all
because already all these afflictions are inseparable from freedom from
the great compassion which is free from all of these afflictions is right there with them so great compassion is free of the afflictions but doesn't abandon the afflictions so you got the for conviction afflictions okay your freedom of them will be basically
realizing what you already have
and then again because of our did what you are to have not trying to get away
from the afflictions because you're free of them
you're not free of them you may be tempted to get free of them mean if you don't trust it to free it might try to get mainframe rather than give yourself to freedom i don't donate myself to freedom i'm not trying to get it anymore
i'm a donation to the liberation of all beings which has already at hand
realization is right at hand all i gotta do is donate myself do it and then they're just be liberation
and and then the liberation says okay now go back and be somebody and you grow okay
let's be somebody and you know by the way we added these somebody who looks like they can be apprehended and go through the motions of apprehended okay here we go
it's an okay can you can wait a little longer for sonia to ask a question sorry sorry
how's piano or basis for basement
and i was thinking that maybe the faces spread this are characterization is actually the bystanders studying how quickly you said the basis for the categorization is the five skylanders swap but the five gunners are rocking out a group than the superficial
the basis for the superficial you're saying this is superficial i'm saying five sky lead or a base whispers
taking illusion and out there and that i'm wondering if standing ongoing scientists are not a basis for it not they are they aren't thinking that things are out there what's with the five kind of are so they had the basis evolution know the are in their illusions five the spice counters are five categories of a
five categories of the of relations they're not the basis there's no basis they are the illusions
five scanners are illusions categories are illusions
we're not the basics hi sparkle spoon what supports the bystanders which what supports they don't have as report
before apprehensions yeah they only have the support for production for appearing yeah that word and their app and their support is dependent core arising which is that we before we saw the five aggregates and we thought they were that there are some basis
for apprehending them and we went through the magical show of apprehending them and that transforms our life into a play up a life which can produce these categories again
the basis of them is the political horizon
but their direct the basis of superficial out they are superficiality
and that any so grasping superficiality
as a consequence of transforming our body and mind into a superficiality production center
which gives rise to another appearance of five aggregates
but it's not it's another opportunity to if you believe that they exist to confess it and as and use your confession as a way to fully engage with something that that have no basis for apprehending have been transformed your whole life into another mode
moment of remembering the teachings
a of basically catching myself as being a silly boy for thinking that are some basis for apprehending these five the five aggregates so i a touch bar is working with the five aggregates
deeply wholeheartedly and then realize this is no basis for apprehending them so that are lucky test for i was working with the aggregates without getting rid of them
without grasping them
which means also that working with all sentient beings that are appearing as composition of the five aggregates deliberate them without grasping
you don't really grasp the five aggregates you grasp what they seem to offer you is that true you can grasp the aggregates as a whole like a firm grasp on i'm caught in grass consciousness and then i got consciousness i gotta grasping so
and again i think i grabbed consciousness when i don't pull the engage it but anyway i'm i'm not fully engaging it so now i'm grasping consciousness and unconsciousness i see the other poor aggregates and then i look at four hundred addition i see colors and i grasp them if i'm not wholehearted practicing
perfect wisdom with these counters and everything that can each one of those categories needs to realize you know no basis for grasping the stuff that i'm interacting with i'm interacting socially with discounters and with which in those categories that i realized that no basis for the apprehending
which i'm doing and there's no basis
for apprehending the apprehending
what i'm doing
thank you for another warm day he didn't practice
at know abiding