Silent Sitting & Social Action

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Zen students often ask how our practice of silence and stillness relates to injustice and our environmental crisis. In this class we explore this question and study the intimate interplay of beneficial social action and silent sitting.

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in spanish

and social action
what's outside of the sitting it's also a bandage for a bodhisattva
simon sharing with social action is liberation boys
social action with silence setting sitting let us the liberation for a body shop
one other way to say it is
to practice sat meditation
in silence sitting
with them dualistic or sentimental compassion
his bandage for a bodhisattva

to practice meditation with great compassion is liberation preparing soccer
so we talked about sentimental compassion in various ways but one of the basic ways but compassion can be sentimental is by cloning or dualistic idea
i've softened other
the liberation of this practitioner and deliberation of others lives rex i wish that as you'll be liberated
but i hold some dualistic idea
the practice with such an idea
his bondage
and the other way to do the practice for that
without to do meditation without that i got to any entertaining dualistic ideas
his liberation
and i also want to put in a good word for
i'm sentimental compassion
which is sometimes sentimental compassion is approach
is appropriate age appropriate or the words sometimes dualistic compassion is being called for however
ah at that moment the body such as willing to be abandoned
an order to do that kind of compassion and cause sometimes our compassion is is needed in order to help somebody
i'm free

it's highly annoys her
the compassion we are experiencing
a sentimental how do you know well if you think it is you're probably right
if you think if you think other people's liberation is something other than your own if you think that and the and you want them to be liberated you want people to be free of suffering and you think that they're afraid of different from your for
asian observed that's kind of like sentimental compassion
what's one version of it
so if i think like that
but doesn't mean you can't think like that it just means if you wouldn't like actually indulged in that that would be bandage and that wouldn't in the long run liberate people but sometimes people need something before liberation
he needs and particularly nice to give somebody who as a non dualistic attitude towards compassion was because of that is willing to take on a dualistic
kind of compassion and or to show people that the people who are practicing great compassion are not attached a great compassion are willing to do
i cannot smell skilled compassion if it would have people
yes she had an exam on that were
the thirty satraps routine credit by said projects are main purpose
london come
when did it comes to mind is being willing to you know
you know talk to people were dualistic language
and like actually
i'm talking terms of me at you
and and and go along with that kind of idea
might be really helpful to people
and get them ready
to go beyond that which you
another example but i'm not saying i'm a great body sound for anything but when my daughter was young she sometimes when i know well be frustrated with me or something
and either
i didn't really think her frustration was funny
in i i i wanted her to be free of frustration but then in her frustration she will sometimes say things
how to try to like get to me so to speak
the fence sometimes the things she would say we're like i hate you
and to me that was really funny that she would say that she didn't i felt i was really funny because obviously she doesn't hate me because she's so much wants to say that to me neither are most anybody helps in the world right now
and i just a prank you know person she called me various names you know and ah i just i will laugh
and that's near
and that was more frustrating to her
but you know
so or finally runtime she didn't exactly say she hated me but she said something
and i didn't happen really got to me and i was really important for her
the children
she stunned me but ah now i just showed the impact
i was very helpful their cash to see what she was trying nine like understand me but you're trying to like see that she had an effect on me
in an interim and are kind of critical way been critical of me
and i accepted that i can i stay present worth it was really really helpful to her
here's are both those examples are examples in one way or another children one on i will react our interactions how we talking universe and seven seconds service motion
going from
one about acts i'm just doing something in short term married someone suffer
for me to somebody's hungry you are helping someone even in this country emigrate either my mind was prior were social joint social action to change the next week to those fit into that category than those actions could be done as expression
of on-and-off attitude towards these people we carried him
but you are what you're not have no you have no have not holding any idea like then getting that their hundred being satisfied or their miseries been no sense of that's different from mine liberation my liberation is your liberation and i could do any of those examples
with the understanding that you being free
i'm helped in that way was the same as me and you and you encouraged in that situation is the same my encourage you
well that in yeah
but that's what if it would help the situation can meet to hold onto a to understanding
along with the same action and i would do that too i wouldn't i want to do that too so it might be helpful if someone not only
help you if they if they are up they did
and that and they tried on my hope i'm helping you rather than you're helping me
they make it will make want you to think that way that you're helping them they don't want you to have an understanding that they're helping you
they're not ready for that right of course great compassion or stance that it's it's not like
i'm helping you and you're not helping me that's not great compassion great compassion is we're helping each other and no duality
your the parish is my liberation but if it would if it would help people move forward into a deeper understanding of their life
can give them some practical assistance and also
and did in in engage in the idea that i help you you can do that too
when a to say it but you can just think that way and then and then they could say to you thank you for helping me and you can say now
you're welcome
whether then you know
will not be willing to do that because you don't see it that way
because i don't see it realistically i can i can see it to mr gray
if you see it realistically
you know you have to get over that to see it non dualistic with but once you get over seeing it to holistically you can if it's helpful to people you can see a dualistic way but sometimes it's helpful to people to show them that you don't see it that way so they can see it that way to of sometimes you really hope for the for them to see actually you help them
i mean they helped you as much as you help them
i have these examples you do with the people could understand that painted you a big favor lending you give them gifts
have a certain point they're ready for them or maybe not when they're not new chocolate might not be ready for that

where anyway zen zen practice we just spent an hour would you spend quite a bit of effort on sitting in silence and stillness and cultivating or com
last night
and to do that
without engaging in and skillful means or techniques deliberate others that would be would be a bandage promoting sanders
and then somebody suffers do have that kind of bondage and actually are practicing it and we without
having it be
conjoined united liberating technique
an unexperienced boundary
but again
have you usually is not the way to go about sometimes it might be
here's how how could you let's say if you engage in
silent stillness and know you're only halfway amazing that how credit not the and zero hundred and update your records how could it not be him
well in finery increases in fact that in fact it can not it cannot not be it has to be aware but
the bad one but if you
don't understand that then it's almost like it's not that way
you are has a board said for your vowing to walk the path of buddhahood so how come by the way there is a path where people do practice these practices in order to be free of the world and some for some people who have devoured to be come personally free of the world for them
it's not of it's not a bandage for them into liberation
a body soap respond to other people be free for them that would be a bandage so for some beings to do practices like simon sitting to become liberated from the world for them it's not bondage for body surface to do meditation practice
this to get free of the world would be bandaged
okay i'm in a wrong path
her body surprise house in needs and or moment waiting for god
what are you
and but for a bodhisattva to engage the world
what lebron to techniques that's not cheap admiration for boarding sofa
but that is the body south as liberation it's to engage with the world
and waved a deliberate being such as the bodhisattvas liberation to can try to get away from the world
it would be the body surface bandage like a bodhisattva fall into a pit if they turned away from your path
but it's not it's not an eternal found that sawn timber on the flowers are temporary

what's the elizabeth
how do you know
one what are you would know would be too
be completely enlightened and even know you're on the bathroom
and get that
it before that you're being told by the enlightened ones but whether you know it or not you are
so whether you know it or not for the of know it or not you are where the you
thank you are or not to
can you could you could say well i don't really know that i'm on the path but i think i am
oh if you think you are you are and if you think you're not you are
also if you don't wanna be your
and not wanting to be
he is calling for compassion and if you practice compassion realize what you are
you realize it
he realize the way you poverty are is on the path
if you if you think you're not on the path
can you grow up or that you don't wanna be on the path and you don't practice compassion with them than you think you're doing you probably think you're not on the path and you still won't be on the bat
you wouldn't you are a number you that this teaching is your on the same because the body surface therefore you're a bloody sokka and also the body surface have the same path as the borders temperate buddhist body suffers from buddhists but they don't realize it
right buddha's do they are group as understand but body surface or the same islam and they teach or de santis your the same as me
just like sometimes mothers and fathers look at your children and look in her eyes and days he's as a sale lara they think
you're the year the greatest thing and you're just like me
or vice versa
where is look at us
and they think you're just like me but you don't know it yet
and even if you think you are you still up not
but you're right if you think you're the same as is boot is agree with you
did you think you're not a buddhist don't agree with you but they think they're just like you who don't agree with them
so we are the same path as broad as they see it we don't
what we hear about it i've not heard about it
when you actually you know realize that you're on the path than european tour in either a buddha or a very advanced photoshop
a prior to that you have always been on the same path as them and there's and nice send us that message
what's their message to us year on the same path as us and therefore you're on the same path as everybody and everybody's on the same parts of shoe sock in this way or the same time and the same practice and when the process are realizing that
and you can like believe it today and not believe it tomorrow and then believe it the next day was or three moments on the path
you can think it's so provided him believing it and was you know and have some moment of the bar you could think it's so i think it's true that you think it's something allow the third you're always on the path
and whatever you think
if you practice compassion towards work you're thinking you will eventually realize what no matter what you're thinking you are was were on the path and now you awakened to it
as answer the idea of practicing compassion him is our was confusing to me because i'm
practicing sounds like her know and when i feel compassion
it's just i'm not pushing a button interest you can do that kind career a nice to have somebody like you in the room
thank you for coming
some other people from other people actually wish we had wishes like a wish good as wish what people will be free of suffering
when the honestly think they pushed a button when they wished
so they are you got a buddha is wish comes up
as the wish that people not only world be free of suffering but that people will open to buddhist wisdom they wish that and in some they had these wishes for living beings when arise in or that arise and her awaken
there were like they're like wishes for like politians
what they don't make them make him come up there just it comes with being a brood of their jabs at wishes
and then people hear about zen when we have no wishes or no desires well
in in mature and practice you're not stuck in your wishes and stuck in your desires so the buddha's well so they had these wishes but they don't abide in their wishes
and not abiding in their wishes their wishes like
and grow
it has a wish grows in are buying that and goes more
it keeps a kid blooming by not the type of wish they have is the wish that beings are be free of a stuck in our wishes
factor which and then they don't abide a not wish later and the name transmit them to us
oh yes you certainly will have to let go of an attachment a great compassion it doesn't mean we have to
why don't you could say you could talk like that you want to have reactor
i would say in improves on the bodhisattva path it is required
have some point to let go of great compassion you say have let go of great compassion
recall the body starts to how but gold buddha
well behind buddha grow beyond the bar will be on great compassion that's a great compassion does great compassion leagues beyond great compassion so at some point
what will be your function is to leave beyond the best thing in your life
and if an input great compassion hit
it spontaneously leaves beyond itself
okay i'm ready when
yes we can give it was an hour
if run were fed fitted sheet to leave behind a passion that you still countless great i should you really wrap yarn project to be part of whom right what you do yes and got leaping beyond would be great compassion to catch a great compassion does so if you get a great compassion
came to which it could and you kind of know for you hesitated or got excited and might fall into it and then that's not great compassion
you left it so we had this expression
if you're excited
if i knew a bit
excited about what we're great compassion for you know are good in which is great compassion is his wisdom
join us scanlon means it's not just wisdom seven as its wisdom fulfilled
play in a bunch of pop up in your life you might get excited about it and then if you do he found to a pit now one translation says it becomes a pit a pitfall if you get excited
i'd rather say you can get excited you've found your kid because it isn't like it it it's a bit well it's like the way of relating to it
when you get if you see if you see our wonderful like uber last week he said well if this joy like kidding what's the word elated
so if you see this wonderful great compassion floating around someplace and don't even think your own at which is any words that you might say none it's a wonderful but i'm not even being possessive over wow and you might get so excited you find like i'm this is wonderful than ice
use this as compassion which is so vast and so non door it should this is like
this is life at its and it's most alive and then much minds so product that they need to get excited if i'm to a book or so if you see it and you hesitate he kind of fallen doctor so
come into the realization of how your life is how your life is other people's life how your liberation is other people who the burnishing you come to realize that can you feel great joy about it and realizing it
and even feel joy as you approach realizing
and then weeping beyond it it's like not getting excited about it now this is great let's move on
okay i'm editing and a new book on the six perfections and
there was an example i put in one of the chapters which got deleted but i'll tell you a battle
some herbs
and this isn't this is an outtake
huh so the outtake is a scene from the end a book called babe
you know that book called babe
for the this is pig
performs the kind of a miracle of herding sheep better than a sheep dogs do
like a wins like a national championship in sheep herding
which of course you know of course pink pigs are smart enough to do it but usually the not that interested
anyway this pig for whatever reason with them
an excellent cheaper and after winning a championship bay visiting the pig and her trainer or walking away from them
from the awards
and i think maybe papers can do a lot more hurting or something out don't know what but anyway
the trainer says that'll do pig
for like will do great compassion that's enough less car was not ma'am protocol
what's next for to hang out here in this matter of a situation a supreme situation for life flush mount my camp out here
but then there's a danger that when you get to the ultimate wonderful thank you might stop him stop from run around posner
and maybe some that they'll do can do fundo producer let's let's go
again but perhaps my mind here jesus is king lear
when you have for he wakes up with you know
he says the case of ripeness as our ripenesses are that's gonna do not seem
he can't wait up to him wonderful stop his faithful daughter is with minded and he wakes up from the dream
and then he's ready to go but it's too late
the consequences of for karma
give rise to discharge in pretty and part of the tragedy using he finally wakes up
to what a good father he is because a good father has a great daughter right
i put a good father is
and so he worked on it's not like i i have a bad daughter i have a great daughter lack of well let's now we can really live in but i realize what what i've been involved in
an ignorant of now i wake up to
no i've been excellent for because look at my the book my amazing faithful courageous daughter
even when i was cruel to her and stupid towards her she still just
and now i see it and so now this is it but let's go let's not going to camp out here let's go
isn't she just killed because
the consequences of his
narcissistic camping out but he when he woke up he didn't care but he is ready to go
and same with hamlet again
he woke up to again
the consequences of karma we didn't get to enjoy his
a you know his middle age
but he won't company said
readiness is all
he also worked up to
just be ready be ready for this be ready for what be ready for the way we're working together and we're on the same paths will be ready for that which may be ready for everything that's happening right
this this idea this idea this feeling this feeling this person that person be ready for it each thing
and don't care part in anything
take care of everything and then that'll do pig
and next thing and take care of it completely
now take care of each thing completely each person each thing that you need each thing in your mind and ready
great compassion
which you understand because you've been educated but it must already be here and so i'm not making it have i'm making great compassion it's more like i'm just ready for ready for ready for
ready for it
it's my job to be ready for it because brenda ready for it then
when one possibility is when it comes to i hesitate
when it comes are to the other possibilities when it comes to get excited
if i'm ready for it and you know i maybe i can like okay thank you for let's go

imagine them another story which again i'm sorry my cake as somebody in a favorable light on anyway
a friend of mine old dime of friend of mine
in what in a rainstorm in california
in a cavern
in a carriage he can learn about yeah i was in a monastic brace excavating and you know for the path
and i got word or over the bump on the other side is it
kenyan somebody had shown up and said know my name is someone so and and then the person and i would i wanna go into tassajara i want to go over the map editor
enter the
canyon and the persons who are usually you can do this and he so that he's he said he mentioned my name
and and the person communists is it okay with you if he comes in shut my dad and i said young sunday he came in
and this rainstorm and it comes in and he comes and knocks on the door and after he's gone through this storm coming up the mountain in a storm in has already been actually my door and i am and comes in and i say or for with you

you know if i hadn't been warned i might have done something different but my response was courage you i'm in a sec
this amazing visitation and i responded like i should have if you know if i didn't know anything like you oh
wow another one point you
he really got that was great
and i didn't say what i knew you were coming and i don't like starting
but who knows maybe may be a i would have some problems you
it's kind of oh it's you who's that oh it's the one i've been waiting to meet for lantern or it's my best for me showing up out of nowhere
that's really the way it is all day long
oh gee
oh isn't that amazing it's you
and me
foreigner what a coincidence
so in that what's meant by not being attacked care
that would be yeah there would be like not being intoxicated like really appreciating and not getting intoxicated
but sometimes you will get intoxicated
buy something we then like maybe credit rabbit
i'm not a we buy something but a relationship to something and something what would become intoxicated they might try to grab it
we're very happy to meet something and we're not intoxicated we don't we don't try to grab it
and the upright and respectful
we understand this thing is this this thing that's come to visit his i mean
this is not better or worse than anything and that's not better than and worse than anything this is like this is life
this is reality and it's not better than anything else bots reality
reality is that this is not better than anything else and nothing else is better than this
meet them that way and not get excited about it then you can add increase accordingly to this wonderful moment which nothing better than and nothing worse than
it's just this is this is such as is the way it is
and when not getting excited about it
and so we don't make the mistake of trying to hold onto
but even lesser springs
i sometimes might not remember
to grab them
so the buddha top five i think five contemplation
which are
life is subject to are a risk of being lost
he is subject to or at risk of being lost your mind is subject to are at risk of being lost her reputation
and so on everything you hold dear is subject to
are threatened by possible at risk of being lost him if he he recommended that you would be mindful of that
he says
if you're mindful that if you've without be mindful of that then when when life comes when i get intoxicated by it or i think youth was another example would use compliment become intoxicated by
when health can be my pick up
so i a youth and health and life are bad things it's that not remembering that these things are impermanent we can get intoxicated by them
can make sense people see youth and they don't remember how fragile it is and they can get quite
intoxicated about it and then they can compelling go rabbit can understand so there's a lot of grabbing at use or in this world and has been going on for a long time and is kind of a biological thing us
he hadn't heard the teaching of the buddha a rabbit use wow
which is the niche as we know now it's often to her unwholesome and violent and can really be to harm to people even have somebody did get something out of it
but it ask the price of it is maybe
a huge come because somebody got intoxicated when you're intoxicated and sometimes forget to be careful
so with something new
like youth if you don't remember if you're not mindful that it is wonderful beautiful youth is impermanent and you get intoxicated and you behave inappropriately or unskillful and life itself or have people get very excited about pepper
but we can with the buddha's teaching when health comes you can say sincerely thank you for coming health i'm i'm grateful for i'm grateful for the visit and not get excited and not do something inappropriate appropriate a battle not get too excited
one time i had assistant my hand
was there for a long time i looked down one day and i and i i saw there was gone and i got quite excited
and then i looked i think my other hand and current another cyst
and i really felt silly i'm excited i got about this going so now when something like that happens i can to signals in well that's really nice blog be careful
it doesn't mean that this isn't to prevent the next thing just it's just how silly to get excited about the stuff because most of more cysts are coming
hundred and in the meantime let's not get too excited so when the nexus come we can say
and i'm ready this this went away and i'm ready for the next one who's who or what will the next sixteen
i don't know if it's in a come from there are there
i don't know where it's gonna come from but i'm gonna practice be ready
or the next
that's right that's the path to learn and were hardly are learning that they are learning that
yes and yes yes yes
have a question
just because i feel that my path from see people as i understand nothing
because i started by accepting
when they was a kid running now because i was always thinking okay so glad and or something with their so i was not like that but i think that prepare sentiment or away that could be but also sounds pretty good
yeah but then there's always a question of limits because than
i feel that
sometimes loved and respected as i felt oh i see on several sigh a problem i feel that my task was to learn
i traveled to as to play to during you know to learn what to learn how to protect myself in southern weight which
you could you could say that to learn how to protect yourself or another not have been pushed my mind was you said the word limit
so i think what some people have to do who eat for whatever reason they're quite accepting
still in there in their consciousness there may be some limits that in of consciousness so they might have to learn how to let people know about their limits but it is possible that i feel a limit and i'm very accepting of you
not to respecting my limits so i have a minute i see you not respecting and with
and i accept the janitor i accept that you're not respecting it and i understand you really need to know something about me
i have something to tell you can guess what it is it's a i have this limit which i'm gonna all preachy
what to skill some people do not accept the people who are on
you could say violating their limits they don't don't accept them and respect them so then when they'd tell the other people about it when the people have trouble i me and then can understand that as well
because they sometimes because they were because they don't respect the as a person who is not respecting them
so if you can accept the other person
not knowing about your limits and that were maybe support you
it respecting them and they don't know like again like i told you many stories about my grandchildren
my grandchildren don't know you know so my granddaughter slapped me in the face on listen so i have to teach her
about limits but it's easier or more natural and more effective for me and teacher if
i'm i'm really accept that she
because we know and then she acted that way and if i don't and then so i can tell her been place and accepting her but i must telling her it's just an image if i want you to learn about students or how can i tell her meet her last week and why she's not
she's the one dente story about her peeing in twinbrook
so she peed in a swimming pool and she knew she wasn't supposed to so then afterwards she told her mother but as her mother reported she was i say beside herself she was lame
just totally
in ruins totally totally you know crushed by the remorse for killing and swimming pool
when she slapped me in the face
cricket no no reason just for fun to see what i think you know she knows she can't hit the kitchen or school that way person i think that this guy can i can be hit him as hard as i want
he cuts her as her brother said with granddad and you can do no wrong
which is true for those kids can do no wrong with me
it never happened what point she slapped me yeah i said i would i said and that was really hard it was really harness that that was really hard now it's okay and then i started to talk to a little bit about what actually there was for me and i'm i'm a big
man so when interests are talking about digit but with the other kids you know indonesia and she was she goes
the but i was involved it was that even that's gentle information was really hard for if i hadn't been respectful to her but would it just spent traumatic and would not have been a learning experience
and she does like to try out stop at jump on me kicked me in the face and stuff i guess i'd say you can kick me in the chest but not in the face so you know
so i'm sure the limits you know and she's learning them but there's never have never like i'm respecting her limits and she can her limits are like she cannot take for she cannot take very strong feedback because she's very sensitive she's already like when she feels like she just something or if she feels it very deeply so
i just flew
side because i accept her
her experiments on me i really do but i also feel like there's limits and like kicking me in the face i feel like to i tell her
and i also charges a story about her i have some other grandchildren who are or his brothers trump years older than her
and he also would like
catch me and stuff to seeking to set her nod as i'd heard nor does uttered yes as i've heard because i've heard and i think his sister
person but i knew he wasn't doing wrong he was learning and was learning are limits on my body which i'm happy to serve him in that way
and is a years he has some cousins
hundred not going to cousins anyone other grandchildren one time i was visiting them
they put their hand they were playing with my face may put your hands my mouth whenever a little and their hands foot even to even challenge
so they put their hands in my mom and i said
you can do that
of your hands are really dirty it taste really bad so if you want to put them in you've gotta go washing
so they went they went watched them
they came back and put your hands mammals goons and said no he didn't wash it well enough
so they try it again and then they came back and your hands smelled clean and tasted okay
say that you know there
we are here to teach people how to be skillful with other people limits and gloving them and appreciate them
helps us like so i gotta limit for you wash your hands you know take a bath
don't each trigger at seven at night we had this limit we offer them but we offer them from accepting are we still have to learn how to do that
i was good not to
go too long because then or if we got to push ourselves to find them will offer the gift of the information of the lumen
may remember to respectfully
so i'm going to do it quite soon start to form of i have a gift for you may i give it
mm so except the acceptances good
it's like me being a it's a little right being a grandmother when you're a little girl
she's nothing but grandmother's grandmothers and grandfathers hello there for accepting we also need to tell the children limits that are there because there are limits the grandparents future like your hands too dirty please wash that was really hard
right you should know that that's too hard you know a kids like this so i'm so this is a skill i keep the damages you already have this background which is kind of a grandmotherly background so you can use that along with its learning how to give give limits not to control people but they like them
know what they're trying to find out
how to love
and they don't know if they know they need feedback on what's not appropriate for you
and welcome
exports people

sometimes i tell the grandchildren stories about them
because they
may have happened before they can remember
so i tell them so they can have him for the future

i put together a book of stories
about my oldest grandson
our oldest grandchild
and power
how does he now he's a freshman at ucla
a and he's doing driver
and just at thanksgiving where everybody was celebrating how well he's doing been grateful for how is doing and college
ah i mentioned to him i sipped i sent on this book i checked with you when you check it out and see if you feel okay about republishing it so i sanded germans had did you read a book and he said
ethnic and then if i said well
can i do not delete it but it's okay if i publish it
i say said yeah he hurt her
so he may never read it but anyway told me i can puncture

so has is kim hatch these stories of their childhood shirts emperor are connect to no attachments that pass and cause i think as teachings i can understand using teachers are what's the
the difference between the story to pass that by carrying it happened care an attachment that stories are you differentiate and distinguish the story that is and we talked to battle the i can't outwork touch string hooky ah
harper's how to set different crowd
from this from town straight whatever
for example
seven story
i i thought i heard several questions or so i'm sure
a pair of there any right
about one that you masters
for one question what you didn't even account but the question is how can we not be attached to our stories of my life
and then you say well
if you got i think you got things
the maybe explicit and implicit suggestion but it might be a good to not be attached to the stories in my life
neither so then you're saying okay so again how can there be the case that we wouldn't be attached to the stories in them so if you if you want people to be free of attachment to their stories do you tell him more stories
as can be another question but
what are you could also say which we didn't exactly saber how could telling stories me for the sake of helping people be free of their stories
so i want so i actually i would like to tell my grandson stories about him to in for the sake of him becoming free of stories by himself
so i wanted to have some good stories to not be attached to
and the basic way to not be attached to stories is
headquarters as far as poorly written
everything at stories noticing that to sturgess him
when i was happy
watson she said you've got lots of stories are just a new grandchild
tell lots of them tell lots of a young
tell lots of them
now that would be so the word i was looking for his conversation
so you can i give my grandson has lots of stories i give you some more
and i give him more so he's got stories if i'm not around he's to ask lots of stories of course so i'm in a game stories to of these stories are given to him
for the sake of become free the stories i give him and how the other stories in his life
it's a conversations with by conversation that would be i cannot become free of my stories by myself
but in conversation with your tie become free of my stories are thus and million
so yeah i tell more stories so restaurant migrants and more stories to add on to the stories
and these stories
how his grandfather had eaten who's interested in talking to him
about them
and then if i lived long enough you'll come back and talk to me about these stories
and he allowed to come and ask me about some other stories
which he will realize by conversation our histories
and what can thereby become free of histories
and our conversation is great compassion
it's a great compassion there's no attachment that this is my story
and that's your story
unless it's your story but it's not dwelling in a your story and not my story
how your storage really my start and vice versa
but we somehow we need to talk me him in conversation to realize that
so is that finishing that the strengths and on stars are kind of the universe user usually sarah
i'm here experience similar
put your stories are universal
data in a way that and a conversation
every night everyone in your stories as a universal story
because everyone your stories is representing the whole universe in story form

i'm just thinking to overhear something that have a question
right when you're telling story agent they become ripe the human so and hey in they were about from i waited to tell her that family start

and as often mentioned in
good storage hold families or communities together through difficulty
what's up
once again way last how coming
i'm telling dreams i think those are also excellent
opportunities for conversation
dreams are basically our inner consciousness when we have a aisha
but they're also furnish like rep they're just like waking consciousness like and like consciousness with your eyes open there was a self in there i gotta dream just recently have some people were like
i don't remember exactly what you're saying but it wasn't good i'm talking about me
and i noticed that i didn't i was coming
thank you you're not been very nice to me
and i'm just i'm mostly i was kind of disagreement and to but whatever it was i remember what it was by can play dutchman
nourish the way are talking to me and i was having trouble accepting it in my dream
so i think maybe in my daily life i also have some problems like i mean my kid my dreams with my eyes open
i have problems like that
and maybe some ways when my when my promises made maybe people don't tell me enough
in a bad things about me
and i need that
well not necessarily bad things but things it made me wonder about myself
some that dream i was kind of wondering about myself but i was often than not brave
when welcoming to this person who was talking to me
and when i woke up i can remember quite clearly at which i don't often have this guy was taller than me was talking to me and that wasn't exactly disrespectful but he was kind of harsh
and i i got news tonight this is easy to remember made here new this image of this harsh person had quite an impact on me
i did kind of think yeah this which doesn't happen to be so much
and i asked i think answer wasn't that the welcoming to his comrades
what someone welcoming because it
capital it happened in my mind and i remember it and i told you much
no way
you can say much here
his share cream my have my sleep
isn't just starting
graham downtown
congratulations i'm hanging out
primus scratches five hundred and ninety what a nightmare
hi i'm in registering yeah i can imagine so he was just you know
he was
i'm being tourists there's just nothing bad about and
like you know your way and i would never have i was out the sure and i think there's not a single part of me that i'm president if i can ten straight or february second two worlds apart with you
the classroom and use was interesting what they that very my i was i'm having some people i work with one from this a shadow the i'm aggravated was midtown and there's a allow on the conversation as responsible for it then i saw i say well either way
you know how to sign the stream
and he said or yes that makes her excess he says in the spiritual to me now campus for time is he not a gun on him and in he donated power you have a powerful and he so wasn't surprised by
now that is fast
if i have to say that i was just as i think the highest attendance class and it we've ever had chair and you can leave him with i can cable
it's just a moment and k

the dream is kind of way and yes as talking about or credit accepting of him
well and this year and then can you bring that accepting and you did you brought up accepting
how this person and a certain round but then now
she she also needs to express limits are you doing actually okay
i can accept you in my life and your another human being on another spiritual though where my brother and sister and my brother
what same age
am i or other
he's inherited
ghana from i'm looking for ways to tell you to our for new limits can tell you things i need you to do
but from the point of view your my spiritual brother chapin in in the ordinary world your kind of like my opponent for the suck my turn but i want to come from this and you're my brother and your sister have somebody asked you to do encourage you to do
to help you to do which i haven't seen you do you have and i watching learned
now so i've seen m
the opportunity of dreams has maybe to tap into a spiritual perspective on our relationships and then bring them into our waking life

and now in an appropriate way

yes our senses lastpass
after grateful to her no russian on the topic
how much it means of stuff around
raquel but i still have come to seven weeks
not clear
rep the relationship is sitting in silence
social action the sense of group social action
action is almost out the examples street with the whole time things you can do as visual have some
has really just temporary really and with alleviate your suffering so thinking
actually got a sentimental compassion rather than kind of weird it's a group of social action action fit to have still not clear up
i before i tell you if it all quit before i take this next one asking about or beforehand to get ready to forgive me for what is about to say are you ready
sure she can get on joy
this is an example i'm group activity
there's you and me but also there's his whole group so this is this is part of what you're doing as you're coming and i just to talk to me to be with his people this is a group activity
so far except in one person is a one person version of a group at a group is can also be many people and some campbell i can be forty eight or whatever this is an example of a group
a some discontent enters another group
so high i actually
my individual practice is to have in work with groups
and some shifts so here you are and you can also go to another go to the same thing with another services a good batting
i've got i'm itching and if i go to a supermarket
if i go to re
i can have a demonstration
as remember group activity so
anyway interactive with group's social action is a necessary part of zen practice and boys that the practice
bray we are the way we act in these
security line the airport
the way we act in traffic jams
the way we act wherever we are
if we just to our own personal practice without engaging with other people and working for their welfare in groups of one too
uncountable that we're not doing the practice or properly so group action is part of it and so this is example one the the i'm in for sharing your and a questions on
sometimes the group is just two people loud times for me the group is to people but for you to write long time to tissue in one of the person left social action
for you to be supported or barber john as social action
for her to be some point of view for you to be supportive of your children with such like
are you to be supportive of it
for other children and your children's schools a social action for you to talk to your children's teacher monkey to influence the way the school as social action so
ah these are opportunities for social action and develop skills which can be
can be expanded out into larger and larger groups which will want it we wanted to convey our beings are working on that

we're studying had our extend
what we can do in a dream or in a meditation session to have a meeting with one two an innumerable bags as the overall for her
thank you so much for
making this a group
the taking care of the group
are you coming encourages the other people with come when we're supporting each other to support each other
thank you for supporting each other