Song of the Jewel Mirror Samadhi, Part 1

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as somebody came to see me in this place this morning
and said
it's such a comfort to be here
and i thought yeah i it displaces for as places of place to come and feel comfort
and joy
and i feel comfort and joy being here with you know
and this prices here for you to feel comforting job here and
throughout your life
how about embarrass you peter by sang
i'm happy to see you
i feel especially happy to see peter because peter lives on the street
as a so great to have somebody who lives right on the street coming up
like this is his neighborhood temple
it didn't happen to be the stray nice to see
paddy the first time here welcome cynthia have you been here before you are welcome cynthia and watching him again
sarah welcome sarah first time
yeah could you move over it that way little bit so i can see you
it more
thank you thank you
anybody else here for the first time
your name again corrina corrina welcome green epic anybody else first time or your first time which can my first time as jack better jack atrophy disease for cause minor things jack patrick gray is he's trying out new stuff like that a jack
could have gotten patrick

well as many many things i would like to talk to you by
one of them is like he said and this is a
calligraphic of the mantra
for all the lucky test foreign a stop
ah we have a room upstairs which is kind of like a room dedicated to the great bodhisattva have a look at touch bar which is also called guan yin and come on the body sought for for observers all living beings with compassion
looks at them with compassion and listened to them with compassion assembling and a portion of blessing by this meditation on the welfare of all beings
so this several
artistic renditions of opposite good touch for in that room and this is a mantra
on money put me on to involve the presence of great compassion and up in that room there's some copies of the marked if you wanna help yourself there's someone there
you can have take a mantra with you is calligraphers version
anybody want to swim
asked americans
it's smart and the room and if run out we can make some more
ha a while ago maybe last fall i was talking
to some
priests who live at green gulch farm over the hill
and talking about what are what we might study in the coming time
and i think they're an idea came up to to study the the
the liturgy of the temple to study the the teachings which we recite on a regular basis
so we started by studying what's called the heart
our great perfect wisdom
so i've been sharing with you
both teachings on perfect question for a while and the heart sutra
how in in most as zen temples in japan and china
teach you that every site on a regular basis is the heart surgery in china course day they recite a chinese translation of the heart surgery in japan me they speak the chinese translation in japanese way of saying the channeling korea and they can
get into bed and they said they chanted in vietnam and song this chat
and by coincidence sort of the main figure in this chant who's giving the teaching a perfect wisdom in the heart sutra is of a lucky test for our bodies thoughtful the boy sought by great compassion is the one who is it
toning this teaching a perfect response
the great compassionate borisov from teaches perfect wisp
it's not that we ever finished the heart sector because we don't finish the hard to do we recited
over and eighteen and over for the history of the zen school with and reciting this scripture and will probably continue to recite it
but there's other scriptures we recite to
so we're still studying the heart surgery or gates were still studying a low-key test for a bodhisattva
teaching and practicing perfect wisdom how does the lucky test for our practice perfect wisdom
compassionately observing all living things
by compassionately listening
to all living beings in that compassionate listening and looking she practices perfect wisdom
where will we wished to continue that practice ourselves we wished to look at all beings with eyes of compassion and listen to all beings with eyes of compassion
to bring comfort and joy to all beings we wish to be friends to all beaks last year and the topic was friendship the body sought for his friendship
we wish to be friends like all the lucky test for and in this way practice perfect wisdom which liberates the body which is the fruit of many lives
so again it in muslim temples when they do serve as they chant the heart surgery in the morning
but another scripture which is
chaton within particularly within the soto school of them in japan i don't know what to what extent it was chatting in china another scripture which is chanted is called
the song of the precious mirror samadhi
so can i can't really ever forget to practice i'm lucky test far as perfect wisdom but the lucky test far as perfect wisdom is now turning to a new scripture
called the song of the precious mirror some on
are you ready for the song of the precious somebody to
i hear it comes
the name of it is the song of the precious miroslav
and i as i mentioned recently over the hill
and in most japanese soto zen monasteries when they chant this scripture they just call it
the precious mirror samadi the precious mirror concentration
they don't say the song
but they sing that title
so ah but exemption we say some big and it's recommended by some ancestors that we say song that we realized that we need to sing this we need to sing this teaching
we need to use her mouth don't just look at it looking at it's great reading it's fine wonderful
i've got a copyright here and read it
to see him as the matter
but it's good to call the song
of the precious mirror semi precious mirror is another name for
perfect wisdom
perfect wisdom is a precious mirror and but it's not just that perfect wisdom is a precious mere precious mirror somebody is perfect wisdom perfect wisdom isn't just perfect wisdom it is a mind as concentrated
imperfect wisdom so it's not just a precious mirror which is pretty great it's being mindful of that and focused on that and undistracted about that
but not in a tank way to be focused in an open and relaxed way on perfect wisdom to have open relaxed flexible undistracted mindfulness of the precious new
and then okay and sing the song much
with your mosque which means with your throat and your chest your whole body using your mouth to sing the song of precious mirror summer
and then when we do with our mold with my mom than my hands also start getting involved and my feet
and your hands and your feet
and the precious mere somebody becomes your body
i often i've told the story over and over but not all of you were there when i told it even though i told him more than once some of you are not always there when i'm talking
so some of you have not heard this story before
it's the story of when i first saw suzuki roshi his feet like bottom of beer to heard this story
yeah well this is a story like the first time i saw suzuki roshi feet i was sitting in a zen meditation hall looking at the floor
and he walked by
and i saw his feet
and i thought those feet can teach me then
now maybe i could guess maybe because he had been seeing this song up precious mirror samadhi over and over that his feet became able to teach me this wisdom
when i saw this piazza okay i can study with does speed
and then somebody recently brought me actually somebody this morning came to tell me that
when you stay at my feet
i think he said something about he also said this is a different person but he also said this place
it's like the feet of my practice isn't how you put it how did you put it
oh no
ground yeah he felt grounded here like his feet this place with his feet
and i i reached behind me and pulled this piece of paper which somebody gave me recently which i sat behind me and where i sit i pulled it out and i showed it to him because it says
how beautiful are the feet
of them that preach
the good news a piece
the proper english of them
how beautiful are the feet of them that preach the good news of peace
and bring good tidings a good things
when suzuki roshi was like that he had beautiful feet because he
preached the good news a piece
and his feet were beautiful had enough to pique your beautiful and then you start rebuilding they think that are happening
in a way your feet know might not be too beautiful now but
if you sing the song that's not nice
of the precious mirror samadi you'll get
a zen pedicure

a be passed on a teacher spoke about you know
what he called gave you know i'll be posting a facelift
he said he could go to be possibly retreats and after its afterwards or they look month and much better looking the flynn
so we called it a person a facelift and my wife heard that she said while germany's can present it as a phrases like down and i have a zen pedicure and
how your feet will become beautiful if you sing the songs of the precious mirror somebody
it's also okay to go and get a pedicure while you're at it
the nice thing to do for yourself and my bring ease and comfort and joy
i've never had one but
i mostly do the zen style
so here we go here's the song
the teaching of such this
has been intimately
conveyed intimately interested
by buddhists and ancestors
for buddha ancestors where did they do was their job they intimately convey
teaching of such us
that's the first part of the song the buddha's an ancestors intimately transmit and interest that teaching of sessions and then here comes now you have it
there's more to the song but doesn't stop there
first prize song is to say what buddha's to pay the interest intimately the teaching of such use
and then they say
the person who wrote this was a buddha ancestor
and he says good ancestors intimately transmit this precious rear of wisdom some odd
and then he says now you have it
and he says that to us from the tang dynasty he said that
and were saying and we say that now
more than a thousand years later we say that
and his teacher said to him before he wrote this the song
the the author of this song the poet who wrote this
his teacher said to him now your body is the precious mirror some odd
his teacher transmitted the smarter to him his teacher transmitted the precious mirror to him and then his teacher said now you have it
your body is this precious mere some on
very simple teaching
which is also
i don't know what it's like
inconceivably bright
and you can't get away from it you've got
the teacher says the ancient teacher says this is what buddhists transmit and you have it
so what buddhists do as they transmit but part of the way they transmit his they say
the transmission has occurred
this is where we transmit and now has been transmitted you've got it now i mean you you have attained it if you have touched it you have touched it and it has touched you
so there's a declaration of what the teacher years what the practice of buddha's is is to transmit the perfect wisdom mirror
and also to affirm
that the transmission has occurred
the way it is transmitted
the wisdom that's transmitted
one to one
does transmitted to each person
by each enlightened teacher that transmission of the way of the wisdom
his affirmation
his confirmation
his prediction
you will
you will realize this wisdom
now you have it
and this is transmitted you know one i might have thought to occur to my mind like they're not they're not kidding but i actually more say they're not kidding
because there could be a sense of humor about this
like those feet can teach me then
the and those feet are saying to you to me now you have it

i want to celebrate this now you have it i want to celebrate this confirmation and i i wish to do so
i wish everything i do
to be and i wish everything i say to be celebration of this affirmation
and along with this comes mentioning the next line
of the sun which is
protect and care for it well
now you have this teaching
i affirmed you have this teaching
take care of him really well
and then the song goes on to tell you how to take care of it

and i i think i'll make a commitment to continue to talk to you about the song until we finished the song
song later today
but i'll go through this song with years for the next
it'll take a here at least
cause it's we just got this far today different
i'm not i'm not intending to go however other today i just want to emphasize this is the teaching and the there is the teaching there is the error by the way the teaching adjustments is one translation another one to translate
the word for teaching
is in sanskrit
dharma dharma of such this but damn also means truth
so as to take the teaching is the truth the truth is the teaching
so the truth of such this is what is what buddhists intimately transmit it the business of buddha's is to transmit the truth
of session us or true such as that's their job they are doing that it is going on and is now happening for you
so what buddhists do is they transmit this truths and they affirm they transmit and from
and the way they transmit is an affirmation
the way they transmit this teaching is affirmation

and now that you have it and you do have it and you always did have it but you didn't have charged for you didn't have affirmation and she hadn't heard about the information now you've heard this is the business
and now you have it
so i like not really to go beyond
the affirmation i don't really want to get into how are you going to take care of it yet
but just tell you emphasize emphasize emphasize emphasize you are affirmed and that the affirmation that you have this teaching that you are this teaching
is the way buddha's teaching and teacher by affirmation
why to tell your longer but what's been happening inwardly for me while enjoying that silent time is you see some silencer
i was contemplating whether to bring up something
i wasn't sure how she'd bring it up because it's it's a lot to bring up
and i thought of something else they want to bring up so i to two major things i want to bring up
one is the teachings of the buddha
the other is the teachings of the border
but they're different they have different forms
i'm gonna tell you the two forms that are coming up in in my mind and then we can see which one when she was first
the first is the form of the buddha's actually talking about
this confirmation this affirmation this prediction
so i just told you about this affirmation right but i received stories about this affirmation
from the tradition
so once slept i don't good the stories of affirmation okay that's one area the other is
the story of the am
different lakes in the chain of causation
there's sometimes a chain
has he had been chained to a cyclic process of suffering but you can also say leagues and this is a picture and around the outside the circle here
pictures about the twelve links of causation
has taught
by the border
so this is to
to me
of such this
there aren't just happen to be coming up to date here
it's wanted know
i have this situation
and i think maybe
how'd you know maybe you can accept it i go into not exactly
one of the other but don't i go out and going to one but not forgetting the other because like i'm holding onto this one with my hands while i talk about
affirmation so i heard that okay
i'm holding the twat unholy a picture of the twelve lengths of causation in my hands holiness piece of copper i think
am i talk about prediction now i heard that shakyamuni buddha the historical buddha said that
there was a past life
and there was somebody there
who met a buddha and the buddha of name was the pond kira buddha
and pawn car and i think means us
lamp of light or light of the lamp buddha
and there was a student with that buddha and that buddhist center that student
you will be a buddha
or rather
your practice
will lead to a buddha someday
and your name will be shocking mooney buddha
and you will live you know in the sahel world on the planet earth or something
that ancient buddha affirmed that student who would he come shakyamuni buddha shakyamuni buddha tells that story about his
past causes and conditions
then later have to shock your mooney
some of the people who
wanted to be his disciple
they thought well if shakyamuni buddha was predicted then maybe prediction is necessary part are becoming a buddha
and so
people started to say that among
among the community of practitioners
we gotta get bring we have to get information somehow
from a buddha with a buddha by a buddha
now today you already had affirmation where's the buddha i let me tell you i don't know where the buddha is
but i told you about that information
and i told you about
the person is who made this affirmation that he received affirmation and by the way his teacher received affirmations so people are doing a lot of information
part of zen tradition is what we're talking about here it's affirmation one to one and it happened
and it's happening
and the buddha said it happened for me and i am gonna do it with you
after the buddha die and than people several how we're going to get affirmation and buddhist gone to be
are you have to get affirmation from a buddha
fortunately or unfortunately nobody knows who boot is so i'm telling you it's happened you are a from
in this fast
human thing called the buddha dharma practice which occurred over many centuries with millions and millions who knows how many millions of people practicing
different opinions arose some people thought
not everybody's gonna get affirmation
not everybody's gone to go the path of becoming a buddha receiving affirmation in becoming a boil
some people will and of course it's amazing thing with somebody becomes a buddha
but not everybody will
was opinion among some students of the buddhist teaching is that not everybody
receives prediction and becomes poorer
another view is
well everybody should
they would be good if everybody became buddha
another opinion is it would be good if everybody did and everybody will
it's a different opinions i got my tell you about
and then i wanna say also i do want to say that is a scripture
call the lotus sutra
have the wondrous truth
lotus flower of the inconceivably wonderful truth which is again the word truth is teaching teaching truth is the flower lotus flower of the inconceivably wondrous truth which is the same
the truth that matters is a truth which is teaching and a teaching which matters is that teaching that is truth
truth and teaching are the same thing in breathe out
it's a truth that brings comfort and joy to living beings
here's the lotus flower
magnificent lotus flower of the true time the true tg the true truth
in that scripture it says
now you have it
ask if you says everybody's gonna become buddha
not everybody agrees today
but nonetheless it's not just i would be good if your became perfectly enlightened an infinitely compassionate and skillful you will
you are going to be we are all on the same path
i'm realizing good that's the lotus sutra
and the lotus sutra
a scripture which
hmm author of the chat we did it the beginning
a hey so
a so is the founder of this tradition
this this temple is a temple which is set up to bring comfort and joy to living beings this temple is in a tradition
this temple was given to a tradition is tradition and the temple was given to the tradition to bring comfort enjoy the tradition is a particular tradition and this particular tradition goes through a corso
the founder of this tradition of this temple in japan hey hey cultural council a hey dogan
the so on a dog and show various names for this bodhisattva who was the first ancestor of this tradition in japan
and for him
the teaching of the lotus sutra
is the precious mere samadhi is perfect wisdom and this perfect wisdom says you will become bored
everybody whether they like it or not on the path not to become a buddhist all that allowed you can become a buddhist it's not going to kill you
but if it is going to kill you forget it
buddha's are not necessarily buddhist or they can do that if to be helpful
when will be a buddhist okay fine boot is nobody knows who booed as our food is don't even know who put his art let me tell you i don't know what put it is and i'm fine with that because this song says you don't have to know what buddha is to be a buddha
now they weren't you can is this song ends by sitting practice secretly working within like a fool you can be a fool
and be a buddha buddha as are those who realize buddhahood without knowing what it is
anyway back to the story of those cetera and erdogan
this tradition has an ancestor which you don't have to agree with her he says you're on the same path as everybody
where all the same path
this is an affirmation the way we teach us to tell you on the same path with everybody
and that's the way buddhism buddhist or in the same path as everybody that makes sense buddhas are the same path with everybody there's nobody that buddha doesn't practice with
that's an affirmation of buddha
by somebody who's sitting in this place i affirmed the buddha's food is allow me to a them they say glad for me
okay i'm offering buddha you are like fantastically wonderful you are practicing in the same way as everybody
and everybody's practicing the same way as you this is an expression of acclimation which i offer
and the boonies of the lotus sutra say everybody will become buddha everybody is on the path to becoming buddha beyond anybody's idea of buddha
so now i have this teaching i think i think to myself when i talked to people
is my expression to them
an affirmation
not that i liked them or don't like them but is what i'm saying
do i feel like what i'm saying do i want what i'm saying to affirm that they are going to be good and that the teaching of sessions
has been transmitted to them right now
i'm watching now i'm trying to stay on the practice of affirmation of trying to be mindful of now you have
somebody say that to me too
now you have the teaching of session as which nobody knows what it is and nobody can get a hold of it
and it relieves all suffering and distress
it brings comfort and ease and joy and nobody even all the buddhas don't fully know what it is and nobody can get a hold of it and nobody can own it and nobody can get away from it
now this seems like an appropriate moment made a switch to the fact is something i my bring

the okay one bring up if somebody said to me something like
i'm not she says something like i feel dissatisfied
have you rolling stones zongo getting an eyeful satisfaction and i can't get no satisfaction can't get no satisfaction that goes anywhere similar to i'm a
in dissatisfaction somebody said
then she went on
which i mean that she did i mean that was pretty good right there by the wind
but she went on
and she said somebody mine and when i feel to satisfy i feel like i've got to do something and then i feel like i have to create something and i thought that sounds familiar
come from
and then she said why do i feel this satisfying say well placed it
i actually and a simple entity which is just a story it's not really the reason is just a story the reason why we feel dissatisfied is because of
ignorance when you're when you got when you got ignorance you got dissatisfaction
there are a good kid like a horse and carriage
and i said interestingly enough and from the story you told about your dissatisfaction and its consequences
he said
peel i gotta do something gotta get something do something and then creation
ignorance is ignorance of how creation actually is
when you ignore ignorance
which is you can't do because you're totally part of it when we ignore ignorance
to make a long story short are fairly long story short when we ignore ignorance we feel dissatisfied
we ignore creation who is nor the causal process of the life life is a causal process
we ignore that
we wind up trying to create things but of course we wind up like i'm going to create something which will take care of my dissatisfaction
and that comes from after dissatisfaction
craving cleaning and then make something that will fix this will fix thirst that were fixed it
the clinging the stress on stress around their make something that something be come into existence and that's followed by in this book history birth

so what it tells the story ignorance
the a new buddha said some but it didn't always teach twelve links sometimes buddha taught for sometimes seven sometimes eight sometimes ten sometimes twelve today i'm gonna teach i think for
maybe something

the teaching of such this is
don't the teaching that is the teaching of the actual way that your life is the buddha's teaching a freshness is to say your life right now is the teacher
look at it
receive it
you have you have it what you have is it
and what you have isn't it
hey now there's an opportunity here to ignore this
if you ignored don't worry as not the in this story you're going to have dissatisfaction
if you ignore this thing that's been given to you
that's been affirmed in you if you ignore it then you get to have
the story that buddhists said or what would happen to you if you ignore this if you ignore the teaching
of your life which it cannot be grasped because you're like is inconceivable an infinite and has no beginning or end and is the same practices everybody if you ignore that life
he get a reward in the reward is dissatisfaction to start off
and then it gets worse from there
you can expand this for to add instead of because of ignorance that you can go jumped a feeling and feelings
like could be called pleasant unpleasant and neutral
but if you have feelings and you ignore the teaching than you're dissatisfied with your feelings
can have positive feelings but if you ignore the teaching you you're not satisfied with positive feelings because you're afraid you're what you're thinking you by even though they're positive you're not enjoying them because you're thinking of how long they're going to last
you have negative feelings if you ignore the teachings
of course dinner
they're really negative and if you have neutral sensations and you ignore the teaching they also are dis satisfaction
and then because of the dissatisfaction we are hungry we crave and then we try to get a hold of something and we try to make something
so this teaching is actually pointing is right back
to the ignorance
doesn't say there's no ignorance it just says the teaching which is transmitted is the teaching of the such most of ignorance
the such as of ignorance is to be ignoring
and if you pay attention to ignoring your not ignoring anymore
and if you do that you you are now taking care of the teaching of such this teaching and session is is when you're ignorant you're ignorant
when you're ignoring the inconceivable process of your life together with all beings
when you're ignoring it the teaching that buddha's transmit to you is that what you're doing that's who you are at that time
this teaching as you have this so you could be you who is perhaps perhaps feeling dissatisfaction
and etc
dissatisfaction can pop up with the craving the clinging in china and make something become
what for lengthy
but that's not your not exiled from the teaching at that time the teachings right there
got these problems you got to satisfaction if i got this trials back in it i got dissatisfaction
and you can sing the song of dissatisfaction and realize you're also singing the song with the precious mirror
because of your affirmation because you have this teaching it's the teaching of you truly being you
a view whole heartedly being you
you are anyway but this teaching is saying i affirm you are affirmed furnace and it's a big job to take care of this affirmation but please do
we can make please take care of beat you
and that also why the by the way affirms all the buddhas in the past and help them be them selves uppers all the ancestors it affirms them they affirm you to do to be yourself which in whatever ways peering to you
that's your job is no appearances that your job
so we can go right to the beginning of addressing the ignorance teaching of such this addresses the root cause of the dissatisfaction and if there's any dissatisfaction in you addressed to dissatisfaction faced the dissatisfaction
the way we need to face
creation cause dissatisfaction is
something has been created
by facing anything has been created you stop ignoring creation
and you starting to pay attention to creation
with the teaching
to pay attention to creation
and with a teaching that you have this teaching to pay attention to creation
you have a teaching which is telling you can give up now ignoring your life
your life was that you've received his teaching to face your life to be yourself
and then the song goes on to give you more instruction about how to be yourself about how
to face your dissatisfaction which is
if you've got to satisfaction and facing your dissatisfaction is a way to face your creation
facing your dissatisfaction is an antidote to ignoring your life
but not a thought occurs to me that
yeah not ignoring my life means facing to satisfaction will not ignoring doesn't sound them which fun don't sell me a lot of fun to be facing my dissatisfaction
but when the dissatisfaction is faced fully
there will be no more ignorance
i don't process which is manifesting now as dissatisfaction
so that's all hang this up
this chart and this chart is
it's arranged in such a way
that on
yeah actually it's really pretty nicely
the ignorance kind permission consciousness name and form must towards
that's wrong
it's not quite oriented in the usual way
he's a green screen versions coaches
excuse me
yeah okay
this this particular diagram has ignorance at the bottom
autumn union ignorance at the top of the circle so this is a called a real life and death actually the will do some sarah
and here's a troll links around the outside and inside or the six realms six destinies that you get to visit and then here are great a delusion of here are
where did those guys for all
one of those guys
oh i guess or these are people who are getting into trouble is reputed to be in the center is greenhaven living with be symbolized by a rooster not a chicken rooster
looks like a deer but i think it's a pig in a snake
now it looks like it it looks like a deer because him that roosters feed on top of the pigs hair mr feet look like a like actors in the here's a diagram of the world is suffering and
if you understand it it goes the other direction or look who came why able to me i saw i saw jeff which is nice a nice suggests yes little huge baby yeah yeah anything but a huge baby's name he aged piedra that like small stone and
the stone wow what a cutie
hello is a major interruption
the with the dharma wheel stopped
ah political
this is a this is that these are pictures these are images for our my for our conscious mind which has images and have you noticed that your conscious smiles full of images and words so this is a picture for people who have conscious minds it's a
of the process of life and death
it's a conceivable imaginable version of the process of creation
the process of creation however is not imaginable it's inconceivable this is a conceivable version of it to help us open to the inconceivable so again the fundamental problem is dark the bottom here we ignore the inconceivable right
reality of our life
together we ignore the inconceivable process of dependent core rising which is our life together and by ignoring it we get into this process but by receiving the teaching of freshness we stop ignoring we gradually
and suddenly stopping nine and then the process goes in the other direction
so the body becomes little
i apologize for talking so much

now go hang yourself and the i have some more pictures larger ones to help produce up to of this stuff this conceivable version of the process of creation to free us from all about conceivable versions of the process she
so i've been going on long time but i feel like i still should ask you if there's anything you'd like to say before we break for much
yes would you clarify please the difference between song and camps song and chan in our city i didn't quite get what what lies this song and all the alongside harris was to relate to it different
i think that you can chap songs
i think for me i like the word song and again as i said the ancestor some of our is recommend using the word song which is solemn rather than just champ to have this chinese characters for check to but they chose the words some and i would say
it's a song because it is joyful is should be done joyfully and bring great comfort and ease and all that good stuff isn't just a chant
it's a living breathing joyful check
and one of my friends said to me about it been a while now
maybe thirty years twenty years ago she said why don't we sing
i say we do it so what do you minister ganges i have it it
our army to the and goal she's no i mean with a melody and the president of that hundred and so i started to sing
when the red red robin coach bob barker in a low on there will be no more sobbing when she starts throbbing her whole sweet home wake up wake up you sleepyhead get up get up get out and had give up to you this
on is read live love laugh and be happy that's a song

that darn mom
no such nuns has been able to remotely interested
by the buddha and examine the says to now you have a keep it where
oops i think that song we sing if not just candy were were full of joy and sometimes when the people were chanting that they may forget him and say then there's really not very joyful the chanting well then we're not say and maybe
we've got yes
ah good looking i miss that
and welcome alien nation half when this and
circles i only to creation
you know that will be sarah gets bad know it it is not bad is just continues to dissatisfaction lead into creation means leading to your idea of creation
at which you were hoping would bring you bring you freedom from dissatisfaction but it would
not unless at the moment of this conceivable creation you apply the teaching of such use if at the moment of creation
you do the practice than you stop ignoring and then this create this creation
it's no longer adhered to in the open to a real creation which you cannot see
they but they usually call from the creation phase on here is becoming
craving clinging becoming
but that looks like
looks like you made something in the picture here is
she was a picture look like
contact feeling
yeah it's a picture here their their looks like they're making pots
like some people do do pottery in hopes that they were freed them from their from their dissatisfaction and some interview if you are doing the pottery and not facing the inconceivable process than the pots will not free but if you if you apply the teaching to any phase in his prime
there's liberation
the story that i was recording or have you heard it but the woman said
i feel the satisfaction in them and then i i i try to make something and then i create something and it doesn't it doesn't it doesn't touch the saddest distance action thing that touches that dissatisfaction is to stop ignoring the inconceivable and the inconceivable is the teaching of such as
it is the teaching of the inconceivable truth which you are which has been given to you right now if you can face that however it appears for example even if it appears it to satisfaction this is a good opportunity for the teaching of sessions with you wholeheartedly experience that person who is dissatisfied
if you're actually realize creation beyond your images of it but the in the creation which are darkened by here is the imaginary version of creation so we usually have an imaginary version of it
but that's not bad that's just something else to apply the teaching to
and again the when they're imaginary version of creation appears it doesn't have to come from ignorance but we're talking about an imaginary the follows for crazy
and clean
so today we have time coming up now
where you can eat some food
and after that we're going to have activity to take care of the temple if you'd like to welcome to the care of a temper for her
if you don't want to come out me now teach you
how does a country dissatisfaction