Transforming the Mind of Delusion 

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during meditation night
kind of
i played with the texts a little bit
the beginning of the
of the teaching about the support of knowledge
in this text
it asked over and over again i know what's the reason for calling this consciousness the storehouse consciousness or what the reason for calling this
various names that it has like why do you call the appropriate in consciousness why do you call it mind and so on
so this consciousness has a a number of names and several of the names are brought up and
the questions raised why the wisest couched is called
appropriating conscious and storehouse consciousness in mind
and other names to
so the first question is why is a call to our house consciousness and the responses
a because this mind
because in this mind
i'm all the filed states of all living beings
are stored as result
all beings who are born is not a translation all beings who are born all of their defiled afflicted active states of consciousness
are stored in this consciousness as results so this consciousness is the result
of all the active afflicted
the filed state of mind of all living beings
so this was another name for this consciousness is the resultant
it is the storehouse it is the resultant of all
afflicted mental states of all living beings and also it is stored in all afflicted states of all living beings

so every moment of active conscious life this unconscious
storehouse resultant mind is actually present with us
but it's unconscious and it supports are active consciousness and are active consciousness is simultaneously
transforming the the unconscious
in the present

so then changing to pet present and past
all the present consciousnesses of living beings
are laid down in the past unconscious and the past unconscious is
living in the present consciousness the present conscious
experience of all living beings so passed in this case does not mean something that's gone it means the results of all things that all active states that are gone
and it's also the result of the present state which has not yet gone so i passed
in this case is the result of all past actions but it's also the result of this present action
so this huge
past holding all past action is is being transformed right now by our present consciousness
and that in virtually inexhaustible past
which the inexhaustible results of past action are present right now
unconsciously supporting our conscious life
and the last sentence in this subsection three
the first chapter says furthermore
it is called the storehouse consciousness
in as much as all sentient beings
clinging to an image of their selfhood
our themselves contained within it
so you heard for the first
discussion about why it's called your consciousness now here's another reason why it's called storehouse consciousness because all living beings in its much as they cling to an image of
the place that they are contained or that they live is this consciousness
if we think in terms of images of self then this is where we live
we live in this consciousness now if we didn't think
in terms if we weren't clinging not just think in terms of images of self but think and cling to images of self
if we didn't do that then we wouldn't be living in the a liar
we wouldn't be living the storehouse consciousness but in as much as we do
this is this can this this consciousness contains us
and it contains is partly by being the result of all past moments of cleaned herself
another translation kind of turns it around it says
it is a storehouse consciousness because beings lodged in it
yeah it is a storehouse consciousness because beings who are lodged in it
take it has if it were their self
so if we are cling to an idea of self
we are contained by that thought we are enclosed by that thought
if we hold onto the idea of self annointed say if were enclosed by that idea by their mind then we see that mind as though it were herself
we don't see it as though it were on the self in the active conscious way of seeing yourself
this is an unconscious this is unconsciously taking take this we unconsciously take this as a self
so oftentimes we say me and mine
the the mine we can see
and the me we might think we can see but actually the me in the me and mine
is this consciousness
which we take to be ourselves
so the the main part is actually unconscious and the mine part
his conscious and the mine part or actually the mind part or or or your part all the things which belonged to her don't belong to the self dealing with them is active defiled afflicted consciousness
and the past i am's the current i am in the past i am
the hidden in this mine
now you can turn around and no none of that's that's me
you can do that but at the time you're doing that that active sense of that's me is supported by unconscious resultant
i am
not now again after doing this exercise if we look now at section for again
and maybe it looks so different section for is
quoting that
the scripture elucidating the underlying meaning the sunday normal china it says the appropriating consciousness
a viana is deep and subtle
now appropriating consciousness is just another name for the storehouse consciousness
it's constantly flowing along with all the seeds of thought
all the seeds of defiled mental states
and i've taught this i have not taught this to common world lings because they would reapply it and cling to it as a soft
so in a sentence a little contradictory because
he is teaching this to people who do reapply
things and make them into selves
all all sentient beings do that
all those who are born
if they're if they're clinging
they do reapply
this thing
they do take it to be yourself
the way
so among those who are born and in whom this
ah storehouse consciousness lives unconsciously some might have a chance to hear this teaching
and be careful and be warned not to take it as another self
while simultaneously they live within the thing that there be warned not to take as a self
and they're taking this thing as a self
so he says common worldly so in some sense he's teaching this to uncommon ward links
he's teaching it to world lings who are willing to try to accept that they are living within this consciousness because
they are clinging to herself
and now could they received this teaching as the beginning of the antidote to this clean and not make the teaching into another yourself
this would be an uncommon worldly this would be an uncommon living being
it's it's up to us whether we want to try to be
an uncommon ordinary person as i mentioned last week
great bodhisattvas are uncommon in that they aren't whole heartedly common wholeheartedly ordinary wholeheartedly worldly
they wholeheartedly study the teachings about how their mind is
an enclosure
which supports
the arising of the filed states
and then the next section number five which we had some difficulty with
starts out why does the verse speak of this consciousness
this consciousness the storehouse consciousness why did you speak of the storehouse consciousness as the
appropriating consciousness
in terms of what we're talking about we have this thing called birth and death
ah it's also called some sour samsara means going round and round we have this phenomena of birth and death
and birth and death
lives in this consciousness
and once again living beings to the extent that they cling to herself they live in the place where there's birth and death but birth and death exists in a consciousness
it doesn't have some life outside this consciousness
birth and death is a conscious setup it is it is a phenomenon set up by the consciousness which is the result of all past action
so the consciousness in which birth and death exists is the consciousness which supports are active life and are active life
transforms and contributes to the consciousness which carries and holds the story of birth and death
so it's i think if charlie asking for evidence about birth and death
and i i'm happy to discuss evidence but the evidence that we're gonna come up for birth and death is the evidence which will occur inside of a consciousness which is the result of defiled consciousness
so it's not like we're going to have evidence for birth and death which is evidence about reality we're going to have evidence about
stuff that goes on in the results of diluted consciousness
and the results of deluded consciousness support the arising and diluted consciousness which is also aware of birth and death
but the diluted consciousness himself aren't exactly birth and death the results of active consciousnesses or birth and death
active consciousnesses
the results of active consciousness live in birth and death and birth and death is hidden in all active states of consciousness many at many of the actuality
the way birth and death actually is in the realm of delusion it's not reality but the way it actually is is unconsciously hidden in all conscience to filed state which is part of the reason conscious states are afflicted and defiled because birth and death is always
infused into them
they're all was afflicted by this birth death thing and even though we don't always think of birth and death
it's always unconsciously there
and when we think of it
we're actually thinking when we think a birth and death when we think of birth and we think of death were thinking especially if we think about both of them at the same time we're thinking a bot on conscious cause that's where that's where birth and death that's where it actually lives in functions
birth and death again
are the results of our thinking
they are an elaboration
it's not that they have no reality what they do their reality is that they are elaborations of reality
and we don't intentionally make up birth and death is just that as result of the things we intentionally do
this elaboration of life
in terms of birth and death
he's set up and it is the
it that is the storehouse consciousness
now the discussion of the apprehending or the appropriate and consciousness again when we talk about it
i think it's helpful to remember we're talking about a function of this
we're talking about the way the consciousness functions within itself because itself is birth and death so within birth and death there's an appropriating activity within birth and death but it's a function within consciousness
so it says
so why is it called the why is a storehouse consciousness which is birth and death called the appropriate in consciousness
because it appropriates and up holes the physical sensory organs of sentient beings and because it supports
it is the support for the taking up of all experiences of rebirth
so someone might say what is the evidence for the experience of rebirth
i would save right now the evidence for the experience of reverse is the experience of rebirth when one experiences rebirth that's that's as much evidence as you're probably going to get
but it's the experience of rebirth real birth isn't real
death isn't real life is not actually birth and death
life is not birth and death ultimately really it's not birth and death but life allows
deluded consciousness and diluted consciousness has the result of the state of mind called the storehouse mind and the storehouse mind his birth and death
life is not the results of it's diluted activity
however life does have read that does have diluted activity and the results of the diluted activity of living beings his birth and death
birth and death is the result
of active deluded effective karmic consciousness which is supported by the mind which is birth and death
and contributes to the maintenance of birth and death
so these teachings are coming into this process where were where are our active count are active conscious life is contributing to the maintenance an ongoing consciousness calls a storehouse which is birth and death and how birth and death
supports what are active consciousness whether we're thinking about it or not and whether we think i bought it or not what we do think about
gives life to birth and death
but birth and death is an illusion it is an elaboration of true reality
it obscures
true reality
but the way to get in touch with to reality on obscured by birth and death is not by avoiding
birth and death is not by avoiding our unconscious and it's not by avoiding how are conscious makes birth and death and how birth and death support our conscious it's not that way the way is to buy plunge into this process
in these teachings are
some among innumerable teachings to help beings enter into the process of self delusion
so that the process of self delusion can be opened up and reveal reality of life that life is not
being born dying and be remembering be reborn
that is a constricted
ah way of understanding but this diluted way understand it cannot be stopped because it's the result we don't intentionally dream up
birth and death
but as the buddha said we delight in it
and again to try to stop ourselves from do oh by the way and delighting in birth of the buddha didn't say exactly i don't know the buddhist saying
probably the buddha did living being delight in birth and death they certainly seem to delight in birth sometimes
but the real birth of birth and death is unconscious the real birth of birth and death the one that's
actually hidden in our consciousness stories about birth
that's the one that we actually delight in
the buddha says living beings delight in the storehouse consciousness they delight in their caught in their unconscious they cling to their unconscious
so we cling to samsara we cling to birth and death
the more real birth and death
the more real birth and death is the unconscious mind which obscures reality the reality of life life is not birth and death
life is beyond birth and death
that's the spiritual possibility of this teaching is a life that's beyond birth and death but we can only be realized by plunging into the creative process of how birth and death given rise to a active consciousness
mrs and further birth and death
so again this is the experience as the experience of rebirth it's not that there's a real just plain old rebirth there's only experiences of rebirth and experiences of rebirth
are primarily unconscious
as most of the probably think at this time i don't know if actually but probably probably i would guess i'm guessing that most of you probably would guess that at the moment of conception of a huge
human embryo that human embryo is not conscious rebirth birth
is that right how many you think the debate that that that embryo is conscious at the moment at the first moment of consciousness in the warm how many think that that are conscious of that is the birth has occurred
one two
actually according to the buddha some beings are conscious at that time
and and then some beings are conscious
during the delivery and some beings are conscious after the delivery
but most beings are unconscious through the whole process
but the hope but conscious means that you'd be somehow aware of the unconscious because the unconscious is what is born and dies
huh okay so ah
i'm going over earlier material and now we come to another big section
and i could stop here and we could discuss
but we've just talked about are we go onto the next section which is talking about
this up two types of thinking
do you want to do you want to stop and discuss what we talk about so far
you have a question yesterday

our conscious present is supported by the unconscious and the unconscious is what i would call the past
the past which supports the past which actually supports
our present conscious life
it is it's it's the results of the past the past which supports the present conscious life is the results of the past
it is results of past action but it actually carries all the past actions so in that sense it's the living past the unconscious is the living past

it supports it
and the present consciousness is unaware of it
by and large

i she took it to mean that are present conscious is the unconscious made conscious

unconscious of the past becoming contests in the present
very said

it's not so much the unconscious of work
the past or past is unconscious it's to ah
it's much too big for us to be conscious of we cannot be conscious of all the past actions of ourselves
from beginning was time but also this is container conscious is not just my past actions in your past actions and lorries past actions to
so we're not going to become conscious of those past actions but our conscious state is supported by all those past actions but they're not gonna become conscious in the center will know if they are they become conscious in in the sense they become conscious by our conscious life but it's not
that are conscious life as a conscious of them it's just that are conscious life is them in the sense that
well the manifested but the their them
in a hidden wake their the past actions all the past taxes are hidden in our present action all my own past actions
in this life it being called reb the results of all those are present in what i'm saying to you right now and on put on consciously aware of st you right now all results are hidden in my present conscious talking with you
but i don't know i don't know all these past moments
the other why you know let's just say yes
now i can have a story about what my past actions are but
my stories about my past actions might be right but the past is not my story about my past actions if not even the past actions that have a story of
they are the results of those past actions which i have a story of the results of my past actions are not my past actions
they're my past actions as result
the past actions are gone but the results are we are here
so in a sense i know the results of my past action because the result of my past action
am i present active consciousness
they're the results of my past action because my past action is the cause of my present consciousness
so i present night my present consciousness is a result of of my past action and
the thing that delivers my past action to me is the result of my present consciousness in other present consciousnesses so this present consciousness
we'll have a result and it's result will be stored in this store has consciousness as a seed
which can support the a nice another active consciousness
along with all the other past actions were support this president consciousness
and if not just your own know
a trait is not just your own past grade
and as i
alluded to i think in one or more previous classes
in the end of this chapter
there's a question is put what are the characteristics how many kinds of
how many kinds of
don't how many kinds of permeation are there
in the storehouse consciousness
and the first answers three and the second answers for
the when he says for one of the four types of permeation is the permeation of character
of the straws consciousness and under character it is mentioned that there's two kind to characteristics of this storehouse consciousness
that the results of all of our past active karma has to check have two characteristics one is a common characteristic in one is a specific characteristic so the specific characteristic is the appropriation of a particular set of sense organs in a particular body that characterised
connect back to the appropriate and consciousness which were just talking about
that the storehouse consciousness has the characteristic of being an appropriate in consciousness because it can appropriate or associate
for a whole lifetime with a set of sense organs but then there's a common characteristic of this storehouse consciousness
the common characteristic
is the physical world
so the physical world that we got i live in has something to do with the physical world you live in because
the the common characteristic of this consciousness is the physical world which we share
the uncommon
aspect is the way is the way that this contract is the way the results of all path action of all beings it apprehends individual sense organs and an sense makes individual living beings but the apprehension of individual sense organs making individual sense beings
is the functioning of a consciousness which also has a common characteristic which is the physical world in which all living beings live
so we're all in that way we we i contribute to your physical world you contribute to my physical work and the way i contribute to your physical world is by the active consciousnesses that arise in association with these sense organs
which has been specifically grasped by the storehouse consciousness so i make my individual contribution to the creation of the physical world which i share with you you make your individual contribution to it we share it it's are common characteristic it's the caught in a d common characteristic
of this consciousness
but the and the appropriate in consciousness appropriate sense organs but it also in a sense appropriate the visit our an awareness of the physical world and it also appropriate
i am a predisposition
i think it says it doesn't it
it also appropriate a predisposition
doesn't say so here
i'm telling you
it'll come up later and it was in the surgery it also appropriate the predisposition towards making conventional designations so this is about human being this is the
he didn't say but this is human beings appropriating consciousness
the i'm talking about human beings appropriating consciousness appropriate sense organs but nonhuman beings also appropriate sense organs but human beings appropriate the predisposition towards making conventional designations so we share that karma and by sharing their karma we make similar carmen by making
the eight a shared world that we can understand and beings who do not have that appropriation live in a slightly different or or are quite different material world but they all have pre hand all living beings apprehend sense organs

i didn't say that but that's right that's another way to say as long as being thinks of themselves as separate they'll live within this consciousness and living with this and we're living within this consciousness you will think that this consciousness is yourself

he has

and then the next moment and what happens next moment
the results of past actions support the arising an active consciousness again
next moment the results of past actions
which are called
the storehouse consciousness which are also called birth and death for birth and death dash the store has conscious arises and next moment because a moment of insight
a moment of not living within this consciousness a moment are not seeing this consciousness as yourself
a moment of not your unconscious as yourself a moment of not unconsciously believing in itself at that moment you're not in this consciousness
his consciousness is and you're not taking this consciousness of yourself
next moment can rise again and there could be another moment of insight
the caught that simultaneous with the arising of samsara the arising of birth and death again another moment of insight could occur
and that moment of insight does not live in this consciousness and does not believe this consciousness is a self
it is not enclosed by this consciousness as constant doesn't really in causes birth and death doesn't really and causes if it really enclosed us
i don't know what we should do
but i
i would kind of encouraged myself to experiment with remembering that i live in this place
because remembering i live here set up the possibility of not taking it as a self
be ready to not take it to the self sets up the possibility of mean not living within it
simultaneous with it is is not living with it
simultaneous with his enclosure is freedom from it
but it seems to me that you have to be whole heartedly stuck in samsara
in order to realize what simultaneously lives with it
and as you know it's hard to be wholeheartedly stuck in samsara
his hands and some sour is being stuck some sorry is being stuck in time samsara where you're not stuck isn't really samsara that's true like a
designer some software or something
and and the the realm where were you don't take this consciousness
as itself
and this kind of and his consciousness where you don't take us take us take herself you're not in the consciousness that realm of freedom
there's no birth and death there
but there is the life of wisdom there there's no there's no killing
there's no stealing but there is the life of wisdom
how can one cheerfully
remember that one is living in this closure of the storehouse consciousness
how can we cheerfully and good hearted new and good heartedly remember that one lives
in the realm that supports all defiled states yes

is based on
the other of other experience in that i unconsciously
in one way or another
unconscious things
that makes any that makes sense to you
but how that
yes but how that is you cannot see
you can't see how all your past experiences of of men and women and white is supporting you to have this experience of this person and white now you can't see that
you can have idea of it but that's not it it's much you know it's much more complex than that so
i mentioned before i'll mention again the brain which supports us to have conscious life is the result of a long evolution of other cut other past conscious experiences the brain is continuing to evolve in this lifetime
and for many lifetimes before the brain has evolved
as part of physical world and it supports the way the brain supports conscious life today is not the way the brain supported conscious life
two million years ago
the results of all human action
back to the dawn's of what you call human and before all those conscious states create an apprehension now of sense organs such that we have this kind of thinking but we cannot actually we we have other things to do it and try to figure out the history of all human
one and non-human life leading up to this mom but even if we thought about it it doesn't comprehend it it's it's unconscious for although it's unconscious it's totally delivering itself right into us right now making this possible all of our extremely complex things we do is because the thing is so complex
and we cannot you know we we cannot plummet
we are supported by it and we are transforming it
and it can finds us
human brains operate operate in one way or the other brains opener it operate in another way we have to
yes because this consciousness apprehends
specific sense organs which means it apprehend specific brains
and then it rides the evolution of the sense organs on the brain through a lifetime but the lifetime that it rides is two fold it rides a lifetime
a birth and death and it rides a lifetime of a life which is not birth and death both of those lives are going along together
so the trick is to learn how to ride the birth and death
process in such a way that you start writing the non birth and death process
which is going on simultaneously
and that life
it is not the birth and death type of life
which is again as related to the common characteristic of this consciousness because the common characteristics of consciousness doesn't get dented if this particular person
for whom these sense organs are being apprehended by the specific qualities of this consciousness
so when this person gets turned off and there's no apprehension of this person's sense organs the world goes on
you know it doesn't get dented
i'll do another moment of elia will be produced and every more every time there's and elia
there is a physical world so birth and death will go on beyond me
elia will go on beyond my death
and freedom from birth and death
a like which is not the life of birth and death that doesn't go on it's also that's also free of the elaboration of going on and not going on
so reality
the results of past action are a mind which deals in terms of going on and not going on existence and non-existence birth and death right and wrong that's a lie a supports that kind of life and as is actually the unconscious results of that kind of life
with that kind of that version of of reality that version of life read alongside with that is as other kind of life
which is like right there wishing that the beings who are enclosed in a lie and take a liar to be yourself would would listen to the messages that are being sent
because as message is actually can open up this enclosure
and allow v
this thing that this other kind of life which is called nirvana to be realized the simultaneous with samsara
or if that's to advance just realized nirvana
and then later do both at the center
we already know how to do some sarum without nirvana so next step will be to giovanna without some sour and then do them both at the same time
which is what buddhists do

they get sagan
storage department it's not it's not exactly ah
if not if it's it's all the filed state stored as results
because they're not active defiled states in while
the rip those results of actions they're all stored there
yeah because i thought that he said like okay as long as he's living in a lives
living i supporting while
yet moments are
man means awareness not a
yeah or or it's a lie of is you nana still alive and well but there is an awareness that it's not the self
for that is where that is not that no self can be found at that moment with the living being who has this insight isn't in a liar at that time
and they never work were only enclosed in a liar if we believe in itself and we usually do so we're usually in a while but even if we don't believe in and worry free or for the moment
next moment there's a lie again
when i just wonder why use at all return to smile
oh thank you thank you
thank you a liar is not defiled
a lie is not defiled
we don't we over here do not use the term defiled for a liar but use
how can you say this does
ah i see results of the file things are not defiled
while they're usually uncomfortable more or less
result while the six basic styles and results one of them as human suffering in this animal suffering hungry ghosts suffering
infernal suffering even divine suffering and hung and fighting spirit those kinds of suffering suffering being in hell is not a defiled state
hip pain is not defiled state pain is displayed so the results all these destinies that elias supports
for example a human destiny
they are not in themselves filed and a lie is not the file that's why alike and support all the files states wholesome the file states unwholesome defiles this wholesome stays can still be defiled it it's belief in herself
you can be in a whole state and still be extremely uncomfortable
and he can be of course everybody knows you can be an unwholesome states and how self clinging be miserable and you can be a neutral state but a liar is comically neutral and undefiled
it is the results of the filed minds the results are not defiled results are not defile
if you drive a car on skillfully and run into a tree and hurt your nose
the pain and your nose is not undefiled state
it is pain but is the result of dry
if you are why did did i say my nose i said your nose hurts anyway if you say my nose hurts
that that active state is based on the unconscious idea that i had i only knows i live in a world where there's many noses and
and you know and i gotta self here and those noises are mine are not mine
but the that's very important the team timo said that because a lie is not the file it is the resulted filed states and all the files states depend on this thing which isn't filed and the fact that it isn't a filed and that it is also comically neutral makes possible for to support all states
it can even to support support and undefiled state
it is mentioned here it does it supports all defiled states and the forest it can be skillful unskillful and indeterminate it is it is
not skillful not unskillful it is indeterminate the unconscious is indeterminate it can support any kind of karmic activity
and can just supported and it support all defiled states
but in itself is undefiled an indeterminate comically
but it can also support and undefiled state it can also support wisdom it is the access to nirvana
so thanks for that point a lie is not defiled

this you are hearing story of the or rising and

ah you could say it's another way yeah it's another way it's or it's it's a way
the nineteenth
section of this first chapter says that in the great vehicle this this books about this teachings about embracing the great vehicle in the great vehicle there is a very subtle and profound teaching of dependent or arising and not teaching of the pen
colorizing is the teaching of the storehouse consciousness
in earlier renditions of the
the teaching of the pentagon or arising
this teaching of this of consciousness was not explicitly articulated and that transmission of the story of dependent arising is not a subtle and profound according to this text
one way to say it is that in the great vehicle we have this profound this more subtle and more profound teaching of or arising using this storehouse consciousness another way of saying it is that the the pinnacle rising that occurs and the storehouse consciousness is the most subtle and profound
so we are actually that were that's what we've been doing tonight thank you for that point we are discussing the dependent core rising of birth and death were discussing how
the pinnacle rising of active states of consciousness and how the active states of consciousness have results when the results of active states of consciousness our birth and death so we're talking about the dependent or arising of cyclic
birth and death
and again the point of this is not just would you say it's not just day a guided tour of the realm of misery
although it is a guided tour of the realm of misery with instructions about how misery arises the point of it is to help people realize nirvana by this study starting to panic or arising of samsara is the dark to realization of the chemical arising of the realization
of nirvana
but studying the dependent core rising a birth and death is is in are you studying the the pinnacle arising of all kinds of suffering so it's it's difficult study yes john
sets it
so says ssa

whose mission is some sense
to transform a liar
where does that transformation
take place somewhere between the common characteristics in a while
okay so can we stop could use chronicle out there
can you stop through it really so bodhisattvas this this teaching here is for body surface
so or teaching bodhisattvas how to study elia is so that he will be transformed
a lie is constantly being transformed anyway but we're talking about transforming it
rather than just making another lie and another lie another lie another liat we're talking about transforming it into the true body a buddha the body sought for wants to make a liar into a buddha
and the buddhas are sending messages to the body about how to do that
can i watch your question
question that said
the body suffered
is to file so the
you could say bodhisattvas are no longer are afflicted with what is it my yeah
they're no longer afflicted by defiled my mine and manas gay
i would like to point out also that non bodhisattvas called aryans or sages
also called our hearts they also have become three of the defile manas
however they do not have vows to keep exercising this monastery consciousness in relationship to a liar until it's completely transformed
they just work on it
until it's been transformed enough so that they get to go to nirvana
what motivates the movie star in that situation because they no longer have the file what motivates them what were they motivated to transport why were they just know
oh because bodhisattvas are born of this of this some what he called this mine called in sanskrit bodhicitta they're born with the thought of enlightenment and the thought of enlightenment is to wish to become a buddha for the welfare of all beings it's not to wish to become an our heart
help me where's the which reside is it just it
where does the what resized where where's the realization arise
oh i would say that the that the wish to attain buddhahood mean it arises in the interaction between a sentient being on a buddha in that interaction this thought of wishing to be a buddha arises
and then after that people sometimes make a vow to become a buddha
and then after training for quite awhile and you'd become free of this to file manas
the power of that vow of that meeting and that mind and that vow
keep you from
giving up in this big transformation process and accepting the little transformation process a little transformation process which is really an amazing thing that you've attained nirvana you give up that one put that aside and go back to transforming this
this totally transforming a liar which is what makes a buddha
and the reason why you do that is because
you met a boot and promised
you met a buddha wanted to be a boon to help beings and you promise that you wouldn't quit short of buddhahood even though some great opportunities come along
halfway there or not miss a halfway we're not office halfway or third of the way or what

yes but you you you your story is rather advanced story you talking about the body who are riding on their compassion that to already been liberated from selfishness this is likely you know a fully operating bodhisattva
k before that way before that you could have still have a lot of compassion so some people have a lot of compassion and and then in their compassionate life they made a buddha
they're compassionate lot of compassionate people do not think of becoming a buddha america a lot of compassion caring compassionate people say to me
please excuse me but i do not wish to be a buddha
i mean i'd i i really want to be compassionate to lots of beings
but i don't want to be a buddha or some of the bbc i want to be compassionate to all beings but not i don't want to be a buddha
so some people are walking around thing i do not want to be a buddha but i do want to be compassionate to just about everybody
and people like that are at risk of meeting a buddha
so then they're going why i want to be where i want to be good and they made a buddha and then in that meeting the bulletins usually be you should actually change your agenda
the then put my say that but it says you know it's okay with the buddha says it's okay with me that you want to be a buddha it's fine
and the person
she's a little teardrop rundown boost cheek
is a okay okay i change my mind i want to be a buddha for the welfare of all beings then they go to work
and they work and they become free of this the file manas they study their stuff they then they become free of development and then they really go to town with or god or god the countryside and go various places from there and they're really like unleashed now there's no longer the defiled mine is getting in the way
way now they really like or not this going to transform this liar are going to transform this baby

it is self propelling know it's not self propelling
it's not self propelling it didn't start by itself nothing is self propelling
including freedom from self propulsion
everything depends on other things
this great mind which aspires to be buddha for the welfare of all beings it did not make itself arise and but it didn't make it her eyes either
sentient being and the sentient beings been kind of thinking that compassion is pretty good
even though it only happens occasionally sometimes when they meet the buddha they think you know i wouldn't like compassion to be unstoppable on defiled perfect enlightenment
but that thought doesn't make it didn't happen myself it happened with the aid of the buddha but it didn't happen all by the boot because otherwise buddha would just zap everybody and everybody would be on the bodhisattva path
but buddha can do that
but buddha can walk alongside of us all the time think about us all the time be ready whenever we're ready and then make a contact and when their contact happens sometimes just thought arises once it arises then you have to do it needs all these practices otherwise it deteriorates and then who's going to support the
practices lots of other bodhisattvas and buddhists are teaching the practices reminding you of the practices asking you to practice and some of those people that are asking you to practice strictly speaking they might not be officially bodhisattvas they might not say you know i would like you to be more kind to me even though i don't want to be a buddha
i would like you to act more like one they help us so this thing does not self propelled it's not self originating it doesn't keep going by itself it arises
dependent independently and it gets in the and is protected and cared for by these bodies out the practices and the bodies out the practices are constantly being transmitted to the boys sought for practitioner by other buddhas and bodhisattvas who are also doing the practices that they're practicing with the support of other we're all helping each other do this and that's why
we're gonna finish this job because we are helping each other to do but if a self propelled is it's just going to go flat all over the place but it's not
oh good

it grows it is grow it grows and it is growing however even as growing
we can still make mistakes and get big big setbacks
but those setbacks are an overall group pack of growing
it is great it is growing we are studying these teachings we are getting more and more into the body soccer practice this text these teachings are teaching of dependent core arising of delusion and dependent core arising a buddha
using this storehouse consciousness to make this teaching of the pinnacle rising really subtle and really profound
so we can understand how some sarah works and understand that that's not the only way life can be life can also be buddhahood

evo evolution applies to the development of the deluded mind and of evolution applies to the development of the buddha mind
the principles of evolution apply to all states
it's not a good as okayed the diluted the diluted beings they have an evolutionary process but the boot but a buddhist don't know the buddhas and bodhisattvas are evolutionary process and sentient beings who are not yet on the buddhist path they also on are basically in the same
the evolutionary process is just as the there in the park where the person is not yet decided to study the process

the fit according to this teaching the common characteristic of the elia is the physical world and according to this teaching the physical world which is the common characteristic of the storehouse consciousness has mechanical activity
the physical world that the buddhist have also had it has mechanical activity it has biological activity it has astronomical activity it has mathematical activity it has psychological activity it has philosophical activity you name it is god what is that that is guy is a conscious but in this teaching that's a consciousness
and all the scientists of all the different types and all the musicians and all the artists of all types are all included in this physical world
we're saying here this is a mind and this mind which has dancers and doctors and lawyers and scientists in it
that's the result
of all past active consciousnesses which of course not you know even if you're not a buddhist of of course it is of course the law schools are the result of the active consciousness or past
lawyers and law professors and sheriff's
what what are they say
there are in the realm of buddha there are law schools it just a loss goals there on elaborated
but there's there's law schools the law schools in the in the transformed leia and there's law schools in the and transformed elia in the and transformed lives law schools are being born and dying all the time they're being set up and torn down the existing don't deserve there right in there wrong
in other words it's the realm of affliction law school there's law schools in in the dharma kaja to it's just that there's no birth and death there there's no existence or nonexistence
the loss cause there hadn't do not obstruct reality
they're not been professor
they're totally they're totally liberated law schools so there's you and me and law schools are in the dorm ah kiah however you can't find us in the dharma gaia
because we don't have a self to get a of
and the law schools in dama kayak hearts illuminating the law schools in some sort of trying to wake the law schools and some sarah of and some of the law schools do occasionally wake up
and start studying the mind of law school yeah

no it is close not the buddha can look at the at the the a liar or the

the transformed law school can look at the untransparent law school and see that is jill on transformed
you can see this is not this is this law school have not been transformed it can see that and wish to help it
without without his shop be manifested at all but also can manifest and come into the realm of on transformed in order to help
so the the transformed loss goals the same the from local is the same as transformed a liar and transformed elia can still be aware that there's beings who lived in on transformed lie on transform law school it's still aware of that

into consciousness when it gets when it supports active consciousness
five miles yeah this
that's not give rise to right
yes that's right that's right that's right fire and so how's that state without fire
elia with no
because the
when he doesn't get the fire
does not cause any suffering
right and then the next moment rises and what happens the next moment another ally arises
you know that
but made him but but maybe defiled mind maybe supports the rising of the defiled mine
it isn't just that when was living being has a moment where they do not believe in a self anymore
that means that the lie will not give rise to anymore
okay then the other state is there is a transform a liar it comes in contact is despite mind what happens that what is that them what we get trapped transformed a lie is not the same as
a sentient being who doesn't any longer had defiled minus
you could have ah
elia was still this is the storehouse consciousness which still has tremendous amount of transformative work ahead of it
the the the transformed life has not been realized in association with the being who has now no longer believes in herself they still have a lot of work to do
it just that they're in the it just if they don't have any more defiled manas but the file states can still arise which a result or past the five days and cause of suffering
probably ways that would be a file
well you say you say it's their only a problem if there's a to file manas but now if this person who no longer has to defile modest they're not exactly no longer a problem is just that they have to be taking care of with is not defiled mona's
that's how they get transformed completely
so the main problem has been dropped the defiled manas has been dropped
a lot to filed states but there
well get the word defiled the word defiled
also can be translated as afflicted
afflicted there are still suffering they're still birth and death so birth and death is not completely eliminated from the leia as soon as the minuses his draft
birth and death is still there believing it is not there suffering isn't there anymore
so best desk job it's a joke but if you have you have to laugh at it a rather large number of times before the joke stopped even a period
before it again the our hearts it isn't that the our hearts
we're going over time you won't say it isn't that the save the sages who who transform a liar
they transform ally of completely for themselves for their own liberation but it isn't that in the first moment that they stopped believing in the self that they're liberated they're not liberated completely in the first moment that to do it quite a few times over a long period of time and they have to transform a lie until they're free
the a birth and death
have you may say what's not a probably more to joke but they have to have to deal with it and tester their insight over and over and over and over and over and over on this birth and death before the the joke of it actually transformed to a point that they're actually it's completely free of it
now this is the people who just liberate themselves for the bodhisattva it's a much more expensive purification process
so it isn't just this this relates also to what i'm talking to charlie about it isn't just that you
in the scene there's just a scene and in the heard they're just to hurt and cake and what is that way for you that's the end of suffering in that moment
that means that you are working with your defied the inosine the stuff means of defiled state of consciousness when you work with the defile stayed with the state of consciousness properly you don't find herself and in that moment your free but that state when it rose and you it was defiled it was suffering and you worked with the suffering of
such a way that does no suffering and the next morning
the next moment and all these these defiled states this is afflicted states keep rising these birth and death states keep rising and you so it doesn't just that you have one moment in a new quit you did over and over and over and over so that all these defiles dates are transformed
into the border
but in a sense you could say you can be like i said you can be very cheerful and say did all these different states are not a problem anymore i'm i'm really in a good mood about this i'm happy bring them on but it isn't like bring em on
because they don't hurt anymore it's not bring on the pain
i'm gonna work with this pain now in a new way
bring it off i'm going to transform all states are cyclic birth and death into the border body and some people don't say that they just say i'm going to transform enough of them so that on liberated from birth and death
which is a great attainment to
amend that
clear now
so appreciate your questions that
they weren't they were i think some points were brought up that i didn't intend to bring up that you brought up that they are very good to clarify this is about the pinnacle or arising
it's a more profound total presentation of it according to this text
this is about this storehouse consciousness which is not itself defiled but which give rise to the files states and if you become free of the defiling the filer the filer the mana wish to file to the liar doesn't a file
the modest the files and the results of the filed are laid down analyzed to elia supports the arising as result of past the filing is supports the arising of the filing and when you take away the to filer the consequences still had to be dealt with with the undefiled mind
but that's a long long happy joyful bodhisattva practice