From Where Does an Appropriate Response Emerge?

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raises way someone
said to me
in the midst of
the turbulence of words
how can it be
an appropriate response

and i'm i'm not sure but i i think god i said to him
the word appropriate has a i think has a route
how apropos
which is probably a french word
a p r or pos
apropos and apropos etymologically means to the point
so i said to him
well before we get into how there could be it
appropriate response in the midst of the
swirl and turbulence of words
first thing is what's the point
and i said you get to say what point is
i think that this person who's talking to me for him the point is benefiting living beings in this on this planet
the greatest benefit maybe be hidden an office adept at the great benefit from beings on this planet that's the point
so now that i know what what the point is now he tells me okay now i can talk about what to that point
what kind of response in the midst of the swirling world of words what kind of response
would be to the point of benefit

and then i mentioned
to him
if he knew he may have remembered at or no
that i mentioned that in the fourteenth case of the book of serenity which is hazard which is a collection of stories
have a
attempt to practice with words
the practice with words but also to practice with words in the world where words exist
where words are functioning
words live in the realm are functioning in the realm of karmic consciousness
and living beings have to have two human beings anyway
after deal was a consciousness where there's words and then
practice there so they evict the the eighteenth case the eighteen story and this book of stories of people who are trying to deal with words in such a way that this appropriate response can come forth
the for the eighteenth cases
a zen monk coming to see a zen teacher and asking the teacher does a dog have buddha nature
that's the case but the introduction to the cases what i wanted to mention to this person because in the introduction it says even a highly cultivated person is still turned about in a stream of words
so he began his question is in the stream of words are in like
in the turbulence of words of karmic consciousness how can have been appropriate response and the introduction to this
story is that even a highly cultivated person is turned about in a stream of words
and i mentioned to him that
i think when i first read about that i thought well maybe you know
you get to a point where
you're not turned about it made me highly cultivated is he still get turned about and maybe if you can even more cultivated you're not turned about
and i don't think so now i think highly cultivated people still live still enter the realm where there's a stream of words and nice they get turned about
hasa uncultivated people get
turned about in the stream to
hall climate consciousness is are getting turned about in the stream of words
what's the cultivation the cultivation
this is where is right the cultivation is to cultivate the turning so the turning
is finally not disorienting
the you turn
without getting disoriented from the point
you're getting spun around like everybody else
but you are not getting distracted in the spinning
the words or slapping your left and right up and down praise and blame
oh your goods as didn't you are below average since student you are a great teacher you are in terrible teacher his words arise in the cut in the mind and maybe other people say yes i did say that
and you spin with the words
but by cultivating the spinning by paying attention to the spinning oh it can always remember the point
and never get distracted
and also in the spinning which you can say some more worries about it and spin it's more but also in the spinning
there's no way in the spinning if you want to not get disoriented no way to hold on to anything in the spinning
so the word is actually don't let you sit still they spin you
if you try to hold on to the point the work then you're spinning you become disoriented so i had to learn how to spin without holding on
so can the name of this place is no abode
the appropriate response comes from in the middle of the world of comic consciousness it comes from that place from the practice in that place
from the mind which does not abide in that place
where the mind that can turn and spin and believe and and not abide in any of that and therefore not lose contact with the point and then from that not abiding way that non abiding mind
in the middle of the karmic were spinning mind
from that nine abiding place the appropriate response comes
the the response which is to the point of benefiting all bags comes from not from outside comic consciousness into comic consciousness well actually it does it comes from outside of kind of consciousness in the karmic consciousness and then when it gets in as consciousness
it doesn't try to get out of cosmic consciousness is trying to be there without abiding in it
so it's not the way we who are living
the me was in kind of consciousness the i that kind of consciousness is trying to figure out what the appropriate responses
it's not like that
if there's a me who is trying to figure out what the appropriate responses that's words
and in the middle of that me trying to figure out what comic what's the appropriate response in the middle of that there is a turning
and from the upright turning in the middle of trying to figure out it's the upright turning in the middle it's not abiding is from there that the appropriate response comes from it doesn't come from me trying to figure out with the appropriate responses
even if i'm trying to figure it out even if you're trying to figure it out even if we're trying to figure it out
that's the world of words were were practicing were trying to practice not abiding in the world of trying to figure out why is helpful
if there is the if there is the story
i'm trying to find out was helpful we accept that story we listen to that story we listen to it and we listened to it and we listened to it
without abiding in it and from that not abiding and listening to the story comes the appropriate response
come the response which is to the point of benefiting beings
ha early
earlier this morning during the first period of sitting
was there was an eye
that was me who was sitting
and that i and in that place where there was an eye there was the thought
about what is the appropriate response
like is this sitting
an appropriate response
do i wish this stunning sitting to be in a proper response i don't say yes the city is an appropriate response
but i am i in consciousness and thinking i wish this sitting to be an appropriate response
but for the sitting can be in a proper response
our for for an appropriate response to arise in this sitting
there must be
a lack of a basis for anything to grasp
the lack of a basis for anything to grasp
the appropriate response emerges

so i quoted also during her selling i quoted
an ancient teacher who said to her monks

the teaching or what are the teachings and the whole lifetime
what are the teachings of
a whole lifetime
that's an abbreviation for what are the teachings of the whole lifetime of a buddha
our the teachings and the whole lifetime of a highly cultivated
wise and compassionate being
and he answered the question
an appropriate response
the the the buddhist lifetime
the the life of buddha is the life which is all sentient beings which is living in the middle of all living beings that's the buddha's life was to teaching in that life isn't a proper response that's what the ancient teacher says
case fourteen
looks like record
then late later someone might say asked the question that some other teacher might ask the question what is it
what is the teaching activity of the buddhist whole lifetime and answer might be
sitting meditation

and then later someone might ask the question again the t or the teacher might ask the question again and the teacher might answer the question today
what is the teaching activity of the buddhist whole lifetime the teacher might say the perfection of wisdom
and before the teacher says that to teacher might think the perfection of wisdom that the perfection of wisdom is the teaching of the buddhist whole lifetime
which we also call that sitting meditation we also call that an appropriate response
we also call that the mind of know abode

so sitting here
what is the teaching activity the perfection of wisdom
what is the perfection of wisdom the perfection of wisdom is the lack of a basis in anything
to abide
the perfection of wisdom

is the way we cannot grasp anything
and so to sit here cultivating
the way we cannot grasp anything is to sit here and cultivating a mind which doesn't grasp
which has no way to abide and this is cultivating
the mind from which the buddha is a proper response arises

this is
living in the turning stream of words
this is spinning
with the world and not getting disoriented
and the way to not get disoriented as the words spin
is to not abide in the words
so to teach sitting meditation to teach
it's to tell stories
to think of stories and to tell stories and while thinking of them do not abide in them and then not abiding in them realize their freshness and their dynamism and there on grasp ability and then tell them
so today i tell you again the story
of the zen teacher saying what is the activity
what is the teaching of a whole lifetime an appropriate response
i tell the story again and again and again and each time i wish to tell it from a place where i'm not abiding in the story so i can tell it again and again
and if you hear it again and again maybe the first time he thought it was fairly interesting
or maybe this first time you didn't think was interesting but then you heard it again and he thought it was then you heard again and you thought i heard that before it's not interesting and you heard it again you say it's even less interesting and then you heard again you said just now it's not interesting at all than you heard it again you say wow
it's more interesting than ever
if you listen to it and not long enough it being any story can listen to it over enough times
the mind of na both will be realized and the story will be so interesting that she would not abide in it

again if i'm sitting and i think oh
i read i'm sitting i think oh
what's my job
as a disciple of buddha yes my job is an appropriate response
and whereas appropriate response of the buddhist come from
the perfection of wisdom
so here i'm sitting here with you whereas the perfection of wisdom
my job is my job is the practice and perfection of wisdom it's my job
where's my job where's the perfection of wisdom that's my job
is it here
is it there

i don't move it here but i think i have to find it here because i live here
it's not that it here but i'm here and it's not
i hear and if i'm not stuck here
if i'm not stuck on here than that's it
and if i get stuck and that's it
that's not it
this is my job is to cultivate this perfection of wisdom to practice the perfection of wisdom
because from there an appropriate response comes
someone said to me even more recently i something like isn't everything in appropriate response
and i said
but but if you don't practice
you realize it
and if you don't practice and don't realize it that's an appropriate response

isn't everything you do benefiting all beings already yes
boot is know that
but if you don't practice you don't know that you don't realize that and
you not realizing that or may not realizing it if i'm not practicing that's an appropriate response
and the response is like a cry of distress
or even a cry of distress and blaming somebody else for it
fort the blaming myself for it
why don't you know i can cry
out in pain when i am not practicing but i don't have them in addition to that blame myself for it
i'm to blame myself for not practicing
i could just
except responsibility

i mean
i mean fearlessness i mean generosity i mean patience i mean be careful of every word
ah why do i say that i don't know why
but i say it
when you want me to tell a story about was it i say because somebody comes and says to me isn't everything we do the appropriate response and then i say yes
here to say

i'm saying that
everything you're doing
everything you're doing actually
is appropriate to benefiting our bags if you're impatient
you're impatient for reasons
and the way you're impatient the way those reasons support you to be impatient
and the way that doesn't work for you
and the way it offer opportunities to others to be kind to you
all that is appropriate to your situation
the here giving all beings a better opportunity to see the way as appropriate
the way it appropriate you're showing beings how when does not practice does not environment practice it comes out as suffering and that is a painful lesson but had benefits beings to see it
however you are not enjoying it and maybe at that moment and then later you might actually say how wonderful
that i that when i got distracted it worked the way it did and many people learn from that
and to abide in that
it's not appropriate to realizing
the appropriate response
however if you do biden it it still is there still will be an appropriate response but the proper response in that case will be the appropriate response of a non buddha
but it was still be appropriate

yes appropriate benefit or the same
to realize the benefit
the way he is already perfect an all pervading
there's no place it doesn't reach
but if you don't practice you don't realize it
isn't that we're going to make the way happen it's already going on but if we don't practice we're going to miss it and if we miss it there he's gonna be still there's gonna be an appropriate response but the appropriate response is not what most of his wish for it's going to be war that's going to be hatred is gonna be i bet
other than you i think i'm better than you
it's gonna be i don't value you
i don't think your a precious living being it's going to be stuff like that
that's an appropriate response not
the perfect wisdom that doesn't come from perfect wisdom that comes from missing a beat in the practice of perfect wisdom
the buddha however is
on the beam but then the light beam and wouldn't be the buddhist balanced in the midst of attorney world and so all these responses are coming from perfect wisdom so they're educating beings about how to enter perfect resume
they're opening hit the buddha's responses are opening beings to perfect wisdom over the buddha sees that people who wouldn't have not yet opened a perfect wisdom than they make the appropriate response when we're close to perfect wisdom we will make the perp appropriate response the way the darn works is if you don't practice it he suffered
you we don't practice you don't realize it and you're stressed
et cetera and the etc course is sometimes horrible
but that's an appropriate response to not practicing and not practicing and not practicing and not practicing it gets worse and worse than more you don't the situation gets worse the more we don't practice and that's actually
somebody showing that
it's terrible it's horrible but people are demonstrating that and showing that's not the way anybody really wants to go and they're so upset they can hardly remember this is not they don't want to be upset
one time
ah one of don't shine students said said to him look teacher they're putting into birds being cruel to each other he said what about that and duncan said that's for your benefit
they're they're suffering for you
their lack of realization of peace is for you and you should help them
make the bodhisattva vow and align themselves with the point
you're welcome
yeah you're walking yes

i didn't say you say that's good enough you can say for me
part of what helps you find ah the place of not abiding in the midst of the turbulence of words that part of what helps you is the words of your wow
but what i did say which i think you're maybe mixing up with what you said is that it's not to be mixed up is that you do not abide in the words of the bow
but the vow is what you're trying to not get disoriented from that's the point
so you remember the vow remember remember remember without abiding what you're remembering
so you remember the story of the buddha you remember the story of your vow you remember that she wanted to be a refuge for all beings who are without a refuge you remember that and then you pay attention to can i remember this without clinging to it
and is it yeah and that's that's the way i want to remember it i want to remember without holding onto it looks that time i remembered it and held onto it
and then then i got thrown off
i remember my great vow held onto it and i didn't i said i don't want this valdemar not for this person anyway
if you hold onto the i can turn into a club he yourself or other people with it to hold onto the vow why are you people practicing this bow whom resident i had this wonderful vow and i agree or as you say i'm committed to this wonderful above i don't have it
and if you don't have it either were on the same turf
when you have relate to people that were they say can i join this wow you say yeah you're welcome to do so can i haven't well you can but there's gonna be an proper response to that they made us going to be suffering
so it
there'll be suffering if we cling to our great vows somebody suffers have great house and they cultivate a mind which doesn't abide in them which takes care of them which takes care of them again like taking care of a little girl or a little boy you take care of them but you don't imbibe
other people they know how to clean
and people are teaching various clinging skills and you care for them and you show he showed the ability to care for without cleaning without abiding
and then we realize than we can realize that were all in the appropriate response together
and we see many people do not understand that and is very painful when they don't and i am devoted to practice this way until all beings open to this perfect wisdom
and like and i
i need to keep remembering that that's what i'm doing i need to keep remembering
i vowed to practice to perfection of wisdom and to all beings enter the perfection of wisdom
and those words and i want to say those words and a watch to see if i'm clinging and and getting disoriented by them can i spend can i turn can i flip without getting is oriented it's a skill who are trying to or cultivating and if we
have a moment of success rate and here's the next opportunity

yes if you have a painful emotion and you have the words
she heard me she disrespected me

no no if if i have the words she insulted me
i i'm her good friend i've been devoted to her and she's insulting me she's hurting me if i have those words if i don't abide in them than that would be the best buddhists activity and then the appropriate response will come if i abide in them
a response was a different kind of appropriate response will come
something that is why something like a cry of distress
yeah but first of our first of all it's appropriate to clean
to clean
then after it arises after the suffering arises the suffering is a is appropriate it can be appropriate to remind you that the suffers coming because of the cleaning
but first of all it comes from clinging once it's there and now i can say this suffering is coming from clinging yeah
there can be has been again why doesn't this there's no eternal damnation to suffering
maybe you can definitely be free as it is the message you can definitely be free if you study the suffering and in don't abide in the suffering
because you realize this suffering is coming from cleaning and if you watch that you say okay yeah this clinging to sleep
i don't know worth clinging as anymore hundred and one suffering as anymore
so that's again suffering is arising in were the suffering we're talking about that we can be free of his arising in the turning world of words
the lack of peace is occurring in the mind of words and if we can be upright and flexible and not abiding in that world then the buddha's response comes
clean that world of suffering a proper responses keep coming but they're not the response of the buddhist said the response of people who are not cultivated enough they're spinning but they're also clinging
and so we we learned by that and then we are practice which we mentioned earlier of confessing and repent of confessing and repenting that we got we stuck and that's how it worked and we have to grow up enough to start spotting it and feeling embarrassed because we have these vows
to juxtapose it with yes

the buddhist you know the boot is one of the the buddha's name is a shock and mooney
one of the buddhist has caused shock and mooney
which means the mooney of the shakya clan and mooney means the silent one sages sometimes to say the sage of the shocker clan shocking mooney so some people translate mooney as sage
but it also means silent one so being silent is often a appropriate response
or are saying something which is almost like silence like thank you very much
or i'm sorry or hold this is my life you know so what turned me to zen was a story of someone who
in the world of words was getting insulted and put down and in disrespected and not appreciated and he and his response was basically all is is happening and then it was a story of him being praised to the highest for the way he responded
and him saying all this is my life and i my son i thought i want to learn that
that's what i can disease to learn how to
how to not abide in the words i have about myself or about you and how not to abide in words that you have above me
but to listen to them and to feel them and if you slap me to feel the slap and if you gently kindly touch me to feel it but not get turn around by it most of the get turn around by soft caresses gentle caresses and harsh caresses
most people to turn but how can we be turned and in the turning find no abiding so that we come back with buddha's teaching in every case say so or here
here's the buddha's teaching may you have the buddha's teachings may you
may you be at peace
i'm so happy to be here to remember that wish for you
mike again that story about gandhi right he's he's he's doing his morning prayers i think
and somebody comes up to him as shoots him and he continues his morning prayers
you know
may all beings or whatever it was and may all beings a glass to now may all beings be blessed
pure if you're in that mode as you know and again to stay in that mode to be in a more moment after moment he got an not cling to it
even if i'm gonna shoot you if you cling to it
you get disoriented
but if they do shoot you and you're good at spinning
and being upright
they have this chance of doing some miraculous thing of being open and grateful to everything including people who are not open and grateful and the suffering they they feel when they're not open and grateful
there was a baby in the middle yeah so in the middle was that the person who was in salta was given a baby to care for and he with the aid of a wet nurse cared for the baby and then after some time to people
came back as they give us the baby bargaining a a big back and as they were
they blame them to say to saying he was illegitimate father that he was a
a disgraceful
an irresponsible uncaring uncompassionate monk to put his own gratification of head of the welfare of someone else they blamed him for that the accused him of that and then they and then they said after that insult they asked also told me take care of the baby and he did his bed
they realized that they were there were wrong and for the baby back and gave the bay back so has to responses and in between those two responses he cared for a baby
have lots of hands nine kind of a tie
but this for
you for to get out
as nice
might have a meeting a pimp figure out your order
no i do that
you guys if he goes sometimes boys first
oh the most appropriate response was the silencer was saying maybe so yummy
and it's also possible that is appropriate response could have been to explain the situation to them and tell them more about it
yeah it could have been yeah sometimes i feel i feel intimidated by that story because i'm not sure i can stand there and take everything that like dishes out and say maybe so
she didn't say maybe solve and maybe source code if you could have said maybe sell so he said he said is this is this so
basically is is so our part and it seems to be so and you're not sure you'll be able to do that no matter what and as how i felt to i am effect i thought i'm not able to do that but i want to learn that so if you're not able to do that now
hurley sometimes you're not able to do it now sometimes you may be kind of like do not that badly but sometimes you kind of feel like this is too much well okay but i aspired to be able to ah
receive what's been given to me
as buddha's wisdom
our in buddha's wish to pay aspire to that and sometimes now i don't but then we say we have a practice by confessing and repenting her lack of ability to do that
that will melt away the root of what's interfering with us coming back with
this amazing response and which is very similar to the other response that you get when you're praised so you can explain when people insult you and you can expression when people praise you he does ignorance could be good those could be the appropriate moment but this particular story i got me was
the way of explaining the it's the insult in the way of explaining in them the cemetery and the cemetery of it to the basically it's not so much i'm trying to avoid one and get the other or vice versa
i'm trying to have basically the same response to everything which is the proper response which will make a young man want to learn that
and in the meantime the young man who wants to learn it says i don't yet know how to do it but it seems that one could learn that
it's not it's not impossible to maybe to get over the habit
of protecting when insulted and grasping when praised
it's that you could learn that so not only that i want to be that way but it seemed within my human potential to learn that that i think that human being could do it maybe i could do it and then i was left with that wish and sometime later i realized well maybe there's a training program for that
and and so he asked that i signed up for the training program but when i signed up i had not yet got to that place
and i really haven't got to that place all the time now but once in a while
if i'm that way it's guy like was it is wonderful that once in awhile and the times when it happens it's like i don't do it you know and yet it's still wonderful that had happened in my neighborhood
like i tell the example one time i was in his class studying these stories and one of the students said i want to tell you that a dinner today before the class i told some people at dinner table that i thought you were a crappy teacher
and when he said that i just had a joyful laugh and i was so happy that you know i just felt so good hearing him say that not i wasn't so exactly
i don't know what i was but i was happy
not that he said it but i was really happy that it didn't bother me you know for people to talk to me that way
and it didn't have to lift me but it did up left me that i wasn't bothered and and i wasn't defensive i felt great about that i also didn't feel like well i did that it just happened when that come from how wonderful i guess the practice is working a little bit and when i had a heart attack i was pretty happy with the way i dealt with it and it wasn't a very bad heart attack
you know and his dancing was crappy teacher that wasn't that bad
but it was too little examples i was very happy and i felt like well maybe the practice is starting to function a little bit here that i'm also concerned about my reputation and alyssa concerned about whether i'm going to die now and i was so happy when i had a heart attack that i will
just stop for food was filled with gratitude when i was in the emergency room and i've filled with gratitude with to have all my friends around me who know when i when i went to have a test which had a risk factor and i was so gratified to see you know to so grateful and i was so grateful that i was grateful resident
damn it i didn't want to spend a day and emergency room i i didn't anyone have a heart attack this is like not fitting with my schedule
can it didn't you know this was my schedule my schedule was i'm in a hospital
that's my schedule i didn't know beforehand it was gonna be
how is very happy that so and when the other things that are going to come if i can be like that and be grateful if i'm not okay can i confess what he did for me just then i didn't see as a gift i admit it
i wasn't i didn't really feel like thank you charlie for that insult
i'm sorry i really am sorry that's what i want to i want to really busy thank you to whatever you give me but that time i missed a beat and i'll see you hurt me tell the story
he was actually
ah why it'd be october first i thank you on october first thirteen years ago i fell to the cement and houston and hit my greater trochanter on the cement or the greater the cemented by greater truck and driver no i don't know who hit who
there was a strong meeting between cement and my greater car drug andor of my right my right greater trochanter i was a powerful meeting and i didn't say thank you
but then after i didn't say the next moment i said relax
and then beings came from all directions to benefit me
but i missed a beat and i'm simone
sorry and with anonymous relax this is not this is not something to argue with
and then i thought well maybe let's see if i can move my leg and i couldn't
so i missed a beat but then i went back to the practice
i missed her mother beach is in the last thirteen years i've missed some other beats and i noticed some of them and i'm sorry
but i'm
i'm not sorry about my vow
to basically welcome everything which means to basically opened a perfect question i'm not sorry about that
and if i miss a beat
i i i i am wow i wish that i will notice it i will confess it and i see how i feel and if i didn't have a nah sorry i vowed to be honest they're not sorry and then maybe later on no answer
sometimes you i might notice a shortcoming but not be sorry
and i'm on isaiah
it's not by wrote it's like that i really this is where i'm at
and it was no allah's sake that was not a bit was not missed there was joy when insulted how wonderful
there was joy when attacked
not joy it i'm attacked but joy even though i'm attacked and how wonderful that we can be happy and were attacked by illness old age
because you think will happen for our benefit so that we can meet them with
not abiding mind and then they proper response can come
answered yes
have your hand up okay

sufi dervishes
exactly exactly and the other images
there's this mouse trap that scott
unbelievably strong that if you just touch it you're stuck in it and
superglue like super good and then added some of the mask active get free or whatever whatever's trying to be
there's a way in which i i've tried to to turn and really hard yeah do not get stuffed with your eyeballs objects around as you have to serve somehow relax your eyes enough that you can me busy
many have to find some time in relationship with here on here but that if you try to that you get nosh the three phone sounds
the in when i think about the the turning of words and even talking about the point the appropriate
that's kind of sticky right there the now thinking even saying oh good have centered now i have didn't a there can be kind of sticky to and every thirty these layers of so heated that who who were ultimately with begin your body
it goes through this
players but i feel some as with words
step one of the sticking place yesterday
i have this idea it feels not eve to me now but it's sort liked if i can just explain if i could just find the right words to explain to you
we will be an army or you will understand who who i am i try to see some has i've worked with patients and i'll say step to them and the next time i see them i asked them what did they hear the same is completely different than what i said to him and i tended to say
and so i no longer feel confident and grids to bring understanding and the same countries they do but one times
it's a kind of a crap shoot but whether someone's really get him gain understanding through words
me think of that that's kind to you when you're saying is a little bit like what charlie was saying can they explain
and if that's okay but
a monk had explained he didn't explain not my child he didn't explain so that he didn't explain so that when he didn't explain the second time
if you explained the first time i would not i would not be here probably have had them
never apologize was not never apologize he would depart you can say there was an apology there
is there could be apology there you know like i apologize that i mean playing this role in your life of being this disgraceful person in your life i apologize but a any it also includes im just saying
this is my life you know this this seems to be happening
the monk apologize he didn't apologize the story sit home address he didn't apologize but he did apologize he did apologize because
you know you couldn't even have an apology there he accepted the responsibility of the child he didn't say this is not my responsibility he accepted the child can says my mind that's not my job baby it's not my little girl i'm so sorry for impregnating
he didn't say that know because boy he really couldn't say that because he didn't he didn't it guess i'll take he said basically yes he said basically thank you he said basically this is my life and i'm not trying to train it in for another one but the thing is that the thing that he said the same thing at the
he wasn't like okay this is my life and and know this is there any my life it's the same in both cases there's no explanation there's no interpretation you can make interpretations it's okay
get right but if you abide in them
that's not whether the buddha's response is coming from the buddhist makes explanations but doesn't abide in them
but to warm up to not abiding you might stop making explanations a little bit try that out occasionally
when someone insults you before you explain how that's not really inappropriate just say thank you and then they may say you now can you say thank you for their insults they might say using you like explain say was more fact i do have some explanations yeah
but they may i say that to you until many years later
in the meantime you've done something really good you practice generosity
you opened to this has an opportunity for the practice which is the most important thing explaining things to people
can come from that place but that place is more important than any explanation
because i'm placed innumerable explanations can come outta there
but if they come from that their place they're no good and for bird they're not the best done not the buddhas in explanations put his explanation come from a place i'm not holding on to the explanations that come
so there's an explanation about how your friends and buddha does did sometimes like there's a story of this prison i want to kill the boredom boredom explained to him that buddha says i'm your friend he explained
but that explanation didn't come from the buddha abiding and being his friend or just an explanation that came out of non abiding
the guy didn't buy it and the buddha was fine with that in the buddha gave another explanation
and then that guy bought that one the other explanation was a little bit little miracle the buddha performed
but the story i'm telling you about is a miracle
it's a miracle of people insult you and you don't explain and it's not like you're holding back it's you're giving him an appropriate response and then they praise you and another miracle happens you give given an appropriate response
what i'm talking about it yeah i'm i'm i'm talking about have faith in this pleasure talking about this turning place of faith in living at the place where turn and faith of turn finding a way to turn where you don't get
dizzy and disoriented and gets so dizzy that you can't remember the bodhisattva volume or all you know if you want to throw up
and he might even want to throw up on somebody because you think they're spinning you you know
rising in life is spinning
you think this person spinning man as persons making me sick i'm a bomb on them
rather than i'm spinning i'm starting to get sick but i'm getting sick because i'm holding some place and i'm sorry i'm getting sick but it's not your fault not my fault it's this it's the clinton's fault
but it's appropriate to get sick when you clean
so let's thank you
nausea for pointing out to me that
i'm clinging i sometimes speak of the human realm that where there's there's a heaven or heavenly realm there's a social animal around which characterized by fear heavenly realms characterized by bliss then there's the hungry ghosts around which is characterized by insatiable desire and then as the infernal
round which is characterized by torture human realm i sometimes say is characterized by nausea
where were suffering by more like being seasick
rather than like torment yes

i resonate with with to same and
where i come from i would say wow this thing and whirling words is trauma relieved
and we'll have stronger some of us head has more common than others that we all have developmental trauma
and what strategies can be used to to do with developmental trauma is avoidance dissociation
and i can see that to deal with trauma in which source of suffering for most of us that too
not be attached and to be with as a witness is what part of evening
oh yes side there's also feeling the overwhelming feelings that we could not feel when we were little
appropriate the and so on how far is feeling
it also part of this part of this
being not attached in it say in a healthy weight with pets
because you seem to have to come back over and over and over again and practice over and over again witnessing
but still we find ourselves identify detached
so how far as feeling and feeling on the physical level how far is that parliament
it's intimately part of it intimately part of it
but again when feelings appear and consciousness not they they finished live in other places besides consciousness in our body and are on in our cognitive process there are feelings but when they appear in consciousness they're mixed up with words that's what i'm saying and so when feelings appeared they don't just do
i don't usually just touch us they they spinous so they're not just they're not just feelings but they're also they have up
a consequence them they they appear the place where we would be able to apply the teachings to the feelings is also a very difficult place to apply the teachers to the feelings
we cannot really apply the teachings to the feelings at the end the unconscious cognitive process area however if we can hear the teachings in the realm where there's feelings were were were being spun there's a way of bringing the teachings to the feelings in the realm of words
which will transform them on other levels of our body and cognitive process so it is part of it feelings but again the feelings aren't just there floating on worded their mixed with words in around the self but that's what we learn to deal with them so very much part of it
and so we have all these practices to help us try to be
intimate and careful and generous with the feelings and the words around them
john jack henry yes
he said i once had one of those glue traps set for rat and said i caught a rattlesnake and big one in still alive and so that i i went about extracting the rattlesnake from the glue trap
that actually reminds me of this discussion
the and so you don't want to carry your story and i'm also remember stories of turning inwards
and i'm wonder if we can make a distinction when you talk about spinning in this
for texan current or it's coming at this and then make a distinction between spinning and turning because they when you talk about three you us something different than just being caught the is that when you're caught up in the spin you're stuck
and the issue is being how can you be responsible when you're cut up in the spin you're not able to respond because you're stuck in when we let's say your attorney word were unstuck we're we're able to is
can i wonder if we can make that distinction because i get a little confused when you're spinning to turning it
oh no i'm aware can rephrase you say is what's the difference between spin is in what case in one case are spinning and turning the same and what tick cases are they different
when is it the appropriate the intention eliot what's appropriate isn't there as well

it's twelve thirty
maybe i could just introduced this story can we can go into details afternoon so here's the story
it's a story about as a teacher named by john
and whenever he gave a talk this story goes
to the monks in the back of the room was an old man
we sit there for the talks
and i guess he came to many talks and one day at the end of the talk the old man came up to the teacher by jong and said long time ago i used to be the head monk of this temple
like here now they had monk i was a head monk and someone asked me does a highly cultivated person member i talked about the highly cultivated person does the highly cultivated person fall into cause and effect or not
does a highly cultivated person fall into the spinning of words
or not
and i said does not
i said to called highly cultivated person is not in the stream
has not turned a bar in the stream of words i said that as a result i was born five hundred times at a fox
and now i'm coming to ask you this question can you offer attorney word can you turn me to help me now
find the correct response to the situation of verbal cause and effect
and by zhang said asked me
and among the old man said to by john does a highly cultivated person fall into cause and effect fall into the stream of words were not and by guy said does not
cause and effect or does not ignore cause and effect
so budget jai bye bye guys response was
highly cultivated person lives in the tourney his turning word was turning from doesn't fall into that situation to doesn't say and he didn't say it does fall into it
he didn't say does fall into it he doesn't say it doesn't fall into it he used to say it doesn't and when he said doesn't he had to come down five hundred lifetimes
and then once he was calm he was ready for the turning word which was we don't say the cultivated person falls into it we don't say they don't fall into it we say they study it
when you study it you become free of it
so then the old man becomes free of of the consequences of what of saying not fall into not fall into is holding on to something
if you say fall into that's also holding onto something but it's a little bit better and a wish
because it least you're admitting i'm holding on
but he did he said i did not fall into two highly cultivated person i don't say he falls into i don't say it doesn't fall into i say he when he's there he's spinning to he's turning to but he's not ignoring the turning
and then the old man is liberated and you say whether he didn't follow the called noisy he's liberated from falling into a not falling into
but he was ready and sometimes a teacher offers attorney word but students not ready yet to turn from what from abiding to non abiding and banana biden doesn't mean you get out of cause and effect it means you don't ignore it now he don't ignore it and you know
you can't you if you're highly cultivated you consistently do not ignore cause and effect but we're less than highly cultivated we have with we miss a few beats and we and then we like fall into her don't fall into i'm not i am i'm not i am
get into that stuff
highly cultivated person is not into i am and i'm not into i wonder what's going on here
i wonder who i am i wonder what this is i wonder what this is i wonder who you are
practice on constantly practices
i would say maybe a a highly cultivated person can continue to can consistently practice and cause and effect but really the right now they're not consistently bring to just doing it now
the thing will be highly cultivated person will be able to
more and more consistently practices cause and effect with less slipping into i'm avoiding it or i'm stuck in it
because really we're not stuck and really were not avoiding it
not avoiding means you know the buddhist teaching avoid being caught in on skillful actions the avoiding means to be paying attention to the dharma the time to study cause and effect
and then the swirl of wrong
can be used to practice
and the world did to swirl the word of right the swirling world of right can be used to practice but right and wrong for not upright and observing cause and effect we miss the opportunity
well i was happy at the beginning of this talk i was happy in the middle and i'm happy at the end i hope you enjoyed the dharma
our intention he grew a extend to the place
the way the
exhausted all
the to end them
hey it's or less
the to enter them
as reds on surpass them level
to be comments