From Where Does an Appropriate Response Emerge?

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this morning i offered the story of
the teacher bhaijaan and
the wild fox
at one point supposedly when the wild fox was a human
he was asked does a highly cultivated person fall into cause and effect and he said no so he then he got five hundred lives as a fox
if he had said yes some other result would have happened i don't know what it would have been
if you said yes they do fond a cause and effect something else would have followed
there would have been consequences of that
so then he
he asked the teacher please give me a turning word and teacher says well now asked asked me the question
does a highly cultivated person fall into comic cause and effect and the teacher turned does not fall into
does not obscure he didn't turn it from does not fall into does fall
and if the monk if the person has said had said does fall he wouldn't have turned it probably to not fall well i don't know what he would have done but anyway he turned it to does not obscure cause and effect does not deny does not ignore
the highly cultivated person
does not ignore cause and effect
and this story
is offered in many
zen contexts but one place it's offered is enough essay by
a castle
who's bow we chatted this morning
a corso dog is angie
he gave that story and the chapter he gave it in is called deep faith and cause and effect
chapters not called falling into cause and effect chapters not called not falling into cause in fact
the chapters called deep faith in cause and effect train yourself
to develop deep faith and cause and effect so that no matter what's happening
you believe that the causal process is what deserves your presence

then if there's unwholesome action
the study point as unwholesome action brings
peace if there's wholesome action this the trust in deep faith in cause and effect that brings
freedom and peace
but that's it
that's as to be a deep faith
because the right or wrong are spinning around all day long right and wrong and can't tell which are spinning around
and in the midst of that we tried to turn
and keep studying the castle process of ourself of our relationships
now the boot it does say avoid doing unwholesome and do the wholesome so fine
but it isn't that i trust the wholesome and don't trust the unwholesome
it's that i trust
the causal process of the wholesome and unwholesome
i try to do good
but i notice sometimes i'm not sure i did
if i'm not sure i did
i admit i'm not sure i did
if i think i did i admit i think i did
that's part of be where i am and now that i'm here i can practice the dharma which is
letting this situation practice deep faith and cause and effect
and if the monk says okay i heard you say deep faith and cause and effect now would you gotta give me attorney word
i don't i don't know what the teacher would have said but i think the teacher might have said you're already free
but the monk than that the monk didn't say
give me attorney word after he gave him attorney word the monk said no i'm free
i'm free of cause and effect by your attorney word
they didn't say now i don't fall into cause and effect he just said now i'm free to thank you
but against if we have to train in order not to get disoriented by all this karma and disoriented from what from deep faith
and causation
the faith that this is what will she be paying attention to and also we cannot see causation
we see stories about causation
but we can't see causation so we're having deep faith in something that no one can see
but the ones who have deep faith in this invisible cause of process
realize it
understand it they understand the invisible
coming together of causes and conditions
dispersion dispersion of causes and conditions and coming together they understand it
and they're happy about understanding it

so when we're sitting
sitting could be are sitting could be
the practice
perfect wisdom
i sitting could be
good friendship
are sitting could be deep faith and cause and effect those are synonyms
deep faith and cause and effect is practicing perfect wisdom is good friendship and from this practice of good friendship perfect wisdom deep faith in causation comes the appropriate response
our deep faith and causing classic conditions cause and effects the buddhas are perfect wisdom the buddhist are good friendship from this good friendship comes the appropriate response to sentient beings which is to demonstrate the faith and causation to
demonstrate perfect wisdom to demonstrate good friendship and open people to open sentient beings to good friendship hope sentient beings to perfect wisden open central banks to
faith in causation faith and comic causation
and accepting that that comes with comic
activity for not trying to get away from primary activity was trying to find the correct position to be in it so the correct response can come
i agree with that buzzwords
but i certainly don't want to abide in them i hope you don't either

thank you all for another
splendid day had no about
thank you i lean for your
a vast network of arranging activities
thank you karen for
karen karen for cleaning this place so well last couple days
eileen for cleaning last weekend they've been cleaning the place because they prefer to clean rather than to kill
i love you prefer and a they're committed to not killing rather than killing and that by cleaning they hoped that the
rodents will go some place on staying out
they seem to be using this place as a racetrack

i they give thank you for ringing the bells
thank you for arranging appointments
thank you all for making this place i i i was in net
interview roman i i found a stack
have with the people come into one day settings
you know
all all is one day ceilings
about twelve or so a year for
i don't know how many years
how many fifteen
so anyway a lot of people have been practicing here it's impressive and
you are some of them
so may are good health continue so he can continue to
uphold the practice of the body not abiding mind
thank you should check
many are in tension equally extend to every being a place where the true
the as way be a
numberless i love to say that the
is exhaustible
i was to any them
the i was
hi to to them the as
sir perceval
to become