The Womb of the Tathagata #5

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Torei's vow; bowing in humility in the face of cruelty; meeting monsters with lovingkindness.

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we just chanda of our written by
the leading disciple of haku in genji
was toward de zen master totally he said something while
on each flash of thought who will grow our lotus
flower and on each lotus flower
there will be a buddha sydney
glorifying the pure land
these says and it has may we are che
maybe a tape maturity buddha's wisdom
where are you have to do the back in the chicago so on
what he said in that chair is you know now he sees everything
now as student uptime and sees everything
as everything in the universe as a manifestation of the was truth to target

so people might think well what about
what about cruelty
so the form of the universe seems to sometimes you have cruelty appear
and then us and but cruelty period includes it i have to thought that that's cruel
i had thought i'd be cruel or she's been cruel
had that thought
so this i have the thought
there's some has been cruel to me
and he said he said i should sincerely bow down and with humble language and reverend belief
that she here she is an ob merciful avatar who use a skillful devices to emancipate me from
my own egoistic division
i see someone has been cruel
i bow down to them
and was humble language
you relate to them
i have this thought this person is being cruel to me on on that bot on that thought to be cruel to me
if i practice this way a lotus flowers will bloom and be a good up there telling me how to talk
do this
in the form number of cruelty the good is coming to me in the form of cruelty and i'm respecting the situation and speaking humbly to the situation and then
relating to this image of cruelty
in this way respectfully and humbly
a lotus flower or blue
and there be a buddha said now telling me how to talk to this person which would probably continued to speak respectfully and humbly to this person
not look down on them
look up at them
look maybe look up at the buddha was telling me how to relate to this person
yes yes teacher thank you for guiding me thank you for suggesting me how to talk to this
this cruelty how to speak to this cruelty thank you

or or injustice comes to me appears to me
and i i i see this as the buddha giving me a skillful means
can you
can you relate to this with compassion how about this can you relate to this with compassion can you be respectful of this
can you be tender with this
and if i accept that offer him and i practice that way a lowest flower
the buddha will be there teaching and the border might say
yeah let that person
and you might shot
you must shout
stop you might start in my shout know
but this is coming from humility this is not talking down to the cruel person this is coming from compassion
it's i'm know and you're speaking for everybody including the buddha's who are telling you
say no
say stop
but did a lot of other things you can say
excuse me i have something better for you can come on
what yeah that's beneath you
you can do better than that

could i talk with you
he could barely could be stop it could be no
lot of possibilities infinite possibilities
when you practices were infinite possibilities are given to you
and because of the way you relate to this he picked a good one not necessarily the best rooms just one among perhaps perhaps several appropriate response it's appropriate to what appropriate to
maturing all beings in
who is wisdom
maturing this cruelty into wisdom
or is cruel person into wisdom or the person who's seeing cruelty and to wisdom some
the practitioner who's being respectful and seeing this as an opportunity for the boot away not an opportunity to kill this cruelty
not an opportunity to look down on it not an opportunity to slander it not enough opportunity to turn away from it not an opportunity to et cetera lie about it deny
but an opportunity to not do any of those things

and rather
do something that will bring this person and that person and all people to maturity and wisdom have a compassionate response that's coming from this way of relating to this parents this better in a court of cruelty i'm in a way to relate to
to it that matures everybody in the situation
which might include would you that somebody might say you know i feel terrible about being so cruel i'm so sorry i was cruel and i'm so sorry thank you for helping me see that
we are even accusing me of it
you woke me up to my my cruel acts
when i am awakening to my cruel acts this is a growth and wisdom
and the people generally speaking the people who wake us up to our cruelty or people who are kind to us
if for being cruel and people disrespect us it doesn't make us usually thick or i was cruel it makes us think they're they're recruit their dick be disrespectful and their stupid
the telling me i crook their stupid
the someone coming from yeah there's a cat or america as a cat so happy
with much remember
we must remember not to leave the cat in the house arrive at the end of the day and marijuana trapped cats more traffic rats worse it's the perfect
so this step that was an easy all the time
no trouble being compassionate to the cat
good job guys
that fat didn't for you and realized with that cat was asking for it was calling for compassion in your computer there right
what about a rat
the framestore
the family
we can make sure we can mature this cats in buddhist wisdom we can be sure a rat we can reach mature
late to him as though all beings are offered as an opportunity
reverence and humility and humble language
an irreverent belief
when you look at the person
they're giving you an opportunity to practice food as way which again might take the form of
no no no no no no no no no
but also make common form of come over here of have lunch who knows what it will be
get might take burma i just hate it when you when you cry really bugs me coming
or you know
could i take over
you have been cruel enough could i could i do it for you i think i can i think i can be more cruel than you would that be nice many in this year ago have made huge that you try to do it but maybe you're not too good at so they say momentarily and so you have a conversation with this one
however you want to call it avatar in the farmers of bully in the form of a brute in the form of insane person you develop a conversation with them and because of the way you relate to nuka buddha tell me her dog
guiding your speech in conversation and in that conversation
everybody matures in buddhist wisdom
this is an amazing wow
i've been amazing person
who's zen master
this is a type of zen master that he was
he was very devoted
and very amazing
we had his vow and is one of his vows he was some other ones too
maybe if somebody wants to i'm tyreek and look try to find more of his files the sheriff
i mean with us
it's amazingly pearly
we have approximately five point six billion years before the next border comes
run early side
when i mean the last one was only two thousand five hundred years ago
acrylic were like in the beginning trade in this year we got a lot time to get ready
to make a buddha appeared this world in the meantime we practiced what the last point process which and the next one by the way the name of the next one is loving kindness
that's a maybe the next border we already know with what the productions
maitreya buddha
so get your lovingkindness ready and start using it on all monsters and terror terror of terrifying beings
terrifying thoughts terrifying feelings cheat them in such a way that on each one from lotus flower bloom a bootable teach and we will work together
to achieve
hurricane maturity and his wisdom that will there be just apply you
downer only is a downer l your upper up not yes can
mm have can add to can you tell us now where we could find more his writings yeah it's called his his works are called is to translations one by a japanese person and one by
if you can choose the expression and american person named tom clear
and the other one by a japanese person but they're both in english and putting my english translations it's originally in japanese and i think about called the inextinguishable lamp
move and one them as a commentary so one is a big fat book which is tore his energies
worse which opened their several quite a few bars he wrote quite a few bars and good
so maybe if somebody wanted to
poloz bows out we can have a collection of tories je vous for us to be amazed by
do you recommend either one of those more like thomas cleary so i don't but i would i would think well you could look at to to can
i would actually what i recommend is look at bolt and find out you look at the the vows you find in both and then give us two sets of as if you wanted to do that or you or your minions
by the way many is all basically means darlings
get our sent by practice get it working
oh you guys can write past to by way
and share them with us

i do know for me our vows or a promises
green some kind of that
ah anxiety and kind of upsetting glass in common like holding night it makes me times whereas when i hear and allow like whenever we needed but i'm not i'm not taking their bar but as i hear is the hearing of it and listen
a to without eating my last three is more to say and i can be for way i can understand better than just giving giving my bow and i'm wondering how people can do that by their bows and ah he
new cinema thank you for that statement and so for now just enjoy and plan
and then when you're done playing
we can do we can do the scary stuff
the early promise to and wiped in front of us things do get scarier than so play with his fears you have no with the vows enjoy them and at some point
you make a commitment
as part of the commitment is that once you make a commitment than if you don't follow through you feel things that you don't feel when you haven't committed said
if you weren't you make a commitment and then if you don't follow through you feel a certain way which is not is not comfortable
because you promised he vowed you committed and you didn't follow through the shows are some discomfort there but that discomfort is an essential ingredient in making buddhas
but before that you could enjoy the vow without that discomfort and then when you're done with practicing that way with a bow
you can try to sell them but that that the discomfort like when somebody
if if somebody would just shows you a jewel or show you something beautiful
you can enjoy it but it's actually give it to you and you don't take care of it if you kind of embarrassed
somebody gives you some insist you want to take care of this and you say yes and the new door if you're kind of burst like you're so kind of me and i didn't take care of and gift you gave me
that's part of the as part of what it takes
part of what it takes to become a buddha
is to feel that sorrow which is com repentance the other one is
if if or first for even if you don't forget to negative two parts first of all they give it to you and they give you a bodhisattva precepts
and you don't take care of you feel embarrassed next one issue you aspire to practices and europe follow through and then you feel a different kind of pay which is
and this app activity so more inwardly and your relationship the discomfort and me feel when you don't take care of gifts are given to you which you really appreciate and commit a children which are really appreciate that discomfort if something which we should tell
people about beforehand
so part of this process are making these vows is he to people are mature enough to know like you do that just gonna be some discomfort
and without that discomfort we we avoid something in this prop in the process
but isn't that what is naturally happening within everybody whether they meet a mouse or not isn't that something that it's might be made in as that process or we come back to what other thing this morning actually we already have buddhist wisdom fully
we already haven't fully but we don't realize it because we have some attachments and some views likely thick and maybe i get uncomfortable if i promise it is something and didn't follow through whom you might be and also i don't want to be i'm attached to not being uncomfortable when i'm afraid of the
pains of samsara moon yes
and so it in order to realize that you already are doing it he had to promise at some point and and be willing to feel what it's like with your promise and don't follow through
and that will that will be part of being the person you already are
the person you already are
is fully possessed a buddhist wisdom but if you don't want to if you want to avoid how you feel after you promise and avoiding being the person who are and then it's going to be hard for you to realize you already have for his wisdom heard or two
to except for his wisdom we have separate comes with being me and not avoid part of me
what part of me as a boiling partner but his wisdom
and so many people are many people are practicing the precepts quite well but have not promised
they're not really into it yet
the even other better than me are better than some of us some other people are not too good at the presents would have promised
they're into it
and also promising gives people an opportunity of a conversation with you if you're practicing the precepts
it hadn't promised practice them
people don't feel invited to talk to you if you hurt but if you promise this and do you promise to be kind and you say ha ha
can i talk to you about what you just say
so it as difficult area with in the something about us that on
yup it's something about us and the that the way we are being that way is is what has buddhist wisdom
but there's something about when we wanna do something and we commit to it if we don't follow through there's a problem and that's the way we are and we're already that way but if you don't practice it down
like my granddaughter you know she
she goes swimming is public swimming pools
and she peed in israel
and she told her mom lives pete and she was
as they said she was beside herself with remorse she was like
chest it was just she felt so terrible
but she had
done that it was like a very hard for little girl to feel all that it's a barely able to stand how bad she felt for doing that
as harm
but also as so beautiful that she actually really felt bad about that and she wasn't getting punished by her by anybody she just probably really bad
as she did not have something about us as part of what rewrite
we weren't one more way when we're not been psychopaths
are sociopaths were not really that way but some people really have a hard time waking up to that very difficult some people to really feel bad about being cruel or or on careful
it's hard for all of us to feel bad
think about being on careful we all have our time with them you can get better at it
but the wake of better out is by feeling it over and over and over and over nor the great beings are want to have felt that pain
i'm not living in a corner with their aspiration over and over and over they kept more welcoming up to get more patient with to get more tender with it the more loving of it a lot of the pain of not been an accord with the way we want to be
so the more you practice that and more he can back to get more you practice the the more likely to r
in general tips the watch you start making mistakes well actually started noticing one you didn't even notice before you may stop sad
that you used to do
but then you start to notice when you even notice before and and then he may stop those then you notice ones that you didn't notice before i say endless refinement
endless and in our chat we have joined up in our ceremony of confession and repentance
will receive the precepts
after we do the professional repents would say the people from now on and even after realizing good hood where you continued as truthful practice of confession repentance is the war goodies have to continue the project after big buddha
that's where it says it's an endless practice isn't like okay i'm buddhahood cuts with the ribbon refrigerated

no question is yes
what if somebody naturally is harry
right after very very that sorrow or naturally like almost like immediately now physiologically sick we may have no like my granddaughter yeah and child is what about that
do you think it's so helpful to take the now my is not ready to take the balls she's too little
she loved she especially is no time for her she needs which means now as several years of that kind of disclosure
hadn't been receiving compassion for it
she needs she needs to say she saw quite a few times and feel feel that sorrow and show it to her mother and her grandfather
over and over can realize every time i show this
this repentance the sorrow over mine
hair good estate or my mistake every time i do that i get back laws
that's the reality of process the more you confess the morning love you get and you have to see that
for many years before you dare to before you really sure
take the leap
and make a commitment we're just gonna give you new pains that you didn't have when you a little kid
so i would say yeah if someone was like i say i think we need to you we need to have more confidence than if you do practice confession and repentance you're going to be rewarded for it
but by the buddhist compassion i never i was a kid
i actually enjoyed laurel and hardy movies
you know longer
there are it from your home country anywhere they
i done i think their english or scottish i saved him and oh yeah anyway i think they're front i think they were born on that island
and one time in one of the stories
and i won the stores one of the movies
laurel and hardy's with spouses went to some kind of convention know
they went on a convention to someplace
and they were carrying on with you know from dancing ladies is stuff i thank you
but somehow there was a sunburn
very own not video filming of this of this
this convention that they went to and the wife somehow saddam newsreel israel they saw their husbands cavorting with all these scantily clad
and then know
and then when they got back home their wives confronted them so what were you doing during this vacation
and am
i think one of them mr hardy said i didn't i wasn't involved in that
at the other one when you when his wife asked him me when she said you were you involved in you can imagine
usury scratches her that path and she said honesty is the best policy
and so do i did i'm sorry i do i want i was but i wasn't born that
and he got rewarded with love
mr hardy didn't did not tell the truth he said i had nothing to do it
and i got rewarded with
a loving another form
so yeah i think that a good point that wish
in that the preceptors who are giving out
teachings for pupils commit to be careful not to give to people who have not experience
but they can confess their shortcomings and beloved not love because of your shortcomings but love because you're not hiding we should load people who don't come
we do we do love that we should practice loving people who are telling us about their shortcomings
so different so they can do it more and i am i think that that's really part that is to shared our shortcomings and when other people do them to witness it with loving them with loving kindness with eyes of compassion so doing more
more and more and this way they melt the way the root of their show shortcomings that's what we chatted in the morning right
so it's pretty far out i know it
more talk about the more i think it's true
i i'm really happy there people are raising their hands and want to talk more but it is
pass the time when the second one stopped so magoosh stop and do one of our favorite songs