Yunyan Sweeps the Ground 

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over the place for the rest of the day


i sometimes we say that in practices zen your first
how clean the temple
and then you said
enter the way
one day one or and yeah one of a archons students named mianyang
was sweeping the ground of the temple
and has done her brother came up to him and said
too busy
and union said you should know there's one who not busy
and i always said than a are there two moons
and union raise his broom and said
which moon is this
and thou walked off
so this is a story which i could understand as a story about
the dharma
the non abiding dharma
or the dharma of non abiding
which is how the body sought for practices perfect wisdom

a lot of and students sir
in their meditation practice
likes cleaning the temple
sweeping sweeping the we've the ground
oftentimes they like car or arm
trying to clean up their mind by following their breathing
which is a and it's it is a good way to clean your mind to file your breathing kind of cleans it up
a lot of them however in the process of cleaning it up get distracted
from the cleaning and when they notice or distract today today
throw the broom as somebody or hit themselves with a broom and columns on bad and students because they haven't been doing their clean up duties
but sometimes they just swooped the ground quietly
sometimes you just follow the breasts quietly
without much comment but as i say a lot of em while they're following their breathing
have a quite a bit of comment
so if you're able to clean the temple
if you're able to follow your breathing i say fine
if you are trying to follow your breathing but you're not too successful and you're getting upset with yourself
and call yourself a below average isn't student
i say fine
he just a busy person missile
trying to clean the temple
trying to settle the dust that's okay
it's part of that a lot part of our life
cleaning the temple clean mind it's normal
reasonable it's awesome
and then when you clean the not offer a little bit or even before you finish cleaning you might consider practicing the boy socked away which is cannot abide
in the cleaning practice
and do not abide in the comments about the cleaning practice
to remember there's somebody no matter what
you're doing who's not busy
no matter how hysterical you get there is somebody who's not busy
there's somebody was not abiding in your cleaning activity there's somebody was not abiding in your distraction from your cleaning activity there's someone who's not abiding in your criticisms of your distraction from your connectivity there's someone who who's now
not abiding who's not busy
with here congratulations to yourself have you ever were able to follow your breathing
and so he got the cleaning activity going on or the messing activity going on there are plenty of that
and we'll have plenty more
there's a possibility
to abide in the perfection of wisdom
my way of not abiding in any of your activities
no matter how bad the are don't abide in them
no matter how bad other people's activities are don't abide in them no matter how good your activities are good somebody else's activities are
remember there's somebody who's not busy
and other two moons
how union doesn't say yes there are he doesn't say know their heart he just raises his broom and as you which moon is this
this is the busy one
ours is the and busy one
kind of a busy question

maybe you understand
you don't give a question jimmy
who is it
that is the bodhisattva
the body sought as the one is not busy
how do you fight for justice
right that somebody to somebody asked me at earlier right eileen
now how do you fight for justice without abiding
watch the boys office and you'll see how they fight for justice without abiding and manufacture see that they don't fight
but if it looks good he occasionally of fighting would be helpful for people to understand that
then they look like they're fighting so when you see injustice or you know in form of injustice between humans or injustice towards the environment and the other injustice as you like to bring up eileen
yeah so if you see the environments event of crisis where in now you see that
how do you practice
the dharma of not abiding with an environmental crisis how do you practice the dorm of not not abiding when you see people being in just to each other how to practice it
my loving it
my loving the world where there's injustice
not liking injustice and not hating injustice
we got some people like it some people hate it
more people need to love it when we must love the world in order to save it we must love injustice
not like it but love it and how do you love it how do you love an injustice the same way you love justice
you don't invite
you don't dwell in justice
that's how you free people from justice
you don't abide an injustice that's how you free people from injustice
you might be sweeping the ground saying you know this looks unjust to me that my beer ground swimming activity
you might ask people do you think that was just what just happened there
was that justice
sometimes we think we can see it sometimes we think we see injustice
i don't love injustice i mean i know like injustice and i don't hate injustice
at this i vow not to like or hate injustice i vow to love it injustice to in order to save injustice from it's harmful function
you must love the world of suffering to save it that's my proposal to you
and loving things means not
dwelling in them on them or through them but being intimate with them being devoted to them giving your life to them
any comment on that

ah well is that okay with you
but if she keeps resisting my practice is to love her resistance
not to like it
not to dislike it i kind of like it because it gives my loving a little challenge
so thank you ali for resisting
ever so slightly

okay jimmy does that help at all
ah any other feedback for
yours truly


your inability to what
i suffered my reaction or yeah that's right you know the word for patients means capacity has a route to mean capacity so
we need we need to develop our capacity for suffering we need to
become bigger to have a bigger capacity for it
that's what best part of patience is about but patience is also connected to
being gracious towards the pain and then
together with graciousness
make yourself big enough for for more and more suffering
wisdom requires this of us
the truth is
really difficult to open to all the way
and pain
if we can open to the pain of it's really an excellent warm up
for opening into the tricks
so we do have pain and we do have truth president hard for us to see the truth but we can see the pain so and we can see for closing to it we can see if we feel smaller than the pain so there it is right there how can we come bigger
and before we become bigger how can we how can we love this person who is not very patient yet

does that make is that work for you what i'm talking about

so then it's just a matter of us practicing it if we all agree

not coming at something with a plan at something even the pain and suffering on the injustice of
hardly seeing what emerges images
yeah this tesla that's approximately correct
but you can have a plan just don't dwell on it
like i could have a plan to have a picnic with you so i come to you with my picnic plans but i don't dwell on my picnic plans somebody's not busy there's one guy was busy with the picnic plans who come to have a picnic with you when you love that guy but there's another one
who doesn't dwell on those plans
and that's the one that loves you and a picnic and plans
in that love enough and the no picnic in the no plans and the know you
so you can be not you with the one was not busy and you won't get in trouble with that one but the one who
is into you
needs patience
sometimes you're not you
that's can be painful for the one who has a plan on you

yeah paula
tucked them all elena

elaborate on the on
elaborate on on patients being capacity
elaborate on it well one of the ways i would counter this elaborates on it but another way to talk about patients is there has to do with
finding the center
of the pain
and that's one way to find your capacity
because if you feel too small for a pain if you narrow down in time and space you can find a place where you do at the capacity
if you take the pain in a very small time and space you can handle almost anything
and and you can find your capacity for it and then from there you can it can expand


is a patient is a form of love it's one of the it's one of them dimensions of love
patients with people hurting themselves people who you love hurting themselves
patients with people who are trying to learn something but at the same time have permitted obstructions to their learning
yeah in that space

it's sometimes coming at a pinpoint you can find a space where you didn't we couldn't see the space before
where you are you are shrinking back from the pain and then if you get small enough you find oh there's a clear area there
there's there's a place a place of freedom in the pain where you can be settled
and find life in the middle of the flames of pain

and again we don't intentionally make sitting uncomfortable but when it is uncomfortable it offers the opportunity to find
the cool spot in the middle of the heat the cool spot in the middle of the hot flames a pain
if you give there's a space there in the middle of those flames were as we say a cool breeze rises on
the eyebrows
in the middle of those flames
and buddha lives there in the middle
i was flying to pain
that's what boras live and that's where they turn the wheel
of dharma
in the middle of the flames of pain of suffering
but there's there's a cool spot there
the serenity in the middle

well go talk to somebody else who's into the same search go talk to a practitioner of patients if you can't find your patience
and then maybe if they're like really poor it had patients you'll find yours
you realize wow
here really you really impatient is my god i'm patient i didn't notice but i and were compared to you i'm like totally cool wow
yeah so go find another practitioner and patients and that often helps you find it
for find a practitioner of impatience as are also good to doctor
so yeah so part of the practices go talk to somebody about the practice
don't try to do it by yourself
that's not or don't recommend that
that's why we have these know avoid settings to get together and boxes together and encourage each other in the practice
so i hope you feel encouraged to practice and i hope you're clear about what it is and remember we didn't say was easy
just wonderful
thank you offering much for taking care of his practice place and taking care of the practice
the grey extends una be and place where the true
the as way the
as i know
to save them the erosion is inexhaustible i join them
i gay side by less i
you enter them the boy as way as unsurpassable
hi your comments

if it's five thirty now if if some of you like to leave you may do so and if some of you like to stay in to moral service will have one
as soon as we said the room
dowager wanting to do