Zen Meditation as Bodhisattva Vow

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During this course, we will study the bodhisattva vow, to see how the compassionate intentions of enlightening beings generate, work, and play with the mind of enlightenment to promote peace and harmony among all beings. We will explore ways to reinterpret and reinvigorate these timeless vows to meet the problems of our contemporary society in a beneficial way.

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him up
how are these are our for you if you like to have your own copy please
take a with you
also there's one copy here that says in the bottom of it autographed and says that received seven seventeen or seven
yoga room berkeley california anybody want i want
from marjorie back there
so but six or so of the people in this room where were went to red green dragon temple last week for session
lanark mean not louise lois lois can you hear me okay
okay so oh and so we were talking about
close relationship between these borisov between boys sock the vows
in general and zen meditation
and been particular the ten great vows of the boys thought for some months of hydra
so that's sort of that sort of in the room now that that those all those discussions are sort of in here some place and i i will be careful not to actually
overwhelm you with the whole weeks as sheen's worth of talks tonight
but just say for starters that i i really appreciate your warm and sincere presence
during this during these seven classes
and on
i'm very happy about
disclosure the revelation of the relationship between these these vows and zen meditation
and you probably are too
the i think i don't know what point in the class i brought this up button
i think i started out by saying that the bodhisattva vow is basically
and the great body son the great valves and body ciphers
our great opening
that bodhisattvas proceed along the path
have enlightenment for all beings
they wish this for all beings but also they open to all beings
they don't just wish it and then stay away from all beings they wish it for all beings and then they open themselves
to all the beings they have this supremely wonderful wish for
that their that they have this big openness and also they have a big acceptance of a big responsibility so the responsibility
to open
as a responsibility for our contribution to all beings
but it's also a responsibility that we that we accept that we can respond to all beings and we do respond to all beings
so part of the boat to pet the bodhisattvas proceed and carry out the vow which is to open and accept this
truly vast
responding that we're doing with all beings to learn to open to this and accept this and partition and fully
participate with this
truly a wonderful relationship we have
with all beings to learn that
and also somewhere along the way i i brought up but there's tt from the lotus sutra which is saying that those who practice all virtues and practice all virtues means those who open up to
all beings
with the wish to help them and then in that openness and responsiveness they
they practice being very tender and gentle
being harmonious and peaceful
be honest and being upright
this is the where they live in this open responsive field
with all beings and that in doing that in being that in being open and being that way in the openness we will see
the buddha
i'm not just one buddha but we'll see the buddha's teaching us right now in other words we will receive
instruction in dharma about how to
carry out our life in this openness
if for open and not upright than it's hard for us it makes it harder for us to hear the teaching
he for open a gentle makes it harder for us to see the buddha and received the buddha's teaching
and so on it's not impossible but when those who do open up and accept the responsibility and and conduct themselves in this way will see and receive the buddha dharma and that will enable them
to work even more effectively
to act out
this respect this tremendous responsibility we have
and i rode out the chinese characters
for on
ah you know gentle
honest and upright so if you likes of those you can come up here in
and get it after class
it's starting from the chinese cars starts from right to left it goes down so
gentle harmonious honest and upright
and then down the corners my name which is the whole works
which is apropos
yeah so it's the same the same characters
you're welcome
and i was thinking also that you know tonight we were sitting here as we often do and there is a this
sound accompaniment occurring from done from the ballet classes and also street sounds coming in and sky sounds coming in
it we're sitting here in kind of maybe opening to it
and we're
being upright and gentle with it and peaceful we don't go down there an attack the piano player
so far we've never done that
we're open to the piano player and the music which comes from the piano and the street so in this class actually it's a little bit like this bodhisattva vows that we don't go to some place where there's no awareness of the variety of sentient beings
we sit with this group but we also hear the street noise and dogs the cars the trucks the airplanes and the ballet class and sometimes we even have daycare next door with the church children screaming
so it's kind of like
a nice place to practice meditation of the bodhisattva
and then one other thing i i
well one thing i pointed out in the session which i don't think i pointed out here
is that there's up
there is a
a trigram you know like aging has trigrams and hexagrams
and there's a trigram in aging
which is a
used to express
the meditation of this then school and that trigram is called the fire trigram and it it has three lines that's what's called trigram and the center line the center of the
program is a receptive line to broken line so it's it's receptive feminine
and it's surrounded by too masculine lines which are solid and they're active are responsive
so the the core image of our meditation practice is that at the center is there's receptiveness
and then as certain answer that receptiveness or that openness is surrounded by
activeness or responsiveness
the trigram is a pictorial representation of the body sought for
but it's also a picture of the meditation of the school
and this trigrams called the fire trigram because partly because it represents the fire of our nature
the fire of our nature how we are basically and openness that receives
the whole universe
and then in this reception there's this response are being and our activity
so that again is to say which i said earlier is that this is this is an image for the zen meditation
and also that the taught the the topic or the the content for this meditation is the realized universe
or is the universe
the universal truth manifested now
so part of the another way to talk about this meditation is that we're meditating on how are present experience
is the manifestation of the whole works are present experience is the perfected or the realize universe as our present experience
so that's the content of the meditation
and it's also the context of the meditation
so again we we open to all beings
we opened to the universe
we opened to the universe realizing
itself in each one of our experiences and in all beings we meet
so that's kind of have summarized i talked about their before it this kind of reminder and
and then the these these ten vows that i brought up
after months of hydra
there was some response to them which i thought there might be and
they're also at at associated with some response to to these are some resistance to this instead to this
teaching of the ten the ten great vows of some pedro
so what i what i think might be helpful to say as a couple of things one is that
sometimes people think of meditation as like sitting know being aware of your posture
that they think of sitting has been aware of their posture and in having a posture of uprightness
to second the yoga classes here people who think while you go to the yoga room and you do these various postures and you're mindful of them
and it's you know it's a whole something to do
so the vows are that are kind of that when you make a posture which hopefully you do uprightly
and tenderly
and honestly
and peacefully you make a posture k
and then you also open not just to all beings but you open you opened to beings to open to all suffering beings but you also open to all
so you stand or sit
in with openness and so on
but you open to all buddhists
you're not just paying attention your posture you're paying attention your posture and you're also opening to a relationship
with enlightened beings and also opening to a relationship with unenlightened bags
and i think we all know i've had some experience of some difficulty in opening to unenlightened banks
we've had some difficulty with that or more than some
and some resistance to opening to all suffering beings
but strangely it's sometimes is the case that people seem to have more resistance to opening to one or more enlightened beings they think what
are you talking about opening the borders
have you say opened a shock and mooning where he's far away okay here fine but how about buddha right now
and then hubbard lot of
how about lots of them in every
does mode and a dust mite
so one of the people in the class who genuine generously pretended to resist
later actually discovered innumerable while anyway lots and lots of boot as he discovered in one particle of dust and he took a picture of it and here's a picture of all the buddhas he found in a particle of dust and he made copies and brought them here for you to see all the buddhas he found
and in one particular particle of dust he didn't say that he found this in all particles of dust but that's what do you
smart podres suggesting that if you wish and he also i think to do for you to have
so you can have these to be like
so if the mountain hundred says if you wish to realize the inconceivably vast merit and virtue of the buddha's if you want to do that to want to realize that for the welfare of all beings well then just think like this
so whatever you're doing if you want to realize
the britches of buddha's whatever you're doing for example if you're sitting
at that time also think that right now
you are paying homage to buddha's can start with one of your onto you're paying homage to buddha
what your ear you're sitting is paying homage to buddha and if you're walking you think that you're walking is paying homage to buddha and if you're running
are you doing
triangle pose or you're buttering toast
you think
i now pay homage to one or as many buddhas i can stand to think of making homage to
but i'll start with one i pay homage to one buddha while i'm
buttering did i say buttering is toast
and i pay homage to to bhutto's when i put peanut butter on
and then when i put jam on i pay homage to infinite buddhas in every particle of dust
this is what this is the way of thinking which one great bodhisattva suggested
that one enter into if one wishes to realize
not just enlightenment but all the virtues
of the buddhist they're not just enlightened or not just a great understanding they had this tremendous inconceivable virtues also
and then on
if you wish to make your meditate if you wish to risk to two accomplices make your standing or sitting also make it praise to buddhists
one buddha to buddha three buddha make a praise to infinite buddhas in every particle throughout the universe and then onward and upward make what you're doing an offering if you're standing making an offering if you're walking making an offering if you're chewing make it an offering if you're shaking hands
fans making an offering if you're saying hello make it in an offering if you're turning a car on making a make everything you do and offering in other words make every moment and offering in other words every moment make an offering
so you could say while you're doing these things make offerings that's fine too why you're driving a car make offerings while you're driving a car praise the buddha's but also
can make your driving
an expression of this homage praising and offering other words make everything you do remember to think that everything you do everything you think everything you say every posture you make is expressing and remembering to think of your relationship with buddha
and all sentient beings but their later in the their number nine on the list number nine is
whatever you're doing
accommodate to all sentient beings serve all sentient beings make whatever you're doing that way our think that whatever you're doing is that way or why you're doing whatever you think
wish that to accommodate and serve all sentient beings and so on these are ways to think
and this way of thinking which i point out and says she is what we call
in soto zen meditation non thinking this is a kind of thinking which we call non think
or it's a kind of thinking which we call be on thinking
it's a kind of thinking that's beyond thinking or it's a kind of thinking that frees you from thinking and frees you from the karmic consequences are thinking
so the problem in law our life is that we do think
hannah within the commute and i can are thinking has consequences and the consequences obstruct our experience of the buddha way our realization of the boot away it's all pervasive
but because of our past thinking we sometimes don't see it pervading everywhere we think was not prevent what's not pervading bernard
it doesn't go that far but that's because of karmic obstruction that we don't see the boot away pervading bernard and seeing infinite buddhists in every particle of his body because of comic obstruction this is a new way to think which will free us from the ways of thinking and the consequences of what
ways of thinking which of struct us from seeing the buddha's teaching coming through everything everything that comes is the buddhist teaching like tories and he says nothing there's nothing that's not the glorious revelation or the revelation of the glorious like everything is bringing you the
buddha's teaching
think of that in other words vow that think that so that's another dimension of this vowing he said remembered to make everything you do on why you're doing anything also remembered
think of your relationship with all beings all buddhas and by the way think of an wonderful relationship with the buddhist don't think of you now
how you hate the boot is how you don't want to serve the boot is how you don't want to be like the buddha's how you don't want to make offerings don't think that you already do think that that's what people usually think they're going around thinking i'm not making offerings to buddha is are you crazy i'm making offering to myself this peanut bars
for buddha
this isn't an offering to buddha that's weird
for people think some people think that but if you are not when i say i like you i'm not crazy good i'm saying i like you when i'm praising myself i'm not crazy buddha and also when i hate myself i'm not praising buddha i just hate myself i'm not going to praise buddha where i hate myself right that's the way
that's the way to go way to like that way to go way to go hate yourself and just let it stop at that and suffer don't hate yourself and simultaneously praise buddha is it be happy don't do that
are you doing it
you're gay you look stressed are you okay really difficult maybe i should stop now
maybe i'll stop because it look like an had not have a question or comment i went too far like i said i i i knew this might happen so i'm we've try to cool it now and
i do have address the question what was the question
the hate question yeah why i'm not saying that hate
is good thing it's not a good thing but why you hate somebody at that moment
open to all sentient beings and one and one of the of sentient beings to open to is the hater
the hate her is a sentient being and also the hate is a sentient big hate is a beating a diluted being not an enlightened being diluted being a sentient big is heat so when there's hate open to it
and accommodate to that's one a bodhisattva vows accommodate to this hate have serve this hate not serve it like help it will do more hate but help it become free of hate and also while you're at it
you're doing buddha's work so do boot work and why you're doing that
pay homage to boot as why you're being open to hate
why you're being warm and soft an upright and honest this is hate
this is hate but i am gentle with it i want to be gentle with it and i want to be peaceful with it and i want to be upright with it
oh one more thing i forgot to mention is that this this fire is fire trigram which is representing the fire of our nature the radiant brilliant fire of our nature which comes from the way we receive and give which comes from the way we are
receive and respond that's of of fire
that fire at the center of our meditation were also instructed to be upright with it
in other words don't lean into that fire and don't lean away from it so we say turning away and touching are both wrong for it's like a massive fire
this body sought the fall don't lean into it be upright with it don't mean away from it
and also if we say if you get excited about this fire because it's pretty complete you know pretty fabulous thing this fire if you become excited about this
radiant brilliant warm true nature of all of us if you get excited about it it becomes a pitfall found a pit
get burned and if you hesitate your last he found the doubt and vacillation so again the way to be with this topic
the way to be with the bodyshop of all the way to be open to all beings the way to be with the core of the meditation the way to be with all the buddhas is upright
the way to be with the buddha is don't touch the buddha and don't go away from the buddha walk around the buddha all the time every moment walk around the buddha
paying homage to boot up that again traditional buddhist practices walk around the buddha clockwise
as an act of homage we don't have the people groping going up and hugging the buddha you know usually
the special occasions where you get to hug the buddha but mostly you walk around the buddha
don't go away from the buddha do not go away from buddha please also don't go touching the buddha don't mean away don't leave this is the way to be with the buddha right
this is the way to be with hate also
see if you don't see the buddha to be worth in this way learn to be with hate properly and as you do you open to the buddha and then practice the same way with the buddhas and that we develop your relationship with the buddhists and i think france had this before she went on vacation and also tracy said
if the green gulch this meditation does thinking this thinking about the bodhisattva vow sometimes people say it seems a little busy did you stay busy busy busy complicated or horse or like an imposition or superimposition on our situation gay
and i get it is busy it's true as busy
our relationship with buddha is busy were busily relating to buddha where that's the fire
we're busy we're busily relating to it were busy bees
relating to all the beings we're really busy that's the fire
for busy yawning right we're busy
we're busy coughing
we're busy listening to each other were busy teasing each other we're busy we're busy busy busy that's where we are
what busy paying homage to buddha
but most people are like give me a break i just want to have my breakfast
fine fine
now i know how you doing with your breakfast is is a delicious you know it's not too good well now you're ready to open to your business now you ready to open to
i ready so
ah this actual relationship of paying homage to buddhists is what you're already doing you're already
your nature is injured all day long
serving all beings all day long doing buddhist practice all day long paying homage to is praising buddhists that's what's actually going on but it's implicit
and we don't realize it and as we practice it
by practicing this relationship with each other
not a relationship of being mean to each other that one
we do know about that's not implicit and explicit were explicitly mean to each other and petty with each other got enough of that fine open to that
an open to that you open to the implicit relationship with all beings at your generous with them
and that you're open to them and it you're serving them and as you're also had this wonderful busy and relationship with all buddhas open to it
practice it and the implicit all pervading buddha way will become explicit and then you will realize it
the realized universe
which is implicitly what's happening will become explicitly realized so the way is already going on but it's implicit is very subtle it's very
it's our intrinsic nature
we have to practice it for to become revealed we have to enact it
so that maybe that's enough
he and i i welcome your feedback on
can you speak up please
could you speak up please
maybe should come closer say maybe she come closer so cause i'm having trouble hearing you for some reason maybe the tape recorder is to i mean the
the digital recorder is having trouble
he was let go give it a try

the subject of hatred yeah the being of hatred

try to work
you trying to figure it out
i already told you how to remember what i told you to see if i understood k
i allow it
yeah yeah not go into it or away from yeah don't wallow or reject the upright with it and if possible at a certain moment
when that being a hatred will allow it than i could offer it
to the buddha could i say
sure my paycheck to buddha you can do that or you could say i offer my uprightness to boot which is a little bit more usual to offer your practice to bring a rather than offer your poison to buddha but you if you want to offer poisoned buddha in the spirit of offering you find they usually we offer up usually we offer
for a practice rather than our problems
i practice our practice of being with our problems the way the buddha teaches than we offer that practice which were doing
to the buddha's
i offer my practice
yes definitely
i i am experiencing hatred in myself or others i'm open and generous with that i'm upright with that and i offer this practice of generosity and openness and uprightness and gentleness i offer this to the buddhas and a buddhist say right on this is
the best offering the offering of practice
in accordance with the buddha's teaching
they love that offering
that you are practicing what they teach you
other offerings are great too late
peanut butter sandwiches
lamps flowers incense great incense wonderful instance wonderful blogs those are all great but the gift of dharma
the gift of your devotion to other beings your def gift of your kindness to suffering beings the gift of your practice of dharma this is supreme gift
offering to bhutto's yes
a sequel okay

somebody right yes
i would want unless
the under some circumstances
mind that a person to see my hatred but as a body surfer
or even as a person who wants to be light
realizes that this hatred is not right i would want to block i wouldn't want this game to see that i am feeling yeah that's not does not practice that's another threat another that's another unenlightened being to open to so now we got to we got hating one and a hiding one so often
both of those don't get involved with either one of em just open to them be gentle with them be generous towards them but do not
glean into either one of them so yeah i got to send believe kind of want to have a winning more you want to add there's more
there's infinite number of suffering bags there's hiding supreme beings disguising this colonists hugging pienza i'm not angry you know this all these different types of unenlightened beating
we have all of them but we have some other ones who are honestly admitting that they're angry there's
so another kind of angry person so all these beings the same practice with all these beings
any other feedback you'd like to offer
norbert and then did you say in is lois yes true norbert and lois

i do yesterday

well can you say that sober we really are being told to think about that i'm not really saying that that that is the case although we do have photographs of that
but that you think you open your mind you open your mind to thinking that way
gay we don't get into that there is or isn't that many buddhas but we do get into thinking about that
as the key using it as a key
to unlock the gate and let yourself out
of your thinking
are you
intending in vallejo
i'm saying
when we say
as the mind works as a sensible

going back to
going back to the

it's like a well
it seems like a total away
it's like a web yeah

we think that maybe the ones one
we think we're the ones you will not in a web
we just think with either jewel
there's a jewel and then there's the universe
there's us the jewel and then the rest of everything else
which may or may not be jewel like but anyway it's awesome them as the way we think
and that's a kind of thinking that we're trying to liberate beings from or with
so this web we
we are the well
yeah we are the web we are the web we're not really the web where the web realized as us
so i'm not the web on the web as reb

so you're not the whole universe
you the universe realized as you
the whole universe is based on you
an inseparable from you
but you're not the whole universe
whole universe is based on roderick inseparable from roddick but roderick isn't the whole universe he is the realization of the universe
in the form of roderick right now
and we want to learn how to open to this
realized universe
when sports
to create the web
these thoughts create the web but also thoughts of of not being in relationship with other beings they also create the web and matter what you do you creating a web if you're close to other beings you still contributing to the web you're responsible no matter what to do
if you feel closed and don't want to relate to people and particularly don't want to relate to enlightened beings that's the way you're thinking you're still
contributing to the web and web is also supporting you to think that you're not in relationship to beings you are all being support you to to take i don't want to relate to anybody or on who i only want to relate to certain people everybody support you to think about relating only to certain people when you do but
also when you think of relating to all beings everybody support you to relate to all beings
so you're responsible no matter what happens
henderson it's there's an instruction coming call called open to your responsibility accept it
if it's there anyway open to all beings except them there there anyway but if we opened to them we will receive
the true dharma and we will be able to help all beings if we close to what we're actually related to
we look we blind ourselves to the truth which would set us free and is free but we're still in the same situation whether we open or not
i seen i see nancy but i think lois his first then nancy

i would
somebody would say i
know that he or she was angry or something and i were trying to say but you are or i feel it and i would be denied
can try know have that feeling of isolation ultimately has prevailed in my life review
the and
our and
how to not let the other see i feel defenseless
are just raising my hands and train well how can i be open to this what am i opened issue i find like i would you say that heidi i want to hide gray you want to throw away from that so i don't feel like i'm contributing anything because if i say something that opposite
the person is
finally an otherwise i'm fun
a little bit of a war rather than open display you're describing which is what why when he gets an initial feeling of oh let's hit it on the right track
or you know women are people to get it on right track but maybe be open able to open and see the right track and then will we see the right track than we may be able to help others see the right track what do you say well i think that you know you were young
when you first discovered certain things and you are you were honest about it but you hadn't been taught how to be upright and gentle and harmonious you hadn't been taught that yet so you try to be honest which was part of the game and you open you actually opened to the to anger for example
which is part of the game but you weren't educated about how to deal with the openness and you don't do it or if you don't relate to the in the open is properly you know you are not going to be able to see the right way to respond to what you're seeing
which is which is really kind of tragic but now you're able to hear the teaching and learn a new way to relate to what you didn't have instruction about or couldn't hear instruction about when you were younger
so when you see someone who's angry you don't necessarily tell them that they're angry
you open to it
and you're very gentle about it
and and you're very upright about it you're not leaning into our way and your your peaceful with it and then you hear instructions about what to do like
maybe ask a question like are you feeling angry and they say no you said oh
and then they say well maybe a little or whatever you know
but you will proceed very gently you learn to do that anyway
and then when you learn to do that you start hearing instruction from the buddha about how to proceed
that's so now you're ready to learn this and and do this and it's sad that there were these past times when
you saw things and didn't know how to relate and and people rejected your reality and that was very confusing
so it's nice that you survived
tim that yeah barely to hear the teaching
do hear the wonderful teaching of the of the of the bodhisattva vow you speak about not
not way
yeah sounds simple but it's not
it is challenging
fiery feeling
this is challenging out if the if somebody described you how to do a headstand sounds simple but then when you have to try and it's very it's very dynamic and one moment it's this in the next moments that as psychics
but we opened to the we we have we have to learn how to be opened but again
we learn how to open a week and then and then we had to learn how to like deal with the openness so we can try again
so one of these we talked about a green gulch is that in transmission of buddhism of the buddha dharma to the west particularly during the phase which we call that the the beat generation a lot of those people had some kind of big opening
but they did not have education about how to deal with the opening and lot of a lot of them were destroyed because they could see but they didn't know how to deal with it so they
you know an epic spoke their mind but not gently and not uprightly they get a lot of negative feedback back because they saw something on other people's the sea so then he started medicating themselves so they be more gentle and they killed themselves with their medication but some of them found a teacher
and who taught them how to deal with this and and those people
you know survived into maturity but
this is a opening of dangerous and closing is dangerous but closing is the way of perpetual misery opening is dangerous but it's the way off the bodhisattva vow it's the way of
the revelation of the truth and the joy of helping all beings
but it's it is challenging very challenging because you're really diving into the mess with everybody
you're really opening to the suffering of the world that's very dangerous situation and closing to it is equally dangerous but no point in it is just dangerous and miserable this other way is dangerous and liberating

okay so nancy than mellower if there's times
okay so i live in
i really why
oh the semaphores the semaphores
stop us
yeah yeah right there are going to call force
anyway i guess i was there i didn't have to get rolling very patient with them as a result
i don't get hallelujah
i i i kept thinking about this
and as you doing the meditation at the at the street light
someone said i want these lights to be
wait a second now they're there at that point that train of thought cake when you went to the next thing i didn't hear you say that that was the universe realized
that that's when you lost it
you lost seeing that that thought
was the universe realized too
so you you you tuned into the meditation just as just as the bodhisattva does at the stoplight
then she opened to the being of the stoplight and you said this is the universe realized that's right then you started thinking somebody blah blah but then you didn't tell me that when you thought somebody blah blah that that was the universe realized oh good i mean i thought this they want
no no

now you've got the and you slip bottle of it there
when you think this is the universe they they want that's a sentient being
that you could that you can open to
the you thinking that about those people that's a being you can open to that and realize that that being who thinks that thing about those people that being called you know your thoughts
not their thoughts yet because this is really your thoughts about them
you seem kind of
crestfallen good thing
if i can like this way i can replace to have you could and that would be
yes it would and so i have always but the thing is the thing is but you still missed the point if i didn't like the way they were that's also the realized universe
and i could do something about it and that's the realized universe
so you're demonstrating how difficult it is to stay upright with this stuff so you're practicing
seeing what's happening as the realized universe is the universe realized as this but then
something comes up and you think that that's the way things are rather than that this is another example of the realized universe so then you start leaning into it
now if you don't like the way it is and you remember that as the realized universe you're doing the practice if you don't like the way it is and you think i could do something about that's true
but you're missing you slipped off the practice again at that point
and it's true that it's true that all those points would be the realized universe they are but some of the point you missed you missed making that explicit you didn't think that why you did that so then you've got up there was a gap in your meditation
so whatever you think is the realized universe as you're thinking
gay but that looking back and say well that was the realized universe is different from this is the realized universe this is the realized universe this is a realize universe
so you're right when you say that that so
but you missed a practice when you forget to think that when you
yes and to enter and internet remember that makes it explicit and that changes the way you're going through your thinking
and it still the store you talk could be the case that you have this thought i don't like this realized universe i can do something about this realized universe and maybe i am going to do something about realized universe but if if you do something about it and they don't change the lights you're happy
because you've been practicing the whole time and you make an offering like i would suggest making these lights longer
open and that wasn't it was
you make your suggestion but your suggestion is the realized universe and then not listening to you as the realized universe to
and you'd you know year in the practice of opening to all these situations and being gentle with it an upright with it and receiving buddhist instruction and having a joy of the practice going through this story regardless of how it works out

i thank you for it to
the fireplace
frida yes
you can and you can make the requests
has gifts
without any expectation
and have the joy of living that way of being generous which means giving yourself with no expectation
which is
another way is a way to train at everything being
an opportunity to pay homage to boot us
to serve beings
you actually are all was serving beings you're always a gift but if you don't practice it he miss you miss that moment at least one moment you miss
and one of the ways you can be a gift is to make a request
with no expectation
you're talking about
he said something about
no way that if it freezes fun
from march actually is the karmic debt restructuring its when we're thinking in the non thinking way it freezes from my thinking yeah
or we're thinking in the non karmic way it freezes from our karma
and because work because they're not accumulated karma that movie thinking if they were doing well that too
that too but it even it even freezes from the effects of past karma hollow the com still has effect
we have a way of working with it that generates freedom
and have these different names bodhisattva vow meditating on get your call on
or non thinking two different words i'm trying to tie together different than practices into this bodhisattva vow
his jerry

excuse me crisis something
when you encounter another being
k then you said i react but you didn't say i opened to them you missed that part
this is why you don't notice the okay yeah yeah you you react
instead he said
openings that
this over there
yes so if you encounter someone you meet someone you don't open you react but if you then opened to your reaction
then you on track
did you father yes then you're on track the now you know starting to open we opened yourself you can also open to the buddhists
i'm not one
yeah idea right
really when you when you meet someone and you react you missed you missed the opening because when you meet some when you first open and then you respond
when you only notice the response and and you don't notice the opening then it seems like a reaction rather than a response to have something i was given to you missed the generosity of the other person because you didn't open to it and then you can you feel reactive but then it's not over because now it's an art you can there's another being
to open to and then you won't be reactive to that one you be responsive to them
you'll be turned into responsibility rather than reactivity because you'll be also aware of receptivity
but if you missed a receptive
and only his own as only north reaction and feel like it is a reaction then you can start then find the receptivity there and then you're now you're now you're back into practice
any other feedback from people who have not given me anything back yet
it's painful time
house painted as triggered is minutes

his decision
i'm pre verbal times to accommodate
let myself be
someone else
turns out
and it's not
say i propagate doesn't stop me why so much to do to hurt myself and hurt somebody else will actually been surface that's a being a being who honor would rather hurt herself and someone else there's other crops are being but that's when you've got right there so we do this we be honest
about that for being honest
and also be very gentle with that be gentle with his person who wants
in order to not hurt somebody else maybe herself be gentle with her be very tender with her and be be peaceful with her and be honest he got the on his part and now also be upright with don't mean away from her
into her
just be with her this way open to her and then take care of and then be with her in this way this is the way
and against sounds easy but it's not necessarily easy but it is it is possible for human beings to learn this you could learn this so you got you've got to be being you're open to this being as good and you're honest about that's good and you need to add these other three
three dimensions to your presence with it can learn that costs three
and you can you can learn you can learn to be balanced with this
you already know how to be not balanced with like lean one way or another that's lots of opportunities for that but the balance places difficult to find and this only for a moment than you'll find it again and again and again and again well the beings changing too so you have to do it with the next thing in the next being
the next thing that revealed the next thing you're honest about the next day you open to
so this is this is how did this is a practice
okay so
please remember that teaching open to all these beings all the beings a new all the beings that are other people open open open honest gentle upright and harmonious are peaceful over and over tried to all these for
if you're closed then you have nothing to be upright worth really so then you gotta now open again but again it's not easy to open because you know you might get hurt if you open because suffering beings are in pain and if you open to suffering beings
you might feel the pain but does the boy sat for ways to open to this
it's there anyway let's as soon as possible i've known as soon as possible but as soon as you can gently do so anyway now you're opening to it so this is good your this is good
hi you gonna you operate
gentle yeah
and and and forgetting
forgetting is also something to be another being called the forgetting being be upright with her be gentle with her who forgets
but be honest about to she forgot she forgot she forgot
and then you practice for confession repentance with her in a gentle upright not hedging it she's your operate with her and she's she did she did forget but now she's remembering the moment of remembering now
and not leaning in the future when she might forget again or right now remembering
and we forget that we have something to be honest about
i right
too racy

describe them
this one this one looks like a leaf sort of doesn't it
can you see it looked kind of like a leaf
for grass or something it's to soft one

well then they do actually
they do often do that
this one this one maybe they're just looked kind of cooperate different here you see that when the operate one this is the upper i wanted to see that that's kind of upright

as like
everything every every experiences of all the emotions that we would feel emotions are beings
all things that exist are beings and the they've come into being
an answer being a rat's of being a person's of being but all the feelings of a person or also beings their beans
everything you our mountains of being it's not will recall a suffering be but it's a being
we should open to all beings but in particular we should open to the ones that are suffering
but actually bodies up as don't just open the suffering ones they opened to the non suffering ones to the buddhist they're not suffering they're totally inundated by pain
because they're opened everybody's payment and are suffering because they welcome it and they know how to be practice with it and they love all these beings are suffering so they're very happy to feel the pain of the beings they stop there's that they love
but they're not suffering they're cool with the whole thing they're very happy connect their nothing but connected all the suffering base and the suffering beings are not yet able to connect with all the suffering paintings they don't yet realize the net the web
they don't yet realize the web
so it's it's a it's a marianne
well you you haven't asked a question yet so you could ask us

this weekend you to families at your house is that named a total of three families

so i heard
you felt rejected
so there was a a rejected being in the place okay
okay good
i have another being

i like

yeah yeah

honestly you want to be honest yeah honest sounds like he didn't do the honesty thing very well there man
i think it would be probably
to ask her how she's feeling
that would probably have been good how do you feel about that and how per to be honest about how she felt you don't just show tell children everything you feel he's not going to say hiding not to tell them what you're feeling but in this particular case i with your particular daughter in this particular you i think you could have asked her how she felt
and she might have been able to tell you that she felt sad and hurt and you might even want to say to her i do too
but if if we get hurt and were not upright the net makes it harder for us to say things like well how do you feel and then we've kind of lean into like trying to make it okay are you know you know the date they had you know they have two thousand and three baboons in their car so they couldn't take it
so you know i think i think you lost your balance a little bit and then because of that you weren't open to the
to something you could have done which
you and she could have shared you and she could have shared your your pain of not getting to feel the day you know we're inviting you
i think you lost your balance there are a little bit and tightened up a little bit maybe two
but you did open to it gives you can tell us that you felt that pain
you let you open to that being who felt heard about this
that the unenlightened person who didn't see this insect saw this in a way that was painful for her and you open to her but to like you didn't really stay balanced and gentle enough with her so that when another suffering being came to ask you are not fully able to like
assist her to get to the same place to guide her to be open and honest and upright and so on with her pain
but you know almost could have gone that way that if you if you'd been able to stay with years in that way you could have helped her that you together you two of you could have been very you know intimate and happy sharing your pain over that

i thought it was held to
i want to allow about to be
compassion and i am kind of went to what my balance yeah
you wanna you wanna be loving and kind cake and those who wish to be loving and kind
open enter enter the realm of beings to practice not try to practice being loving and kind with the people
that does she want our enter open and be this way in the space and a new and you will realize that vow will be realized
so you are entering that's got that part down now you need to train yourself train your practice to be this way in this open field of suffering that you've entered and then you will realize kindness and skillfulness and compassion
your real the bow be realized by this practice
anybody answer hasn't given me feedback they like to yes
i just my imagination is something you said mr
just move
again yeah i'm not really seen that their names okay but when you heard me yes the idea of it came he saw lot doesn't it yeah it because everything around me and said them when i put my hand out this it was just it just made me laugh still really
can see something very joyful about it
thanks for the feedback and your feedback
i've been fed
thank you so i thank you again very much
okay thank you very much for your teaching

thank you very much for