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there's a number of people who have missed the first two classes saw the first class
the colon which we studied it's kahn which is on the side which has the colored
the multi colored print
and that case is offered as a basic gum in meditation instruction on life in general but
ah now
also life in particular
so the questions around the
in around it
the paper
our different translations of the question but the question is an instruction about how to practice and answering the said the response it in the center is the teacher's response to how it is a verbal response to express how it is to live according to those meditation instructions
if you have questions about that call on you can bring it up throughout this class but that's what that i offer that first coin for that purpose and also because it's a con about march and flowers
it's a minute upon but springtime flowers which generally characterized his life life is always
why not you know nano his life in in some sark existence is constantly having a springtime and an autumn
and in between there some flowers
which are you know where the flowers
and then another call on his the con and the other side of the paper which is the the lineage
the tradition which
i have joined
which i practice
alignment with him allegiance to
and so i i we started looking at this story of this lineage last week
so this is innocence is a story of a lineage story of a tradition
clearly it's a
clearly it can be seen
clearly can be seen as a mythological story because
clearly it it has the first the first six names or names before the historical buddha
he could also say that this is a mysterious tradition
that the it's a tradition and includes non historical beings
beings which
our ancestors to this lineage that existed before the historical buddha which existed before the first buddha
in this world history
and the canon the then further on there is a various mystical elements for example the last name on the list or the second to the last name on the list is me and i am actually also a mythical
and then the next character as you and you are also mythical
there is a myth about who you are which you might be quite familiar with
i propose that each of you walk around with a myth about who you are
a story
and we also have stories about you
we have a phrase that we often say in this in this tradition we often quote ancestors in this tradition this is a tradition of coding ancestors
are you know coding what we've heard the ancestor said
it's that kind of a tradition
it's a tradition of studying the stories of the ancestors
and wondering about them
and trying to understand them not so much taking them literally as truth but taking them literally has literal things taking the words literally and wondering what the meaning of those words is that's the kind of tradition is is
there's many stories and tradition about asking about stories of the tradition

and one of them stories is that one of these ancestors said in japanese something like
what's the don't know the go to walk
g call now this
to study the buddha way is to study the self
and to study the self is to forget the self or get over the self
how to study yourself and get over yourself that's what it's like to study the boot away
but for this class i would change slightly and say to study the buddha away
it's to study
the call on of yourself
the study yourself is to study the story of yourself
but also now study the story of yourself as a coup on study the story of yourself in terms of is the story you have reality
or how is the story what's true about the story you have of yourself or what is the meaning of the story you have about yourself
see the story contemplate the story investigate the story about yourself which you have every moment
and which is evolving more or less sometimes dramatically like in one day sometimes dramatically changes
for example i went to a pilates teacher yesterday morning and afterwards my story of my intelligence was dramatically changed
i really saw in a way if you'll excuse me for saying so i was not to put it gently i was not very intelligent about my how my body works in certain activities
i couldn't say stupid but i'm not gonna say to him and that's another characteristic of this tradition is to say what you're not gonna say
that's called i believe
of fabric
he citizens and you say we're not gonna talk about
emptiness we're not going to talk about religion or not gonna talk about buddha
and we're not going to say that i'm stupid
for good reason
so this class could be stated as a class in studying the buddha way are learning the boot away studying the stories about yourself
you have stories that your this or your that you have stories that you're better than other people are not as good as them you have stories that you've been injured and just or you've been treated unjustly you have many stories about yourself all of us do some of this thing have been treated well and so on
but in this class was look at these stories and see what is the meaning of that we have the story about herself
and is this was the truth of this story
so in particular i ask you
i asked you is this lineage is this tradition your story so my name's on this list so in a way this is my story or it's a story about me to story that i'm in this lineage
that i'm a receiver and transmitter of this lineage as part of this story here
and i do play that game
of a receiver and transmitter of this lineage
and then i could act you know another aspect the story is how amazing are outrageous
how could i dare to receive such a lineage which has a buddha in it and and before that six buddhist how could i received such a lineage and transmitted
so i have a story about how i could and how i do
and there's a
a process of training by which i received and a process of training by which i transmit
and this class is part of the process of training to transmit
so again at the bottom i wrote how about you is this your lineage and if this isn't your lineage to have one and what if you have one what is yours and if you've got a story about your lineage that's different from this or that is this one what's the truth of that
story of being in this lineage or not are aspiring to be in this lineage or not what's your story
that's my question to you and i invited you in the first class to write poems about your meditation in general and also specifically about this class to write poems about the first case which many of you did
and by the way in the case in the book of the gate less gate
the compiler of the stories wrote verse i didn't give that to because i didn't want to bother you with it but maybe later i'll tell you that what the compiler of the book of collins wrote in response
as upon for this case
so it again it's it's part of this of the tradition to write poems about your meditation practice
and you can write prose to but i would say generally speaking
there there is there is the observation that when you when you
when you comment on your practice from a meditative state
from a concentrated state your language has the intensity of poetry
pros can have the intensity of poetry
and some people's a temp at poetry can have not the intensity of poetry because the poem isn't concentrated enough
so i invite you to concentrate on the first call on concentrate on the call on of this of this the concentrate on the call on how about you
concentrate on the cohen of your life story and write a poem about it
and send it to santa claus
santa claus address is of assistant at sfcc dot org
ah king asked the question well in our in response to is this your lineage and he said could it be that it is my lineage but i don't know it
could this be your story but you don't know it
so when he said that i i said i can laugh because it reminded me of a story
and i started to tell the story but it was a long one and i didn't finish
today i could finish the story if you like
and those of you didn't with a be here the beginning you can hear the elaborate beginning
online and you can hear the abbreviated when are
beginning now
this is a story about
i think a man who is considered the founder of hasidic buddhism or city
acidic hasidic judaism in poland
the baal shem tov is one way to say his name
and i just want a parenthetically mentioned that i there's an article in the new yorker which has a picture of an egyptian oscar statue
and the name of the of the picture is a moment of triumph
and in that issue there's an article about
some israeli journalists
who won the israeli people to be compassionate
towards the palestinians
ah yeah and it's a very to me these are jewish people who are trying to help israeli people
be compassionate to the palestinians very moving article i recommend it
now we have another compassionate figure the night named baal shem tov and when he was about to die he gathered his disciples his successors in his lineage and he gave them all teaching assignments and the the littlest a
angel got the assignment of of going around europe and telling stories of his teacher baal shem tov and he traveled around europe for for years and finally he said i think i've been everywhere so i'm done and he was on his way back to poland and he heard
the that there was an hour or wealthy nobleman in italy who would offer go a gold ducats i don't know how much a duck it is but a gold duckett for anybody who would tell a new story
a story he had not her i guess
he himself actually also put it that he wanted to hear stories of baal shem tov
saw the the young disciple said okay i'll go to or go to italy so he went to italy and went to the castle of the noblemen and told him he had stories and stories about shem tov and the nobleman was very happy to hear this and it and invited him to tell this
rory and as he was about to tell the story
sums you know or as many stories of his teacher he was unable to remember any of them
and the noble man asked him to stay on and may maybe his memory wouldn't be where would we be recovered
and he stood on three or four days but finally of so embarrassed he just felt like a had to leave
and as he was leaving the castle grounds he remembered a story
and it wasn't a very good story and all of that it was a story that involves he himself the disciple
so i went back and told the gnome when he remembered one not very good story and the northern man was very happy and said please tell it
since then he told the story
and i didn't get to destroy right and the case the story starts out
ah baal shem tov search to this young man
saddle our horses this is in poland saddle our horses were going to turkey
ah and there were going to turkey i think in you know like november december christmas time
and there are going to a part of turkey where there are lots of christians
and word and were during christmas time they they really decorated the town and had lots of
ah elaborate services
but also it was a time of year when they will often kill one do
in recompense for the death of the savior
so are there would try to kill one jew
still the disciple
i don't have a disciple said but the disciple thought this is crazy to go to that town
that town with lots of christians and some jews
but baal shem tov was
have made his decision and the disciple did not argue and they went
from poland to turkey on horseback i guess
when they got to the town sure enough it was the streets were full of celebrating christians and they managed to get to the jewish quarter and they entered the jewish quarter and then the jewish quarter all the jewish people were huddled inside their houses with the doors with the shut shutters closed
so as not to to be safe and not provoke the christians to attack one of them are more
so the entered one of the houses which was actually on a square
where are the christians had been
and baal shem tov went into the house and i get the impression second story window opened the window and stood at the window
you know showing himself the rapture rabbi showing himself to the crowd of christians
and he asked his disciples to come to the window disciple
didn't want to go to window but disciple did can you hear me okay and
he said look out there c see the procession and there was a procession moving through the crowd
led by what looked like a bishop you know with the big is called a miter
one as tall hats and in a covered with
gorgeous jewels and also carrying a diamond studded staff
since see the bishop
go down to the go down into the
square go up to the bishop and tell him to come and see me
so you can imagine that the disciple thought that this was really endangering his life which it was
but still the his teacher wanted to do this so he did
and he went up to the procession and he went up to the bishop as the bishop was ascending the platform to give his sermon as he is going up the stairs he he got behind him and he said you know it's excuse me
above yom tov wants to see you baal shem tov wants to see you
and the ah
the bishop was startled and hesitant
but i think indicated that he would go
and after the after his sermon he was the cycle brought him to baal shem tov and when he came into balsam toes presence baal shem tov took him into a backroom
the two of them and they stayed there for three hours
and after that the bishop came out and left and baal shem tov said saddle the horses back to poland
and so the disciples said to the nobleman
well that's my story and i'm i'm kind of embarrassed and does not for important story and you know of the life of baal shem tov but that's all i've got
please excuse me and as he was apologizing he looked at the man and saw that the man was
ha immensely
impressed by the story and was dissolved in tears
and the man said

this your story has saved my soul your story has saved my spirit
i was the bishop
hi i'm a jew
and i was a leader of the jews but out of fear i converted to christianity
i was a leading rabbi and out of fear i converted to christianity and the christians were very happy
to see a leading rabbi convert and an appreciation that gradually made me into a bishop and gave me great wealth
in addition to the wealth i already had i was a wealthy rabbi
am i allowed them to be cruel to jews
baal shem tov heard about me and came all the way
i'm adding this
he didn't say all the way baal shem tov came to me
but i meant i'm i'm saying would you go
from poland to turkey on horseback to save somebody
to save somebody's life that's so great compassion really great compassion to make that effort and only that but day in it going into a dangerous place to help him this has certainly the spirit of the bodhisattva
ah yeah you know i don't want to call anybody but baal shem tov looks like a bodhisattva
so anyway
baal shem tov came to tell me ah in our case i hadn't noticed i was in pretty much
i was pretty much done for
there was almost no hope for me because of what i had done
but he said it's possible that if you from now on
behave in a certain way you may be able
to become free
what you need to do now is give back all the wealth that was given to you in this
on wholesome way leave this town and go live somewhere else and take all the resources you have to do good
all your wealth and all your intelligence energy to help people
and also put the word out to invite people to come to tell you stories
and if some day someone comes to you
and tells you the story of your life
you will be saved
and the norman said to the disciple
oh good disciple
when you told me that you couldn't remember any of the stories which you'd been telling i thought this is god's judgment
and when you said
when you remembered one story
i thought i saw that this was bosch and twelve
interceding for me given me one more chance and it was my story
so when we hear other people's when we hear stories and we think they're not our own these or maybe the most valuable stories to look at to look at this is not my story this is somebody else history and look at that and among the stories that are not your stories
among the stories that are not my story
when i realized that they are something very significant was shift
in my for my karma my my habit my being stuck
i'm not pressuring you to change
your story i'm not pressuring you to look at your story i'm just saying that there may be great value and examine a your stories over and over until you realize that their the story of other people
an examined the stories of other people when you hear them
to realize that they're yours
and it's really hard sometimes when people tell you
that you are
something really bad at their story
they come and tell you you know you are pretty bad you are a lousy something or other
it's hard to like see that as your story
if it is their story it's true that is their story but it's hard to see that as your store
so just keep inviting stories and maybe somebody also come and tell you a story about you that you can see is yours it'll be their story because they'll be telling it to you
when the disciple told him the story he thought he was telling the story about baal shem tov and himself he didn't know is telling the man his story
so anyway that story that i thought of when king said could it be the
we don't think it's our story but it is

would he saved from
what's your story
moves he saved from
you don't know
during the you need to be safe from
would you like tell us
it might be the same thing
where we come to any hasty conclusions

the limitations of your story are you are on the limitations your story put on you
yeah so the so that's something you might be saved from are saved of right
yeah so that's what he was saved from he was saved from the limitations put on him by
denying is denying his tradition denying his commitments
to protect himself and and in some ways accruing some well as a result that's a story which put great limitation on him
and somehow when sometimes when the story about us puts a great limitation on sometimes some really kind person goes out of their way to come to tell us
something we could do that would help us become free of the limitations of ice that are stories put on us
so your way of putting it i think applies perfectly well the to what to the bishops story
and the disciple also had a story about what he was doing he got saved from his story too
he didn't know you know he thought he didn't realized what he was doing he didn't realize that he was inactive he thought he had a pint sized job
but he had to travel all over europe in order to perform this immense service that his teacher wanted him to perform teacher couldn't tell him just go tell that guy
he had to go all over europe make this bigger effort to get ready to perform this this act of saving a sentient being a sentient being as somebody who is limited by their story of their life
so buddhas are not limited by the stories of their life but can tell stories shakyamuni buddha as as you may have heard told many stories about himself
i just heard it i just heard one then know i'll tell you later if your mind me i mean i i i heard the i heard the story referred to many times before but i recently heard the whole store
and it's a great story that shakyamuni buddha told about himself
and it's a story about his process of becoming it's a story about his process of becoming free of of the stories he had about himself
and if i tell you this story that will give you an opportunity to think about is this your story
but before i do that is there anything you'd like to bring up
it can see
can a person has more than one lineage

do we know
the despite for became stories
i don't know anything more about his disciple
however i vow to learn all about hasidic buddhism and let you know when afterwards

just be interesting
their stories over

additional stories the bastards

our power our stories have the power overcome our stores
creation has the power to to overcome the limitations of creation
the key is we have the practice with these creations
anything else you want to bring up yes
there's a little square right there for people who have heightened intensity area right there


think about how
when something happens to be


while it is no i disagree it is completely impossible even if all the buddhas and ten directions gathered all their buddha wisdom they would not be able to measure the one the merit of one person waking up now it is not possible you can explain all you want is not gonna do it
but i think you're important point you make is that when the teacher said that you know about i always think of march in hunan
the partridges chirping among the hundred fragrant flowers that it's it's not just the word meaning is not in the words the meaning is those words in the context of that question the meaning of those words in the context of his body it's not
just a word and the question and the disciple who asked it
it's it's the meaning is in the context of the tradition which led the disciple to ask the question and the end the purse the teacher who led the disciple asked the question and and student who led the teacher to respond and hunan in springtime and the partridges chirping all that
is in that in those words

we still have a story with now and we saw the story but our hair still not but our hair still are hair still stands on end hearing his old chinese story
we still feel springtime when we look at the story
in ice is just yet though we don't if we don't look at the story
if we don't want it if we don't want to be totally
overwhelmed by springtime we can we can stop it
and but when we don't and when the story moves us it's like just then it's like we're there
yeah like this tv show i often referred to you've got you are there from the fifties and they would reenact historical events like socrates eating hemlock or or cleopatra putting a snake upper sleeve
you know they do these these these classical stories and then after with walter cronkite would say and everything was just as it was then except you are there
such collins are like we tell these stories and we started pretend like this is china in the tang dynasty up in the mountains and send people are talking and they just had a vegetarian feast and it's all is just like it used to be accept your there
and it's a big production to have you are there
gotta have walter cronkite
which i believe means
good health doesn't it
opposite bad health cronkite mean sickness so you gotta be sick
gotta be sick
yes was there some had more in the center there it's okay now there's something's going on their next will be vira
hi philip morris david
interested in the car is is the
struck me while you were just talking and your first class we talked about when you ask a question you're actually doing it strikes me there's a recognition of these exchanges on the student asked questions and in a sense that it's a gift to the teacher you our to response
it's a gift as a teacher and who else is it a gift to
it's to you
yeah yeah in this in my on scriptures is bodhisattvas our crushed insane on a know that and i'm trying to get to answer they're asking the question you know to make the border famous yeah but they're asking questions for all living beings and not just all living beings now but all living beings for eh
ever that's that's what their questions or for
and that's what the but with is great collins or bodies when people ask questions for us
and then we feel grateful to the teacher are a great teacher thank you but to the body sought of asked the question as a gift to us and there were some other questions that were asked that could also been a ban gifts but the disciple might not have been concentrated enough to help the teacher answer in such a way that the gift made it all the way
you know to us thousands of years later
he's not really aware
no is not but he finds out that he was
he finds out that he was and then it goes back home and tells everybody
about this great gift he gave
and he might even think oh my god this is a this is a story for the ages i gotta go back and tell everybody about this how how great our teacher was
thank you for

a story that i thought other people
you are buying into is a story that you had about the story people that had about you
that's why the investors
there is also
in our heritage
yes haha
don't show
so don't shown in this list here the japanese way of saying his name is toes on real guy is kind of in the middle their toes on real guy his name starts on the left-hand column in the middle
and now jackie's bring up his chinese the chinese way of saying his name is don john liang j
i thought history
he was he woke up
yeah no yeah yeah that's right that's me he didn't say it then his teacher said it to him when he left his teachers he said to his teacher what is you know what teaching you have from me and his teacher said just literally just this is it but that's abbreviation for
just this person is it and he didn't understand and then he traveled quite a long ways and in when is crossing the river he saw his picture i mean he saw his reflection in the water at that time he understood his teachers teaching justice person is it
or just this person
like you're okay
it means you're okay
it means you are free of the story
you're okay
and you're also free of the story you're not okay and you're also free the story of i'm not okay and for i am okay free of your guts he became free when you become enlightened you become free of stories
but particularly stories but yourself
because those are the ones we feel most tenacious about

what does this mean this means this means ah
in one sense that story means it's interesting because that expression the teacher used is an abbreviation of a formal statement that you would make in court when you're confessing that you're guilty of a crime the chinese expression when you're a chinese
court in your being indicted for a crime he would say that phrase just this person is it means just as person is guilty
so in one sense the story is saying admit that you're who you are
and when you admit for you at the who you are you will be free of your story of who you are
and it just as person is it he could say that it is not in addition to the person
it could be reality it is the in this case it is the teachers is the teaching the teacher gave what did you teach what to wear is the teaching of the teacher the teaching of the teachers
just as person
wherever you go just as person that's the teaching of the teacher of don't sean's teacher
and usually you look at a river and you don't think it's you usually even you look at a reflection of you and you don't think it's you but he saw that is me
course it's also not me
you are me and you're not me
oh you're not me but in reality you are me
what about

yeah so we have been story this is a story not this is good we have a story now this is bad
doesn't well when you have this story of this this is bad then the story is here that's what you should be studying
if this story of this is bad
drop away just
that my work try it next time you have a story that you're having trouble dropping just say just say that and maybe you'll drop the story and become free of it and might work
you're handy dandy
what he caught
liberation kid
justice is it apply that in the middle of whatever story you feel caught by
and also applied to stories we don't go caught

also though

okay you have a story that you have a story that day
the this lineage of
this lineage looks presents and on solvable
so i'm proposing to you that if you become intimate with that story there's unsolvable
you will be released from the story that it's unsolvable but that doesn't mean you're jumping into the story that is solvable
you might well that's called jumping from the frying pan into the fire
goodyear that nancy
but if if you just jump into the into it without if you if you jump without
if you jumped from freedom from that story and then you wind up in a different story than you might jump from jump
we of that one
we have to become intimate with our stories and or to be free of them
and there's a proposal there's a story in this lineage that when you become intimate with the stories that are limiting you that are confining you that are
choking you and the root of the word anxiety is to be choked or suffocated cop
and anthrax the root of the word is to be choked stories are choking us if we become intimate with the choking we will become free that's one of that's one of the main stories in this tradition intimacy with bondage
realize his freedom but intimacy with bondage that realize his dream doesn't mean that freedom eliminates bondage
the duration and in and bondage are inseparable
if you become intimate with bondage you will become intimate with freedom and vice versa if your intimate with freedom you won't be afraid to be of being intimate with bondage anymore
so not only do you become intimate with bondage in the country but you again then plunge back into bondage to teach others who have not learned how to be intimate
to be intimate with bondage
but it's not easy to be intimate with bondage
it's not easy to be intimate with being choked
it's hard it's hard to be ourselves
so if you think it's hard you write all the ancestors in this lineage say the most difficult thing is to be just as person

yeah that's as the practice just be and you can have a gender or not
but there there is there is kind of an agenda the agenda is to free all beings so audience can be a piece that's the agenda this lineage
but the actual practice is just to be intimate
not to get caught by the agenda in other words got let the agenda stop you from the work
don't let the goal interfere with
the hard thing of being yourself
welcome bandage welcome bondage
welcome bondage
what else
sing sing welcomes in sing sing sing sing a song sing it loud singing it strong
why else
be careful
be careful of your singing
be vigilant of your singing be impeccable when you sink
and be patient with the bondage
and become with the bondage
and be enthusiastic about being intimate with bondage and being those yeah stick about all those practices which i just mentioned and then
you can really
and not grasp
the bondage
but it's hard so be patient


yeah that's what he said at the river

even if you're not it must be true

the don't shine story must apply to the baal shem tov story
and not hmmm
where did you say what did you say oh well it it actually says it doesn't say he or she or it didn't say
everywhere i go i'm never apart from her
everywhere i go i meet her
now she is not me but in truth i am her
you can say him or it
so you can also say just as person is her
yes nation

right now
you're not part of this group
oh you did it with a lot of groups
most of the

yeah that was your story at the beginning a powerful yeah
ah ha ha
this is a port key to green gulch
de nada porque he is
it's a it's a thing from harry potter
it's a thing from harry potter
he go to this place you know and if like a shoe lying on the ground and to pick up the shoe and then boom here someplace else
so anyway i have that story

you're welcome
it thank you for being part of the lineage
if somebody said to me or somebody who come regularly to know abode hermitage for one day sittings she comes regularly and she's yeah she's been coming to other things for years and she goes to bring out for intensive and stuff like that
i won't say anymore says she won't be identified but she said to me on salary last saturday she said
and i'm i'm getting more and more comfortable being here but i still feel like an outside i'm an outsider
and i said you know some people feel like they're insiders
there's some stories in this lineage of people felt like an outsiders and their stories and this lineage of people who thought their insiders
this is a lineage
i'm being free of insider outsider that this is a lineage of
but these people thought they were not in the lineage or that they were
the ones who thought they were
you know
they got some response to that the ones who thought they weren't got some response to that so that they became not attached to be insider outsider
their stories of people in this lineage who said to their disciples who are in lineage you are not in this lineage
but they don't go around telling that to just anybody
they tell it to people in the lineage
to help them be free of being inside or outside the lineage
so struggling with that is normal and wonderful
that's why i gave you this god
so you can struggle
with this one but there's lots of other ones to struggle when you can be either lineage and had the same struggle so you said can you be more than one hundred gs and can you be an outsider and more than one lineage yes
you can be an insider in numerous numeral lineages and you can be an outsider innumerable images
but the key and this lineage is to be free
but i think that's really all the edges or bot is for people to be free of their lineage i think so i think everybody's heading
in the same direction towards freeing beings from suffering

because the country

history here

yeah so that would be something to get who would really be good to a clear on that the a clear on how you reinvent yourself moment by moment
the together part of of being ourselves is another way to say it is to study how you're inventing yourself moment after moment which is the same as saying to study how you're telling a story about yourself
or how the how the mind constructs a story of the stealth how the mind continually renewed reinvent itself
in similar ways like in different ways how the mindset this is the same person that used to be here even though i'm saying in a different way
yeah this is another way to another way to to say it
that story ah well
that will be for next week i guess because it's that is another long one but i will just tell you briefly
i actually i'll try to find out where it is ah
in the diamond sutra which is a my on a text there's a place in the diamond sutra i believe where the buddha says
when king coalinga was chopping me up in little pieces i did not give rise to ill will towards him
the industry so those of you read the diamond sutra know that does but i just ran upon the whole story
and i've also found out that in that story that struck him when he bullet told about himself in a previous life he had a different name
and his name was
in a way it was it was like it was like ah
i was it
his name was the path or the practitioner of patients his name was to up
yeah cause the varden a practitioner of patients that was his name and that was his practice
and the stories about his patients which i'll tell next week
and i was very happy to find that story
it's another call on
yeah sure

love is graciously welcoming
not liking or disliking were graciously welcoming
and those who graciously welcomed our free
welcoming bondage welcoming terrible stories
but also welcoming freedom
well thank you for coming
and that one more thing i just want to say about this lineage either any women in this lineage

thank you very much