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The Non-Duality of Silence and Language

Silence, Transmission, Perfect Wisdom, Non-duality, Balance, Duality, Observe, Heart...
Nov 23 2019
No Abode Hermitage

A Lotus Flower Blossoms on Each Thought 

A Lotus Flower Blooms on Every Thought
Tenshin Reb Anderson
No Abode August 11, 2012 Late afternoon

Non-duality, Duality, Don't Know Mind, Composure, Transmission, Doubt
Aug 11 2012
No Abode Hermitage

A Family Style for Realizing the Oneness of All Families 

Aspects of Practice, Non-duality
Mar 10 2012
No Abode Hermitage

The Unique Breeze of Reality and the Wondrous Function of Non-Dual Wisdom 

Faith, Separation, Lotus Sutra, Bodhisattva Precepts, Non-duality, Desire, Perfect...
Aug 14 2010
No Abode Hermitage

Avalokiteshvara's Questions for the Buddha 

Tenshin Reb Anderson
Samdhinirmonchana Sutra Chapter Nine
No Abode Saturday July 17, 2010, A.M.

causation, Attachment, Enthusiasm, Duality, Intimacy, Buddha Mind, Perfect Wisdom,...
Jul 17 2010
No Abode Hermitage

Revealing the Intention of the Buddha

Samdhinirmochana Mahayana Sutra Chapter 1

Samdhinirmochana Sutra
Chapter One, Part Two
No Abode 3/21/09 PM

Yogachara, Subject-and-Object, Non-duality, Separation, Lineage, Intimacy, Lotus...
Mar 21 2009
No Abode Hermitage

Only a Buddha and a Buddha

The Lotus Sutra says that the desire to help beings open to Buddha's wisdom is the condition for Buddha's appearing in this world.

Lotus Sutra, Religion, Desire, Soto Zen, Non-duality, soto, Bell, Separation,...
Jul 28 2007
No Abode Hermitage

The Light of Buddha's Wisdom - Precepts of Compassion

Buddha sheds the light of wisdom on the true nature of suffering, liberation, and the human mind, on the teachings of compassion, moral causation, and the whole phenomenal universe. This retreat...

Evil, Non-discrimination, Discrimination, Suzuki Roshi, Non-duality, Emotions,...
May 06 2007
Part 6
Mount Madonna Center


Repentance, Confession-and-Repentance, Faith, Non-duality, lecture, Tassajara, Zendo...
Nov 11 2006