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the sometimes in the past
on days like this when
it's israeli
sometimes higher than this
well i upgraded my voice is very
jammie thomas

they have an indication side from the time
will you be printer
we feel like he didn't know
as divorce
like the don't have souls or not
here we are

i would really rather than

in one time after your point of those costs half of that is seventy eight are you angry at us admit
because i was yelling

the thing

i meant to return this comment
conversation they train
antoine and job

comment was being questioned by jojo
lounge while i'm just humbled and melted
honey able to get an explanation

so one picture which have a different this comment is though
non sworn in charge of nice
nonchalant and crumbles and mills
and it was humbled and how can stay he can't give up for explanation
hey giorgio has a great awakening to experience
the canadian a teacher
in that meeting the teacher
nuts the student racer

so again image i had his gaudy software isn't somebody who can
well you know one says and for the is a teacher three by martians employees stock for isn't a teacher i keep your is
the teaching
but somebody who from a neat people they dive into inauguration thing to the non-duality and ninety seven disappear her role and melt into a relationship and in that
the teaching
comes alive and the students are wages
somebody suffers quite eloquent some or not
but they all die of engine
the relationship and that's where the work that's where the function curse
in this case the person who just one night on various aggressive
but he sent in my make an exclamation
and this expressiveness in relationship without explaining his situation together the challenge of what if you if your always on

and so yeah and
another monk came to visit non on
who we call for georgetown
he's a popular or
from our chinese rage he also when christodoulou nonchalant
had a good meeting
and then he went to study with pharaoh
moishe on and he's longer getting along pretty long time where and yeah
after union passed away one ne
so was performing a memorial service for your union
and monk said the him a monk and his group sir

when you were with union
where your you're getting and his place and you receive teachings
and shines said
do i was there with him i did not receive any teachers
mom said
if you didn't receive any teachings
how come you're doing for memorial service for him
and shots good
why should i turn my back on him
and among said
hi the first for recognize when you then antoine a great knowledge wrong

and yet you're doing more a service
for you mean
have the here in a kitchen
and those said
it's not
the virtue of my leg teacher
and his voyage armor that i steve asked
he's the
fact that he never directly indicated

he never exhausted a explain

among said
while since you're doing this memorial service for the late master
i wonder if you agree with him or not
no chance said
i have to agree and hack don't agree
my said why don't you completely agree
when an emotional said if i completely agree i will not be grateful
do you like master

when i tell stories if you don't agree with started why i told the story you're welcome to make comments
and i think palin was combat
me in they want to comment on a radical industry
words i used

hi i feel close to this tradition of
the teacher
have a tradition of teachers karimov pages
and teachers who plenty give teachings
has the most important point
when we kind of need to sort of teachers in order to
would already be over
you guys people think if i think was in features henry here it will probably for the good and women that he will teach us really happy
but you have to if you're doing really respect then have them
nineteen can find out the task mean
the place where remind the best
let's that i feel i feel best about that
he disappoint some people who like her teachers accused

in a sense i were in teach for that i think that's not what's most important

i think what's most important is that when i meet people that i
a crumbling not
intimate relationship and have everybody wakes up

still it's got your game
no are still not in a crumbling i can still have a pop quiz right
is it terrified me
people actually voluntarily asked for an insurance and or list a stronger support
credits and questions for you on
really like her
no i'm an on a sinker
so let's see
did i say

that desires and i teach
his whole heart is a practicing in the midst of division yeah

did i talk about
her yeah
do i imply
that his practice
the practice of it would also be to sit
how how does the practicing and the midst of illusion
he said of course
he said of course
the river was a of course
what does anybody wants a of course
nationally said
what i said
why do i talk about city wholeheartedly the response illusion
i was an iphone

that's what for
a town
how about practicing
whole heart his name
without adding anything
i've heard about i i didn't talk about them now
how am i practicing wholeheartedly and elliptical machine
without expecting anything
now i was like that sometimes
yeah guess
he's at of course check
the first place
you don't think i got my expectations
the application
practice wholeheartedly about expectations when i say that
did i thought the by expressing the blue seal
now is expressing the buddhist seal what do you think is expressing good buddha fifth seal
to be whole hearted with no expectation
oh you seem too much to say especially the judiciary
so he think that said expressing the british feels adding something to say
one think so too
so i'm sorry
i'm i go
is is to say the whole a practice wholeheartedly
that anything is that saying too much
that's okay running
if canada is kind of young
so if i say
baucus wholeheartedly without adding anything our readers
hello too much
has passed as he's added something guess done
some of us
how so
i'm this
no i wouldn't actually want to say practice little and without adding anything because i will
might move over into the area of directive indicates and who's gonna want to say that
hey i you not want to say practice or heavy rain
would i add anything and also now require i do not want to say
if arrest the buddhist fee on the three options and i want to stay around here anymore
okay got it you know what i'm gonna say
the national average
i'm not say is but if somebody if somebody did express the buddha seal in the three actions
would it be adding even more to say that to say
express the buddhist seal new three ashes
he the midst of sulfur from the awareness google also be adding something
so i thought it will sit out either anymore
have you be saying in service if we ever had him
we didn't shoot

if all those on if if i say no or practice wholeheartedly in the midst of delusion without adding anything although i say that as a problem i know and that's why i'm not going to secure anymore
except true mind you that martin has it as called you from on
talking like that it has the problem of is like teaching something i'm sorry so as why don't want to it is patty something and it's getting a confusing situation of teacher so i'm under
yeah is it isn't adding something
if you're shattered if you say about he shuddered is is actually he said is an outer having something that he said your shatter if you are shuttered you say that if you call your shattered
is it are leaving whole your shattered you know that there's been no possibility to add anything
was when you're not shatter that new clean something happens that just scattered onto something else
have you really don't add anything
ah you mean korea and but i wouldn't
take that
apparently know
oh he says something like you he said something
nice one served something they've also quite a bit but they actually did not teach the dharma
avoid didn't teach the dharma
but he was very talkative and so was mine form a is that people in force and is melted place
and longer we're talking
people heard the diamond but they weren't saying environment
they were saying
you're kidding very relax
really so comfortable and learn near him helping with me
i'm taking them
no one tried to them commercial
so he did really well on her own nature and
hi think that when you sit whole heartedly
without expectation of the i'm not counting do that when you are that way i think you are expressing a good seal figure three me
when you're on your body sitting upright
can your whole of there without expecting anything
without adding
and realizing that nothing can be added
have that heiner expressing the blue seal years in were sitting posture i would say that
one night
remember what i say
i would have said that
i'm saying that but like you know i want to
i'm just saying if i had we'll have no we would i have courage
a vaccine like something i was too
how good you was stressed
what is
create a question wash it that's why progress he finally begun
i think the latter day saints
pretty speaker
he said so because you come up here in keeping with them up your data
hey even you came up
did you are ma'am so what do you think about flatter
it was in my mind something about weiss usa say certain things because you think is directly indicating something it doesn't seem about social was to afghanistan
seems like helpful advice
how i sit with him
why can't you express why saying that you don't want to say these things that were saying
i see i think about what he wants to the move saying i just i'm just saying i'm not going to same
that's because i most want you
my human teachers and just and he will find the cages
that's what i was wrong because i don't get the teachers hundred interacting with roof and hotel hosts and you will hear the kitchen the kitchen while would an interactive
oh i love the head of its problems
in opposite least i didn't give the teachers
have a chance of your of your decisions have i know
hello was no more

you want to sit in digital model workers cross is gonna change the cost and at money money
can take the shape her
he takes her to cheater neither did you say
whole universe in the ten directions is the speech and the man
yeah pretty much as coming less known as couldn't speech further conversation we're having
so this conversation is the whole users and ten refuse
have you say about yeah

i believe you
you're saying that you're teaching that you're giving us those words somewhere that came from him that night in the wrong it came up out of the night three you in the surrounding to me through youtube
three three three now you put the words together
are you received them and delivered them or something the author sergio
i heard them you know
he received them and deliver him
is it an adventure now are now you can deliver him
we stayed in deliver the
you have the value your your whole body is the whole universe has your on
my whole body if the universe has mitral valve our conversation he said our universe as has in form of this conversation
and his feet comes up out of our relationship

he said that
if your mind sale
good the over their lives alia
if is something that weeks experience and rare moments can we get glimpses of it is repentance something like that too is not sure kansans something that we see and feel deeply ingrained the
hmm i
i think we're in a hobby because of how deep are saying that i think i see people repenting not so rarely and has tassajara i see people attending quite a bit flashier and people go to churches and confess and repent and then again just confess and repent years and washington
since now
so i'm wondering if this act of confessing and repenting will that also become grasping could it become a rascally yes however
if you do it together with the buddha's it may not away the grasping in that of practice
is the mind love very tricky mine is very tricky
i kinda down on that it can hold on and continue to make stories reacting years reason he has created reasons his with and thing is convincing reason
to hold onto old habits is were sky high was doing so so so i mean is that real repentance or is repentance something that comes up a rare moments when you really want to repent and confess
how rare it is that it's a real repentance but i'm just offering
who with son
hello was fun my opinion
that which i'm not really terribly strong and holding issue that when and when we do this confession repentance we i transformed credit by our activism
and we can look in our own hard and see if if we really are saying
what we feel we cared for you don't feel so good about where the actually don't feel good about it
and while she seemed if that actually transforms us over really perhaps years
i paint gun i think it does but again if you're right i may be just dreaming other does
i'm it is dreaming about the people who
i've seen confectionery repent are evolving positively
that's what i see are seeing a positive evolution in rosy for practice was
even though sometimes they don't practice of so skillfully it seems like the of practice it with others in your feedback and we're still here they become at
confession repentance in that she cause and positive every machine in their conduct that's what i've seen
and then i say try yourself
and mean if you have have you noticed i am tricking on and
hey that's something else to confess shaky mind
am sometimes you feel good about your tricky line and sometimes you feel this cheeky minds and was this his way in a trip and i don't feel good about
and that causes that causes of reprogramming of the whole organism
i recalls

i'm a terrible driver
how are you how sorry run
yeah there's all kinds of driving right you know it is dragging one a one in
somewhere between july in san jose notice that she just drove twenty miles
i have absolutely no clue where those twenty miles went move
sometimes you know you're driving know
between same mill valiant gringos
as use hairpin turns one of them this is he would excitedly
i quite you to come to a point point
there is driving and there's awareness training yes
there's a way
and then there's awareness of the way right
when i'm sitting it's machine is somewhere around day three or so long he starts to become apparent that the way is always there could never be anywhere else
if you can we will be floating become aware of the receive she'll or yeah basically
gets the she it's a shame
but why does it take all that
why can't i carry that awareness petals
when dragging down the road
the attention and
sometimes it's not so helpful to be making too much about
the way it was very sharp turn coming over here me via
the idea of the way and grandmother mine has not been
is not falling of developing
he needed to develop that more
well that east timor develop grandmother my will be like you know
you realize that he don't have them
michael e enjoy her in space and forget for a moment
your practice because your grandchildren will get hurt if you forget your practice
you'll feel that way of by driving a car they
you know your is precious practice to take her
and something new
love very much will be hurt your precious cargo
if you're carrying in car which is not just the people of the practice
when you need to have that feeling like you are caring for the buddha and
you cannot afford to get even from my mom
he said
grandmother does not forget her crunching for one moment
so that has to be weren't thinking few more when it does you will be able to drive
in v there
him across the river nice because you will see if it's very beautiful different your lawyer and forever as last but happened if you have a life there's there's a great benefits of taking care of if we have done the his soccer but you need to really feel like you can afford to get a break
or rather you know they need you to take care of them all the time most triple viewers
have just say him
when it does new project before that
your grandmother mind is not so we up to now
here there isn't any one particular and you can do to
we focus that elegance techniques ign
he said that somebody
yeah there's because you'll use of techniques are basically is his confession repentance that you that she noticed
i haven't been paying attention for whatever
and i don't do that grandma's so now i'm gonna vote a country
and then many of you for a while and then maybe fewer this is this is the way i want to drive
when we heard if you check out again and don't take care of practice again
have you noticed me in fastener count again
it will hurt
on the time who will become
i'm forgetting of the trip angelo the will remember even very heartworm said he he was sixty five before he was mindful all day long
the current with the hukou in sixty five
so for great zen master have to get that all before he going for all day long
we probably will take a long time to
in the meantime be generous and patient and energetic and apply yourself to taking care of
it would mind all day long
have you forget practice concussion your kindness
in a way that you will continue to practice compassion if she could actually encouraging and joyful you know that you're that you're joining peers and for color of true practice in true value your faith that reminded faith is to do this purpose
razer masters have done it
you're invited to join
they had to do it we have to do

whatever your kitchen move
quarter has
he's quarterback
he said prove it
and typical offering typical
that okay he goes ahead of you since he hasn't come on

so you you said the
you don't want to leave
hello said better i think i of i want to be a teacher you don't want to be a nine
the thing that came from mind was
i don't want to learn anything
and yet there's this question
what is the teaching who cannot be taught
you know
i think it can be taught and keep it is not taught by one person
he has taught but in our relationship that has what teaches him and any query can learn how our relationship
is the teacher sort has been no
for the learning to happen
so as the future nothing
i was
i'm truly happy with him
i'm not sure either way the switches

i appreciate you expressing this afternoon

a good one now
hum thanks for letting somebody who is hoping to hit period
speaker for have you seen my yes people
thank you for a inviting the person who hasn't spoken before to come up
stick out cast now
i said thank you for inviting the person who has spoken before to come ahead
you're welcome
we have been on those press younger guess it's about that
sometimes ago you asked me something and then i looked inside and i sat back to new posts after the and i carefully listen to that message myself during your skin
what what was it expresses and then i said maybe not with gloves that's just there was something about that
and yesterday
i realized that when you are saying things that he fact we received from people about
how you are giving lectures or how you're giving down my heart and he people's resistance to forms and ceremonies
i understood that for me and for many people perhaps it's difficult to see that you are wrong about
because you occupy
the position of authority
when we might make the mistake that you also occupied the position of our power
hi provide a physician of your power he had more position of power therefore i don't have it or somebody or he don't have it so we have to come to you to get some
and today i understand that you are just as vulnerable and you have your special things you are vulnerable to because you occupied that see and i
empathize with you sympathize
and the message i heard from my south was on and i think maybe both of us that that message current for both of us die sometimes we are well meaning oh i know that i'm well meaning but i go my messages to has too much
a strengthen velocity and jess
doesn't really neat what's needed first
and then
there are some people i've done this kind of not meeting
as they're sitting in his room
and i'm sad about that
he came to the soccer with me think i said the think what i said was the clauses that worth of the closest war or now a softer how have i been softer
where have your point of view two days
he's in pisa
but i was raised that question strong ways the way i wouldn't miss your interactions yesterday was couple of the people who came up and
i just left with his sense of sadness that there was not really for meeting
he felt there not for me and a couple of history his
i looked at carolyn there was i just looked and it was as the most beautiful woman i've ever seen that in the dancing with her and that was
know that was that
when i when i when i saw you with max and felt real sense he the yes because there was this very sharp i think both man who came up and shogun
and max they had a question but i felt that there was actually something something under that they were really come to find out for themselves some
and i saw you with mass kind of entering this dual words and when shogun sam
why like an explanation
i got into an explanation i i felt sir
pretty good baseline as well i wanted to smoke because i felt is getting more and more explanations right for energy
and that's right i said along
does the interesting explanation for me
with mapped i they had a good time actually hundred thousand for us
i was running a happy life
see like russia so later we didn't be perfectly there
we still haven't the time i so that i guess males do that
to use your veterinarian dutch
her with she said asked
i'm now just respect to their nails
here just males are different like that
the full appreciation
i'm sorry hurts you have something
i really need help
while i think is clue
the the hook
we are
hey ya'll see that i say
are there
why you think how to say something for females please
i don't want to
the he is your that
this is very something
and here
that's how female thousand two
and i hope that
we both of us keypad and mine and he wedding
go soft and without putting gloves and hold anything back
sigh and of them who are not coming up now that they have something to contribute and highly of things are weary of the response yeah i think it's really good for everybody to
i understand that have something that the movies and make they're not here they're still contributing miss your body

confession concussion i have to conclude produced you can you say have your car can sent you can't say oh please
i feel
right there

was sitting yesterday i was sitting as to him
and i really saw and i really some
how much self preoccupation hamlets help bring your ancient his name
please give me and
can you hear the song
you're using you
i'm here in the news that jr what killing her
when don't you
can use peter would leave
okay we're going to meet with a song
i i haven't been speaking much less six or seven days interaction them
so you saw he i just saw jersey saga mechanically which is actually ankle yeah actually think for years
what would you say alarm you can add up if you don't want to sleep so how did it actually can i actually saw it and it actually was painful to say a hero jack yes
yeah so i just want to confess and repent back as i do feel
feeling the pain he a your cooking

when can you know i told his friends we go along with that i just want to say that one time i got really concerned that the old zendo i'm hearing my first baptist period and we have very almost no solid food
and one data was sook of crew comes in
and i got very concerned about me games and croutons
and after the new was overripe i cry not because i didn't give any accrued towns which i didn't
but because i came to a zen monastery
to learn how to be a great forty five foot
and what i was concerned that was croutons
for me
i wasn't keen on trying to make sure everybody knows got regions which they did
i would hide was concerned that hi guys include towns can have i was to see that i was that petty
when i got my attention and put your on strongly into
i hadn't found was really ever
it was great that i saw him
when i repainted
required to see that as run less wherever that

one says the there's nothing in particular i will point to
buddha says i will point to eightfold path
he's got a conflict there or not
i don't think so i think the buddha like i said he play a full power afghanistan
well that's not the darwin
has my the iphone down
he's teaching eightfold path and why is teaching a full fat
a person has taught him to here's the donald

here yes my bones are seen the are seen singing singing singing now can you hear them yes what do they sound like you
is that all
that's all
one have something yeah


he hated here my hundred
i could