The Buddha's Practice Of Arranging Shoes

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recently someone
tell me a story

that goes something like this
the buddha
maybe the historical buddha in india
gave somebody
an assignment
are you know a job
of collect of arranging a people's shoes
like gum
maybe out of side of her
a teaching hall
so the person and his job of arranging the paper shoes like we have downstairs we have a few rack
but most of you put it here she was there yourself we don't have a person who arranges the shoes
this person i guess
arrange the shares

and i guess i did that shoe arranging job for a while
a week or year
i don't know ten years twenty years that was her job

and then the person told me his story said and doing their job the person i think the process that told me his story doing that job the person who arranged the shares became
he lightened

that's how the story when now that could have been another story which you've probably heard before it the buddha gave somebody a job in their job was to sit still and quiet
and then destroy goes this they did that practice for a week or a year ten years or whatever and they became awake they became enlightened
that's very my pin and more familiar
this one was like somebody who arrange shoes and became enlightened now on
i've liked that story and this person who told me like to to and but i thought of basically
i'll kind of a comment on that story in my mind which was
the buddha gave that person the job of arranging the shoes
and they're arranging the shoes was and is awakening
rather than they arranged the shoe is first and then they woke up but when they wake up to one i would propose for your consideration that they woke up to that arrange your shoes is awakening
does it required that the she's be arranged in any
i need you it like does it have to be done through or is there something like that


however if you ever arranged in his shoes however you arrange the shoes must be awakening
if there is a wrong if you if you arrange the shoes in the wrong way that must be awakening
if you do it the right way that must be awakening
but wait you know we could amplify story say she arranged shares in the right way
and she became an enlightened but the way i'm saying today as a range her ranging shoes
the buddha told her to arrange the shoes and she arranged to shoes now what if the buddha hadn't told her
maybe in the bush didn't say arranged the shoes she didn't hear or he didn't hear the instruction arrange the shoes
she didn't
and issues were not being arranged in our the buddha's teaching side she'd just arranging shoes and she woke up after many years of arranging shoes which the buddha didn't tell her to do as she woke up
that's another story but this story of the buddha told her to strange the shares i think

that story the way i
i'm seeing the story is a version of that the practice
doesn't bleed to enlightenment the practice
the realization of enlightenment
enlightenment must be our life is not that's not what what some people like me mean by awakening awakening must be our life right now it's not our life in the future or the path
past rather that to it's our life in the past and a centralized from the future it's our life
and some of the people who coordinates for example one of the people
who to talk
that the practice you're doing for example sitting
or arrange your shoes
the practice you're doing
is the enlightenment that you're doing at you're living the practice your living is the enlightenment you're living one of the people who taught that
that the practice is the awakening and awakening is the practice
then wrote a book i know wrote ninety five essays
kind of
make clear that that's actually the case ninety five essays on how practice is enlightened
is so simple and so singular
the situation
the people just can't believe it so i wrote ninety five assets

and the essays many of the as a start out with as and story
about how
buddha's awakening
which realizes
his awakening realizes nirvana and it also realizes
that nirvana
it cannot be different from samsara
buddha's realization
is exactly the same as the practice and the is what you're living right now
so yeah so this the person who teaches
and he's the person who wrote this chat we just did call him a dog again he taught at the practice and the enlightenment or the same
enlightenment is practice practice is enlightenment their one singularity

but again
people have trouble believing that
so he also taught that our practice is
devotion to setting
and going to talk to the teacher and ask questions and listen to the teaching those two together
the practice the sitting k the sitting his enlightenment
so the the setting is his practice enlightenment sitting
however we just should go to talk to the teacher
to see if we really believe that and see if we understand that correctly so that's two together
talking to the teacher also his practice
which is realization
so in explaining how example the practice is enlightenment and enlightenment is the practice he brings up all these stories and on the and nodded and he did not bring up the story is in that book those ninety five fastballs i don't think
he brought to story about the person who arranged the shoes
but at other stores

she said
i could see

do you see if she thought something was her own idea can just sedition arranging the shoes

if i think that i come up with something on my own if i think that
that thought
is kind of like
arranging shoes
or it's like sitting in meditation is is something i'm thinking
and it's something i'm living i'm doing
and me thinking that i do something on my own
which is not true that i'm doing something on my own but when me thinking that
enlightenment cannot be other than that

is everything enlightenment know

i'm not why not

is part of what about delusion
it is not different from enlightenment but we don't say the delusion is enlightenment

well they sure could be
so this person in the story might have been totally deluded arranging his shoes and then they've and then they were awake and then they were arranged huge they can probably continue to rain shoes i don't know but now they weren't dilute it anymore
where did the delusion go
the delusion go away
we have no here
the awakening
was right there with the delusion all along
but in the story of maybe the person didn't realize the enlightenment was right there were to delusion
so then they were completely deluded missing out on a completely enlightened
but the enlightenment was almost was there all along buddha was there all along with this person
and who i guess knew that the buddha was there all along and maybe the person was happy to arrange the shoes for the buddha who is there all along and then the person woke up to that the border was there all along
which they come i didn't get
even now in fact the buddha was there all along and the practice they were doing was exactly the same as the buddha that was there all along
by coincidence the buddha sign that practice
but the person did not understand
but when they understood they understood that the understanding was there all along
but that doesn't mean everything's enlightenment it just means
enlightenment must be
practice and everything must be practice
everything must be practice
and not a practice which leads to enlightenment but everything must be a practice which is enlightenment
because that's in fact that the paper horse like the person who just said that is a person who's teaching that was teaching that everything must be practice
and the reason everything must be practice is so that everything can be enlightenment
but if you what we're doing is not practice of enlightenment that we don't we don't say that everything's enlightenment
subject object until everything as an object one
kimmy like everything is everything the goal of enlightenment has by object like the the observation of
well you said you said object as you mean object like an important of like in the case of the point or that are the goal of some to of everything
as an observation of wouldn't see we see
well you can see every everything everything's and object enlightenment like in loan enlightenment looking at everything
who an enlightening looks observes the it does it observes all delusion and observes observes observes and then at some point
if not they there there's no more enlightened and know enlight it didn't dissolve enlightenment one website enlightenment observe things enlightenment observed in a way of realizing that it's not looking at something different from itself that's the way enlightenment looks at delusion
enlightenment looks at delusion non realistically
i i don't understand if you're observing it in your observation what you're observing is not ah
there must be some difference if there's no difference and and there's no there's no observation is enough no fever no
nothing to be up sir
no that's that that is incorrect
there can be observing without there being anything observed
but usually will we observe we think we are observing something which is separate from the observation
but observation
can be going on without something being observed
yes but anyway booted is observing all things a buddha is observing all delusion and at that observation is non dualistic
put his observing all the
delusions that's what is observing all the people who have dualistic minds boys observing all of them and buddha there's no object out there that it's a derby but it is just the observing of all beings
but it's not observing the all beings as separate from the observation that's the thing that's a thing to wake up to is an observation which is
not separate from what is being observed so there's really nothing being observed is just observing and it's the observing of all biggs so like it's not just my observing you it's also you observing me and everybody aren't observing you and you observing everybody
that's there's no object like that
it's that kind of observing its the observing them it's it's the observing or all doing and exactly the same way that's the way buddha is observing all beings is the way all beings are observing all beings
which includes all the beings who are observing the time of day other people and includes all that consoles or the beings who are observing but the way they're all doing it together and in the same way that's the way buddha is observing and that's the way we are practicing right
so yeah
either way to saying that and the actually some
say again
and they have to be so hard

anything that's done wholeheartedly as practice
yeah and also
practice his whole heart and
and we are always wholehearted
but part of us is to wholeheartedly think that we're not wholehearted
we we do think that way sometimes that were not been wholehearted so i was i was gonna give you an example of story
so there was this
buddhist monk who lived in china his name is
and he lived in a hut on a famous mountain called
can die schon
which was kind of the headquarters of the ten high school and when he was living in that moment in a hut and
he was doesn't say he was arranging shoes
maybe he was like sitting still and quiet a lot of time he probably also ate food and slept and went to the toilet
he was trying to practice the boot away
on that mountain in his heart
i'm i'm amplifying the story if just says he lived in a hut
and one night i think i'm not sure if it's raining but in one night
a none came to visit him
and her name the name of this none is reality
that was her name so reality came to visit him in the form of a female
monastic and she came into his hut which seems kind of far out anyway she came into his hut and it was nighttime i think
and she had her pilgrim hat on and her walking staff and she came in and she walked around him three times
and then she stood there without taking your head off
and i think she said something if you can say something
i'll take my hat off
to you
i think she said if you can say something good i'll take my head off
are you doing
good good so she comes in she walks around in which is a sign of respect to a teacher and then she stands at opponent with her hat on which is not a sign of respect you take your hat off she didn't take her head off or maybe he said why don't you take your hat off maybe he said they wanted to take a off and he said
she said if you can say something good i'll take my hat off
and he couldn't
and that's what she started to leave and was dark night time and he was worried about her walking in the dark twisted wanted to stay and she said if you can say something good or stay
and he couldn't say anything and she laughed

that's the story goes on from there but i just would print i would bracket
a comment by me at that point
he at that point didn't not through that through that interaction you had with reality he did not feel like he did not feel like he was responding very well to the situation couldn't you couldn't say anything he said some stuff but he couldn't he couldn't deliver and know what she was asking
for and he did not understand that the practice he was doing with reality he was practicing with reality right as the story he was practicing with reality he was having a conversation with reality and it seems like it seems like he thought well this is not awakening
my eye this is not awakening so i can't say anything and i can say anything so this is not awakening
if i was awake i gotta say something cool and she would stay should take your hat off whatever he seemed like he didn't understand that he was practicing with reality that's the practice the practices practicing with reality
that's what the practices is practicing with reality like what's going on
what's going on so you say is everything is buddha is interesting because everything awakening
the practice with reality
is what we're doing all the time and that practice is awakening but he didn't get it apparently even though he was right in the middle of the practice
and she gave him a chance reality gave him a chance
and she laughed and then he kind of vodacom
we say be wailed he'd be wailed he lamented i have the body of a new person or the body of a man but i don't have the spirit of a person
i should just give up this meditation practice and go look for a teacher
which is not that bad a thought i mean
and then i think that maybe right away i'm not sure exactly happened read at that moment or later that night

a spirit came to him he said you don't have to leave either to give up your meditation practice here
a great bodhisattva is gonna come and visit you within ten days
or within took with within two weeks
so he stayed in the hut waiting for the teacher to come and then i think in ten days a teacher came in the teacher's name was
there was a teacher's name was a buddhist monk with that name
and he taught and he welcomed us he welcomed he welcomed
the celestial dragon he welcomed the body sartre and he told the body sought by this interaction with reality where he just couldn't practice in a way that he felt was buddha was awakening i practiced but it wasn't awakening
i practiced with her but it wasn't awakening so thanks for coming to help me cause i want to practice i want to be awake he didn't say i want to find a practice which is awakening
and then
the teacher
the bodhisattva celestial dragon raised his finger
we don't know which one money where he raised his finger
and pointed
dude your
and ginger
now what did he wake up to he woke up to maybe
this finger or he woke up to
being judge your
which he always was and always will be he always will we'll or ios m you always are and we are all his whole hearted and the way we are wholehearted is the practice on the moment the way you are whole hearted right now
is the practice the way you're not wholehearted is just a dream
we cannot really not be wholehearted we cannot be not completely who we are
and being who we are is the practice and the practice is awakening and buddha
it's exactly like you
buddha is you being a way you wholeheartedly are that is awakening
and then for the rest of his life ginger just whenever people ask him about enlightenment he wrote raised one finger
and i was looking at the characters of the story
the chinese characters and it said it said that the teacher
the teacher raised a finger and pointed
but ginger but then when and talked about do years teaching from that on it says he says he just raised a finger he just raised a finger it doesn't say he raised a finger and pointed so
the teachers finger with raise and pointed he just raised the teachers finger from then on
an each of us is the raising of buddhist finger all day long
and the raising a buddhist finger is buddha
is the raising a buddhist finger is the raising a buddhist finger is boot activity and a story about it
a story about how the practice
who you are including that you think that you can't respond to this person
the way you are really a person who feels like i gaga i can't say anything that's how you are
but i can't believe that not being able to say anything his whole hearted will you are wholeheartedly unable to say anything you're not sort of not saying something he didn't say anything and she left she whole heartedly left she's bragged realities practicing with us
why we don't think realities practicing with as reality is practicing with us in the form of us
interacting with all beings with the thought i'm not practicing all heartedly or i'm practicing largely but it's not enlightenment we can we wholeheartedly think this is not enlightenment is this thought
does not enlightenment is that enlightenment know is if thought this is enlightenment as at enlightenment know
the practice in the form of this thought
that is enlightenment and that practice what you what we're doing together with all beings what i'm thinking what i'm saying what i'm gesturing is the practice
my gestures on enlightenment my gestures at as practice our enlightenment and as it can be no other enlightenment than this practice
and that's hard to understand so every day we to tell new stories about this very simple teaching that this practice that this it we are practicing we are practicing and this is enlightened it's not like we're not practicing and not practicing his enlightenment or or
practicing not practicing that back to work too
yes jane
what good is bad
what good is what good is throwing shoes at people or good
the practice range ranger she's
well vijay to what's good about through issues that people
if you throw choose at people
gay as the practice of the boot away
okay it's not like you throw people choose a people as the practice of buddha away and then later you realize to put away
you use through shoes at people as the practice of the buddha away
and i wouldn't even say is good he owned to say it's good about it is just that there's no other enlightenment
the new practicing throwing shoes at people at that time
like yes i understand
you can practice what i don't understand is if it causes
the practice doesn't cause harm the the shoes hitting the person might cause harm
but is she was hitting a person isn't the practice

enlightenment doesn't hurt people
it liberates them it brings them peace

well should be up throwing shoes
good as the practice if you're throwing shoes as the practice not to mention if the buddha said i have a practice for you control issue is and then you take the shoe and throw it
the enlightenment cannot be other than you throwing that shoe
can you say what about the shoe hurts people
i would say wants to bad that the shoe hurt people we have some work to do here go and take care of the person who got hurt by the shoe if they did
and guess what we have available to us is a practice of enlightenment to help to people who are hurt by the shoe
if you if you're if you if you have practice which is enlightenment you can take care of situations where people are getting hurt by shares which we have plenty of those situations right
we have plenty of situations where people are getting hurt by shoes
that's going on renew right so we're talking about not throwing shoes at people were talking about practicing with a situation where she was are being thrown so we can so we have enlightenment available to help situation of people on people are you know
i have choose thrown at them are getting hit by shoes that have been thrown we've got the situation like i just started my granddaughter who
she likes to rough house with me
whether she's got her shoes on or not she would like to throw them at me
and i know whether she's got shoes on or not she will extra kick me so i have to deal with this things being thrown at me she throws about me she throws pillows at me she doesn't she kind of know she does she doesn't throw
knives at me but she does throw pillows
he was throwing a balls at me and let the other night and opposition but she likes to kick me she likes just throw her feet of me that's some situation i live in and i can get hurt i didn't get hurt by these feet so i gotta be careful mc you know not don't kick me there
and she respects but she cannot somehow i cannot get to a point where there's no kicking i just cannot somehow closed down and prohibit all kicking i just can't bring myself to do that with her
here here frowning patty
so you're puzzled what a puddle about

is this
it's play did you say yeah i'm playing with her own but but in an escutcheon i'm playing with my granddaughter she wants to play with me yes
she's said

the versa so screaming yeah
down here
it is
instead of around him
found him
so i practice was shoes being thrown and kicked tunnel i practice with that and the enlightenment as been is not none other than the way i practice with the shoes
flying around the world potentially hurting people or you actually hurting people that's we had that situation we're working with all this dynamic change of the universe that's already going on the throwing the shoe is not enlightenment the
practicing with the rowing the show is what's the difference
between throwing a shoe and the practice of throwing the show
we could you can recognize you're throwing a shoe in both cases so in three you can throw a shoe and recognize you from issue what makes it practice conversation
one max conversation guess
i'm here too easy
password is was also serving attention
man ray
very tension or errors
coming at us sir
right conversation this thing is
it is the practice
heart the the the the enlightenment is the pivoting yes we even say the pivotal activity of enlightenment but the practice is also the pivoting
and well you could have clarifying the intention and the way clarifying the intention in what is pivoting with something once clarifying the intention pivoting with
some it's not just clarifying the intentional by itself it's clarifying and ten tension which is a pivotal relationship
it's a pivoting clarifying you could also be obscuring your intention
no the pivots not obscuring a clarifying the clarifying is pivoting and can they are obscuring it everything's pivoting
and the way everything's pivoting is the practice
the practice the practices the pivoting
the practice of the pivoting of whatever we're working with whatever you are right now
you're actually in a conversation with reality
we cannot get outside our conversation with reality there's a pivotal relationship going on
ever does not non-attachment
non attachment would be if few expression handy
if you are pivoting
non attachment goes with the practice practice and of course non-attachment goes with awakening
but non-attachment doesn't mean you don't have hands and you don't use them it just means you use them and have you use them he awesome
don't use him
you're using your hands and and you're not using your hands are pivoting that's the practice that's enlightenment
and everything offers the opportunity
a pivoting with not everything or not itself
not moving also goes very nicely with pivoting
big big still goes with very nicely with pivoting big still goes very nice play with the practice being still goes very nicely with awakening
because part of the in order to practice he had to be where you are
so as not just that everything's enlightenment but everything being itself pivots
with not itself
and that
his awakening and that addresses the problems of this world which come from people not taking their seed not being
earn who say denying their seed denying their hardiness
avoiding where they are even though that's where they are is avoiding where they are
sit on going or reject
welcome welcome it but then i i wonder
well that's that's that's another thing so one is wondering if this attachment that's you can be a person like that sometimes so i'm a person who's wondering if i'm attached gay
no fam and so one wandering up from attached
if i'm wholeheartedly wondering what i'm attack if i'm attached
then i opened to wondering
if i'm not attached
and i open to
yeah nothing attached to wondering if i'm attached and i open to being where i am
all these things are
kind of like practices
all these things are non-attachment all these things are awakening when they are practice
yes know he done
our seeds
oh the if you have a unwholesome seed or and unwholesome actually okay
yeah we haven't we had these things appearing called on wholesome actions the the buddha activity is the way the unwholesome is pivoting with the wholesome
the boot activities not read not rejecting unwholesome the buddha activity is observing the unwholesome
in such a way
that the also the bird activity observed that the whole unwholesome is pivoting with wholesome
and that the way of being with the unwholesome
which liberates beings from the unwholesome is to be wholeheartedly with the unwholesome and then being wholeheartedly with the unwholesome we realized that the unwholesome is not unwholesome and there's the pivotal activity
without getting rid of the unwholesome we realize the pivotal activity of the borders and beings are liberated in the middle of wholesome or awesome i've said unwholesome not on wholesome or unwholesome wholesome
so we all day long we have wholesome or unwholesome wholesome mantels all day long wholesome models all day long we have good and evil all we all day long we have right and wrong that's our daily life that's are going on an old time is to are pivoting with each other too much too little careful on careful they're all this is going on all the time
practice who is working with that
and there's not another enlightenment than that one
the not working was in practicing with you name it
whatever your name it's not that that's the practice it's the pivotal activity of that with reality thus the practice and that's going on all the time so we arrange shoes and baby did it didn't say in the story that she started arranging the but the way she started to do it is just wrong shoes around for a funeral
a few minutes or few hours and the buddha came on so that's not what i meant by arranging the shares i didn't meet juggle issues in i didn't mean throw the shoes i meant like this as the british may be shows the person hot what what the buddha meant by arrange the shoes and then maybe the person goes along with that or maybe they don't the boot is not trying to get this person
and control and to do the shoes and a certain way but the boot might show a certain way to help this person realised practice
so the person's throwing she's all over the place the border comes in does some i don't know what with it but it also the stories where the person puts all the shoes like puts the shoes together with what are usually considered their mate
right president mixing them up i say the person puts all the shoes of with their correct made and lines them up all pointing east you know the city do that and the news stories of where the border comes in and masses the whole arrangement up and then
says ration again
you know those stories
hell it's not like the buddha's trying to destroy the arrangement the buddhist trying to help the person find the practice
but before the buddha messes up the arrangements at the person did what the person was really doing was the practice and that the enlightened was not other than the within lined up all the she was facing east i mentioned with the toes facing east and the heels facing west that's the way the person decided the buddha wanted
the shoe is arranged
or somebody say and wouldn't want to she is arranged with the toe of one blind up with the heel of the other that would be perfectly fine
in that situation a practice the practice is enlightenment watch the practice
well ask me what the practices is a normal very common part of the practice
you don't have to always be asking it but the practices open to the question of what is the practice and
the question what is practice is a common question
when we're practicing it's a common question when we're buddha buddha is pretty much non-stop saying what is the practice and also
although i'm not necessarily to stay with practices i will say that the practice which i'm wondering about the practice which i'm wondering about his awakening
that's the practice i'm interested in
i'm arranging the shoes i'm wondering what the practices i'm arranging the shoes i'm wondering what the practices
with a faith that the wondering what the practice is
part of the practice and
it's not other than enlightenment
and i kept it open and the enlightenment i'm concerned with
can not be other than negotiating with grandchildren
practicing with grandchildren
trying to tell him how i feel about what they're doing
i'm you know keeping in mind what
the grandchild mother suggested we do
a time of going to bed
things did not go according to plan
and it was i just as is just like thursday night i took care of her we had this plan and her mother told to plan and newfoundland you said now using now you should now frankie you say the plan back and she's in set said back she fooled around with it and then she said it
back and they've been in and indecision mother left she didn't follow the path
and i had to deal with this person who was not following the plan which we recited when her mother was still there she's very smart person she knows how to shoot
if i recited of wrong she wouldn't know yet it the she can recite it she can catch me reciting and at the slightest variation was great fun and then she's got it all set and then and then
and then and then we have this new world
grandchildren showing throwing shoes and other objects at granddaddy
can i and i have to practice i'm not have to and i and i get the opportunity to practice with the situation and if you were there you would have got the chance to do
that and i don't know what you would have done if you were there to assist me but we would have been practicing and the way we were practicing there's no other enlightenment and bad and if we're in had no abode today this morning you sat in this room for quite awhile
and then you got up and walked in sat down again some other people went into another room set and can talk to me we're practicing here this morning the enlightenment is nothing other than what we did here this morning and what we're doing in the first part of the afternoon there's no other enlightenment in our practice
we do not ever have to throw any shoes again if that doesn't happen it's okay
we don't need to throw shooters
but if we do throw shoes we do need practice if we want enlightenment and we need enlightenment if we want practice

he or she is

do you say is that possible the answer is yes
pretty much any
anyway he he he said is it possible to assume x
and it is he tested a couple is x y and z he said some things that isn't isn't possible to assume that and i said yesterday as possible to assume it and then you also said is it possible to get in trouble based on those assumptions
so similar that you feel person
a true blessing this are
you don't hear
that's the normal situation
that's a normal situation people think people assume this in that and get in trouble and heard people that's a normal situation like again granddaughters assume various things that they can do and then they didn't trouble or together and her grandfather father gets in trouble with them
this is our situation
now what about
non attachment to our assumptions
that the practice
and non attachment to your assumptions his enlightenment
but not getting rid of the assumptions are going someplace where nobody's got any
it's being with people actually who are holding up it's hanging out with some people who are holding hundred our assumptions and hurting people these are the people
these are some of the people we had the opportunity practices we can also practice with people who have assumptions who are holding onto them they also are available for practice
we're practicing with those who are attached to what they think's going on and those who aren't the all were approached and together and the ones who aren't our privacy with the ones who are and the ones who are are practicing with the ones who aren't are all doing this together and there's no assumptions which i think i ever been eliminated from the plan
they're all more challenges the dash opportunities for practice
with not respect that that
so we've got plenty of not respect and we can practice with not respect but the way you practice would not respect his was respect
practice is respecting and respecting me via and attach
practice is respecting with means your with what's going on practice is respecting reality but respecting reality also is respecting that you have assumptions about reality or but assumptions about reality
our aren't really i mean to actually assume something about reality and think that that so is not been respectful reality is free of our assumptions and it also does not push our assumptions around reality is the reality of our sometimes it's not our assumptions but if
we have assumptions and being respectful of them that's practice that's enlightenment enlightenment is to be compassionate and not attached and respectful to every come every assumption and not abide in any of them but be loving and caring for
all assumptions including the assumption this person is not where are they have respect ah i've been practising respect but as a few people who did not come who do not deserve it
i assume this person is this way and according to that they don't deserve respect
that can be practice with but that's not the practice practice is
complete respect
in a world where there's plenty of disrespect yes
challenge push yeah
one bring out that
boy does
okay so i followed you when you said you you run into stories where you feel challenged and then you said story
the same one thing is that
when is your a young boy com is one thing
yeah well
he's always bring up another story okay
i would say that
in that story at home
on the the monk who was visited by the none was having to i'd looks like he was having trouble respecting himself
he was having trouble practicing with his response to reality he seemed to be fairly respectful of reality however in a way i think maybe he had assumptions about reality and didn't know how to respect them if he knew how to respect this lady with the
hat who not take your hat off if you knew how to really respect that i think it would
i think you would have been able to say something and they would have had a nice time together
but they did have a nice time together but he didn't think it was a nice time he couldn't see that he was with the program she seemed to be doing reality seem to be doing fine
she's like work and her thing quite nicely she's told him if you talked on staying if you don't i'm outta here and then she gave him a second chance he was having trouble respecting the situation
okay now
he gets some help another important person comes to visit him this time however he's able to respect the situation
himself the teacher
you know you are thinking he was ready to respect he was ready to practice and because he could practice with the teacher going one finger up one finger to you he could practice being who he was he can respect to it was and you could realize that who he was
then i should say that he can realize that practicing who he worth and respecting who he was his awakening so they say he was awakened but really he was practicing it finally he was practicing which was his awakening then this plater a boy imitate him
my raising the finger somebody asked the boy what's the teachers teaching in a boy raised a finger and then he said and then he called a boy and he said defeated you teach people that
or what do i teach and the boy raised his finger and supposedly he cut the boys finger off
the difficult thing is did he respect the boy
was what he did with the boy practice was what he did it with the boy enlightenment to cookie is cutting a boys finger off
is that practice
guess that enlightenment that's that's a big question for you and me and kate
i i'm wondering about that too
i must say it was or wasn't
or if i did say was or wasn't i wouldn't want to a biden that because practice doesn't abide in my opinions i'm throwing opinions out a been on casting opinions upon you
but do i want to believe any my opinions do i want to abide in them do i want to and abide in my assumptions do i
no i don't i did not want to do i sometimes yes i do it my sorry when i do yes i am
armstrong was is that is being sorry when you abide in your opinions practice yes it is as another opinion but yes that's my opinion
he's fair
and she may i mean in my opinion i my opinion as you can i just don't think there's any history as which was fingers helpful especially heard about if you put of about the boy has got green
so do what you do do you would you retract your statement
who is non-medical war listen
these are the zen these are the zen doctors they're trying to free people so jeff agree with you than trying to free people from delusions
medical the medical thousand of that time when our
he could have but that's not the story the story is that the boy did not bleed to death and the boy was awakened the boy was initiated into great awakening that's the story he became a zen master and it's perfectly all right for you to say
i think that was wrong thought we were worried we're ready for you to say that you can say that was really bad i i respect you for saying that that's my practice my not respecting you for saying there's no current situation which you can cut a boys finger off
my practice is not to disrespect that statement however i did as your question and you change your story
to non-medical
and so
the doctor thinks it's good to cut the finger off
sometimes it's the the the the sufferer thinks it's time to cut the finger off right like the guy was trapped within as armstrong is out an order of his arm stuck he cut his arm off to get up to survive sometimes cutting things off
body parts off
could be could possibly be beneficial
i'm not saying what it's always a good idea to several rooms
but i'm open to the possibility of sometimes it might be really helpful and helpful in terms of the medicine of freeing somebody from
their delusion
and that story the monk was awakened
the young monk was awakened that it was that stir it doesn't he wasn't that he bled to death
but even to
what did we get also say i don't think it's ever justified to hurt anybody in the slightest degree
of course not it's never good to hurt being beings is never going to hurt any living being
it's always good to respect living beings
their precious their deserve our respect and respecting living beings is the practice now is it possible if you really respect living beings is it possible that he would cut a lemon
i would say it's possible
ever just to the buddha ever recommend hurting anybody know
the practice never is to hurt people is always to protect them and benefit them that's the practice and that's enlightenment the treat beings that way as enlightenment
even the slightest little bit of disrespect the bullet does not know
no not at all respect
utter respect
was there no hand
yes i just wondered if the stories if you think the stories are literal or whether that story could mean that when he raised his fingers something severe was said or done generally speaking it's good to when you're here when you're
dealing with stories generally speaking it's good to go through three phases first deal with the story literally if you skip over the literal you miss something you can learn from taking it literally
i've been i've been dealing with that story about the finger in a literal level so far
we can learn things from the literal level then you deal with the non literal letter that level that's the next layer after we if we work the literal for a while we will become will we will be we will realize the enlightenment that comes with practicing with the little literal interpretation of the story
then we can move on to practice with the non literal
and then we can move on to practice with the literal and nanometer is or levels of realization but it could not to skip over the literal it's good to deal with the presents usually the one that comes up first
there could be a non literal way of dealing with it but let's not skip over the literal
so i would take it literally
as part of the history of the then school is that a teacher cut off somebody's finger there's also the story that the first ancestor in china's student cut off his arm to demonstrate his sincerity
so why didn't he didn't really come on his arm he just what did he do he cut off her
he's he said on
he'd he donated or some other animals live my what
we we don't know what happened but let's take it out the literal level and then can we practice with the literal level of that story of a monk who cut off his arm to demonstrate that he sincere
and it again i don't i don't have he recommended i like it and i don't really dislike it but in asia when people change teachers sometimes they cut off a finger to demonstrate that are not doing this lightly
yeah they actually cut their finger off and they have you know they it worked out with that they can do it and they do it without anesthetic but they had have boys are doing it they usually you and usually the use sharp knives but somebody might say abuse a dull neither bhavan more sincere
but i'm not recommending you cut the fingers off i'm just saying that people do that as a as a way to demonstrate that they're sincere about changing from one teacher to another other people cut off her finger to as a way of apologizing
in in an early phases of european history if you made if you make up on nick
a vow and he didn't follow it than the consequence of not following nevada would be amputation of a finger or thumb and a forearm and not not death necessarily but there would be a consequence of breaking an oath which are often involve several lou
but that's also still part of
in buddhism we make bodhisattva vows and there's a consequence of not following them and the consequences that the the people you respect you go and you tell them that you did it as a consequence and you know it's pretty intense to go tell somebody that you broke your vow that
as recommended as part of the consequence
and if they weren't it doesn't more refined than cutting off a limb when you make when you break your bows habits it's you know i kind of do like that way better of going to talk to the teacher rather than cut off a limp
and then i like there were so
i prefer it if and you might say but i but i also don't want to disrespect people who cut off limbs to i don't want to i think disrespecting is harmful i think respecting is not harmful i think disrespecting his practice actually i think
respecting his practice
and i think respecting his enlightenment
after the same
caravan son
ha ha poverty and homer
you got
i'm i'm feeling confused the respect that confusion
actually now you don't know respective
if you ask me
cheapest place okay okay thank you very much for telling us
i appreciate you telling us that you don't respect your confusion
i don't
dear respect that you don't respect it
yeah i can respect that items okay there are now there's the practice that's enlightenment there's enlightenment tama that you respect that you don't respect it
that i get respect
what else is there
that is clarity when you respect your your disrespect when you respect that that's clarity
and again you may not accept that
but human as i know i can't respect that as i can't respect that that much so i respect that i don't respect but i also want clarity and i'm saying to you the clarity is respecting your disrespect
if you don't if you don't have clarity you're not yet really respecting respecting me that you like or to it'll look at what you're respecting
and what i'm what i'm seeing as i don't respect my confusion okay we can work with that i got confusion yeah i don't respect it yeah okay you respect the shit aren't respected yes yes i do that clarity and that's enlightenment is that you notice what
you don't respect and you respect that i
and i do not reset
putting so much
i wouldn't call latin
you do not respect plays for yeah stayed
okay okay i got it i got it you don't respect that also also do you do you not respect bread pudding too little and enlightenment
so you you don't respect putting too much on
yes he knows that also not pudding too little yeah and so you don't respect that i hear you can i move on no said okay
you said something important i like to move on with that may i
i think you've said enough myself
i think it's said enough homer you said you don't respect putting too much on enlightenment enlightenment doesn't put too much on enlightenment so it's not good to put it's not good to put too much on enlightenment that's not good and it's also not good to put too little on enlightenment that's not good but
enlightenment respects putting too much on enlightenment
an enlightenment respect putting too little on it
so i i do not think it's good to put too much on it or to talk about it too much or to talk about it too little at the i agree it's not good to overdo are under do but irish i aspire to respect oh
overdoing and undergoing and the respect is not overdoing her undergoing hits in the middle it's the middle way
and something if anybody ever did the right amount of whatever with enlightenment didn't not putting too much to live on it i wouldn't want to respect that to and respecting the right amount of emphasis and respecting over emphasizing one hundred emphasizing those are all practice that's what practices like
easter think and everything that's what enlightenment does and that's and that's practice
it's kind of related you set an alarm ago you are recommending it as a all assumptions i don't know if i said i reckon i you i don't use the word recommended of but anyway maybe i did i aspire to not abide in assumptions highest i personally inspired to have like present
i have assumptions about all of your sorry
my guy assume you're a male i assume you're a female so i mean i admit it but there's another i smother assumption of of the of a female female a female on i do is these assumptions come up you may be in in disguise
but in lieu of finding that out i assume
i aspire to not abide in my assumptions about people
i have assumptions about me too i aspire to not abide him i don't recommend not abiding because i don't want to recommend you a reality
in reality you don't buy it in anything you don't abide in your assumptions what i do as i tell you i'd tell you i aspire to not abide in my assemblies which means i aspire to reality
if you are
you are hi i'm not
i mean my aspiration for person right now
if i mean if i if i'm abiding go if i'm abiding in my assumptions yeah that and that person in the new practices is to respect his to respect that abiding
which i aspire to give up
but by respecting my abiding in my assumptions i will it is in accord with the path of not abiding if you wanna be free of abiding than respect for the abiding is the way to go
okay you're good and i write anything else before we have lunch i mean before we have a ceremony is
i'm listening to all of this what hi
clarification that i have it for myself that we're talking about
a conversation about people who have are willing
so what else have it practices
tom necessarily speaking about the someone is not necessarily is good way or awakening me
we used a successful talking about impact
graduate congratulations you you've said something i don't agree with
instead you talking about the people who are not engaged in the practice
didn't i consider some people policy it's now i know if there has to do not impact
who is
we are actually practicing we all of us including everybody you are thinking about everybody's doing the practice
du jour was doing the practice with reality that's the story he was practicing with her but he didn't think so he was committed
he was it's true he was committed to practice and he was practicing but he thought he wasn't
yeah but he was committed now he could have also been not committed
grabner story that was a monk one time who has not committed to practice and then somebody came to visit him and he said well i didn't practice with her
okay but he was practiced the wizard even though he didn't want to he was mad that
he was actually more with her than the monk we have in our story who wanted to practice with her but couldn't according to his idea but he was practicing with their that was the conversation he had which set up the punch line of his meeting with the great teacher
that conversation was integral to his awakening
his opinion that he couldn't practice but in that first story he wanted to practice yeah but he but we can have another story that was a monk who did not aspire to practice the boot away and reality came to visit him and he felt yeah i was successful i didn't branches the boat away with her
she asked me to talk i couldn't say anything i was like a total flow
so i'm and retire for an enormous sam successful as not practicing and then
the teacher gums and points that shows him that he was practicing and he was because there's nobody was not included in this practice and if you respect everybody you will realize everybody's on the path
we're all doing the same practices not like a lot of us are doing the same practice
all those who want to practice the buddha way are practicing together with all the people who want to and aspire to do know
i buy that that does you read in some people don't necessarily want to purchase the border way america some people don't necessarily want to and some people pretty definitely don't want to like my granddaughter and she definitely does not want to purchase the put away with me anyway with her mother earth script runs a school
she never does because she doesn't she gets in big trouble fast but with me she can not practice the would away she get a break from the buddha away
she thinks she can't she cannot get a break from practicing with reality
shit i'm practicing together with her who does not want to practice to put away and her who does practice one of our actions will i practiced with those who do not want to and also do want to i'm doing and i'm suggesting to you that you're practicing with all those people to all those people who
don't want to practice with you you're practicing with them
and if you respect everybody you realize i'm practicing together with all the people that don't respect
not all heavily all the people of people who would who do not respect me and do not respect my path i'm proud i'm i'm practicing respect to them that's the practice so not everybody is practicing respect so they don't realize that they're practicing together with all of
this yes so there's a difference true
that said for example i might said that it's okay
true you now for whatever it is i mean not really accept accepted as it as an invader
but if i have the knowledge that that is actually truly have you
he would also go go back to year not accepting my activity
you could respect your not accepting
and if i if i acknowledge that reality is people to do that
yeah but not just acknowledge a respected respected people do harm harm to each other you and you don't agree with the harm you don't want that boot it doesn't agree with the harm but it says this is not goods stop that buddhist stopping stop harming be
greetings buddhist as don't harm to not harm do not harm buddhist as it over and over and as buddha respect the harbors
i say yes but a respects the people who are doing harm and the buddha says to the people who are doing harm your not my the student when you do harm my students don't do harm if you want my student give up harm however if you slipped back into harm it's not like i'm to stop loving you
and respecting you i'm just gonna say to you again did you wanna be my student yes well then don't harm anything
so i don't i don't agree with any harm and that's why my granddaughter can push me around so much because i don't want to harm our relationship by being too forceful about you know now is time to take a shower now it's time
to do this i don't want to do this it is so i don't want to harm our relationship and she knows that and we were working it out and her mother doesn't want to harm it either but they have a different thing
paul some of the stuff with their mother she pulls with me
so that's my problem is i don't want to harvard but if i do want to respect her and that's part of what she can feel and as she she kind of abuses that gift says he respectfully so much i can do almost anything and then is now that's too much that she doesn't respect me
yee sang that and i respect her not saying and i it's really intense but as isn't where the book the practice is definitely intended to not harm any being and and then to benefit beings but it
means respecting beings who are being harmful
and there's plenty that and it's easy to disrespect people when they're being harmful
easy to disrespect and it's possible to respect harm even while you're working to protect beings from it and help people give it up and when people are being harmful and they feel
whew dose of respect they often dropped their harmful behavior in the face of that glove
the love melts the harming and tendencies
the respect disarms the harming energy and we want to disarm harming energy but by respect rather than suppression cause suppression is just flares up again when as disrespected or yeah you think you can stop me from being harmed of okay i'm i'm a good boy now
and then they let up
try to stop me from hurting myself when already hurt myself in a way that you can't stop me
no adequate we want to respect protect it's wonderful
but again if you really speculate you have to give up control
of beatings and then they they go wild sometimes when you give up trying to control them
and it can happen yes jeff
well well
he says
what never
teacher go
i've seen over there but it doesn't shoot there
for people want us to require model less one
worried that step change so well yeah so that free is he asked yeah i'm so i'm sort of i'm i am suggesting that if i wish for positive change and people who are being on unskillful or just plain cruel and
if i want to help people who are been cruel and disrespectful to evolve into respectful kind beings i have to teach him how to do it
cheech someone like that
why i will start i start i start by looking at myself
and i i might find when i see these things i might find disrespect coming up
and they are they already feel disrespected that's why
that's why they act the way they do because there's so much water be respected that they do these strange things to get respect so i would like if i don't respect to my work on myself so that i can transmit the respect if they get enough respect they will change and stop doing the things to try to get it when they
i feel it when you feel that you stop trying to get it not not right away but the more you feel respect the more you stop trying to get it and the more you start to give it the more you receive respect the more you give respect and some of the people were talking bud we we see them having trouble being respectful
as they feel on respected and they have a big deficit and feeling respected so we need to give him more respect in order to wake up respect in them
and right now i'm having trouble being respectful here with myself so i might work to do so if i ever buy interests that them or their friends i would be lie ready to respect him insane and bring and there surprised i here comes a buddhist monk and his product you're not going to respect me because they're into non vi
wilentz or whatever and i'm a murderer or whatever and but suddenly they feel respect wow
and that arms
but none not story first time i got the story and being upright about the head of the clan who was very violent and hateful but this is jewish people converted him they just kept giving him love and love and love and he couldn't he couldn't resist it and he got
he got transformed from my hating clan leader
you know into a personal apologize for all the harm he had done
that's what i'm betting on is that respect can be taught and practice can be taught
and it can be taught by started applying it to myself
and then to others if i notice disrespect myself to practice respect towards my respect and then turn it towards my grand just respect me she's kind of disrespectful of me and i say and i say to her and her mother says to her it's but it's hard for me that you
remember to say this target is so dynamic
sweetheart you need to respect your grandfather then she took your yeah
i need you to listen to me i need you to respect me it's sowed is so exciting and dynamic it's hard even to remember the right statements but i hang in there and it's wonderful is so wonderful she's such a good girl and she's like she's trying to learn how to be fully alive
and listen to me and respect me but just wants to do all kinds of amazing things which are not necessarily respectful and i have the chance to teacher and it's really hard and i love to do it and it's really are it's really hard and that's why your parents invite me over to take care of them because
they'll really appreciate a break from this dynamo
who's trying to learn how to respect
but also was trying to like to all these amazing activities like kick and thrown it's just wonderful is so challenging
i would like her i have to be i get all master and order to teach her and it's really hard
can be a nike don't master with her but that's what i aspire to and she does too much but not yet no no she wants to push she wants to attack she'll she horsey horsey is want to be he says it get down get down
i even forget to save say please to the horse
i get down and she jumps on me and it feels good actually she jumps from a distance onto my back it feels good it's actually fun and then she gets too rough as that's too rough you know
that's the rub more more gentle but as gentle in a very dynamic energetic situation which is hard to learn how to be forceful and strong and gentle and sometimes she gets it actually jumped on me and it's just right now it's got energy but it's not doesn't hurt me and then she go
was she also was taken these little hand weights and dropping them on my head
i don't like to ponder as or whatever is in got a hard you know she kept doing a to heart as too hard but she wanted to drop those things have a hybrid she want
oh it's like i don't i don't say no just i don't call the game off as i try to find a way that she can drop the and way to my head just the right amount to us it's like there's contact but it doesn't hurt and i'm trying to teach her that and she but she did
every wants to drop the way to my head she not interested maybe and dropping a way that works for me but i would like to learn to to do in our way that works for me rather than just say never drop goes weight on my head it doesn't want to play that game anymore i'm willing to play it i would like to learn how to like take that weight and like i set it on my
head you know in a way that doesn't hurt it is possible i'd like to learn that
and i'm also next time i do that she doesn't i would say do you want to learn that do you want to learn how to put the weight on my head in a way that doesn't hurt me and if she says no i don't want as they will let's not play that game anymore until you do one learn that
but you know the thing is she keeps coming up with new games that aren't for me
it is hard for me to learn how to tell her what i wanna do right away it's a his eight
she's eight and anyways is so wonderful and so challenging and yeah
hard to

should i tell you that this is r rated
anyway this is i'm just i'm telling you about my life i have this very done very intense relationship with this girl and she she tries to up with me that she can't try with anyone else and you know it's kind of fun for me and also challenging and i tell i give her mother reaper
courts and on earth and
but you know i do too and i also told you the story but
other grandchildren or older who used to put their hands of my mouth i told you that story right
and i
i like them to put their hands on my mouth as they want to but then i also told that you wash their hands
no so i'm i'm i'm interested to do these things with them and also interested to learn how to tell them my limits my boundaries and helped him find a way to work with them because they they know that i'm a person that they can push on the boundaries a little bit with
i'm willing to go that to those places and try to find a way to respect them and at the same way i respect my needs and to i'm doing that and i'm do the same with adults
anyway this the longest talk but within her i think this is the first time it's