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The Buddha's Practice Of Arranging Shoes

Non-attachment, Attachment, confusion, Nirvana, Subject-and-Object, Dragons,...
Dec 14 2019
No Abode Hermitage

Buddha Activity

The work of buddhas — buddha activity — is realizing intimacy and liberation in conversation together with all beings. In this series of meetings we will contemplate what it is to fully engage with...

YRB-2019-Spring, practicing generosity, Intimacy, Commitment, Buddha Mind, Separation...
Mar 12 2019
The Yoga Room

I always think of Hunan in Spring

Bodhisattva Vow, Koan, Perfection of Wisdom, Perfect Wisdom, japanese, cognitive...
Apr 12 2014
No Abode Hermitage

Three Kinds of Compassion 

Three Kinds of Compassion
Tenshin Reb Anderson
No Abode
Nov 10. 2012 AM

Separation, Duality, Subject-and-Object, Letting Go, Building, lecture, Silence, War...
Nov 11 2012
No Abode Hermitage

The Bodhisattva's Perfection of Being Ordinary 

Subject-and-Object, Addiction, Patience, japanese, Buddha Mind, Impermanence, Soto...
Nov 12 2011
No Abode Hermitage

The Mind of Enlightenment 

Silence, Lotus Sutra, Subject-and-Object, Ordinary Mind, Two Truths, Don't Know...
Aug 19 2010
The Yoga Room

Revealing the Intention of the Buddha

Samdhinirmochana Mahayana Sutra Chapter 1

Samdhinirmochana Sutra
Chapter One, Part Two
No Abode 3/21/09 PM

Yogachara, Subject-and-Object, Non-duality, Separation, Lineage, Intimacy, Lotus...
Mar 21 2009
No Abode Hermitage