Embracing the Mahayana: Do You Want to be an Artist? 

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as i say
said and many thais are
our meditation practice is totally culminated enlightenment
it is immediate realization
it's not something we do in in later
where enlightened the practice here's and might not
it's it's it's it's a immediate enlightenment
at the same time there can be immediate enlightenment
they can be have an immediate practice of enlightenment right now
and there can be a huge
reservoir a huge container consciousness of the results of past karma
which supports the arising of the file states of consciousness
the simultaneous with
immediate realization or following in the next moment after immediate realization self and foul state of consciousness can arise
and there can be there can be the practice of enlightenment in the file state in the practice or enlightenment is enlightenment in that the filed state
which is supported by the results of the past karma
of in of an individual lineage and of common
human lineage
been so their stories and zan in your stories and
the ancient record of the historical buddha
our people waking up quite quickly saw the buddha
in the first discourse in the first turning of the wheels scripture which just takes perhaps a we took a mirror to to say for maybe he spoke really slowly so maybe it took
five minutes or half an hour from to say it maybe there was big pauses between
each word or something but still it's only two pages when you read it out in english
after finishing this discourse it are concentrated people are one of them
new and authentic understanding of the teaching
the board is giving the talk and this boot giving the talk is buddha practicing enlightenment and buddhist practicing enlightenment with these students and these students are practicing enlightenment with the buddha
and one of them has a major change in his view of the world at the end of the talk he no longer believes and things he used to believe in at the end of the talk he no longer believes in a independently existing self by the end of talk
and this giving up the belief in independently existing self
it is kirk is a characterization of entering into
the path of the aryans the the actual practice
which is supported
by an understanding of the illusion of independent existence
ah we will talk later about actually just two paragraphs later about a state of mind that carries his belief
carries his view on an independent self carries his ignorance
and so it is possible that sentient beings who had this mind which carries a bully himself interacting with the dharma
give it up and no longer believe in independent existence of anything or it of the person list
however there are the result of their past action their storehouse consciousness
which is transformed at that moment
by this inside it's not completely transformed
so next moment another defiled state can arise
post this
giving up a belief in self
dropping have a mind which carries ignorance
but still the the results of past karma will continue to support the arising of more the file states
so what started it comes to mind from the early days
again once again if the thoroughly transformed
a storehouse consciousness or form consciousness
are you feeling jeff
okay he got he got bit by bees
how was it was a swarm now
funded out for them
source don't usually bite
they're they're actually quite benign
it's when these get away from and it's it's small groups of thugs
but when you're in the swarm that you don't pay she don't attack the feel more secure
i don't know how to that is but i've seen people
holding a swarm in their hands and carrying a you know
the other doesn't how to defend anymore
no queen to defend
jesus she's in the centre okay
so anyway ah
this guy comes to see the border who's got the files states of conscience he's quite involved meditator and he's also got this
has not been totally transformed in other words is not a buddha he's coming to see the one who has totally transformed storehouse consciousness the buddha
and he says to the buddha
something like sir
we can i i had a question for you
i'd like to receive some teaching and the buddha purnima taylor bit more my he goes to see the buddha and he is looking for the buddha and and people and he goes to them where the buddha's teaching and as amongst their in it and he says work whereas the goodness of the buddha has gone to town to get lunch
to up to beg for lunch so you'll find him and town begging for the this this cod goes to this rather advanced yogi goes to town to find the buddha his name is buying yeah and he sees the border and it goes up the and says
sir learn master where you are please give me the teaching in the british as now is not a good time monk
parentheses i'm i'm begging for lunch close parentheses and the guy says sir
life is uncertain
we cannot be alive this afternoon
we don't i may not have the able to get the kitchen from your later please give me the kitchen
and the buddha says
this is not a good time
and then he says a third time
sir life is uncertain
i mean i have in our chance please give me the teaching and the bullet says
if you ask the three times he gives up his lunch for you

or she gives your lunch lunches
by our train yourself thus
in the scene
there will be just the scene
in the heard it will be just to her
the the actual texas and they can reflected their over guess the reflected but as an abbreviation for in the smell there were just smelled
in the taste adobe just tasted in the touch there will be just the touched
and then in the imagine there will be just the imagined so the objects of these five active consciousnesses okay he say
in seeing something there with just seeing
in other words is teaching
just be present and still
with what's happening
this is the practice of enlightenment train yourself us
and then he says when for you
it's like what i taught you when for you in the senior just the scene and in the heard there's just a heard
and in the imagined they're just imagined
then there will be no
ah identification with the scene there will be like you identify with the see are you identifying with the heard it would be no identification you were just be the scene in the sea
there'll be no locating yourself in the scene or heard for the imagined
he didn't say it but they will be nelson on dislocating yourself you will be located someplace else from the scene
you'll be and you will be this identify from the scene they'll just be the scene the just pick a color i said
and you won't be in is proud of it don't just be the car
so when it's like that for you well as i instructed you when you actually become like the instruction then there will be no here or there are in between and this will be the end of suffering
and by understood he woke up
no words he he no longer believe that there was a self
and another or self and the colors and the self and heard he he awoke
and then he said i will i wish to join your your song i wish to join your community and study with you know i'm commenting here on that he wanted to join the buddha's community and practice with the buddha
and cultivate this insight and apply it to the transformation of his unconscious which was still
it had been changed by this insight but
it was still a huge reservoir generating
potentially virtually innumerable
afflicted states harder all these states would be met with a my with an understanding
which would bring itself with them back into the ally and gradually transform it so he wanted to enter into you could say know exactly postgraduate training but post enlightenment training post enlightenment training
or enlightenment training to make a buddha
and the buddha said
do you have the requisites so in the boot ordained people
into the
monk community they had to bring a and bowl
so hit the moto this one do not do have the roman ball if you don't you gotta go get him and come back
and then i'm sure he would have been happy to dan this enlightened disciple enlightened yes
i'm conscious totally transformed with the answer no
unconscious quite transformed yes otherwise he wouldn't have been able to
get the boy to give them their teaching
and you wouldn't have been able to listen that continually
and so he had already been transforming his unconscious for a long time but he wanted to continue the transformation to make a buddha not can make himself into a buddha to make a buddha has himself wasn't a buddha
but there is a buddha which is a completely transform consciousness unconsciousness so he won't do that with the buddha the buddha was what would welcome him but he had to go get the roman the ball and he went to get the robin and ball but amazingly
he got between a water buffalo and her calf

and he did not use his martial arts to protect himself and the female water buffalo kill him
so i never got to join the community however he did get him he did get this
a major insight this major experience of the truth of selflessness and
and he got a very quickly the buddha nicknamed him
ah most rapid in insight
and he and the monks as well what happened to him in the buddhist said he's fine he's in such as such a realm
and he will continue his practice
at the appointed time
he will continue his evolution but
he's in he's in fine shape
but he did he did have to leave his body due to
ah corporeal damage
making it difficult for him to go on baking tours with us
so he checked out and he'll he'll come back though and continue his practice
so this is a knee realization yes in a simple practice of being still an open years
but then is a long process of becoming a buddha
authentic awakening
that's an old pre at a story that occurred before the zen school developed in china
i have i heard this morning
from one of the zen people this is a quote from
this is from a text by the zen teacher or the buddhist teacher pay dogan
and that the chapters called something like
avoiding all evil
show ako na casa



well i i apologize to you
i don't see the be able to find this example of
immediate realization just somehow doesn't
can find it

a lot of echo

the next section i ask your
permission to skip it because it's about your favorite topic and your favorite topic is out of scale at this time in the afternoon some skip it
that's okay go to something as not your favorite topic
but that we can that isn't so interesting so what takes along
so i'm going to skip dissection and go to next session where it says it is also called mind
as when the world on or one has spoken of mind thought and perception

so the world on one
the historical buddha spoke of cheaper which is often translated as mind
minus which is here translated as thought but can also be
translated as mentation or reflection or thinking
and then he taught virginiana which is usually translated as consciousness in particular discriminating consciousness in particular particularly six kinds of kinds of as i mentioned are called the six of uranus
the five senses me on as and mind now
following that
no have some question john
well i'm only slightly confused by mind and consciousness and well this is this is this is saying this is saying consciousness which has a specific objects okay so it's toward the geode using used for like high consciousness
this aware of different colors mine confidence which is aware of different specific
concepts are objects or mind and soul on the first one were to calm mind chitter
that is as it is also called mine it is a storehouse consciousness the buddha also called in mind
he it's it's also it's called a liar virginiana
but when you're talking about the piano which applies to specific objects and ah thought her thinking without talk more about a minute and ah
and mind him by mind a song or saying he meant this elia viviani a lion is known as not aware of colors and sounds and smells and concepts
and that's that's part of how is the the unconscious is not aware of version the trees whispering the ways it's not aware of that stuff
the songs and pains and pleasures and colors and smells those are specific things that the
ah the unanimous that the sixty owners are aware of
a lie is where to and i'll tell you in a little while when it's aware of but it's not aware of the colors and the sounds of active consciousness
it's not aware of the thought good and thought band a thought pain thought pleasures not aware of various judgments those are the thing those are the specific objects that active consciousness nose and we know like this was a good day for it was a hot day or cold day
this is our act of conscience ally is not
aware of that kind of stuff
a liar is supporting those mines which are thinking of that stuff
they are not existing without the support
and then there's a and then there's a third one which is called manas which is called thinking or reflecting or mentation
and thought things were found these objects of for objects of thought and also means thinking
a path can be an idea a concept
and it can also mean thought can be referring to the activity of thinking so i think actually it's better to say mind thinking and consciousness

and i'll i'll just mentioned here what is why aware of a liar is aware of the body
it's aware of the body that it can next year because the storehouse consciousness the unconscious
lives in the body
it can next to the body
and part of the reason they came up with this
sense that the buddha was teaching this storehouse consciousness was because of the phenomenon
where people would enter into deep trances
where there was no the active consciousness is we're not operating and they still and they were alive they didn't die
and when they came out of these chances
they thought that this that the act of consciousness that came out into fallen the of the act of consciousness they and just before they enter the trance
which is another reason for feeling like they were there was no active consciousness in between to them
have you followed that did you
no so like let's say you know if i was a great yogi i think it's saturday afternoon and i maybe a look at the clock says by twenty and i enter this trance and perhaps seven hours or days later i come out and i if you have
me what time it is i would say it's five twenty and a few seconds
can just a moment ago was five twenty so now probably five twenty two seconds or something for me nothing's happened the last thing that happened was just a moment before it even though you watched me and i was sitting here and i was alive for hours and hours and hours but my act consciousness were not arise
elia was there potentially supporting them but because of yogic activity they were turned off and it also be turned off in dreamless sleep
heavy night whispered in his part of the night we spend for a lie as their the unconscious is there but there's no there's no dreams even
consciousness is
and a como va the same right coma brain damage anesthesia
ah and
very deep a yogic trousers those are the cases where the active consciousness are turned off where the person's not hearing sites hearing sounds seeing sites thinking of concepts
it's basically turned off but the hint but but their lives however it's a go thing sometimes if you're using chemicals or if it's due to a disease that the turned off whereas yoga is usually did not die but sometimes they didn't die in those transit and then there would be reborn in various
is meditation heavens
excuse me her measure
that's the topic i skipped over of
that's so interesting anyway
that's part of reason i came up with this storehouse consciousness is that it's supports life because it actually connects with the body is lives in the sense organs
if it's it starts his life together with the life of the sense organs and when the sense organs turnoff it turns off he has such shares the benefits and risks of the body so it's aware of the body and the everything is aware of his
physical world
it's it's a it has an awareness that there's a world
and the world has been awareness of if the world that the other that's common with the other elias and it also has an awareness for it and not like a nose and i don't think it doesn't know the word a world like
colors and sounds and smells and trees and birds and people doesn't know that world it knows that there is a world that there isn't a world over and has a sense of that there is a world
and then the act of consciousness is filled colored in we don't just have colors and shapes his mouth they are populating of our sense that there's a world that is a contain that there's something in which the stuff happening all the specific things are happening not in different worlds but in one way
world lie as a sense that there's a world in which all this stuff is happening in which all of these seeds are coming to mature as active consciousness why has that since he doesn't know what how the world be colored in
the act of consciousness is know that but they only know one particular thing at a time the lion knows that there's a whole thing that contains it and the cumulative effect of southern moments
of active consciousness can occur many moments can occur in a very short period of time on a clock so the world can be painted in an individually in a very short time and the sense that as a world goliath is where of that
and the other things that requires aware of
is a predisposition towards
connect towards the proliferation of conventional designation in other words it's aware of the linguistic world
okay i'll go into more detail on that later i just wanted to finish this paragraph which talks about
the third consciousness which is called manas
and tortoise so we have mind thinking and consciousness thinking here is a two kinds
immediate the immediately disappearing consciousness is thought because it is a condition for subsequent thought
the generation of consciousness
to be thinking
that's the first aspect of this
instead of thinking is that it serves the function to support the horizon of these other states to those states are supported by a liar but they also needed immediately antecedent active consciousness
and the immediately had a see an active consciousness together with this
storehouse consciousness gives rise to act of conferences
and then there's a second kind which is called the defiled thinking and the defiled breaking is always yoked with for afflictions or for passions
belief in self self pride self-love and primal ignorance
the primal ignorance of which says basically
i am
and is the basis for a sense of separation of self and other
so every moment of active consciousness happens with this with this
with these two aspects of thinking one the immediately antecedent active consciousness has support for the rising and the other
a defiled consciousness which carries basic ignorance and comes with these afflictions
and that consciousness drops away when we have insight so in the story of by that consciousness dropped away
with the for afflictions is no more self pride
primal ignorance dropped
and the other kind of manas are thinking continued though
cause is he still would need an immediate antecedent active consciousness for the arising of his present fact of consciousness
but the antecedent consciousness is not present with the the fall state
there has to be an antecedent condition immediately and the same condition but the antecedent condition is not present
and but what is present
is the effects of the past they are present and simultaneous with the active consciousness the unconscious is simultaneous with the conscious the antecedent consciousness is gone but we need that either as a condition for the current one so a liar
currently immediately now supports this consciousness we have
and are and the last guy we had also supports it but it's not here anymore
and therefore it cannot transmit the last consciousness cannot transmit to us
whenever it did so if you had a good got a moment ago that cannot be transmitted from that good thought to this thought
if you had a great start
an enlightened and enlightened or enlightening thought that can not that guy it cannot be transmitted from itself to us now but it as effects and it's effects are present in supporting i thought now
and then there's this other kind of consciousness which most of us to have which is the belief in itself which is primal ignorance being carried by their consciousness the the prime of ignorance is
self is not a consciousness exactly but as a consciousness which carries that and holds that and
transmits that to every active consciousness and tell us overthrown her armoury refuted and one of the west refuted as by the practice
the buddha gave which is basically very similar to the practice is very familiar and early buddhism and is and have just been completely present and still with your active consciousness
as possible then
do not look at yourself
in what you're aware of
or dislocate yourself from mature were off and then there's no than the self other split is temporarily at that moment not functioning and in that country that an end that kind of thinking

but a liar
which it has transformed at the very moment that that inside happens it's transformed somewhat but not totally
it had to have to be many many moments in our practice after this insight
the long career of the bodhisattva now he started before that body such as want to practice for the welfare of all beings but they still
until this moment they think other bags part their deterred defiled by the are afflicted by the thought the other beings are separate from them
now the person doesn't that doesn't believe that anymore however to have
the influence of innumerable past moments when they did which will produce innumerable
which was sponsored by their delusion
but the person here does not believe it anymore
so as this one long embarrassment from then on
but you continue to think like you used to when you believed that ignorance was true when ignorance look right
and the appearance of ignorance was to rise in some cases your hear about it on t v but you won't believe it however
the file states will keep rising and keep testing
ah until put away
it's no five thirty
should i call on people are not
yes yes
i think i'd rather go around with for long advertisement
solace and this continue our embarrassed path together and and hopefully ha you will be encouraged to continue to practice even know you're embarrassed
and all i ought to be embarrassed with you
i'm ought to be an to continue to practice with you even i'm an embarrassment to you and
samir a mirror is
the may or intention the way extend to every place
the ah to say them
asked astro
at and
a serviceable
lot to be covered and if by any chance i was proud to be associated with you can be another embarrassment