Fayen’s Good Friendship

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to become

another day
in the boot away
again there's the expression clean the temple
clear away any resistance
let go of any doubts in the practice of sitting buddha and sit buddha
set buddha said with buddha said
and then today i suggest clean the temple and
listen to the cries of the world
so i'm proposing in case it wasn't clear that just sitting
is listening to the cries of the world that what we smith by just sitting
is listening to the cries of the world
listening to all sentient beings
contemplating all living beings with eyes of compassion
you know the name
canon or guanyin
means contemplating
ah the sounds the cries but the word for contemplation there
sometimes translated as regarding
but it's also the character of the chinese use for insight
so it's observing that character guan or con it's amy's observing so if you're observing sounds he will say well as listening if you're observing sites you will be looking
but the character also means is used to translate the passionate or insight so it it means to listen or regard with insight
the cries of all sentient beings this is just sitting of the same school
so we said having given up everything and practice great compassion we listened to the cries as a world
so in some sense we receive
the boys compassion and we give the buddhist compassion in both directions in our sitting
to be
in a way that allows this giving and receiving of compassion of course to me it makes sense that i would let go of everything so that there would be no
there would be no holding to interrupt the process of giving and receiving compassion said make sense to you
and then another way i would say it as clean the temple and practice good friendship
just sitting i propose is good friendship it's a kind of friendship that promotes
perfect wisdom
the is friendship the buddhist good friendship the good friendship of the borders is a friendship which opens people to buddha's wisdom
demonstrates put his wisdom helps them wake up to buddha's wisdom and help some enter buddhist wisdom
that's the kind of friendship that the buddhist practice that's the friendship which is which is the boot away
but sometimes the friendship you might not notice that it's friendly
so here's some examples
of of somebody who
i propose gave up everything
observe sentient beings and was good friends to people in such a way that the friendship open people the buddha's wisdom and demonstrated perfect wisdom and help people wake up to it
so this this person i'm talking about this teachers' names fi un
ah which means
dharma i are dumb eyes fire
so one day a monk monk named weight child
quito asked by am
hurry child asks the teacher
what is buddha
the good friend via and says
you are wage job
our way child

that was his friendship
here's another example of his friendship
the superintendent of his monastery the director of his monastery
had been serving
the monastery diligently but it never asked to enter firenze room
entering the room is as and term for and going to the room
to ask about the dharma with the teacher he go in the room of friendliness you go into a room of just sitting you're going to room of
listen to the cries as a world with the teacher going to the teachers
rome for listening to the cries of the world and ask about the dharma heat that superintendent the director of the temple never want to see the teacher
so one day the teacher die my eyes said you haven't come down to my room
and the director replied didn't you know teacher
when i was with master ching lynn
i had entry

the good friends of the buddha way want to help people enter enter what
the boot away enter buddha's wisdom so he was with another zen teacher and he had entry with him
so again it's a clear violence is how come you don't come my room and he says well when i was over thirty dry i entered buddha's wisdom so i don't need to come in your room anymore and and fi and said
i try to recall what happened for me
and the director said
i asked
what is the self of the student
and the the master lin said the fire god comes looking for fire
why and said good words but i'm afraid you didn't understand
can you say some more for me
and the director says the fire god is in a province of fire
and he is seeking fire with fire
i am myself yet i went searching for myself
and said
that's what i thought the superintendent does not understand
this is his friendship
however even though this was his friendship
the superintendent
had to contain his anger
at the teacher saying that he didn't understand
after he thought he had entered buddhist wisdom
so he left the monastery he walked out
and went off across the river

sometimes when somebody is
holding on to their understanding their friends say to them
looks like you don't understand to me
the sec you're stuck and sometimes people get really angry when their friends perhaps say something like that even if their friend is a great zen master
so here we are the director the monastery thinks he has entry the teacher says i don't think he did he gets angry and leave the monastery
and after he left to die my master dharma eyes said this man can be saved
if he comes back
if he doesn't return he can't be saved
this is an example of
the sincere student
the teacher saying get out
the still leaving
and if he can if he comes back he can be saved
if not he cannot be saved
han the road the director thought the former director thought to himself
well actually he is the teacher
of all those people
five hundred monks
how could he deserved how could he deceived me
perhaps i should give him another try
so he returned
and called on master dharma eyes again
and and said
just ask me and i'll answer you
after finance said to the director just pass me and i'll answer you
thereupon the director said
what is the self of the student and fire and said the fire god comes looking for the fire guide
at these words the director had entry great entry
this is
the friendship of perfect wisdom
this story is also told with changing the original question from what is the self as a student to
what is buddha
he can set what is buddha and the first teacher says
fire god comes taking fire
which of course doesn't make much sense that fire guard for becoming sick fire
and then then directors understanding was i'm already buddha
and when i was asking about buddha
the teacher said
there was like the fire god seeking fire
it's like border seeking buddha and i woke up
and fire and said i don't think so
here's another example of friendship between fire
and more reappear
in the peers name is
shouldn't you know
tion no shoe shoe shine like shoeshine sure
so shoeshine says to fight em
no finance institution
if there's a hair's breadth difference is like the distance between heaven and earth
this is a way to start a friendly conversation
the previous story was about a hair's breadth difference
what is the self as a student
fire god comes taking fire god
the fire god comes seeking fire
and he doesn't understand
then what is itself with a student
fire god comes taking fire god
and he understands what's the difference
the difference was the first time
when he was tested there was resistance
and he ran away and he came back this time there was no resistance there was no separation
same answer same question same answer no difference no difference between the first time in the second time no difference to him and fire on no difference between entering a not entering
so then this next case he's talking about
so damn i says to his friend sean
a hair's breadth difference is like the distance between heaven and earth
how are you testis inexperienced how do you understand this
hair's breadth differences like the distance between heaven and earth how do you understand this you know what he said
shoeshine says a hair's breadth differences like the def distance between heaven and earth and fire and says pretty good but how can you understand it that way
is she said
i'm just like this how about you teacher
and she and finances a hair's breadth difference is like the distance between heaven and earth

and it doesn't say that in this case shushan woke up it association bar because she she was already awake
he's already master
and yet they could still there's the masters took can be friends with each other and still play
play the game of a hair's breadth difference is like the distance between heaven and earth


why not

him to frozen your pardon me
as a production
the early action i was down live
the entire world cannot save her sheer size of lied and
chicago world she removes i was a most excellent i work in july so a in distress be for our second person the gloom and darkness of delusion shears or visit organizations she has a clear knowledge of the
and being
is for she does not stray away from it
china with the borders sets in motion wheel of dharma

any questions
that she has a clear dollars

thank you that's the question to do your question it says she has a clear knowledge of the own being of all dharmas and
he thought time as had no one behind right that is their own being
the own being of dharmas is the lack being
and pregnant by me to knows
their own being she knows that they lack own being and she does not stray from this lack of own being she knows that they lack that they're empty of own being and she doesn't stray from their emptiness however
even though she doesn't stray from their emptiness from their lack of own being she also doesn't stray from them
she doesn't like hold on to emptiness to sandwiches with dharmas she's also knows their emptiness
because she's that way with everything
that way of being with things turns the wheel of dharmas that's where the buddha's turn the wheel from his in the mail on that own being which is that things don't have on be
things do have an ultimate nature is an ultimate nature is
but they lack
a nature
the like and new being is their own being
any other responses yes yes maybe you first even though you're actually were second
just about the second shall be first you wonder you you're wondering about the lack what what do you want they weren't lack lack of the do like accidents better
i don't know
it's it's an interesting things things don't have an own being other than at an absence of own ban they don't have an independent self
they don't have an inherent self isn't that like
super really isn't as superfluidity it would be accept a superfluid he doesn't doesn't have enough being either so it's not really there is just it's there because it's been set up to be there
you're welcome anytime
where the same is somewhere it's from
join sanskrit or english
which way do you first
it's from aashto sasuke a prisoner pardon me to sutra
which is the suture on perfect wisdom in eight thousand lines and as from the chapter called hell
and so it's it's good that the subheading called
him to put the perfection of wisdom
this is that this is actually an excerpt is the him as a little longer in in the sutra

how connected there's no connection at all
does it lack and can actually you know
that would be superfluous


one action is listening
you have to
well i'm just saying that in our in our little
in our little school
we have this practice we can't just sitting
have you heard about it
so it's kind of like you say or that's one of the practices of the soto zen school right so i'm just telling you that that practice that we're doing here in soto zen called just sitting i'm just telling it just happens to be the practice of of low-key test far
the metaphor
just city
every aspect and
every action
you can be just city if you are tap dancing and why your tap dancing you are listening to the cries of the world gay then you are just justice

sure is there something specific about the sitting practice though as opposed to tap dancing and i don't mean yes there is buddha was not tap dancing under the bodhi tree
as far as me know but it was sitting under the bodhi tree
but and under the bodhi tree
buddha was listening to the cries of the world
and he movably and and the cries of the world some of the cries of the world were saying
no big boy
come over here sweetheart get on air this was some of the craziest listening to
or what were some of the other ones i heard this morning
anyway there's there's lots of cries
and the buddha was listening to him all but the bhutto was not moved
have a look at test-fired not like getting knocked off her seat which he listens to these people
she's like
upright and risk and responding to all decries by listening to them
it just so happens that cheap dutch that she wasn't tap dancing that she was sitting in movably now puccio men tap dancing and been sitting and movably sure why she that's not the story
i hope so
i hope when you're sitting that that's an active reverence that you're sitting
in reference to the to the great sitters in history and also in reference to the great tap dancers
this them when the buddhist sapp the buddha was sitting and reverence to buddha's with was sitting in reverence to sitting still
was sitting in reverence to not being reactive to threats
and charms of the cries of the world
if you started and center and the practices tap dancing
if the people can learn to listen to cries of the world while tap dancing great
that's possible but
so far i don't know if anybody has been successful at that
was if you have a zen center where people sit like here you're sitting
people seem to be willing to while they're sitting since there's not much else going on we might as well listen to the cries of the world my not i i have i don't have to play with my
electronic equipment right now
yeah if you're if you're suggesting for me to follow my breathing more problem i mean i am breathing will follow it i don't have a lot of other things to do and listen to the cries of rural the same time fine but if you tap tap dancing is i can't like listened to cross the road while i'm tap dancing with the i have enough challenge just to try to do that
i think it would be great if you could like listen to the cries the world why your tap dancing
the resemblances
but i think anyway if you're singing or dancing if whatever you're doing if you're listening to cries the world is just sitting and
robert as this morning about the first case of this book liquid record
he's about bodhi dharma
going to see the emperor and the had long talk and then afterwards bodhidharma left and went and sat for nine years and after he left the imperial the teacher of the emperor said to the to the emperor just as your majesty know who that was that we just hear an emperor set i don't know
he said that was overlooking touch bar a boy sofa
so i'm lucky test far went up and sat for nine years
so our founders think china is other lucky test for
in the form of bodhi dharma this is a diamond to the
and i'm on the buddha's right is bodhidharma
on the buddha's left is other lucky test for but really it's all the lucky test for on both sides
this guy's just sitting
you just tap dancing
get the picture the everybody's just sitting that's the that's the basic program everybody's just listening to the cries of the world everyone's just opening beings the buddhist wisdom
but if you don't listen to cries the world
you can't open people to perfect wisdom
you can open you can't be open if you're not open to all beings cries than you're not open to perfect question
so here we have these different styles so we have the buddha and we are bodhidharma we have guanyin and then we have the statue smaller one which is pregnant are meta
the lady had the colorful lady
anything else did you like to bring up
yes better clarity coefficient when you were talking about plan
the interchange about the fire god the first instance that urgency several times the fire guts expire
a second one of the fire god six fire god i met him steak fire god come seeking fire is the correct okay desirable a sustainable business yes sorry
and all the lucky test far is the bodhisattva who's in the heart sutra
the one who's listening to the cries of the world is the one who is practicing deeply the perfection of wisdom
listening is the basic practice and then based on that we enter into perfect wisdom and entering perfect wisdom is what liberates bags
and who liberates things the perfection of wisdom liberates them
have like a test for practices the perfection of wisdom the buddhas are born from the perfection of wisdom
and the context for perfection of wisdom
is the good friendship listening to the cries of the world the monk says
my name's clay chow what is buddha
you are way child
this new the cries
the monk wage i'll ask what is buddha new our wage job
the teachers listening to a student but the student is also listening to the cries as a world so when the teacher says you are way job he enters

you are
you are
let me check to see what they did here
no comma
you are show
no com
but there is a there are quotation marks
jane and budget
lot lotta i mean so blogger florida and jane where'd you say
blood is now a lada is behind j know i just set her name wrong first time so i started again vlogger nj to see jane wright
j taylor wrote for changing fun
the prisoner
the iconic to say that you remember this
so the question does a tv series called the prisoner
before your parents were born
prisoner fighting you asap strange basic number six number six he goes to see emperor
every every episode

you are
ah did you get anybody get goosebumps
because every episode of their can do nonfiction
and as soon as never like and is known size later
his name's simon temple or
thinking about that when you ask a question about the
number two is always simon temple or number six and simon templar mistakes
did he clean
but it
reese every episode
is an attempt to clean the temple
and it isn't like you clean the temple and set once you do it over and over until all sentient beings during the process right
it's a little like groundhog day and groundhog day is a little like zen practice

and that was quite a friendship wasn't it
she was a good friend and wack wack wack
wack kept walking until i gave up everything
and then he could be that he he reciprocated her friendship finally

either way to
i know way to say it his acceptance
another way to this essay another way ways to say acceptance
and to it or accept you can say except and to the extent that it has yeah and not be attached to the to the concept except except without attaching to accept and is perfect wisdom also reject
without attaching to reject it's another word for perfect wisdom is to not accept
can not attached to not accept
not abide in nodded and not accepting
but not abiding and
now accepting we sometimes call accepting
but you can also say therefore we say not accepted to the extent that accepting is just a word it is the perfection of wisdom
just like to extend that the perfection of wisdom and just a word is the perfection of wisdom to the extent that anything is just a word it is a perfection of wisdom
but we tend to think that things are a little bit more than just a word so then we think there's some justification to abidin and then we resist

her just a goose bumps
you are number one
he's not much you could say you are buddha but really it's it's you or donna
you are buddha might get along hetty but you are romi
you are simon temple
yes kim



yeah yeah
the city is not an extension of our daily life
the sitting is to sit and regard the cries of the world but we would like to extend that sitting into our daily life
where we kind of are gonna try to answer the telephone or write a report
but why i write a report if you're listening to the cries of the world you're just sitting you're pointing back does it just sitting if you are continuing our practice why your
doing your work
then then the practice of just sitting the practice of regarding the cries of the world the practices of of lucky taskbar whose practicing perfect wisdom are being extended to your work
but you don't have to bring answer the telephone back to the city
but we would like to bring the sitting down the telephone
the calling a friend
like last night i called a friend
whose husband just died and her husband was somebody that i ordained as a priest and i also ordained her as a priest
so i called her but i didn't he wasn't just me calling her
it was just sitting calling her so she was very happy to hear from just sitting
i could be her friend and other ways but
the main thing i had to give her was just sitting is calling
its name is rob
but he's is is bringing just sitting to you so it's very nice for her to hear from just sitting to hear from the practice of listening to the cries of the world we stand that to everything we want to
but we don't bring everything to just sitting but we can
but it's not an extension of it it's an opportunity for so you don't have the brink typewriter type writing or type dancing do you selling but
he would be good to bring your setting to typewriting and tap dancing and typesetting typecasting
right that's our effort
and then demonstrated by doing that he opened beings the perfect question to buddhist wisdom
can you demonstrate yet because it can go anywhere
but it to be careful hair's breadth difference right
a hair's breadth difference they can miss it
so part of expanding it is to be very careful to listen to the cries of the world carefully what did you say again

why we have a few more seconds anything which led to bring up today
which we ended to be
can hear hearing

yes yeah key
exactly give up them and give up any ideas about other people not been kind people yeah
give that all up and have to give it up than just said
and now that you've given up you're ready to just sit and now again i'll listen to ideas of being good person of ideas and other people aren't good people than now you listen to it now you're really getting into just sitting but yes sort of warm up to it by cleaning the temple


did be are lucky test fire
if you hold on then you can have trouble
being compassion is world and i often also have mentioned that usually have a at test for is by standing up
yeah like
bestowing things on the world
like often holding a vase and a flower
sometimes sitting but oftentimes with one leg down and making a gesture of openness to the suffering listening i don't know if any pictures where she has her hand up your ear
but she's kind of out there
and i went to the music he may in party
in nineteen eighty seven i went to that museum and i went in and i saw this picture than this statue of have a look a touch bar sitting in a cave
and in the cave there was like no shelves in iraq and on one shelf towards her lotus flower and as a shelf shelf with her vase which is often holding
and her hands were in the this meditation murderer i thought oh yeah she has to just sit she needs to let go of everything so she can do this
inconceivable listening
so that site is sometimes not mentioned
but it's there after let go in order to them be of the best service we can be
so this
kind of fierce dude named bodhidharma was another form of have a look at test for
in the form of somebody who sat still for a long time facing a wall
so there's this is a model of great compassion and great wisdom
he's teaching the perfection of wisdom to the emperor
just like i have a look at touch bar is taking the perfection of wisdom to
to a sharp putra and us
and again the hardship is the only perfection of wisdom scripture or overlook a at touch bar to teach kitchen
the only one his hand other ones but he's not the teachers disorder in the group
you said something very much like this just a few seconds

do something to say
give up trying to help so you can listen to them and then when you give up trying to help and listen to them
then you have a cat to teach wisdom which will help them
again clean the temple so that you can stop trying to clean the temple
he'll turn off the gas on the stove so you can feel like okay now i can just listen if you if you're sloppy if you don't practice ethics on your way to that to the temple or when you get to the temple if we don't take care of things like if we don't take care of how we park
you know if we parked in front of people's driveway for not careful than we sit down here some of this would have trouble like just listening because we're going to become like a world
did i park in the right spot
i can't like all that he have to take care of the cleaning the temple and cleaning the parking area enough so if you're like now i can really idol i can now i can let go
and is listening
and just follow the breathing and now i can just
not a by it can know about
but we we have to take care of the environment in order to really be able to relax
and listen
make sense
this time we didn't have lot of cleaning just a little bit thank you for those of you clean the dixon walkways so he could set
who can
rose karen
have like a test for thank you
may i
grey extend to every dating and place
the survey the
what to say them
he's on asked to tomorrow
no running down a satellite as
the run into them but as well as unsurpassable
i'm going to be comments