Master Judi's One Finger Zen

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mr me
all the cries of the world
when the other areas
meditation hall

the bot arises to ask the question
how does consciousness appear to you now
is there awareness
is there is an issue is the body of period and consciousness now
he's a body appearing in consciousness now
he's the body
if it appeared apparently isn't isn't breathing
in the midst of cries of the world

i would rise in the world appearing in consciousness
is a body appearing in consciousness
he's the bottom breathing
is there an appearance of breathing in consciousness
he their parents of the bodies
of friends
on the values of friends appearing and consciousness
on the sound of words
appearing in consciousness
he is
there are wish to hear
the teachings of perfect wisdom given by the gentle buddhas
do you wish to teach the truth
the people just came in and set time on the edge of the platforms we wanted

in the family style of me
we encourage each other to mindful
i'm our posture breathing
as a basic
online awareness
the basic attention
to listen to
the cries of the world
my of our breathing body and then mine follow the cries of the world
are encouraged to practice compassion
i'm here
with this body
this body is here with me
there's a sense of me being here with his body
on this buying bring with me
name with the screening body and in that context
i listen to
the cries of all beings
i wish to practice compassion
and also in the same school we tell stories
a bike
ancestors are we tell an ancestral stories

sometimes we tell stories about what happened today or yesterday
and sometimes those stories turning to answer transformers
for future generations
this morning and consciousness there appeared to thought that
i was expected right i said i'm give a talk this morning
and in a way and really seem appropriate that i should come with nothing
how can i come with nothing in
a deep sense of responsibility to you
come here
how can i feel abandoned journalists with didn't bring anything
what i want to offer myself naked routine
and as
when the historic candyman appeared in consciousness
and the story a story
it's a story about chinese zen person and his name was judy
he came to my mind my thought
maybe ever offer that story
and was a little girl
in the room with me
want me to on
open is medicine models for her
she had lots of things she wanted me to do
while i was contemplating this story
about judy
i confess that i was we consistently
aware of the body bring him
when i was pushing away many requests
for me to entertainer
still without resisting her i was able to bring this book
in which i am a story about shooting
the stories called duties one finger
and i died
and i've seen the story and consciousness i'm also one i see also wonder into my consciousness and whether i'm using the story to cover myself
to hide from you

so i want to tell you the line
i'm in the situation where duty
and it looks like i'm an italian judy story
but i
i also am concerned
from your welfare
to the store
be aware the bottom of the pyramid consciousness
if it appears
the perfect wisdom of the general borders even though i'm talking
so in this book the story of duty is very simple
it is that whenever
the master judy
was asked a question he would just raise one finger
it doesn't say which one

i saw a painting of master judy
and he had his this finger raised as big one
the thumb
and the
i think at the time of this painting though there wasn't the term thumbs up
and this is a asian painting so it doesn't probably doesn't have the roman emperor imperial
associations very anyway that that's how the painting was it had the summer
i'm sorry i forgot to bring a painter
i wanted to look at to see if he was smiling
so that's the basic story of duty
it is really that's all it says here
that's the main story
as a teacher as a zen teacher
when students ask questions
she would always just raise one finger
and we don't know which one
actually we don't even know who his finger he raised
might have been somebody else's nearby
and then there's an expansion on the story
an extent expanded version which
is even more famous
then they simplified version
the expanded version of of judy story is more well known than the story presented in this simple way
but before i tell the expanded story i want to tell i want to expand the story even more
in this part the story is not usually told
the name judy
actually the name of of a mantra or under ronnie
a a buddhist ah incantation or spell which he chanted all the time
as a meditation as it is it as a ah
as a verbal
invocation of concentration he did this he did this chat which is associated with
one in the body sought for of infinite compassion he did this chat
and she did it
so much that people named him after this chat
this is judy
this book judy durrani
so he practiced this meditation in a hut on monkey and tie
in china at mountain had many many monks living on it
so he was one of them living on a hut practicing
this incantation associated with compassion to develop concentration
in great compassion
and one night
one rainy night
huh none came to his hut
and this nuns name
is or was the nuns name is sure g
which means in english reality
a nun named reality comes to visit him on a rainy night
she enters his room with her hat rain hat on
and walks circumambulate him walks around him three times and says
if you speak if you can speak
i'll take off my hat
reality comes into his room walks around him three times and says if you can speak i'll take off my hat
but judy cannot say anything
so she started to leave
and he calls out and said it's late
and dark
why didn't you stay the night
and reality says
if you can speak
i'll stay
and he cannot speak
and she leaves
and then he laments
at her departure
judy laments and judy says
though i'm in i'm in the body of a man i don't have the spirit of a man
and then he considered abandoning his meditation hut and going to travel to study
to find a perhaps to find a teacher to help him find his spirit
so he could speak
to reality
but that night the spirit of the mountains the spirit of mom anti said to him you don't need to leave this mountain
there will be a great enlightening being who will come and teach the true dharma to you
so judy did not leave
as it turned out
after ten days a master named ten long
which means celestial dragon
arrived at judy's hut
judy welcomed him bowing in all sincerity
and recounted the former story of his meeting with reality
celestial dragon raised a finger
and pointed to judy
hen judy's practice
turn to realization
great realization
and then from then on
now the master judy would always just raise one finger
he had an attendant a boy attendant
and once the boy attendant was asked by some people outside the temple
what does your twenties your teachers teach him
and the boy raised one finger
her master judy
cut off the boys finger with a knife
and the boy ran off screaming
and judy said
what is it
where are you going in a boy turned around and judy raised one finger
and the boys practice turned from to enlightenment
i apologize if this
shockingly violent
if it appears in consciousness as violent
today i feel
that the story is about me
and the story is offered
to help each of you see that this story is about you
today i feel like a
the cutting of the finger
the cutting off of the finger
is not
about appearances
it's not about the body that appears in consciousness
what's it about
and also there's the also the part not just a cutting off but the screaming
the shock
of the finger being taken off what that's what that shock about what is it that's cut off
that's shocking to be cut off
that opens us to hear
true dharma
that helps us turn
from practice to enlightenment to realize that what we're doing now is reality
he's meeting his meeting reality
now that the story has been introduced
i'm checking
again on the meditation
on the breathing posture
and in that meditation i don't know what the stories about
and i don't think this
breathing posture is about anything i'm just paying attention to it
and now i think or maybe what needs to be cut off his to think
but this life is about something
that the teachings are about something that the stories about something
that the one fingers about something
what what could the one finger be perhaps it could be the truth perhaps is one thing could be the truth that he couldn't meet the reality he couldn't meet
this fingers not about this fingers not about reality
is this finger reality
or just finger just saying
i'm meeting reality and talking to him
our i'm talking reality
i'm speaking for her
there's a sentiment that
monster say i feel so good today because now i understand that judy didn't really cut off the boys finger
that just a metaphor for the way he taught
that his teaching of raising one finger
what was cutting other people's fingers off
so they could raise one finger
but i lead to cut that explanation off to
not i'd like to i think we all should
hi think we all showing
should what
should cut off
what what would be good to cut off
i feel pretty naked now
hi i'm gonna try to relax with making everything okay
but the question is still there
i can try to take it back but it's too late
where do we go from here
hi i don't feel like copying judy for the rest of my life
out of respect for him i'm not gonna raise my hand to that question
when i'm not even gonna say over and over i can i'm not gonna say every time
when the questions asked where do we go from here i'm not going to say every time
that's a good question
but i said at points
but it seems like i am gonna say
what's the most important thing in life to you
what's the most important thing to be accomplished in your life
and as or anything
that's distracting you from that
and as or anything
that helps you be focused on that
how are you ready to focus on what's most important
and are you ready to let go of distraction
distractions from what's most important to you
how are you ready to let go of anything distracting
from what's most important to you
and if you're not ready are you getting ready
the of distraction from what's most important to you
hi i'm holding back the gesture of
raising one finger
the one finger which says this
is most important
there's something that's most important
and i'm remembering at right now
and i'm devoted to it right now sincerely wholeheartedly devoted to what's most important
and each of us
each of us
reality says
each of us has an opportunity to speak
and if we speak
she'll take her hat off
to us and say
i'm here

and i didn't get distracted by that
how we don't own duties one finger
he doesn't own it
but there is this one finger
and it's pointing at us and sang what's most important in life
and do you want to take care of it
undistracted distractedly
do you want to do i want to
yes i do
do i wish to not be distracted i wish to not be distracted
i think judy for reminding me to not be distracted
the practice
speaking what's most important and inviting reality to stay the night
and with this
intimate relationship with reality
when you can't say it's this
or not
and yet
we take care of it
so that's this is the story i
ah for you today
and i
thank you for listening to this difficult story if it was difficult i felt it was
i had a difficult time telling you
you had a difficult time perhaps listening
thank you very much