Ornament of the Sage's Mind 

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would you like to hear about this a ceremony
are we just recited a vow
the zen monk named today as a teacher named tornado
one of the the primary cycle of hawkins angie
that was his vow and what i'm offering you know is have a second description a ceremony of making the vow with you know with a teacher
but it's from a text
calder mooney mutta olen cora which can be translated as horn in the of the sages mind
the someone is of can be an ornament to the buddhist mind
starts out
harlem greenery to starts out properly create great clarity towards the buddhas and bodhisattvas of ten directions and bar down
make a manila and five offerings in front of the teacher
i just want to briefly mention i don't know it as five offerings are but it could be
tea hot water does could be the five offerings or they could be fine good wishes
for the teacher or for all beings and the teacher and so on i'm not sure what those five and be an anguishing if we did the ceremony in evolution
let everybody make the offerings a good life whenever they would be they could be mental offerings i feel
you can even have i wish five times to give you the five offerings
this a humble yourself before the teacher by sitting or kneeling
join your palms and then request three times
like this person of good lineage before me this is this talking to the teacher no person of good lineage me for me i wish to receive the bodhisattva vow therefore
if i am worthy to receive it
because of your mercy for me please bestowed vow of the precise by catholics
to this the teacher says three times
do you aspire to enlightenment
in my presence will you receive the foundation of training in ethics of the body surface
at one and then the
aspirants says
i will maintain them and then again the teacher says do you aspire to enlightenment and so on an aspirin says i will maintain them
i will i woke i do aspire and i will maintain these
body saw for ethics
the teacher says repeat after me
i beseech the price of buddhas and bodhisattvas gathered from the realms of the ten directions to consider me
so they could be like that line and then everybody says that line and the teacher says next line i beseech the teacher to can sit or me
so and so say your name

i'm certainly i beseech to teach me reconsider my period i saw himself confess hall of my sins no matter how small that had been performed
ordered others to perform or admired in body speech and mind
against the buddhas and bodhisattvas my parents and other sentient beings in this lifetime or in another existence i am aware of them remember them and do not conceal them
so that would be done three times back and forth
you it said it
but soccer would say
then say three times
hi so and so from this day until the customs of enlightened than is realized
go for refuge in the best of bipeds
the blessing buddha
endowed with
great compassion
the all knowing the all teaching who has transcended all enemies and all fear
the great being endowed with an immutable body endowed with an unsurpassed body i go for refuge to the dharma the supreme piece and those who are freed from desire i go for refuge in the
the supreme assembly of the community of irreversible body surface
has done three times
just as the buddhas in the past present and future create the aspiration of enlightenment and have gone go and we'll go to buddhahood in order to liberate rescue and completely protect limitless route
elms of sentient beings from suffering of samsara and in order to establish them in the unsurpassed knowledge of omniscience
and just as all buddhas know and see with the knowledge of the buddha
and the eye of the buddha which is unobstructed and just as they have understood and continued to understand the reality of phenomena high so and so through this ceremony in the presence of this teacher saw myself
and in the presence of the buddhas and bodhisattvas create the aspiration to unsurpassed complete perfect enlightenment and this has said three times also
and then i dedicate the roots of virtue produced by my confession and repentance my going for refuge in the three treasures and creating this aspiration for enlightenment to
unsurpassed complete perfect enlightenment
in this world without protection without me in a world
without protection without refuge without a home without friends and without a haven i will be a protector a refuge her home a friend or even i will free all those
sentient beings who have not crossed over the ocean of existence i will take completely beyond sorrow those who have not passed completely beyond sorrow by leading them beyond sorrow to the unobstructed da
my realm
i will quell the suffering
i will quell the suffering of those whose suffering has not been quelled and this is said three times
i saw and so by creating the aspiration to enlightenment in this way will hold each
in the realm of limitless sentient beings to be my mother my father my sister my brother my son my daughter relative half-brother half sister
holding them in that way i will begin to multiply roots or virtue to limit look to the limit of my ability my power and my capacity from this day forward no matter how small i will give gifts
guard ethics enhance patients work without work with effort enter concentration
analyze with wisdom and study skillful methods call for the sake of the welfare benefit and happiness of all sentient beings
i will follow in accordance with the mahayana those endowed with great compassion
who beginning with the aspiration of unsurpassed complete perfect enlightenment entered into the great bodhisattva level therefore i will trained to be a body suffer from this day forward i may be called bodhisattva asked the
cared for by the teacher and all that he said three times
thus in the presence of the image to the togheter bow down and asked how buddhism body surface to be aware of your earlier dedication of merit of you're holding beings to be fine
family members of your amassing of the collections in order to protect them and of your following the mahayana
the teacher says in my presence you sozo of correctly received and uphold the bodhisattva vow of ethics
so that is a possible ceremony which we can practice here if people want to sell will ah you can have copies of this when you lead to look at and so we would that's possible ceremony wouldn't dare
and so after you look at disney will see a movie saturday for the ceremony panda
single wants to come
any questions about this
no you wouldn't he wouldn't read and ceremony if i would say i would say a line and you will say align i would say a lie new salem i would say align you with say line
whether you're reading it
but i i would say you know
see you not really wanted to read
you listen listen and and say listen said president can read it in his house seen a group so as a group you probably get it
especially by the third time
i would be sorry for
he will commit acts but i don't think i remember
says i remember them all
i'm you read it again

hi says ah
hi so is so confess home ice since no matter how small that i performed
fort admired with body speech and mind against the buddhas bodhisattvas my parents other sentient beings in this lifetime or another existences
i'm aware of them and remember them
so i think i don't think that means that i remember them all or and i'm aware of them doesn't mean i remember them but i remember some
i'm aware that there
and where that i have done them even though i don't remember them
and i also remembered quite a few but i'm aware that i've done more than hamilton and so on
i'm aware of them an agreement change it some kind of money i'm aware of them and remember some of them
i remember i'm aware of the may remember a few of
i remember a small proportion of
but the ones i don't remember i'm also confessing the ones i don't remember all the unskillful things i've ever done i confess even i don't remember them all
so if the somewhere to change that i minded changes
how fireworks
i'm sin
ah i don't know what the original is but i think it it probably means basically you know unwholesome action but on some level any dualistic action
he's unwholesome
but within dualistic action or those that are considered to be bring benefit and those who bring harm but the greatest benefit to lead you to a place where you don't even have to commit the sin of thinking to holistically
i think the things that you feel that you've done that you regret the things that you feel are your sorry you did all those would be things that you will be confessing
a conventional and error
wholesome here yeah your your conventional idea of anything it's unwholesome you would confess all that you can remember and all that you have ever done your confessor

and and we do that of course we do that an our normal ceremony as and center we confess it we say all my interested carmen
actually would it actually says in the original it doesn't say ancient twisted it says ancient evil
real asia on ancient unwholesome
so unwholesome meals ah that which is not conducive to enlightenment so i'm spying to enlightenment now and i'm confessing hold the things i've ever done which are not conclusive to my aspiration and i have done things that i think maybe aren't conducive
anything else

what it because what i'm talking about what it means to you
quite a bit years it's really quite a bit it's it's aspiration to unsurpassed complete perfect enlightenment it's the aspiration to care for all these beings in this very complete way it's a great is a great far yet
so your question is
yes she could yeah
and if we couldn't if i couldn't talk to all of you before the ceremony would do another one later
i could do them quite frequently
but you you could talk me about it before yes definitely
that would be getting to to do
yeah i'm concerned about yourself
so that's that's ten
that's one of the main things to confess that more embodiments have spotted that one
i have on i'm on more than one occasion i've i've noticed himself concern
if some of those self concerns i kind of regret
and i confess the i don't think they were helpful
so yes
offering unlimited aspiration inspiration pierce
to fulfill this unlimited aspiration with unlimited be diane
well that's a guess as that's a good point because
the beings
according to this limited beings aspire to be come unlimited beings
they aspire to like people who care about some people are aspiring to care about all people
so the idea is that limited bees can aspire to unlimited compassion and that unlimited beings can gradually give themselves over to unlimited compassion that's the idea that limited beings can become unsurpassed perfect in life and that's the theory here


right so i hear you saying that may be talking about it more might be helpful to some people
i'm not to criticize any other traditions but i heard of a of another
movement or another religious movement where they get children to vow to practice that the wages a church for a million years and i i think that's not i can i don't wanna force people to doing the i guess all i want wanted with a decent largest before they feel
i understand and they feel kind of mature in their readiness to
what to
what's the worst
receive and uphold this is bodhisattva vow
i wouldn't want to to go
i think it you should be enjoyable can be an enjoyable experience not a terrifying life
anything else a bring often i asked quickly that if we receive receiving an unholy is that
are vowing isn't that we do it every time is it will try
i mean
you aspire to receive and you aspire to uphold
the aspire to receive it and then you do receive it and then you aspire to practices
as i've mentioned center locations ah song and teaches at body surfer catholics have for aspects one is to receive the precepts to receive the vows second is to aspire to practice them third is to fail at them
and feel some sorrow about that
and forth is to not fail at them
but not failing at the number for follows from number three such number one number two number three
number one number two number three and been one number two number three number one number two number three and then finally a number one number two period which is number one number two and number four
but we fail quite a few times and with the correct type of discomfort or regret around or failure have always aspired to do when gradually become transformed into just
you are receiving and we don't eventually will become
this thing we aspire to but there's quite a few failures before that with regret and that that that's part of the process they parnell process
the first three steps are done over and over

yes some of us are able to get her every month we find out
we slept in a ceremony will take place
oh i think that this piece of ceremony it is gonna take place will be announced and the same website has the problem of the announcement there's gonna be a piece of ceremony
you are invited to a precept ceremony on sent my that or there will be a piece of ceremony
and these distant this illnesses or conditions a picture of the ceremony and i guess the people who are
would come to it might be people who have looked at this for quite awhile thought about it and felt like but they feel in him and he asked the questions that how about it and i'm so if feel ready to doing so i i feel like it may take quite a while for
ah there to be an understanding such said
some group of people feel
that they're blown not prepared to do the ceremony
and then when we feel it is a bunch of bunch a certain number that are ready for it there will say that we're gonna enter the ceremony
and and we talked to talk about whether we would have people doing it and some people the witnesses or whether everybody has there is familiar felt ready to do it so they can be some dialogue my path
and it could be done i know i could do it
griffin heart was a year or twice a year or something
of it through emails
i i'd say can be just like an announcement
the you know if you're invited to live on that one day sitting and you're also invited to
are not invited but for can have this and if you want to know about it here's what here's a form of the ceremony and
and and after looking at it if you feel if you have questions we can
talk about the questions and or you can participate the ceremony if you feel that you understand what's involved and would like to attend some my death

the are very sweet but hopefully not too sweet

i thank you for opening your hearts and minds to this amazing possibility of such a vile and such a ceremony and
i am not in a hurry
but i i just started bring it up for your consideration something a little bit different for you experience a lot of different flavor or practice than what we have done many of you have done already saw bit different kind of experience that we could possibly practice there
thank you very much
for your great effort today
may or equally extend to every a pay rise
the way
lot to say no
things are exhausted all i love to have them
hey sara or less
how to and around
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