Speakable and Unspeakable Names of Our Zen Family Ancestors

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Perfect Wisdom, good friendship, This good friendship is the whole of the holy life, Shitou, Matzu, Yaoshan, Da-Wu, Lung-tan, Deshan, Guishan, Xiangyan SFZC lineage, Mind of No Abode


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he kept his first time here welcome
and what is your name again
kerry welcome carry anybody own adjusted first time here
and judy first time you're welcome to judy and justin and carry and kept
anybody else or enrollee first time welcome rosie

we the name of this place to them
no abode
which comes from
an encouragement from
the buddha's to body surface to beings who wish to attend supreme perfect enlightenment for the welfare of all beings the border recommends if you wish to attain enlightenment then
then he she practiced the perfection of wisdom
because the perfection of wisdom as the mother of all buddhas
and then also and in order to practice the perfection of wisdom the buddha recommends that the enlightening being give rise to give life to up a mind that doesn't abide it any where for in anything the mind of know abode so that's the
when the name of this temple comes from
referring to this this mind which doesn't abide in anything
it doesn't abide in ideas doesn't abide in colors smells tastes tangibles
doesn't abide in anything
so you know like when seeing a face with seeing a color
your whole heartedly see it
your whole heartedly made it without clinging to it without abiding in it this is the kind of mind which realize is perfect wisdom
and then in relationship to this practice and perfect wisdom lately
in bringing up the teaching that the
that the path of enlightenment
is the path of perfect wisdom is the path of good friendship
in a
by relying on good friendship we can
ah we can actually
practice perfect wisdom
the at the historical buddha it is
he supposedly
somebody who lived in the world in india but twenty five hundred years ago and supposedly his attendant who was his cousin came to him one day and his neck cut his a tennis name was ananda
and ananda came to the buddha
and met the buddha
and walked around the buddha and paid paid his respects to the buddha and i set to one side of the border with the border
so they're sitting together and a nanda says this is half
the holy life
or i could say and maybe this is half of the practice of perfect wisdom
and the buddha said don't say that ananda
what's good me and then mount it goes on to explain what it means by this he says this friendship
this good friendship this admirable friendship is admirable
camaraderie this an admirable
companionship this is half the practice
and the buddhist i don't say that ananda
this good friendship is the whole
a holy life
and i would again refer to this good friendship is the whole
of the perfection of wisdom
and the boy said
by by means of this good friendship one can be expected to bit to practice the eightfold noble path you know right new and so on
the whole path of freedom
can be practice
by means of this good friendship

and so i've been i've been talking about examples stories about good friendship for a few months
so last time i talked about the friendship
up to her
ancestors in the family
lineage which leads to for example the san francisco zen center and
this temple and so on
so there's almost all the lineages arms all the families in the huge many many families of the zen school
in one sense they're all one family
there are one family wish
is devoted to taking care of the perfection of wisdom which is the mother of buddha's
but also didn't as you could say there's some families
so in this family sometimes when things arise in my mind i tell you even though i wasn't expecting to tell you before they arose
for example
i do i was recently watching whales and in a lagoon
ah in in baja california
i went out in a boat with some other people and we went out and no wales would appear around us sometimes pretty far away but you can still see them but sometimes they would appear quite close and then sometimes they will come right over to the boat
enter put their head right next to the boat
and turn his face
to the side because well have their eyes on the side of their heads one so the first time i went to first day i went out on turn his head to decide
and just laid there and looked up at me
when i reached down and
petted his soft skin between his barnacles
and i went on six times with my group at every time we went out the whales came to the boat
we went chasing the whales will just got there and if we saw some whales at a distance we go over near them and and we slow down
and some of the times were out there and i thought well maybe they won't come today
but every time they came they don't always come but every time they came
and also sometimes the mothers would come and on the other side of them was their baby
and then sometimes a mother would come with the baby between them and the boat but you should they come maybe with a baby on the other side to check out the scene but seemed like the mothers while the monday's the other mothers were like i guess the mothers want to be with the humans and the babies go with the mothers and and
sometimes a mother seem to want to make it so the baby can be closer to the humans and she is so we actually got babies right near to
and one of the males that was originally bot play with the boat for a little while
pushing in iraq
so i i thought of that just now because i was talking by families
and and one of the things that one of the naturalists said that is when you have some species
that can meet their in fishes and their subspecies and and they can made
and if they're in the same species that are subspecies when they made they have offspring which can reproduce
but if they have offspring that can't reproduce their different species
and the typical example is horses and donkeys can meet and have offspring wonderful offspring but the offspring
cannot reproduce newell's cannot reproduce their wonderful creatures
amazing creatures but there
and then i guess i guess here is the kind of they're not really a species though because they can't reproduce
but donkeys and donkeys can make donkeys that can reproduce and horses and horses can make horses that are produced the horses and donkeys are different species so i just thinking
if if the families of buddhism
can mate and produce
ah fertile offspring than their and the same species
and if they made but don't prefer produce fertile offspring they're they're not the same species you could say
so i i say this because we have this is so a lot of different different species come from the same source right like horses i'm many horses and i as i just guessing that horses and donkeys come from the same source and so you can have
a species that produces a variety of species that are still the same species and then from that you can also get different species right
so the story from last week last month the story was coming from the one teacher the sixth ancestor of zan in china queen on
coming from that teacher you have many disciples
and ah to the main disciples their names were

name was ching sir
i cheer on scienza in the other one's name was non yawn why hier why hire why hi
no non-eu on why wrong
new on why wrong and
junior on shanks to main disciples of the great six sister and he had many disciples but those two disciples also had many disciples
on one side
non-eu on
no nine you a choir on one of his disciples was named monster
he was also called horse master he was a horse
and his name was not add
there was monster which means horse master
and another and now on the other side
should shame sir
he had many disciples but his main disciple name was
sure toll
i say main because these two
had the most offspring and their offspring come down to the present day in this world
some of the other disciples were great disciples and they had offspring but their offspring didn't make it fifteen hundred years those to have offspring make it to fifteen hundred years
one of our ancestors in this particular family is named ja schon which means medicine mountain
the last time i told the story of the ocean
wonderful person devoted to the buddha dharma
studying it practicing the ethical precepts and bodhisattvas but feeling that somehow he was just not understanding with the dharma was still being
not at peace in his life
but with the faith that if one correctly understood the teaching
one would realize perfect wisdom and this perfect wisdom would be birth to buddha
he he he longed to realize buddha buddha's enlightenment in his life he was devoted to it but somehow i just felt like he needed help
he needed some friends
and it's wonderful person
man manages somehow to meet
certo he managed his to meet the great student of what one of the great students have one of the grade students of the source of the same school
he made sure to share toes name is them
his full name is shirt toll
i forgot does a second
sure told by the way is kind of like a lot is and teachers have their their part part of their name refers to where they live
so maybe someday people will call me know abode
so my my dharma name is tensions enki so they might they might call me know aboard tension or know about janky
i'm thanking me the whole works that they might call me know about know about the whole works
so on
sure told me is on top of the rock his temple was a rock
apparently a flat rock not appointed rock
so as
so i set his name is on top of iraq or rock rock head
stone head but to give me as a at sat on the head of the stone
and it dharma name was ah shi tian
she jumped
okay so last week i told the story about ja schon looking for a teacher looking for a friend and he's managed to meet one of the greatest
bodhisattvas in his and tradition certo and he goes to show tall and made sure to and if i tell you what happened
that will take up the whole talk again
so this gives you for not going into detail but he met your toe and he didn't even though he met to or even though he met this great friend he didn't understand still didn't i awakened to perfect wisdom
and sure to send him to mods of the other greatest teacher of the time so here's this prisoner gift to meet the two greatest teachers
and so
these two
apparently we're in the same species
because they made it
and their offspring was ja schon
yeah i went to your dough
she doesn't muscle and together they produce this new enlightened being
ja schon and
hotshot was able to reproduce sell myself
and sure to are the same species
they might be there actually subspecies of the buddha
but in the same species as the border because they can reproduce
and they're and they're one of their
mutual offspring his ja schon

and ja schon produces
the lineage coming down to us here
and sure to add another
ah disciple
another great disciple
whose name we we now call him ah ken hong ten hong wo
his diamond name is douche and the name ten wong is because he became the abbot of ten one monastery
but before his before it was abbot of that monastery is he we caught we call him down
so here's the story of womb and i'm not talk about his friendship so previously i talked about the friendship that ja schon had with these two masters
and that friendship
with them gave rise to
the maturing of perfect wisdom in his life
and then this person is directly our lineage
some some trying to emphasize here that this particular lineage is a lineage which brings together
two sub lineages from the sixth ancestor
this won't be possible all the way down but at the sort of the beginning the lineage is like reinforced village splits and then it really rejoins on one side
and then another place it it's where it splits his between chateaux has what's one she was one of to disciples what is it was his name on it you know one is sure to his disciples names
the ocean
for sure toe
certo has a disciple car ocean but in sometimes he co-parenting this person with massive but we say that the ocean is the successor i'm i'm sure to rather than monster and when he goes to matsu
this i'm telling you about this family styles okay when sure to goes to matsui he becomes enlightened with matsui and matsui says yes you're enlightened with me but shirt toes your teacher
the words you will be in his direct line even though you woke up with me and he stayed with mozzie for two years
and then went back to short term
sure to add another disciple which i have told you about in his name is taboo
who which means the way or enlightenment or and woman's job to awaken to the to the way to awaken to enlightenment battle
he went he was he wanted to become a buddhist monk when he was fourteen and his parents didn't like the idea lot of parents don't want their sons and daughters to go away and not have any kids and stuff
they want him to have biological kids only not just spiritual offspring so he wanted to go and become a monk as parents wouldn't wouldn't agree and in in buddhist tradition are usually is recommended to get the support of your family if you're going to go become a monk
in the early days in india
when the buddha became known a lot of people went away from their family responsibilities to study with him and then when they did their families came to the buddha and said
you shouldn't let our children leave us and you know and go study with you
without our permission so the buddha said okay for now on i'll tell him to get your permission
so then when people would come i think if there were young he would he would ask him if they did they have the support their family
it's only sort of there was a tradition to get your family support if you're gonna go and practice in a buddhist monastic community so this boy wanted to be a buddhist monk is packed and like it so he went on up
hunger strike
and got pretty skinny
and finally they said okay so he went and went in monastery and lived there for quite awhile and he when he got older like about nine years later he got became ordained fully has a monk
and then he studied with his first spiritual friend his first beneficial friend was named mingle mean joe
and then his next spiritual teacher was
national teacher
fuck you

and then as next spiritual teacher was shorter posted in his neck spiritual teacher was mods
he had
three spiritual friends before he met certo and one of them was matsui and matsui and with with the national teacher the net he received the teaching of the natural teeth national teacher and the national teacher said he had a good understanding of his teacher
who is this again
ten one double so he gets to meet the national teacher after having some other teachers the national teacher teaches him and approves of his understanding
then he goes to master mom and master mall and he lives master my for two summers which means two years
and matched my also confirms his understanding
and then he goes to meet your toe

and upon meeting shirt toe
this new friendship now we have
a dialogue of some dialogues about their friendship
so i'd like to tell you this conversation they had when they first met
would you like to hear it
so this is a no more a more intimate description of the friendship between double and chateaux he says to share toe
i what method
by what method do you reveal
liberating wisdom to people
what method do you reveal the perfection of wisdom to people
to here they ghost your tears method
i have no shirt choices i have no slaves here
from what do you seek liberation
what method do you have

to reveal liberating wisdom i haven't no slaved here
from what do you seek liberation
and dot and ah wu says
well then how can it be understood
his father
what method do you have to reveal the very wisdom
i have no slaves hear from what
from what do you seek liberation
okay i got it got it
go now
somalia i'm wondering about how do you teach liberating wisdom you say i have known nobody hears not liberated
everybody hears liberated what we know
from what are you gonna get liberated
okay got it
that's the kind of this is a teaching this is how this is he wants to know how to you how do you teach liberating wisdom bought the where teachers by saying that nobody here is on liberated
that's that's my first response to how i teach
and then what is that will say
well howdy howdy how how can people understand that having people understand what you just said
that does not that there's nobody here who was not liberated soul i mean i understand but how can we how can we manage to how can one understand that
in other words what method do you have
driffield of rating wisdom
so yes them with the methodism he says well basically here i am i'm here hello i'm with you
i'm here with you you get your person who is not on liberated he didn't say you're liberated says nobody and liberated here
because this guy is liberated yet in a way
and he kind of gets that but then he says but how am i can understand that in other words this same question again from the beginning
and then he says
are you still time to grasp
emptiness he still trying to grasp the void
please that his there's here's the void right there's nobody here who isn't free
oh you know how you know are you gonna get
how can you get liberation pumping you get liberation okay how can i stand that i used to are you trying to grasp are you trying to grasp
the void he tried to grasp perfect wisdom
and i was as from today i won't do it again

now remember this guy has been braxton for a while now
gutter dame is fourteen got full your day when his twenty-one studied with mingchao study with the national teachers' such studied with mazo this is quite know is probably in his early thirties after been studied for about fifteen twenty years
is if you ask them if he's
he knows he's not supposed to be grasping emptiness he knows the a nice poster grasp perfect wisdom has not the kind of you know he knows that
teach your kind of caught him at it is it okay won't do it anymore
things are moving along your this friendship is developing
i don't know how long it the space was between the sentences
could be as
there could be like just like today perhaps
ah from today i won't do so again
this from me
no more trying to figure out and get a hold of how you teach people liberating wisdom no more and then shirt oh says
i'd like to know when you come forth from that place
i'd like to night i'd i'd be interested to know
when you come forth from the place of never doing so again never doing never trying to get liberation
of course we wish all beings to be liberated and
we understand that we need this mind which doesn't abide in that wish
the wish that all these be liberated flourishes when we don't abide in it
but you have to take care of it
i'm not abide in it so here he is an shirt i would like to know when he comes forth from that place of not grasping
i'd like to know when you come forth from that place and davo says i haven't come from that place
that's pretty good
teacher says i want to know and to convert the patient you know i'm not going to r biden that place not gonna come from that place i'd like to know when you come to the i'm not going to come from napa is pretty good and then share till it says
i already know
where you come from
and then davo says master how can you slander people that way

or no translation is
how can you falsely accuse me of that with no evidence
and then certo says your body is revealed now
right here
and ah boy says
although it is thus
okay okay
your body is revealed
right here now okay okay i got it but still
if this is the revelation of my true body up how can i show people this
how can i teach people
in future generations about this
how can i reproduce
and certo says
please tell me who are
ah those coming later who are they
or who is the one coming later
can can mean you know what happens next what happens next is
is he hasn't
davao has a great awakening
has a great awakening and this great awakening dissolves the mind
that he had attained
with the previous teachers
that's one translate no translation is
he had a great awakening and a dispelled his doubts about what he had attained with the previous teachers
so he did it take something in the previous teachers and they and they the if i guess they felt it seems like they felt what do you retain was authentic and they let it go they accepted that he was still may be kind of having some abide
in a little bit
they confirmed as understanding the confirmed the mind he realized with them
and the and then and then he left and now sure to dissolves the mind
the tap that that is attained anything that abides in anything
i'm an know transition is
he had a great awakening and he finally understood what the other teachers had taught him the other teachers had taught him and confirmed his understanding and yet he didn't really understand it and now he completely understood it and the way he understood it was that the mind that he had understood it with dissolved
so this is a story
the friendship that led to that disciples realization a perfect wisdom
and that disciple
his name's daniel that disciple
has a disciple
who i've told you about before and they had a really good friendship which i'm talking about before
those disciple is named dragon pond
long time
and i've told you about their friendship to had a very nice friendship jimbaran me tell you about them you don't
i'll begin to tell you the story about long time
again some of you probably remember the story of dragon pond
meeting his student
dragon bonds also reproduced
and histones was named machine or virtue mountain

guimaras story of dijon meeting longtime some of you do some you don't you don't
okay so i'm you could say i'm attempting to teach but also i'm just basically tell you stories of our family right
so one of the stories is of this fellow named jean who was an expert on the teachings of perfect wisdom
in particular he was an expert on the scripture called the diamond scripture a perfect wisdom
and his friends called him because he was an expert on the diamond sutra a perfect wisdom they called him diamond joe is his family was job so they called a diamond joe or diamond sutra joe
and he was pretty he was devoted to the teachings of perfect wisdom he wanted to understand perfect wisdom and maybe he thought he did understand perfect wisdom
just like the story i just told you douche kind of thought he understood perfect wisdom and to great zen masters
confirmed his understanding
are you could say that confirmation was just a setup for him to meet his next friend
not not a lie but they thought okay you understand well enough i'm not going to ask you to dissolve the mind which you'd just understood that with
but we must undertake we must dissolve the consciousness which correctly understand the teaching in order to perfectly harmonized
but first of all we have to understand and he did he do understand that would it
and then he has a disciple name long time
and then long time hadn't had a disciple named ducharme who is also very interested in perfect wisdom and long to and dow at thirteen is the one who is traveling to go south to destroy the zen score because he thinks as and school is undermining the teachings of perfect wisdom
so he's on his way to refute and dethrone the zen teachers from their teaching seats and on the way he stops at of refreshment stand and meet a lady who sells these cakes i've told you that story door
john you for that story haven't you
who's now
case actually they're called the name of the caixa lady selling with in cantonese or pronounced dimsum but dimson means dot put a dot on the heart
her or and it's in mandarin it's kenshin
ten mins make a dot
shin his heart or mind so that the the cakes
pitchers hit your heart hurt hit the spot the refresh you by dotting your mind dot in your heart that ms refresh their refreshments so this lady is selling the cakes right
this lady is not an official person in our lineage but she can see she's part of the family dynamic that makes
enlightened people you've heard that story before some of you
i'll tell it again until you
until you can tell it again
but i would do right now i'm going to go back
climb back up at addition back the long time back to da bu
so there's just the news story about how will helped long time and then we have the very famous story about how long time helped on an indigene helped a monk named
ah was named show srei phone
dijon helped the great srei phone
or seppo and seppo had a friendship with the song which means
zippo means
snow summit snowy summit and t song is jesus like and jesus was also immense earth moon
and and did song
lead to fire which has one of the schools of ten and then the other person that doesn't help
at the other person but than streatham also lead to human
the other schools so from knees from these teachers
from ja schon
comes the sort of school
from ten one comes the fire and school
and the young men school so three of the school or the five schools is in come from shorter through ja schon and i will

i i have this vision of some people sitting in front of me
who are are really my mind and they they look like they've heard a lot of stories and i have been trouble
i struggling to understood keep track of a more

so there's a lot of another thing about a about whales that and i could say live it more bodies that
that their these particles and how to the barnacles get on the wales
well barnacle i think a barnacle larvae have kind of cement on their head
and that's cement when it touches wales
and peers
what else can they go onto boats hot rocks boats buoys i've cut myself on barnacles around boys anyway they're floating around in the water after they hatch they're floating around the water with this go on their head and neck tunic touches something it can stick
so then they can then they can have a stationary place and then once they get their place they start to secrete and
work with the
in the water and they make a shell around their soft body with a whole of the top and out of the whole heart little arms and feet that can grab food
and get the reason i bring up is because it relates to what i've been talking about because these beings are hermaphrodite
the hermaphrodite
and i don't know if tom hermaphrodite can fertilize themselves i love the cat
but barnacles can not fertilize themselves
they cannot be fertilized by themselves
but they can fertilize other
and other barnacles
can be fertilized but they can also be fertilized by other particles
so they can receive fertilization they can be fertilized and they can fertilize the barnacles pulse of that way are similar to bodhisattvas
does that does end students send students
the ideas that they would day that can be fertilized and that they can fertilize
yes tracy to use and six anything or the he made a face it
ha ha
yeah has glad it's not that bad what it's not that funny
yeah i was like muslim students he made the face where i'm talking my zen students
when you're when you're listening vice or something else
okay just something not related to what i was saying
lisa i'm early company said what was it
i got pay i got caught paying attention
the second
not to say i've stuck to that i think the fitbit
feature a respected was point want to point to is
all these names are why three is i don't like
well the reason i'm telling you the names is so that you understand friendship i'm trying to help you understand friendship
yeah when i do when i at the beginning of this event here we have people say their names
did you notice did you ask me why we say the names
it is the reason you want to ask because you understand
what's your understanding
relationship and connection
have a sense of her right
that's why we do that others chinese names so it's like the
okay you know the names of our bonus room
you know you know all their names yeah
in an all of them that's because you haven't heard him enough
i know everybody's name here because i've done this over and over
so i've been in the doesn't mean just because i know some his name i have a close relationship with them
doesn't right but by saying their name over and over day after day year after year it's one of the things that might help develop a relationship
stories with his way
with chinese names and sincerely every time they get annoyed because i know yet
and and and so this your name is tracey
and and you and you have the same name of a person i've known in the past with poor with who i met in the past
and i and i can remember your name but not everybody knows your name because they have met years many times as a have you last name i guess your last of an apple because that person
i used to gnome is also called tracy apple
and if you speak english tracy apple might be easier for you to remember then can one dog woof right reasonable so not only my teaching you the names of the family of perfect wisdom but some of them have foreign names
like shakyamuni buddha
and show of sugar yu suzuki
there's a foreign names they're hard to even that even people who knew suzuki roshi had trouble remembering his name and pronouncing it
sometimes when you're learning something
and you
i having trouble learning it it but you want to learn it it's if you're frustrated and uncomfortable and also when you're learning something and you're not even sure you want to learn it you feel frustrated and uncomfortable so i think you're articulating that so i said your name because you are a person who is for performed a friendship
and for the sanga of articulating not liking things sometimes like you just did
so you're speaking on behalf of all the people who
didn't liked me saying all these names
the reason of saying these names is so that you will have an intimate relationship with these names and having an intimate relationship with his names will will will foster understanding the stories
i say that to you
where you don't need is you don't actually need the name you don't need the name but you do need to completely overcome your resistance to learning these names
i mean these stories these stories to understand them
is very deep matter
and if you have any resistance to anything
that resistance will hinder your understanding of perfect wisdom
i'm not trying to do things that you resist but i seem to succeed
but because you respect back
because you have respect you don't just run away from everything you resisted i offer you
if if anything i offered you you didn't resist
that might be fine if if by any each gift than everything else that was offered to you didn't resist
but fortunately or unfortunately i offer you think's to resist so you can say i'm resisting and then i can show you maybe i am a chance any way to show you that the door to wisdom
it's not so much to learn the names but to overcome any resistance you have to them and learning them because if you have if you say where i'd like to learn the names i'd like to story but not the names it's like okay i'll take this part of the team but not that part
well i'm glad you want this part but if you want this part of really understand it you have to like not to resist the other parts to turn to the other person say i have a problem with this what you did so you're saying i have a problem with this in a fan of resisting is facing the resistance that's that's conducive to understanding these stories
yeah so with we say the named at the beginning in these meetings too
offer an opportunity for other people to recognize us and for us to recognize other people and to the this mutual recognition and we have chanced them to watch to see do we have any resistance to anybody in this group and if we do we know what to do with that namely
practice compassion with it
this story is about a person whose name is ten one guy who
who actually went to great teachers
and open to their teachings but he didn't completely open to their teachings apparently
did he they when they were just as good teacher as they were just as good teachers as certo but at his level of development with them he can open to part of that but he wasn't yet able to open to dissolving the mind that he used to understand their teaching that was now he wasn't ready for that and they
didn't resist him not being ready they recognized how great he was at his present level but he had not yet understood their teachings and they can they confirmed his teachings they've confirmed his understanding even though he's understanding was immature he hadn't had enough friendship
he wasn't ready for any more friendship at that level so that he went and had some friendship with
certo and sure tone i was able to finish off the maturing process
so it may be that these chinese names
he isn't to say that you have to memorize them
if i bring them up and you feel resistance to them
that resistance
and it isn't just that you have resisted the names it's i think your resistance to harry names that you'd they're hard to remember that you don't understand summer
so the question about friendship
this stage south
self conscious
he didn't transfer to didn't i would say he didn't transition to unconscious attainment he's transitioned to not abiding in conscious attainment so he maintained cautious attainment that no longer a body in exactly like you still know the address of your of martyrs
house you know he's still member the mods his name he member what martin told them remember what it's like to be with him he remembered his or any any room he knows his understanding and that understanding which was pretty
this is somebody has a lot of understandings now it comes to meet your toe and he has should know how do you like dessert i learned from the other guys how they taught liberating wisdom how do you do it now he's ready to sort it
presented in a way that he won't be able to get ahold of and he's mature enough now so he can get his teaching
he wasn't mature enough before
and bid this very similar understanding now but now he's working up to two dissolving the mind that understands
the you know not abiding in it but it isn't that you still remember he could still tell you with the teachings were an unnamed of the pip and the names of places he got it
but no he doesn't abide in the names are the places of the teachings that's what he attained finally with this teacher
so was it necessary to attain up with a teacher or i'm thinking of other stories where somebody
who has that level conscious attainment here's the pain of a pill pebble bamboo right so that a nonsense and friendship with a non-sexual being also could get says referring to another one of the family stories of where a monk here is a pebble hit bamboo and and understands
but what he understood was what someone taught him
the to the person taught taught him this teaching and teaching new is taught was he's actually taught the teaching of the teacher said dissolve the mind by wish you understand the buddha's teaching
he didn't save that way but i'm just basically where you say the what he said was
say something to me i wanna hear something from you before you were born
this is a teacher's teaching i want as i want to hear some i want you to say something can be from before you're born
this is a this is the friendship between to humans can it be to do is put at a friendship there
and he can't do it he keeps trying to
answer the question from after you is born each keep trying to answer the question from
his career as a buddhist monk and you said no no no no
it gets going back to his book now
and then he finally gives up he finally disparages actually you could say he disparages worldly affairs and then you just disparages trying to get enlightenment
from his mind
you don't get much from your mind you get enlightenment from not abiding in your mind
so he disparaged that and he said okay i'm giving up i'm not angry anymore but you please tell me please tell me and teacher says
i know how but it just for me that i know if i show you it will
what's the word it will usurp your attainment and you will revile me for it later if i would tell you how i could tell you how
that would hinder you
so then it goes away and not going to try to get a hold of any teachers anymore he he's like he's like sure toy says
when you said
just a second i find it
while i find it none of that page i will find it
from today i won't do it again
he says he won't that a vow i'm not gonna do it again what i'm i'm not going to do i'm not going to try to grasp myself before i was born and not going to do it anymore
as a vow he still hasn't attained it so this or other monks as i'm not going to try to get any teachings from you anymore
you've given me a teach you i'm not going to try to get you to solve them so it goes and he's taken care of this monument for another national teacher he sweeping the ground the pebble flies to the air and hit the stone and he understands the mind
the dissolved might he understands himself before is born
so that that sound is a friend start a human but it's a friend it's true that sound but that sound
that is here and he understands what a human told him he understands of there's there's a self before i was born and then he the first thing he does after he hears the sound is he does with the teacher told him to say
so here's the sound and understand the teachers the teaching and then he does what the teacher asked him to do he started talking to the teacher from that place
and he's any turns to keep my first of all he bays and then he turned in the direction of a teacher in the direction of his friend and he bows and he says
i'm so grateful to you that you didn't tell me how to do this otherwise i wouldn't have this so the friendships all or the friendship is totally surrounding
hearing sounds
seeing sights they're all part of the friendship the friendship isn't really like my friendship with you isn't just to humans
the friendship isn't like just human beings is it's the whole the of the of the path is the friendship but there are humans involved too but everything that else happens in our life is part of the friendship
is part of the the friendship like learning names names like hearing the sound of a chinese name that maybe what you have enlightenment when you here some day
ten one dow will own
you're welcome yes

i hear you and
why i'm not sure what exactly what response to make to that because
but you can you can get this book and bring it to bring into all my talks and then i'm talking you can like establishing to me and started looking into book
and stay with how that goes
because that i got defenders book so you can look it up the book called you know i want to start talking say were in the book and what can i find find what you're talking about it and you can go there and you can look at what i'm talking is fine
yes judy
the opposite tracy and here these names old
like my issue was

the name of this book is isn't
is this the new translation is is ends chinese heritage
the translators and ferguson
and the way
the way to learn the stories is to read him and tell him and listened to him over and over and over
just like they used to recite
the iliad and the odyssey and before that home homer heard other stories which he then made his own version of
storytelling is part of the
there's a scriptures but the news stories also to
to facilitate
the study of descriptions are perfect wisdom so i i made the point of last fall we had a as and stories class and i made the point that
the same school as i just said here today again the zen school is focusing on realising perfect wisdom in order to give rot in order to give birth the borders
at the point of this is going to make buddhas in in help people become enlightened and compassionate
but the perfection of wisdom which gives birth to buddhist is a city is something that surrounded by tremendous turbulence
ordinary comic consciousness is turbulent
but perfect wisdom also has tremulous around it because they've turned on this around precious things
so we have the zen school which is a family tradition which is trying to take care of something very precious so when families trying to take care of something very precious it's difficult sometimes for the family to stay together all families have precious things like children are precious
sometimes people even think parents are precious
but our families often have something that they really care about and there's lot of stress around the things around the children around these precious beings they get sick if they behave badly poop all the stuff is big issue right
and they even on there are pooping and when you're sitting at the table you know and the in the parents asked the kids were the how school was that day in the kids are texting their friends who are not in the room parents they would you put down years here your phone and check don't get upset or the kids are watching video games and the kids i've
having food fights so anyway after a little wild nobody's of table anymore
and so how do you hold a family together you hold a family together one of the main ways you hold together is having stories and stories can be about the stories or they can mention this is a story about anti tracy
this is a story about an about anti elizabeth this is a story about andy ah be
this is a story about uncle paul
the most part last name grace uncle paul grace to learn the names
is part of the thorough understanding of the family stories which hold us together and create the friendship in which we can cultivate perfect question so it's a it's an ongoing process
to develop these things
in order for the sake of developing perfect wisdom and just like at the table the kids sometimes don't wanna hear any more stories about uncle rob
anti rose
so then we tell him a story about guy reminds me of a story about a kid who didn't not want to hear the names you know there was this woman who used to come to the retreat and just hated the chinese danes and you know
and then and then we had this conversation you know and can as she understood and
the mind dissolved and she opened to great awakening and she had many disciples who she taught those names to
the stories help us do this work
and if the stories have no
rough spots on them
then what are we going to do in the rough but show up
because there will be rough spots will we have stories about rough spots and how people dealt with the rough spots and didn't get turned away
they didn't quit when they hit the red spots so and by the way
what's his name again his name is ken hong da wo
i said that without looking at the can walk down and who his disciples name
long time but long time to other is garmin name on is is the name of his place his diamond name was
the which means respect and faith so you need to have respected faith in a friend in order to tolerate
dealing with things that you resist
like in my case unfortunately or fortunately i didn't have any items no resistance this is accuracy and i he wasn't like i wouldn't exist i sort of thought but in the stories to usually that students have some resistance at some point i don't have any resistance german and me difficulty
with use am i missing something and he said no you will
but he died
he died before i could really
you know it wasn't too difficult and i felt actually that it although his death wasn't so difficult for me i cried but i didn't cry when a bottle i should try
if different not difficult to i felt like he died so that i could have difficulties after he died
i love difficulties after he died which i might not have been able to have while he was still alive in in in the in the glow of his presence i had kind of an easy time
i was pretty good boy when out near him he took him away i could become kind of a bad boy
or bad boys are sometimes you can talk about bad boys as people are having trouble viewing a good boy
so i think in some ways to a garage death
really stimulate his students to grow up painfully so we had with we've had a hard time growing up since he went away but we have grown up i think pretty well
a long talk today
postscript sure

you are
was it that
the book i understood
only thing
two syllables
distinctive names system
the territory i mean
get names are
are things which
han we usually have a tendency to abidin
and therefore
if we have therefore drawing our attention to names as part of the were to become liberated not so much from names but from abiding in them but i think it's it's very deep in our human inheritance to work with names i watched my granddaughter to your granddaughter she says my
name lot
of course if he wants my attention you might say what she says granddaddy to get my attention
but he said it in lot of places where doesn't necessary like she she might say
this is a cup of tea granddaddy
was i think the more adults more we might say here's a cup of tea but she would probably say here's a cup of tea tracy
she puts the name of the person she's talking to
all over the place in the sentences sometimes she says tracy come create mommy com but also look at this mommy or what is this mommy mommy what we're doing mommy
everything or mother does is really interesting so she said with promoters anything she doesn't are essentially we're doing mommy we're doing granddaddy what is that grand daddy
here granddaddy com granddaddy she has that did not and nobody tells her to do it
so someone there's something about names of people that's part of our nature and and we sometimes as we grow up we stop saying the names as much as readable we kids
but if you start adding back in you'll find that a different life
yes elizabeth the are not
think it's time for dr greg practice son named after my granddaughter
her name's frankie magazine is the name of the doctor and the monster never gets me
why his father because he gets me would you say it again frankenstein frankenstein is not been name of doctor who creates
yeah it's frankenstein's monster it's and yeah and he never gives the master

she always thought that the root of the monsters need to cure was that i the father never gave him a name

very interesting thank you elizabeth
contents and the thing

another amazing thing
another amazing thing one mazin thing after another are you guys amazed
me to another amazing thing is that ah breaks here
not amazing
and breck you may not be amazed at brick hadn't had a father and only one father but he that maybe not so amazing but his father
only breck can tell you by telling stories about his father how wonderful his father was pretty way his father towards the end of his life god rather old
and it turned out that he died recently
on his hundred birthday
which is valentine's day
isn't that amazing
he died he was ninety nine one day and he was still alive and then he made it into the next day what time hundred die
one forty five am he got into the round tie into his birthday and he was one hundred
and he passed away peacefully solved
bricks very happy to have had such a father and to have
lotta chinese names to learn
and the bodhidharma so he could really are
i have a wonderful time with his father towards the difficult and so now gosh if i can see his dad's eyes dad's name is hunt jones and i can see bricks i there is like look like the whale
i see this one i hear that i see breck there and so we can do a memorial service for brexit dad now if you
read like with you
okay so listen let's end this event
equally extend to every the and days
the is ready
how to say than the ocean
the to any them
hey soundless hi to earn the
the civil civil
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