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hold up a vision
have a realized universe
in which all beings
live together
incomplete wisdom
and compassion
completely responsible to each other

mutually interdependent
i thought i hold up a a vision of
interdependence a silent bond among all of us
not just all of us humans
but also non-human living beings and not just living beings but not living beings all of us together responding to each other
peacefully with complete wisdom and compassion
this state i hold up to you i hold a vision of the state to you and i can call that state enlightenment
the realization of this state
is of course
the state this way we're all working together is a grey light and realizing this light is a great happiness and and gay liberation
and persons can realize this
but the person does not realize it by herself but only realizes it when she
gives herself away and gives herself up
when she gives herself away and get yourself up
she opens to this light
a perfect wisdom and compassion
together with all beings
and from thereon he can work
joyfully to help others open to this
perfect vision of peace and harmony
who then can help others learn how to open to it and so on
i hold up this vision and i hope i hold up as possible way of living with it and realizing it
i also mention that
we sometimes are closed to his vision
close to this vision means we ignore it
we have a habit of ignoring
ignoring the way
where completely responsible
for each other without limit
ignoring this than we become ah we experienced craving and fear fear and craving
opening to this vision letting this light of are interdependent mutual support in
the fear and the craving drop away
we stop ignoring enlightenment
and saturday i have a simple basic suggestion
and that is that
ah if we can live
hi practical
moment by moment
the habitual body and mind
which ignores enlightenment will drop away
in the wholeheartedness
if we can wholeheartedly sit
if we can wholeheartedly stand
in wholehearted walking in wholehearted for reclining in any position in any activity in the wholeheartedness of it
the ignoring body and mind drop away
and we opened to the relationship which has always been waiting there
to be realized
and from there
we work together with the beings who we have just opened to
to help any of those who have not opened to open
he and
i also
wish to suggest that
that the activity of
the activity of making
our vows vow is making solemn and dignified commitments

great compassionate endeavors
a is a way to assist us moment by moment in being wholehearted
so i'm speaking to you now
and i want to be wholeheartedly in my speaking i'm sitting here i want my sitting to be a wholehearted my hands are moving around i wish this hand movement to be wholehearted
i i vow actually
i vow right now we're in your presence
can make my bodily gestures
i i promised to make my i promised to learn to make my whole hearted effort
in all my bodily postures
i promise i make the commitment
to learn to make my speech hearted
and i vowed to make my thinking wholehearted
and vowing to make my thinking how hard it is thinking
have wholeheartedly think it's thinking of making my action of thinking
speaking and posture wholehearted thinking that way
wishing and committing to that way
can support
can lift up
all your activities into wholeheartedness
whatever you're doing
it can be born up
by the great vow
the great vous it can be lifted up and infused and warmed up into wholeheartedness
and then when the not of the head
for the scratching of the nose
is together with this kind of intention this kind of commitment it becomes wholeheartedness it becomes law hard and and in the wholeheartedness
we receive great encouragement
so in one sense when i when we are wholehearted we open up
in our senses when we open we become more wholehearted
so if i wish to be wholehearted
damn it would make sense for me to vow to open up
to all living beings
he could also make sense to open up to one
that would this a little bit of a warm up open to one living being
and if if if you feel that do that able to if you feel that wish and feel that ability to open to one
am i to and
and at some point you might consider while habit opening all the way have eye opening to
all beings
that of that the not starts to open onto wholeheartedness heartedness
you can also naturally opened all beings it's kind of this very closely related
and course one of those one of the beings with if you open to all beings one of the beings that you open to is
one of the being job into is the way you feel right now
and what you're thinking right now
so it's open
open to all your own experiences
and you don't get this point we can really opened everybody else's experience because we don't know their experience but we can open to them
hoping to those who are going through their experiences and we can open to those who are going to their experiences who are not open to their experiences
they can open to people who are close to their own experience and close to ours we can hope we can learn to open to them i hold that up as a possibility that you can opened a people who are cringing from their own experience
and in that openness begin to teach them that they too could open
and become alerted
he before we're open to everybody
or i can say when we're not open to everybody
which is similar to before we are open to everybody but it's more like when we're not open to everybody we feel ha
what i should say i feel
like my heart is an old dusty has cobwebs in it
or maybe going a bit moldy
but maybe not molded because modes well the unmold sort of needs moisture sometimes it's more like dusty like arid
and dusty and not very alive
and if the if one hey if i have been alive recently
if i'll actually
having somewhat open heart then when my heart is not open it feels a dusty and moldy and dead
ah my experiences that the heart can open
your posture can open your speech can open your pot your mind can open you can be wholehearted and then later ah i'm not later and in that state of openness you can experience for some reason or other
some p
and then in that pain
there is some tendency sometimes are some ancient habit to say well forget about being open
it's not really a good idea
forget about the whole wholehearted it he get hurt when your hearted so let's just close down a little bit here for a while
who is kind of dead
closing down wholeheartedness is kind of dead or just plain dead
or not even death but dead like up
it like not death exactly but
strange combination of life and dead dead life no i don't like it
some way to get back to wholehearted us now some way to find a way back to opening up
all beings including the one who just hurt me
the one who i opened to and i was so open to and i was so generous with and now in that in our relationship i got hurt and i started to not go so generous and close down
that's what happened and i prefer yeah
i'm already one two three let's start over
where's the point again when okay wholeheartedness what's point of hardiness on a c know where all the called hindrances to enlightenment drop away and then feel happy and enthusiastic to help others are again those those others who with i in the process of helping them might
might it might be painful to be with them again and i might close down again but i'll try it again here we go
talking to somebody who ah
when know
she lost her old body in a big way
share this great
and promise like highly faculty godmanis at a high functioning body body that could do pretty much be somewhere in the neighborhood of anything she wanted it to do and then there was a bicycle accident
and then there was a broken neck
so i'm fragile she's fragile
i broke my leg riding a bicycle she broke her neck riding bicycle
and so now she's grieving the loss
on this wonderful body that she doesn't have any more
just agreed that body to start taking care of this body
there's a little bit of closeness
to lizzie really nice body and getting one that's not only fragile like the last one but has manifested the fragility in being relatively speaking broken
so part of opening is open to of how fragile we are
with or without some major dramatic change that we can notice open to how fragile open to how fragile other people are to within
and i said to her that dumb
if she was an anomaly what she was a care giver in particular she was a caregiver to people's bodies
and i i said i think you can still be a caregiver
if you can expose been to your fragile body and share your fragile body and acknowledge your fragile body with other beings all of whom have fragile bodies you can be a great helper you can still be a great caregiver if you
can open to your fragile body and be gentle and tender with your fragile body and be upright with your fragile body and be honest about your fragile body and pratt and grieve the loss of your old bodies
if you can open to that you might be able to open to a lot of other fragile bodies and show them how to open to themselves and other fragile bodies
if we don't feel fragile and we meet somebody also doesn't look fragile
you know that can be lots of fun by teenagers have the kind of experience quite frequently
perfectly on fragile teenage boy meets a perfectly on fragile teenage girl or teenage boy and they interact to non fragile beings we have anyone can have quite a nice time together
but i actually even if even in those moments i will say that if those two beings who think of themselves as indestructible
would open to how fragile
they are they would experience a much deeper a much more moving
i think that's my experience
now i'm not a teenager anymore so i don't have this non fragile person meeting non fragile people
but i still sometimes also like a teenager resist really accepting
so then they might also
not be opened to showing me how fragile they are and everybody's okay and nobody's really
fully all the way
so when we start opening and we do start opening
try a little tenderness
but also be upright don't lean into your opening i'm don't lean endured fragility don't lean into other people's fragility
don't lean into it and don't mean away from it be upright with it
an upright you know when you see someone who is you know manifesting fragility part of this feels like the one thing that ago as to lean into them as a all darling you're you're all fragile
you're all broken
this feeling leaning forward
site i caution you against the leaning forward
i caution you in a sense
to grasp this other person of caution you against that are to not do that but be with them without leaning into them or away from them
with the warning that if you we lean into this other person who's
fragile and who we care about if we lean into it that will cause us eventually to wish to lean away from them
to try to run away from them
because leaning into them
we lose our life
we live our life we lead into them and we may not lose our life from we a way
to be balanced with them
and still totally open to them
balanced and open
it's not balanced and closed as called but balanced and dared to feel what it's like and show them that they can do the same and be very tender with each other cause this is gonna potentially be uncomfortable
and be honest and be harmonious
and then we realize our life then we realize our wholeheartedness than we realize our exuberant
vitality and like up we say like i'm vigorously jumping fish we really feel the totality of our life
which we cannot feel with our meeting the other people in this way
you can't just i can feel wholehearted by myself i can only feel that when i opened to
all beings
and gentle with them
when i open to myself and i'm gentle with me when i'm honest about my meeting with you and honest about my meeting with myself
and very gentle and very upright and open than life
why is a way
a body and mind which is resisting our relationship which is enlightenment
but it's hard it's hard when you break your neck to open to your fragility and be gentle with it
it's hard to give up
you know it's hard to give up trying to control when you don't have a broken neck
and when you do have a broad broken neck in wait you might think for now it's even harder to give up control even died i totally can see i don't have control
i can't brush my teeth anymore myself
i can't even tell say when the toothbrush person's gonna come
i can see
then i have lost control
but i have not yet been able to give up control
we do not have control
in in the world of enlightenment we do not have control
we have perfect wisdom unhindered compassion
and love but not control loving people is not controlling them
compassion is not controlling people and wisdom is not controlling people or yourself
it's just the way we are
as the question of opening to it
and it's hard
i broke my leg and bicycle i'm still trying to completely accept
this new leg day by day
this new leg which has metal in it
the ongoing
our relationship between
my mind and this wonderful old friend who was not really my other friend at all but a new friend
now what about more serious injuries that i'm gonna get
trying to get ready for those
and i just don't want to bring up one another major point
and that is that
this is kind of balancing act in in the tradition of the teachings of enlightenment between the individual becoming liberated and liberating the whole world
so some people feel like you know a that the teachings of enlightenment in the history of what called buddhism have been successful
where list of been successful at on providing beautiful systems of meditation for people to be for individuals who wish to practise those systems of meditation to become liberated from suffering
and as and there's a proposal that that those who are liberated and those who wish to be liberated can only really be liberated together with everyone else like i said earlier
and yet there's some incompleteness in the realization
so i think actually that the that the teaching is both about individual liberation
liberating whole world to but both
deliberation process works through individuals
in relationship to other individuals
and also i just want to mention a couple when this one were indictment towards buddhism i wouldn't say against buddhism because the indictments towards buddhism are welcome by enlightenment welcomes indictments
about itself in diamonds about its full realization
in one of the indictments is that in historically buddhism has not been historical enough
and historically the buddhist took an institution institutionally a buddhist institutions have seemed to accept can sometimes could be indicted for ignoring
cruelty tyranny and injustice in the government
the country that they live in
once again
buddhism could be indicted and has been indicted over its history for being for ignoring
for ignoring
or even you know and in some sense supporting are colluding with the cruelty injustice
and tyrannies of the governments in the countries where they live
now someone else could say they can be indicted for accepting it
but accepting them to forgot word because it acceptance is part of the program
of meditation but accepting tyranny doesn't mean that you are wish to support it or accepting it doesn't mean that you're not gonna work to transform it
except that this looks like tyranny and i accept that this looks like horrible cruelty i accepted that way it appears this is a great disease of our country
i accept that i i'm not sure
that the government's being cruel and a in an unjust
i'm not sure that this corruption is true but i'm open to the possibility that is amazing amount of corruption
an inequity in our government
of this country and other countries
i'm open to consider the possibility that most of the countries are if i can say this generally
protection rackets
do i say that gently enough
i'm not saying that they are in protection arcus but i i've heard that indictment and i feel that i should open to all beings i want i feel that it would be good if i open to all beings
i actually want to learn that and it's difficult for me and one of the beans i want to open to is the indictment
our the national governments of the contemporary world as
monstrous monstrous protection rackets
who deliberately foster fear and craving in the population
it looks like that to some extent that the government and the when he called the
the media that the government some extent
has a strong influence on the government isn't in control the media but they have certain influence and influence seems to me the to the media is also kind of like on sort of on the same page and let's tell people how scary life is and let's nobody is telnet life is scary business
make them scared so they are watch our show
and the government's so that they will do what we tell them
it looks like that
so protection racket is i'm here to protect you the situation is extremely dangerous and i will protect you
i will make sure that nothing bad ever happens to you
i will guarantee complete security
now in order to achieve this amazing state of complete security we may have to kill some people cause you know that if you let us put the live with the switch i can't really guarantee you in a complete security so i detect a name have to the maven had to kill some of the people which were
and to protect for example americans we want to save and protect american lives right sounds good
but we may have to kill some americans in order to protect american lives
this spot noise part of the deal can be realistic
well can we have like a little bit of what could the situation be a little less safe perhaps so we need to kill people to make it so perfectly safe
so dangerous plus also we're we're offering you would like pretty much virtual complete safety and security and but there's a price
oh not promoting some people security
and if that didn't work on you then we'll just make you more scared until you realize that you'd better let us protect you the way we think is best
where are the protectors of you and if you don't let us protect
there will be unfortunate consequences for you
ah this is of this is on this this this good things happen this way that's sort of the way a protection racket works
and that does there does seem to be something they're going on big time big time in the world today
i want to learn to open to that
hi want
what many people to open to that
they also are some other things to open to like some government programs are actually helping people
i want to open to those too
you know i have a close friend who is a schoolteacher and suffers under this program called no child left behind
her experiences at this program where she was teaching it really is difficult because
for some kids the program is like
totally boring and they can't do it
smith's suited for them is too hard
for other kids is just right and totally boring
but it's just it's right for them that they can do it it's fine and is boring and for the other kids they can do it it's a total waste of time because his way you know they're much more advanced than that but they have to go sit through a to so it's super boring for them tests are wasting their time
when they can be doing kind of all kinds of wonderful reading at a different level
and all the kids and teachers have to spend hours
in his system which is supposed to help people which is really questionable and the people who run the system i've heard that the people who are governing the system i heard
i read i mean that of the five people who run the program in harper's you know said the five governors of this program for them
business interest in the businesses that supply the textbook for this program
and the average amount of income to the governors who run this no child left behind that didn't come they get from the businesses which supply the textbooks who knows what else is seven hundred and twenty seven thousand dollars so
i want to i open to that and now i told you and you can open to it or whatever i suggest you open to it and open doesn't mean believe just open to the story
somebody in putting harper's putting out there and they don't get sued
can i watch and see if they get sued first put an information out there
a a very high percentage of the people in government who are regulating
corporations have very high percentage of them
like looks like eighty percent maybe the people who regulate the corporations used to be lobbyists for those corporations and
i might say well that's good because they knew how they work inside but anyways it's something if something to open to it's part of something to open to in this world it's it's a being or it's many beings to open to
and the upper-right with don't mean into them like you're wrong when i'm right don't lean away like i'm wrong you're right
gideon you just be operated with them and gentle very tender with the lobbyists
with what appears to be corruption be upright
be honest the open
the harmonious
and receive
complete wisdom compassion and love and bring it to these people and
transform the world not new by yourself you together with everybody who you've open to everybody who you've opened to and you are gentle with gentle tender soft pliant centered
open courageous
gentle fragile open to being fragile
i'm not an indestructible person who's gonna get broken
i'm a broken person who was gonna get broken
i've really got nothing to lose
i am a drifting wreckage
i'm trying to open to being a wreck
and take care of the rick take care of the rick be kind to the wreck be gentle with the wreck
and in the openness the wreck is lifted operate
he he a rep will find its uprightness rex can be upright
but if rex close to their reckless
they get scared
and start craving
but it's hard
it's hard to learn this
it's hard to learn this wholeheartedness that's why we need great vows that's why we need to on vow
to ask for help from all beings and vow to help all beings we need to wow we need to promise we need to commit we need to learn to vow to help all beings
we need to vow to honor all enlightened ones we need to vow to confess our shortcomings
we need to vow to make everything we do
by the intention
the practice together with everyone
to bring everyone is
with us
there already there to invite them in and think of them being with us all the time
including everyone including those who seem to be
harming others
huh i cannot be a wholehearted by myself
nobody can be
only by
remembering and thinking on my relationship with all enlightened beings
can i be a wholehearted
if i can think of my relationship with our beings that opens my heart that opened my mind that opens my body
if i close out to some enlightened beings my body and mind close down
i cannot be wholehearted by myself but if i open to all unenlightened beings
that openness lifts me up and makes me more and more wholehearted
and being wholehearted i continued to wish to open to all enlightened and on enlightened beings and again that openness makes me upright and the uprightness makes me ready to open
really we are wholehearted beings we actually are alive
really we are
working together harmoniously lovingly mutually supporting a child or really we are but if we don't practice his way
we won't realize it and not realizing it is no good
well i was there no good
it's a little bit good because
it's job security for the buddha's

nowadays no good
it's just it's just fear and craving and cruelty and stuff like that is what it is but there's some good in public
and when i opened to my own violence and cruelty and fear and craving when i open to that
again i start to become wholehearted
when i'm completely whole hearted
the craving and the violence and fear
burn away or melt away
i hold that up to you
and the more i hold it up to you and to me and other people the more whole hearted
the less i hold it up to me into you the more likely i'll slip away from wholeheartedness and feel less alive so i
i thank you for supporting me to hold the subject to all of us thank you for your support
it's a kind of outrageous thing to be doing
what time is it it's about the times it
lemon thirteenth
time for a song
i thought you'd never ask
i just been waiting waiting
just anticipating
i was in england recently and after i sang a woman came up and said you have a lovely voice
but don't give up your day job

and sometimes people say that after my so-called dharma talks was a really nice diamond dog but don't give up your day job
anyway as you know
yogi is good weary yogi do get weary facing that same shabby mess
so when she is weary try a little tenderness
she may be waiting just anticipating the she may never pose as so while she is waiting try a little ten the
now the rest of his more words but ah
i think if i did the next part you'd say i don't give up your day job
because an ex parte that is why i haven't turned out of i remember how it quite the tongue goes and if i don't write it really hurts
sign i voted to learn how to do the next part for some future occasion significance and
i i thank you for opening to the message of openly i thank you for opening
to the message of being of living every moment wholeheartedly and i pray that we all
to open to live our life wholeheartedly
to save this
shabby miss
wreckage it can be saved
if we're wholehearted and it's hard to be hard but
remember asked for help you gotta do that
don't do by yourself
it's enough
not for you okay