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Protecting and Liberating All Beings

A residential weekend retreat at Mount Madonna.

#MtMadonna-2021-Fall, Compassion, Paramitas, Intimacy, Observe, Zazen, Bodhidharma,...
Nov 19 2021
Mount Madonna Center

Teachings for the Welfare of the World

In this summer series, teachings will be offered for those who aspire to embrace and sustain the great earth and all living beings in order to realize peace and freedom in our troubled world

YRB-2019-Summer, Evil, Priest, Balance, American, Building, War, japanese, difficulty...
Jul 30 2019
The Yoga Room

Guidance or Control

Control is antithetical to enlightenment; NASA control center and GPS guidance systems; granddaughter's pacifier

Birth-and-Death, difficulty, Describe, Transmission, Zendo, American, Patience...
Feb 03 2018
No Abode Hermitage

On Enlightenment and Delusion 

Emptiness, War, Politics, Intimacy, American
Dec 17 2009
The Yoga Room

On Enlightenment and Delusion 

resistance, Emptiness, Posture, American
Dec 10 2009
The Yoga Room

On Enlightenment and Delusion 

Bowing, Zazen, Gratitude, American, Buddha Nature
Dec 02 2009
The Yoga Room

Faith that Allows Doubt and the Idea that All Ideas are Contingent and Empty 

War, Emptiness, Doubt, American
Dec 13 2008
No Abode Hermitage


Perfect Wisdom, American, Commitment, Posture, Interdependence
Sep 09 2007
Green Gulch Farm

The Light of Buddha's Wisdom - Precepts of Compassion

Buddha sheds the light of wisdom on the true nature of suffering, liberation, and the human mind, on the teachings of compassion, moral causation, and the whole phenomenal universe. This retreat...

Posture, Evil, American, resistance
May 04 2007
Part 1
Mount Madonna Center


American Buddhism as a gnostic practice; meaning of the word "tathagata"

Faith, Practice Period, Hindrances, American, Triple Treasure
Feb 03 2007
No Abode Hermitage